Petta review: all about Rajini swag


Remember the 1992 Malayalam movie 'Johnnie Walker' in which Mammootty gets back to college along with a bunch of youngsters. Mammootty's character in the movie joins college to be with his younger brother.


Shift to 2004, and have a look at the Shah Rukh Khan starrer 'Main Hoon Na'. His character, although a Major in Indian army, had to go undercover and join college as a student for the protection of someone close to him.

Both the movies became trendsetters noted for a new approach and filmmaking style.

Petta teaser: a nostalgic throwback to Rajini of 90's

Now, in 2019, Karthik Subbaraj comes up with a somewhat similar story line where our hero Rajinikanth as Kaali goes to college. But before you jump into a conclusion let us tell you that he's neither a student nor a professor.

He is the newly appointed hostel warden and as you get to see the 'recommended appointment', you realise that there's a reason and hidden agenda behind his arrival in the college.

You have to wait to know how Karthik Subbaraj reveals it and yes, he reveals it in style!


Petta, a throwback to the vintage Rajinikanth style, has ample mass moments for the fans to cheer.

A revenge drama filled with action and emotions, Petta tells the story of Kaali , the one who merrily laughs around keeping others happy and keeps deep-dark secrets within himself.

Just like how Manikam in 'Baashha' had an emotional past, Kaali too has one and he's surrounded by an array of star cast for this.

Politician Singaar Singh (Nawazuddin Siddique) and his 'son' Jithu (Vijay Sethupathi) are from his past.


But apart from Kaali's character, all other major leads including the villains and leading ladies Simran, Trisha and Malavika Mohanan have underwritten roles.

While there are action scenes, Karthik seemed to have balanced it as an entertainer too.

There's a scene where Rajini delivers super serious dialogue stylishly at Bobby Simhaa's house and as he's about to leave he realises he forgot his shades.


He then comes out with funny mannerisms and says, “ayyo enna kannadi enna kannadi”.

There are many scenes like this and the audience can't help but laugh out loud.

The movie takes some time to sink in and gradually picks up momentum. It ends in the most amusing manner.

Well, the best part (other than Rajini's swag) is Anirudh's musical which complemented each scenes on a perfect note.

It would have been better if the movie was trimmed a bit on the editing table. With yellowish-red colour tone, cinematographer Tirru's visuals give a boost to Karthik's filmmaking style.

But all said, after the heavy content-oriented films like Jigarthanda and Iraivi, Petta is not a Karthik Subbaraj film. It is a superstar film. Like the tagline says, 'get Rajinified' and after watching the film you will be!