Police to take action after fake news gets circulated against actor Mohanlal

The fake post was widely shared on social media

Thiruvananthapuram: The Kerala police is set to investigate the circulation of fake news on social media that Malayalam film actor Mohanlal is infected by coronavirus.

According to reports, a video clip featuring actor Mohanlal stated that the actor passed away after contracting the deadly coronavirus.

Reports are rife that police are tracking down such fake news and strict action will be taken.

Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan had on Thursday said that stringent action will be taken against the propagators of fake news. "Fake news is being widely propagated now. A voice message claiming to be of a doctor listing out medicines for people in contact with patients is being widely spread. Fake mobile apps related to Covid prorection are popping up. Media should be extra vigilant on such matters. The State Police will take strong measures to stop the spread of such fake news," he said.

Earlier, Mohanlal was blasted after he expressed his views on clapping on Janata Curfew. “Clapping together is a process. The sound is like a chant and there is a possibility that many bacteria and virus will be destroyed,” he had said. Following this, social media users had trolled the actor with memes quoting famous dialogues from his movies.

Recently, cyber attack came down heavily on the actor by Rajith Kumar fans. Rajith Kumar was a contestant at the popular reality show Bigg Boss and Mohanlal was the host. After Rajith Kumar was evicted from the show, Mohanlal was attacked. According to Rajith fans, Mohanlal did not stand by justice as an anchor. The actor's Facebook page was flooded with derogatory comments, holding him responsible for the exit of Rajith.