K M Mani - End of an Era https://english.manoramaonline.com/in-depth/km-mani-no-more.rss K M Mani Indian Veteran Politician and the leader of Kerala Congress dies at 86, an era ends in Kerala Politics! Find Latest News, Photos, Videos on K M Mani Death and Explore more on K M Mani Death. en Tue, 09 Apr 2019 12:35:18 GMT https://www.manoramaonline.com/privacy.html Video of K M Mani playing football with grandchildren surfaces online Kottayam: The Kerala Congress (M) party workers still haven't recovered from the shock of sudden demise of their favourite leader K M Mani. Meanwhile, a video of K M Mani, in which the leader is seen in a playful mood with his grandchildren, is doing the rounds on social media. Mani was devoted to his family and loved to spend time with his children and grand children. This rare video shows the fun side of the loving grandfather in him. In the video, K M Mani is seen playing football with his grandchildren inside his house. The video is widely shared by his admirers and party workers. He even argues with his grandchildren over a self goal. When his footwear flew off his feet while trying to kick the ball, K M Mani is seen roaring with laughter. When Mani sir quit smoking K M Mani was always spotted with cigarettes since his high school days. He didn't give up the habit even while he got busy with politics. Though he tried to quit many times, it didn't work out. However, it was one significant moment in his life which made him decide to quit smoking forever. There is a story of incredible love behind it. Mani sir was elated with happiness and excitement from the moment he knew that his daughter Elsamma was going to become a mother. However, she had a difficult gestational period. Elsamma was admitted to the hospital and the doctors informed that the lives of both the mother and the baby were in danger. Worried for his daughter and grandchild, Mani waited at the hospital verandah praying to all the gods he knew. He offered to quit smoking if his daughter and grandchild were saved. His prayers were heard and Elsamma delivered the baby without any major complications. K M Mani kept his word and quit smoking forever. His wife Kuttyamma, too, had said in many occasions that K M Mani who gave up smoking hadn't even touched a cigarette since that day. https://english.manoramaonline.com/in-depth/km-mani-no-more/2019/04/11/video-km-mani-playing-football-grandchildren.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/in-depth/km-mani-no-more/2019/04/11/video-km-mani-playing-football-grandchildren.html Thu, 11 Apr 2019 03:04:21 GMT Mani moulded Kerala Congress to a powerhouse. Can it survive him? K M Mani is no more. He was a genius who turned a small political party, which would have otherwise relegated to the sidelines of history, into a crucial force in Kerala politics. Mani was endowed with skill, intelligence and luck. The Kerala Congress would not even have born without P T Chacko’s death at a crucial moment in Kerala's political history. Mani would not have been in Kerala Congress had the Congress given him a party ticket to contest the poll. He was a DCC president in 1965. Mani and K M George would not have split up had R Balakrishna Pillai not insisted on becoming a minister and an MP at the same time. The party would have remained a monolith until the next crisis. Similar instances can be found in Mani’s career later also. His only misfortune was to get involved in a bar bribery scandal and having to carry the taint to the grave without convincing the people through courts. The Kerala Congress (M) escaped the fate of the other Kerala Congress factions and smaller parties like the NDP and the RSP due to Mani's acumen. The Kerala Congress grew from a powerful group within the Congress to an independent political party blessed with Mannath Padmanabhan. But for Mani, it would have ended up as a collective of the Catholics in Kottayam district after Mannath Padmanabhan distanced himself from it. Mani built an ideological pinning for the collective through his Aluva economic resolution and the “theory of the toiling class”. When the Syrian Christians migrated from Kuttanad to Kanjirappally to tap into the rubber plantations, Mani convinced them that they needed a political alternative to rely on. The Syrian Christians are a minority among Christians in Kerala. And rubber planters are a minority among farmers. Mani knew that his party would not get anywhere with such a constituency. He had to claim the representation of the entire Christian community. He made contacts with all sections once he became a minister and projected himself as the saviour of the farming community. He created an impression that all Christians and farmers belonged to the Kerala Congress. He moulded the party with clear economic, social and political views. The party nurtured by Mani may not survive him. Mani became an MLA in 1967. He ensured a surprising access to the secretariat files, perhaps through Josey, who served in his personal staff when he became a minister. He used the then rare photostat medium to expose many government files in public domain. This was the secret of Mani’s success. Mani was hard working. He slept for hardly four hours. He could do with power naps like Napoleon. He did not mind going without food or sleep until he reached a solution that satisfied him. Mani’s strength lied in his dedication to his constituency. I had to pass Pala twice a week when I was the district collector of Idukki. Anyone younger than 40 is unlikely to have any memories of that Pala before Mani’s rise. Mani has brought in almost all institutions to Pala - except a mental asylum and central prison. Pala now qualifies to be a district headquarters. Mani was not only interested in the public affairs of Pala, but took an active role in the constituency irrespective of political loyalties. Mani would not hesitate to recommend a communist party worker’s child to a sought-after school. Mani’s personality was attractive. Mani was an expert in taking officers into confidence. Even if Mani had to override an officer’s objection, he did it without any ill-feeling. He would own it up. He seldom disowned an officer like many other ministers. We were not in good terms during later years, but that had nothing to do with job-related disagreements. I had worked with Mani and T M Jacob. We were close friends for many years. Most of the things we discussed are not fit for print. Sophocles has said that the day would be appreciated only at dusk. When Senator Dirksen died, President Nixon said: “We, who were privileged to be his friends, can take comfort that Dirksen, in the rich evening of his life, his leadership unchallenged, his mind clear, his great voice still powerful across the land, could look back upon his life and say, ‘The day has indeed been splendid’.” https://english.manoramaonline.com/in-depth/km-mani-no-more/2019/04/10/k-m-mani-genius-made-kerala-congress-major-player-babu-paul.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/in-depth/km-mani-no-more/2019/04/10/k-m-mani-genius-made-kerala-congress-major-player-babu-paul.html Fri, 12 Apr 2019 10:30:35 GMT Bar-bribery case that haunted K M Mani to be closed Thiruvananthapuram: The sensational bar-bribery case, which soiled the image of then Kerala Finance Minister K M Mani and the previous UDF government (2011-16) alike, will be closed now with the death of the Kerala Congress leader. KM Mani, 86, passed way at a hospital in Kochi on Tuesday evening. Bar Hotel Owners Association president Biju Ramesh had alleged Mani had taken Rs 1 crore bribe to reopen bars closed by the Oommen Chandy government as part of its liquor policy. Jacob Thomas was the Vigilance DGP when the accusation was made against the then finance minister. SP Sukeshan, who led the probe, had found circumstantial evidence against Mani. But when ADGP N Sankar Reddy replaced Jacob Thomas, Sukeshan’s report found no wrongdoing. The High Court ordered further investigation on the complainant’s request and made the comment – ‘Caesar's wife must be above suspicion’. This led to Mani’s resignation on November 10, 2015 - his last day as minister. In February 2016, just before Assembly polls, Sukeshan tabled the second report exonerating Mani. But when the Left came to power months later, Jacob Thomas was made Vigilance director again. He sought a fresh report and curiously Sukeshan’s new report said there was evidence against Mani. The court ordered fresh probe over this report. But Jacob Thomas was sacked soon. Mani had approached the High Court challenging the decision of the special court to allow a further investigation into the case. Subsequently, State Administrative Reforms Commission chairman V S Achuthanandan also moved a petition questioning the court directive to obtain prior government sanction for conducting a further investigation in the case. Mani had by then distanced himself from the Congress-led UDF, prompting the Left to woo him. DGP Loknath Behra had the additional charge of Vigilance. Even when Mani came back to the UDF later, a September 2018 report found no fault on his part. But the court refused to entertain this report and asked Biju Ramesh to approach the governor and state government’s approval to prosecute Mani. He then approached the High Court for an annulment. Governor Sadasivam agreed to wait until the court pronounces a verdict on this plea. The bar bribery case is still in High Court. https://english.manoramaonline.com/in-depth/km-mani-no-more/2019/04/10/bar-bribery-case-km-mani-closure.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/in-depth/km-mani-no-more/2019/04/10/bar-bribery-case-km-mani-closure.html Wed, 10 Apr 2019 08:19:32 GMT When K M Mani outwitted cops! Pala: It happened many years ago in Pala, the famed town in Kerala's Kottayam district. The police had brought a murder accused to recover the knife used in the act. The lawyer of the accused came out of nowhere and whisked him away. The police could not track down the vehicle as it sped away through narrow lanes. The accused was produced in court within hours and bail obtained. The lawyer was K M Mani, the supremo of the Kerala Congress (Mani) outfit, who passed away on Tuesday. As they could not catch the real culprit, the police had used a dummy culprit and had placed a fake murder weapon too. This had to be recovered by the accused itself as that was key evidence. Mani represented this man being implicated by the cops. He knew of this plan in advance and rescued the falsely accused man in no time with a daring intervention. Mani had secured his Law degree from the Madras Law College. He had fought cases in Kozhikode, Pala sub-court and Kottayam district court. He was interested in criminal cases. He represented the Kerala Congress before the Election Commission in the 1979 split case. He always regretted not practicing in the Supreme Court. On a recent birthday, he said ‘maybe it’s not too late to try again’. https://english.manoramaonline.com/in-depth/km-mani-no-more/2019/04/10/km-mani-outwitted-kerala-police.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/in-depth/km-mani-no-more/2019/04/10/km-mani-outwitted-kerala-police.html Wed, 10 Apr 2019 04:28:15 GMT