Jacqueline Fernandez's lookalike is a star US model


Celebrities are often linked with their doppelgangers via social media. And what if one day they are seen together! Actress Jacqueline Fernandez reached out to her lookalike, YouTube star Amanda Cerny, and the duo reportedly met in Mumbai.

Earlier, the Bollywood actress expressed her desire to meet. "I think it's about time you came visited me in Mumbai," Jacqueline wrote to Cerny on Instagram along with a black and white photograph in which she has juxtaposed their pictures.

In response, Cerny commented: "Funny you mention it."

Soon after, Cerny, who is of Swedish descent, took to her own Instagram handle by sharing a picture from a flight.

"Bet you can't guess why I'm so excited right now," she captioned the photograph.

Jacqueline reacted saying: "Oh my god.. that was fast!", and then her lookalike wrote back: "Your wish is my command, Jacqueline!!

Germany-based Amanda Cerny enjoys her own popularity. She has over 24 million followers on Instagram. Cerny was originally a model who started her career in modeling. She rose to fame when she became the Playboy Playmate in October 2011.

Her career skyrocketed after she started uploading videos on YouTube. She has now become the YouTube sensation having close to a whooping 21 million followers on Instagram.

Cerny came to India for the sixth edition of the YouTube FanFest.