Karikku to make a movie out of 'Thera Para'? Motion poster released

Karikku to make a movie out of 'Thera Para'? Motion picture released

Many netizens in Kerala might be familiar with the names Shambu, George, Lolan, and Shibu, thanks to the super-hit web series 'There Para' on YouTube channel by team 'Karikku'. After the successful completion of the first season of 'Thera Para', Karikku is busy with their new project. And it doesn't seem like another web series.

Karikku on Sunday released a motion poster of 'Thera Para- The Movie', likely indicating the 'Karikku' artistes are making a foray into films. The artistes are yet to confirm if the next project would be for theatrical release or for internet streaming despite hyphenating it as 'The Movie'.

Though the team has mentioned the genre of the likely movie as comedy, it is not yet revealed whether the project will have the same actors who were in the web series. Fans have already started discussion on social media regarding who would don the main role and have also raised a demand to retain their favourite actors and characters.

Nikhil Prasad who is the creative force behind the channel is the director of the upcoming venture. Its cinematography is by Sunil Karthikeyan and the music is composed by PS Jayahari. The motion poster was designed by Elwin Charly and gfx by Binoy John. The mixing and mastering has been done by Abin Paul.

The number of viewers subscribed to 'Karikku', just to watch 'Thera Para' which began airing in April 2018, is a whopping 2 million.

'Thera Para' which is the first super-hit web series in Malayalam has become a rage among the youth. YouTube appreciated 'Karikku’s' efforts by awarding the silver play button when the number of subscribers crossed 1 lakh.

Story of 'Karikku'

The unique name of the channel, 'Karikku' or tender coconut, is what grabs the audiences' attention in the first place. Nikhil reveals that he wanted the audience to feel fresh as if they have had a refreshing 'karikku' when they watch the channel. Though the team, initially, had plans to name the channel as 'kulukki sarbet', a popular beverage, they decided against it as it may seem to have close connection to Shibu's character in 'Thera Para'.

The four lead actors in the web series have already made their way into the movies. It is their incredible talent to naturally handle humour which made the web series a smashing hit among the youth. 'Thera Para' humorously depicts the lives of three unmarried, jobless B Tech graduates and their roommate who is employed even though he is just a plus-two pass.

Besides 'Thera Para', their video ‘When Girls Behave Like Bad Boys’ too had garnered a lot of likes. The funny video had a bunch of smart girls playing the lead roles.

Meanwhile, fans will have to wait to know more about their next amazing project.