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Last Updated Thursday March 22 2018 01:35 AM IST

Not yet come of age to elope: the epic dialogue of a mesmerizing album song

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Not yet come of age to elope: the epic dialogue of a mesmerizing album song Sajesh Nambiar and Arsha Baiju don the lead roles in the album song.

A video song meant for YouTube release give you enough space to explore and exhibit your artistic talents these days. If the creation is genuinely outstanding there is no doubt that it will get viral.

The song from the album 'Meenakshi', directed by Aswin PS, is the latest musical sensation to join the league of trending videos on YouTube now. The song depicts a situation where a young couple is just prepping to elope.

The song is played while the youth and his lady love are waiting for the boy's friend to bring a vehicle to depart.

Meenakshi, the girl is someone who is not a bit nervous in their risky adventure. And, as the couple is waiting for their vehicle to arrive rain pours down and the thunder rolls.

But Meenakshi is all the more thrilled and she breaks into a singing spree. The song thereafter takes us through their brief past displaying their blooming romance.

The spunky heroin, the groovy rhythm and the crackling dialogue at the climax, when the girl tells the boy that he hasn't come of age to elope, makes the song a clear winner. Jyoti Lakshmi has rendered the song while Ajit G Krishnan has provided the backing vocals.

Sajesh Nambiar and Arsha Baiju don the lead roles. Jerry Simon’s imaginative frames add charm to this pleasant song.

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