Govinda reveals why he remarried wife Sunita at the age of 49


Bollywood actor Govinda is known as the king of dance and comedy. Recently, at a popular TV show Aap Ki Adalat Govinda opened up about his married life where he revealed that he remarried his wife Sunita at the age of 49.

The first meet-ups and hook-ups

During mid-1980s, Govinda was a struggling actor, and would frequently visit his maternal uncle, filmmaker Anand Singh. It was on one of his visits to his uncle’s residence that he happened to meet his uncle’s sister-in-law, Sunita.

Born to a Punjabi father and Nepali mother, Sunita was the stylish city girl. While there was nothing common between Govinda and Sunita, the conflict in personalities brought them together and the duo playfully argued about various matters. Though none noticed the blossoming friendship, Sunita’s brother-in-law was aware that something was kindling between the two.


The intial disapproval

Sunita and Govinda saw each other for over three years, and later communicated through letters. One day, Sunita’s mother got hold of a letter written by Govinda, and soon got the whiff of the matter. Govinda’s mother was supportive of their relationship but Sunita's mother wasn't. The reason for her disapproval was mainly because of the point that Govinda was an actor. Later, finally to her daughter's happiness, Sunita's mother agreed for the marriage.

Marriage- the real revelation

Sunita and Govinda finally tied the knot on 11th March 1987 in Mumbai. The wedding was kept under wraps to not jeopardise the actor’s female fan-following. The wedding happened at a time when rumours about Govinda and his the then co-star Neelam was rife. But none knew that Govinda was already committed to Sunita and eventually, the couple spilled the beans only after the birth of their daughter Tina Ahuja in the year 1988.


Their son Yashvardhan was born shortly after.

The re-marriage

During the TV show, Govinda was asked as to why did the actor got remarried at the age of 49, the actor replied that it was his mother's decision to do so. Govinda admitted that he and his mother believed in superstition and numerology and it was his mother's advice to remarry and fulfill a customary. She wanted to see that her last wish and make a recommitment.

He also revealed that he changed his name from Chi Chi to Govinda, because he believed in numerology, and 'wanted the number 27, which adds up to nine'.

The actor also revealed that at the age of 14, he recited "Gayatri Mantra" 24 lakh times to attain success in filmdom. "It was because of my mother's advice and blessings."