5 Sreenivasan dialogues that will leave you in splits


It's April fool's day! It may be the day for some funny pranks but with the world facing a bad time from the deadly coronavirus pandemic, better to ignore such pranks.

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But how about laughing out loud with some hilarious moments from classic movies? And we have chosen actor-writer Sreenivasan.

The actor-scenarist-director has a knack of presenting hard-hitting tales in a refreshing way and his iconic dialogues are known and used on a daily basis. Today, let's take a look at his 5 iconic dialogues:

“Ellathinum athintedaaya samayamundu Dasaa”

Film: Nadodikattu

The best part about this dialogue is that most Malayalis tend to use it in their daily lives. The scene has Mohanlal and Sreenivasan talking about an idea that they culd have done before and Sreenivasan consoles by saying,'evreything has its own time'.

“Avidey kalyanam, ivide paalu kaachal”

Film: Azhakiya Ravanan

The timing is the highlight of the dialogue. Sreenivasan says in a way which is amusing and annoying at the same time. N.P. Ambujakshan, a tailor and wannabe novelist was one of his best remembered characters.

“Polandinne Thotthu Kallikaruthu!”

Film: Sandesham

Laced with satirical humor, the film revolved around two brothers who belonged to different political parties. And this scene has the two brothers fighting talking about what happened in Poland.

“Uncle, Ivan aano America, atho njan aano America”

Film: Mazha Peyyunnu Maddalam Kottunnu

Madhavan, now liked to be known as MA Dhavan tries to convince Sardar Krishna Kurup that he is the one who returned for America. One of the most hilarious films of Malayalam, the movieis known for his funny scenes that will tickle your funny bones.

“Appo cluch idumbo gear amarthenamalle”

Film: Thalayanamanthram

Sreenivasan is trying to learn a four-wheeler and what happenes is the crux of the dialogue. The evergreen dialogue, 'Njan Polytechnic onnum padikathathu kondu, yanthrangaludey pravarthanam ariyila' is also from this particluar scene. Watch it for yourself!