Stern Pinarayi has a word of advice for cheering Mohanlal fans

Stern Pinarayi has a word of advice for cheering Mohanlal fans

The fan base of actor Mohanlal is huge and they never fail to stand thick and thin through him no matter what. And it was quite evident at a recent function.

Mohanlal happened to attend a hospital inauguration at Nenmara, Palakkad and he happened to share the stage with Chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan.

Interestingly, when Pinarayi took to stage for a speech, the crowd cheered and howled all for the love of their actor. But it seemed like Pinarayi Vijayan couldn't take it lightly. The CM who is known for his stubborn reaction like 'Kaddak Purath' (just leave) stated in his speech that the noise was disturbing.

He, further pointed out that this kind of reaction was quite common within star circle and that Mohanlal is a great actor, the pride of Kerala whom he admires. Pinarayi, however, added that those cheering aloud for him will never understand or never even grow beyond this cheering and that they would never stop.

The function was also attended by Industrialist B R Shetty who is helming the production of upcoming flick 'Randamoozham'. However, Mohanal did not touch upon anything to what Pinarayi mentioned about fandom and was at his coolest self. Watch the video here: