Augustina Aju opens up about cyber attacks and how she copes with it


Augustina Aju, wife of actor-producer Aju Varghese reveals how the cyber abuse and scathing comments online have often pained her. She added that those who post obscene or hurtful comments below their family pictures do not consider that there are kids in it. Augustina has opened up about the cyber attacks that the family faces in an interview with an online media.

“Mine is a private account, so I don’t personally receive such comments. But I read the comments that come under Aju’s posts. I used to get really upset and cried a lot. My first delivery was pre mature, on the eighth month, and the babies were in the NICU for almost a month. Such hurtful comments had appeared while we were recovering. Those who post these comments do not understand the reality. I had cried a lot during those days. Now, it doesn’t matter anymore,” says Augustina.

“Some people wrote obscene comments below the pictures in which all six of us are seen. Many people post comments without considering that there are four little kids in the pictures. Those who know me understand me well; that is all I care about,” added Augustina.

Finding positivity

The star wife said that Aju doesn't get much time to spent with the family as he is often busy shooting for films. Augustina confessed that she used to complain about it initially. However, now she realizes that there is no point in it. “He is very passionate about cinema. When he was only acting, he used to say that he would get more time when he turns producer. However, now, he is not seen at home at all,” notes Augustina.


Augustina revealed that she used to share her opinions about Aju’s acting. But after visiting his locations twice, she stopped commenting about it. “I have so far visited just two locations. It is only then that I understood the difficulties of making a movie. Those who watch them can simply pass any comments or opinions. But I understood how difficult it is to make a shot ok when I visited the locations. After that, I had decided not to comment about his acting. I try to see only the positive sides of everything,” says Augustina.

The arranged love story

Augustina, also recalled how Aju and she fell for each other. “It was during the shoot of Thattathin Marayath that I first met Aju. One of my friend was part of the cast and he introduced me to Aju. Later, Aju said he liked me and without much delay he told his parents to meet mine. They came and everything was set from the parents side,” she said.

Augustina also added that they got enough time before wedding to know each other better.



Mother to four kids, Augustina says she never gets angry though she scolds her kids at times. “I was very consious that I would not give cell phones to my kids. I, in fact, deleted Youtube itself and never let kids to watch any videos. I made sure that they never take phone and hence they don't have a craze for it,” she said.


Toola Loola

Augustina owns first of its kind kids' clothing boutique and hair salon, named ‘Toola Loola’ and she owes it to Aju Varghese for the initiative. “It was Aju who suggested to start a designer. I was hesitant as there were too many designer botiques in town already and opening one such more would yield nothing. That's when the thought of opening shop for kid came. Since making kids get a haircut is something very difficult for parents of today, I though why not start with a salon too,” she said.