'I'm sorry Ayyappa, naan ulla vanthal yenappa': Pa. Ranjith's band strikes a chord


Tamil movie director Pa. Ranjith's band, 'The Casteless Collective' (TCC), is creating waves on the web world with their latest gig, “I'm sorry Ayyappa, naan ulla vanthal yenappa...” (what's wrong if I come in).

Though the audio and video is of poor quality, the song is a must-watch for the cause it supports - women empowerment. The 4.15-minute long song, which was performed live at a gathering of Ranjith's Neelam Cultural Centre, was published on YouTube on the New Year's day in support of Sabarimala women's entry.

“I am sorry Ayyappa...” develops like a women conversing with lord Ayyappa and then moves on to voice about women empowerment and their rights. When the song opens, the woman devotee asks the celibate god what is the problem if she enters his hill shrine. In the next verse is a warning to fanatics - she tells them that they won't be able to restrain women any more by terrorising. Lone female gaana singer in TCC, Isaivani, leads number and she has put her entire energy into it.

Coincidently, a day after the song hit internet, two women of child bearing age entered Sabarimala and had darshan of lord Ayyappa.

In 2018, Ranjith’s organisation Neelam Cultural Centre formed the 19-piece band in collaboration with the label Madras Records.

Earlier, launching the band director Pa. Ranjith had said their aim was to provide a platform for independent musicians. “This is a collective that is without caste, that aims to eliminate caste and religious discrimination through music,” he had said.