Sunaina Roshan's boyfriend Ruhail slams Roshans for calling him 'terrorist'


Hrithik Roshan's sister Sunaina Roshan recently hit the headlines after she made shocking allegations against her brother and father Rakesh Roshan.

She had claimed on social media that she has been 'living in hell' and extended her support to Kangana Ranaut. She had also levelled allegations against her father of having slapped her and calling her boyfriend Ruhail Amin a terrorist because he was a Muslim.

Speaking to a National TV channel, Sunaina's boyfriend Ruhail Amin opened up on what he thinks of the Roshan family.

"This is unfortunate. Labelling someone extremist just because he/she belongs to a certain religion is simply outrageous and needs to be condemned in strongest words... Religions and geographies should not become the cornerstones of defining extremism; we need to move beyond that mindset. Most importantly, we need to stand up against ignorant viewpoints, whoever has them," Ruhail Amin says, "This incident has once again exposed the dark underbelly of identity politics at play in today's liberal times which are totally uncalled for."

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Asked why the Roshans should object to him on the basis of religion given that Hrithik Roshan's ex-wife Sussanne was one, Ruhail Amin says, "Everyone can see the irony here."

He also revealed that the Roshans did not approve of their friendship. "I got to know that her parents put a security ring around her post our friendship, and when she told me about it my first reaction was of disbelief and later a good laugh," he said.