When actor Vinod Kovoor met his young fan at medical college

Actor Vinod with Muhammed Rahmatullah

Kozhikode: When eight year old Muhammed Rahmatullah met M80 Moosa, the former didn’t hesitate to express his wish, “I want to buy an M80 when I grow up”. Rahmatullah, son of Abdul Razaq and Shahabanath, who live near the Perinthalmanna EMS hospital, is born with a disability on one of his legs.

The boy, as part of his continuing treatments since birth, often visits the medical college as well.

Rahmatullah has been admitted in ward number 24 at the Kozhikode medical college for the last two weeks following a major surgery on his knees. The eight year old is a great fan of actor Vinod Kovoor, who rose to prominence playing the character called M80 Moosa in mini screen. Rahmatullah has often expressed his wish to meet the actor in person.

As if fate would have it, the person admitted on the bed next to Rahmatullah’s hails from the same place as Vinod Kovoor. It was him who contacted Vinod and spoke about young Rahmatulla’s wish to see him.

Vinod, who had been filming at Ernakulam, reached the Kozhikode medical college to meet his young fan. Rahmatullah, who was quite stunned seeing his favorite actor, was initially a bit shy to talk to Vinod. The actor gifted candies to Rahmatullah and wished him a speedy recovery.