Kinavalli review: Friendship laced with drama, wrapped in horror


Movie name: Kinavalli

Cast: Surabhi Santhosh, Ajmal Zayn, Vijay Johny, Sowmya Menon, Sujith Raj, Krrish

Director: Sugeeth

After Ordinary and Shikkari Shambhu, director Sugeeth is back with Kinavalli.

Produced under the banner of Kannamthanam Films,  the movie is a mix of genres, with an interplay of drama, fantasy, romance and horror taking the plot forward.


In his sixth film, Sugeeth has taken a bold step by casting fresh faces in lead roles instead of reliable names. 

The film opens with Vivek (Ajmal Zayn) narrating to his wife Ann (Surabhi Santhosh) about his childhood friends – Ajith (Krrish), Swathy (Sowmya Menon), Sudheesh (Vijay Johny) and Gopan (Sujith Raj).

After Vivek's wedding to Ann, which was opposed by the others in his circle, his friends are not in touch with him.

But he misses them, Ann is told.


One day, as the couple are about to celebrate their wedding anniversary, Ann decides to invite these friends to their bungalow to surprise him. 

But, moments after they arrive, the celebrations are cut short as they start experiencing paranormal activities. They begin to get scared and start suspecting each other of being possessed. Apart from Krrish and Surabhi, who have earlier done minor roles, the rest of the lead are newbies in film industry. All of them up have done a decent job as debutants.

Hareesh Kanaran's impeccable comic timing will make the funny bones thoroughly active.

The songs, which had become a hit even before the film's release, by Mangal Suvarnan and Sreesai Surendran are soothing. The camera angles are excellent and scenic beauty of the location has been deftly captured.


The film is a complete entertainer with twists. Take the tagline of the film, which says ‘based on a fake story’, a bit seriously.

Don't expect everything to make sense. Just shed your logic for two hours.