Soubin Shahir's dance in 'Ambili' teaser was choreographed by this dancer!


He just charmed us and make us fall for his innocence. We are talking about the state award winner Soubin Shahir and the teaser of his upcoming movie 'Ambili'. The video is breaking the internet for it's perfectly choreographed making.

Soubin is introduced as Ambili and shyly with a smile he walks towards the camera. In split seconds, he turns into an eccentric funny dancer. Perfecting his steps with the song that begins with, 'Njan  Jackson allada, Newton allada, Joker allada' clearly Soubin turns the star. Although his dance seems to be one in spontaneous flair, the credit here deserves for choreographer Fawas Ameer Hamsa, who overturned the visualization with originality.

Fawas, currently a member of International Dance Council, UNESCO, is all praise for Soubin Shahir, who made his job a lot easier.  

Onmanorama catches up with the talented artiste and here are the excerpts of a chat with him:

Going naturally

Talking about how he set the pace, Fawas explained that the dance sequence was an improvised one and he was assisted by Pratheesh.

“We entwined a set of easily recollectable dance moves, actions and gestures in accordance with the lyrics to choreograph the moves. In one word, the choreography is experimental, i.e it suits the actor's comforts - his mannerisms and articulations.

No Soubin, No Ambili

Asked about Soubin's reaction for the fun-filled movements, Fawaz was prompt, “Let me tell you upfront, the video couldn't have been made without the help of Soubin Shahir. His creativity is unparallel. There was a lot of help from Soubin which enabled me to complete the video.”

How many takes did it require for him to do it? And he recalled, “I took about four rehearsals before the final take. Believe it or not, Soubin perfected the shot in a single-take.”

The humble beginnings


Fawas, having completed his studies from SMASH, Berlin, in experimental physical performance later joined Attakkalari Centre of Movement Arts, Bengaluru. “I was an actor at Abhineta Theatre Research Centre, Thiruvananthapuram. I was invited to work for 'Ambili' when I was working at Mamangam- Rima Kallingal's dance school. It was Rima who called me for the project. Mamangam is one of the prime reasons behind my entry to cinema.”

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Though Fawas is receiving wide applauds with Ambili teaser, his connection with film industry comes from a long way. “I jointly choreographed some sequences of Lenin Rajendran's movie 'Edavapathi' and his famous dance drama 'Karuna'. I was also fortunate to have worked with director Kamal sir for 'Nadan'. Both were tremendous experiences for me.” He was also part of Kamal Haasan-starrer Uttama Villain. He has also acted in two films -- Kanyaka Talkies and Aabhaasam. He was also a part of Wazir, directed by Bejoy Nambiar.


Has 'Ambili' paved for busy schedules?

“Well recently, I have worked with singer Gowri Lekshmi for her musical video 'Maane'. Apart from that, I have been keeping myself busy with all my theatre and artist group works.”