Salim Kumar has a word for trollers who use him against janata curfew


Popular Malayalam actor Salim Kumar has appealed to the public to cooperate with the 'janata curfew' (or self-imposed curfew), proposed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to contain the spread of Coronavirus.

However, Salim Kumar pointed out that several trolls flooded social media after PM Modi called for the janata curfew from 7am to 9pm on Sunday. He also voiced his displeasure over his photos being featured in several such trolls.

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"I saw my photos being used in several trolls. Though I am not linked to these in any way, I was disappointed to note these. Please do not use my photos in such trolls," he appealed to the people.

Salim Kumar warned people against laughing at the expense of others, and that such laughter would last only till the virus affected them or their dear ones.

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Salim Kumar said that the janata curfew can help 'break the chain'. "This is one of the effective ways to counter the virus spread. But this is possible only if the janata curfew is observed in totality," he added.

The actor urged people to do away with their political affiliations for now and stay united for the common cause.

"Our days ahead are uncertain. Our caste, religion or politics will not come to our aid at this point. Only the government, health department and the scientific world can lead us out of this crisis,” he added.


In his address to the nation, PM Modi had also urged citizens to clap or bang plates at 5 pm on Sunday to show appreciation towards our healthcare personnel.

While pointing out that trolls criticised this as well, Salim Kumar said, "Doctors, nurses, paramedical staff, health department personnel, police, sanitation workers and mediapersons have all been working round-the-clock for our well-being. What is wrong in appreciating their efforts?"