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Last Updated Wednesday August 15 2018 04:29 PM IST

Kala Viplavam Pranayam review: love, art and a distant revolution

Ajish Jimmy George
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Kala Viplavam Pranayam review: a bland tale of jobless youths in love The story revolves around Jayan (Anson Paul), the macho among the four, who dreams to settle down with his lady love Greeshma (Gayathri Suresh) after securing a government job and buying a bullet.

Kala Viplavam Pranayam is the story of four friends, right from their school days, and their aspirations and dreams. But even after the movie ends, we still don't know if they got what they wanted in life.

The story revolves around Jayan (Anson Paul), the macho among the four, who dreams to settle down with his lady love Greeshma (Gayathri Suresh), after securing a government job and buying a Royal Enfield.

Jayan and his friends are activists of the communist party and a local leader Ravi (Santhosh Keezhatoor) is their mentor and guide. From sticking posters to participating in party events, they do everything for Ravi chettan, whose death dwells a heavy blow on them.

Jayan, thrown into a vacuum with Ravi's death, is faced with an opportunity to rise to leadership, which he evidently fails to. His prodigal spirit fails to light up the scene and all he does is pack a song sequence into the narrative where music deafens you to believe his 'elevation' as a leader.

The storyline fails to dig deep into the functioning of the 'laborer's party' at the grass-roots level or the motivation of people for a social cause, and the same reflects in the shallow on-screen portrayal of the drama christened with the initials of revolution.

In the second half, our hero, still jobless and writing PSC exams to land a job, is back to being a nobody after his movement against a waste plant in the locality comes to successful end with a court order.

It is Jayan's friend Nandan (Vineeth Vishwam) and Aisha's (Niranjana Anoop) love troubles which keep the story going in the second half and pitches some suspense.

The second half also brings in more drama and action to the film, as it turns into a murder mystery. Yet, Jayan's heroism remains limited.

The four main protagonists keep running from the goons for a while, even though it is evident that Jayan could have just beaten them all up in the first place.

There are elements of romance, politics and action but the movie fails to engage the audience. The hero's relation with his parents, played by Indrans and Parvathy T, remain unexplored.

He shows no responsibility towards them and continues to live on the meager earnings of his retired father. Even his dream of buying a bullet is achieved with his father's hard earned money.

The music by Athul Anand, especially the songs, 'Thirakal' and 'Idam valam' gives you the rapturous high that you can take home with you.

Both the songs raise your spirits and give a glimpse of the revolution the film failed to deliver.

The young actors including Gayathri as a teacher with leftist leanings, showed good potential which has not been fully explored by the script.

In Kala Viplavam Pranayam, the good 'Kala' of the crew is undermined by a story line lacking in artistic depth. The movie fails to bring out the 'revolutionary' sparks or create a 'romantic' mood for the audience.

Rating: 2/5

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