What is that secret Priya Varrier is hinting to reveal?


'Oru Adaar Love' has been in news since quite a long time. First it was the wink song that helped wannabe actress Priya Prakash Varrier to gain instant stardom, then came the story change midway owing to unexpected publicity and even a controversial climax change and re-release.

Controversies did seem to end when co-actress Noorin Shereef opened up about her 'not-so-good' relationship with Priya. Now that all those row have subsided, Priya has now put up an online status line that will surely raise your eyebrows. In her Instagram story, she wrote, “Many will be in trouble if I reveal the truth but why be like them? Just keeping silence as Karma (with stress) will speak no matter what! And that time, is not far.”

We have grabbed a screenshot of the same written in Malayalam and here it is for you.

The post probably comes in wake of an interview, when the director of the movie Omar Lulu said he was not really impressed with Priya's unwanted attention. The director also revealed that Noorin who played the role of Gadha John in the movie was a better performer than Priya Varrier. He also added, "I'm not in touch with Priya Varrier in any manner."


Earlier, Noorin had said, “As Priya Varrier's wink went viral, makers changed the entire storyline of the movie, and my character was a bit sidelined. I actually felt very disappointed when my character lost its importance as this was my first offer to act in the lead role.”

And when asked about working with Priya again, she replied, “no comments” which set the tongues wagging.