Going through the toughest phase of my life: Amrutha Suresh

Amrutha with her daughter (R)

When singer Amrutha Suresh and her sister Abhirami Suresh started their own YouTube Channel AG Vlogs last year, little did they know that their fans would welcome them whole heartedly.

It was after a short hiatus that Amrutha came back to singing with her own band Amrutham Gamaya.

While fans were looking forward for her musical ventures and vlog series, nothing came up of late.

Now, Amrutha herself took to Instagram explaining the reason for disappointing her fans. Stating that she has been going through the toughest phase of her life, she requested prayers and support. While she did not reveal the reason for the same, her fans have come out in support asking her to fight it out and remain strong.

Earlier, in an interview, Amrutha had said that she was the only person who is responsible for the sad phase in her life. She also added that it was her parents and younger sister Abhirami Suresh, who brought back the happiness in her life. Amrutha is grateful that her family has never blamed her or left her alone during the tough times.