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Last Updated Wednesday January 29 2020 03:43 AM IST

'Aadu 2': aimless trajectory of a meandering plot

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Aadu 2: aimless trajectory of a meandering plot The story revolves around Shaji Pappan, played by Jayasurya, and his cronies

Like the nature of its key characters, Aadu 2 is a disoriented sequel. There is hardly any plot. It is a combination of a lackluster plot reeled out to justify the necessity, if any, to bring out a sequel. Like its characters, the plot meanders aimlessly with some brilliant dialogues laced with satire being the only saving grace. Aadu 2 fails to justify the buzz created by its prequel.

Jayasuriya's Shaji Pappan, the protagonist, is unable to carry the burden of a lackluster plot. The filmmakers, however, have infused some machismo to the protagonist, perhaps as a bait to lure fans.

The plot also attempts to weave in the effects of demonetization on a bunch of ordinary people who struggle with their pedestrian lives and are never really able to gain much in life.

The plot then forces them to stumble upon the path of innumerable characters who are also battered by the demonetization, but want to make a quick buck to make good their losses after the 500 and 1,000 rupee notes went out of circulation as legal tender.

The worthlessness of the stacked notes can only be made good by printing counterfeit currency of new denomination.

The quirk of fate pushes these comic characters into a chaotic race with each bunch stumbling another including the protagonist and his cronies.

In between, this chaotic journey there is some sense of poetic justice meted out to Shaji Pappan's personal life.

There is a scattering of some such comic scenes which offer an iota of relief to the movie buffs, but had it been woven around a sleek plot, Aadu 2 would have emerged as a much better movie.

The lengthy first half is also probably a huge drag, but the comparatively shorter second half loses the plot altogether.

Jayasuriya flaunts a flamboyant two colored dhoti throughout the movie, but only if half of that rustic charm was injected into the bland script it would have justified the necessity of a sequel to a much-better first part. The brilliant eloquence of dialogues laced with satire is a warm consolation.

Rating 3 / 5

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