Actress Anjali Nair's twin brother Ajay gets hitched

Ajay wedding

Actress Anjaly Nair's twin brother Ajay got hitched to Soumya in a traditional function held at Kollam.

The wedding was a close knit affair with friends and family. The traditional ceremony was followed by a reception and many celebs from the M-town graced the occasion. The 17-minute wedding video shows the traditional customs in detail.

Ajay has also acted in Midhun Manual Thomas' 2015 movie Aadu and its sequel Aadu 2 released in 2017.

Ajay was dressed in a white silk kurta pyjama while the bride adorned a violet Kancheepuram saree for the wedding. Anjali grabbed all attention at the reception where she was seen in a foot-long dress. Actors Irshad, Prashanth Alexander, MP Hibi Eden were also seen. Watch the video here: