Looking for Contagion movie online? Here's how to watch


It's that time of the decade where people are self-isolating and have been asked to stay at home. While there are fears and panic across the world, people are trying to find ways to get engaged.

Interestingly, a surprising amount of people are trying to figure out how to watch Contagion. Contagion, for those unfamiliar, is the 2011 movie that revolves around a world struggling to stop an airborne virus that kills within mere days.

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In India, the movie is available on Amazon Prime Video. To watch it you can simply, head over to primevideo.com. Open the search bar, type Contagion. Then select the movie and start playing. Amazon offers two Prime subscription plans in India, monthly and yearly. The Monthly plan costs users Rs 129 per month, whereas, the yearly plan is priced at Rs 999.

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Apart from that, you can also get it from YouTube at Rs 120 on rent or purchase it at Rs 620 in HD quality.

On the iTunes store, the movie is available at Rs 120 in HD quality for rent and at Rs 590 to purchase.