Decoding a scene | Of Vellaripravinte Changathi, Dileep's first state award and 2-year preparation


'Vellaripravinte Changathi' was a turning point in Dileep's acting career. This 2011 movie won him his first state award for best actor. The movie, based on a real incident that happened in Kannanchery, Kozhikode, has a multi-layered story-line which narrates three stories within a single movie. It is the story of a young filmmaker who revives his father's lost movie project and completes it successfully. The core subject is the love story of Ravi and Sulekha, two real life characters who lost their lives to the social taboos.

Script writer Anil GS took more than two years to carry out the research required to write the movie's script. It was Anil's maiden movie project too.

In a candid chat with Onmanorama, script-writer Anil GS decoded the most crucial scene in 'Vellaripravinte Changathi.'


“Sometimes, the way we present a concept becomes more important than the concept itself. There are three movies within 'Vellaripravinte Changathi,” he said. A filmmaker attempts to make a movie based on a real incident with a row of newcomers. He fails to complete that project. Years later, his son revives the project and completes it successfully. The movie tells the story of technicians and artists behind that ambitious project. It was quite a challenging task to connect these three tales and show them as a single movie, Anil said.

Though the central story-line narrates the love story of Ravi and Sulekha, the movie also tells the love story of Shajahan and Mary Varghese, the actors who play the roles of Ravi and Sulekha. The stories and incidents were all mixed up.

Days of preparation

Anil says that the most challenging scene in this movie was the one in which Ravi murders Sulekha. Immediately after that crucial scene, the reel breaks offering an effective 'interval punch' to the main movie. “The scene was shot at a single stretch first. Then it was shot in a different angle, as to be shown at a separate point of the movie. Manoj K Jayan's character stabs the female lead after a very emotional encounter,” Anil explains, “It took almost two and a half days to finish shooting that scene.”


Anil revealed that he didn't have a clarity about how to shoot this scene even while I wrote it down. He charted out this scene after several rounds of discussions with the director in a span of two years.

Reel and real life

After Ravi and Sulekha's love affair ends tragically, Sulekha's life takes a new turn. Ravi's love for Sulekha drives him insane. Ravi stabs Sulekha to death in order to save her from a worse destiny. Ravi doesn't attempt to escape after murdering Sulekha. Instead, he embraces her body and lies on the road next to her.

At the same time, the actors who play these two characters in the movie were going through similar circumstances. Their love affair was about to have a tragic end as Mary's father was set to send her to a convent after completing that shot. However, the filmmaker helped the couple to escape after the production schedule was over.


“Seldom does the actors' story coincide with that of the characters they play in a movie. It was difficult to portray it in a convincing manner on screen,” Anil said.