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Last Updated Tuesday June 26 2018 01:11 AM IST

A look at top 10 love songs in 2017 so far

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Half-a-year gone by, a look at top 10 love songs of 2017 Many of the heartwarming melodies were adored for their sheer beauty of expression and emotions.

The year 2017 is not yet over and there is already a rich tapestry of Malayalam songs which have conquered the hearts of the music lovers in this part of the globe. Many of the heartwarming melodies were adored for their sheer beauty of expression and emotions. It is a difficult task to list out the 10 most soulful love songs which have arrested the musical sense of Keralites by far this year. The songs in this list were selected on the basis of lyrics, music, vocals, portrayal in the movie and popularity.

'Lailakam...' when love blossoms… (Lailakamee, Ezra)

The song penned by one of the young lyricists in Malayalam, BK Harinarayanan expresses the passion and intensity of first love. The soul and beauty of the entire song is captured in the sweet word 'Lailakame...' which keeps on reverberating in the heart. The song, as beautiful as lilac flower from where the word 'Lilakam' was coined, had ushered in the New Year for the Malayalis as the horror movie Ezra which was slated to release in December last year got delayed due to the cinema strike. Music composer Rahul Raj once again struck gold with this song which captured the passionate love of a young couple in vibrant city living their dreams. The magical voice of Haricharan has elevated the the song to the pinnacle of aesthetics.

The sweetness of ‘Lychee’…(Do Naina, Angamaly Diaries)

Director Lijo Jose Pellissery and composer Prasant Pillai are a super hit combination like the evergreen combination of Tapioca and egg at Kunju’s ‘Thattukada’. Malayalees still hum the beautiful songs which accompany Vincent Peppe’s eventful love stories in the movie ‘Angamaly Diaries’. The three songs are distinctly catchy. P.S. Rafeek who is the director’s favorite lyricist expresses the innocence and excitement of young love in the lines 'Ayalathe Penninte Ullil Vannu Palli Perunnalu Koodi...' Then again 'Thamaradikana Kaalamayedi Theeyame...' which has a folk touch to it is undoubtedly one of the most popular songs of the year. The local flavor of the song adds to its charm and the unique voice of Angamaly Pranchi makes it all the more attractive. Music composer Prasant Pillai has added a few cinematic touches to the song which Angamaly Pranchi has inherited orally from his ‘asan’(teacher).

Though the song 'Do…do Neina…Do Neina Parinte...' is not as popular as the first two songs, it is equally beautiful when it comes to expressing the genuine love of Lychee for Pepe. Singer Preethi Pillai has penned this soulful melody which is as magical as getting wet in a soft drizzle. The vocals by Preethi Pillai and Sreekumar Vakkiyil are yet another attractive feature of this love song which is beautifully shot by Lijo Jose Pelliserry.

‘Take Off’ to the magical world of love.. (Muhabathin Ishalukalo, Take Off)

The plight of a group of Indian nurses trapped in terror-torn Middle East region was brilliantly portrayed in the movie Take Off. The romantic song 'Mohabathin Ishalukaloo...' reflects the hope instilled by love in the movie which packed thrilling moments of suspense and rapid actions. The strong love of Shahid and Sameera; and their union is portrayed in the song. The soulful lines written by Harinarayan fill the hearts of the listeners with pure love. Composer Gopi Sunder has woven magic with the perfect combination of Mappila ‘ishal’ and Soofi tradition. Divya S. Menon has sung the song along with music director Gopi Sunder himself and his favorite disciple Muhammed Maqbool Mansoor.

Aaro Nenjil... as beautiful as the morning dew… (Aaro Nenjil, Godha)

Movie Godha which said the story of wrestler Aditi Singh has beautiful songs and amazing background scores by composer Shaan Rahman. The song 'Aaro Nenjil...' is quite different from the songs of the recent past. It has a unique feel to it and music director-cum-singer Gowrilekshmi’s passionate rendering is definitely one of the charming features which make the song stand apart. The freshness of the song is sure to give positive vibes for the listener. Manu Manjith’s lyrics too are attractive and compliment the music well.

Love is in her eyes… (Kannile Poykayilu, Thondimuthalum Driksakshiyum)

Actor turned director Dileesh Pothen’s Thondimuthalum Driksakshiyum has already found its way into the list of classic movies in Malayalam. The rhythms and melodies of Dileesh- Rafeeeq Ahmed- Bijipal trio have given a rustic feel to it. The second outing of the team which apparently made Idukki a ‘midukki’ also has a melody 'Kannile Poykayilu...' which portrays the love story of the film’s protagonists Prasad and Sreeja. The poetic lines of Rafeeq Ahmed find perfection in Bijipal’s magical tune. The simplicity of the song takes the audience too for a romantic ride just like the characters in the movie. Ganesh Sunder and Soumya Ramakrishnan’s vocals were perfect for the song. This beautiful song is undoubtedly a tribute by Bijipal to Ganesh Sunder who completed twenty five melodious years in the music industry.

When love comes calling as soft breeze… (Kaattu Vannuvo, Lakshyam)

The highlight of debutant director Ansar Khan’s movie ‘Lakshyam’ was ace director Jeethu Joseph’s script. The thriller had only one melody song 'Kaattu Mooliyo' composed by one of the most successful music directors in Malayalm and national award winner M. Jayachandran. The lyrics by Santosh Varma are definitely an attractive feature of the song. With this melody Vijay Yesudas has added one more chartbuster to his list of beautiful songs.

Romantic verses from the garden of Eden... (Kavitha Ezhuthunnu, Ramante Eden Thottam)

The romantic melody 'Kavitha Ezhuthunnu...' from the movie ‘Ramante Eden Thottam’ is another extremely beautiful rendition by Sooraj Santosh who won the Kerala State Award for the best playback singer for 'Thaniye Mizhikal Thulumbiyo...' from the movie ‘Gappi’ last year. The innocence of Raman and Malini’s pure love is well projected through the song. Santosh Varma’s heart touching lyrics and Bijipal’s soulful music creates magic in the garden of Raman where nature herself plays a leading character.

Georgettan and his amusing love.. (Omal Chiriyoo, Georgettan’s Pooram)

The romantic track 'Omal Chiriyo...' from the movie ‘Georgettan’s Pooram’ is equally peppy and melodious which made it a favorite. The song features the mischievous Georgettan trying to woo his lady love. This song is yet another hit of 2017 by the super hit duo Harinarayan and Gopi Sunder who clearly understands the trends of the masses. Newcomer Rimshi has done full justice to this number and his unique singing is one the factors that made the song popular among the listeners.

The dreams of love… (Ethetho Swapnamo, Avarude Ravukal)

The simplicity of the lyrics and music of the song 'Ethetho Swapnamo' from director Shanil Muhammed’s Avarude Raavukal in fact attracts music lovers to keep listening to it. In the movie a beautiful love story is presented through this song. The lines written by Sibi Padiyara are the soul of the song. The perfect orchestration by composer Shankar Sharma is the real highlight of song which starts with a magical piece in flute. Singer Vaisakh C. Madhavan’s voice enhances the beauty of it.

She who conquers hearts... (Ivalaroo, Oru Mexican Aparatha)

The success of Tom Emmatty’s directorial venture Oru Mexican Aparatha catapulted young actor Tovino Thomas’ career to greater heights. The romantic track 'Ivalaroo...' penned by Rafeeq Ahmed takes the audience back to the charm of the innocent young love in college campuses. Music director Manikanda Ayyappa who is a new comer has clearly announced his arrival with this heartwarming song. The song features the young hero thinking about the girl of his dreams. With this song singer Vijay Yesudas has once again proven that he has one of the most romantic voices in the Malayalam music industry at the moment.

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