Happy Birthday Mohanlal: here's A to Z of the superstar and a #Ychallenge for you


In 1978 when India was limping back to normalcy after the Emergency, Mohanlal and his friends - Ashok Kumar, Sasheendran, Priyadarshan, Suresh Kumar, Ravi Kumar, Renu Chandra, and Chandra Mohan, were shooting the actor's debut movie in Kerala. Little did they knew that their movie will get shelved and yet the actor will rise to become a part of Indian cinema history.

The complete actor is ringing his birthday today and we just can't stop raving about him.

Here's an A to Z list of some of the characters he has done in his illustrious career spanning over four decades.

If you are a diehard Mohanlal fan then we have kept a small challenge for you - complete this list by adding a Mohanlal character whose name starts with 'Y'. Are you game for the #Ychallenge?

A – Appukuttan aka Alfy (Chandralekha)

This was one of the finest performance the star gave in a rom-com. Right from varied expressions to simple gestures, Appukuttan was effortless.

B – Bobby (Minnaram)

Who else can play the love-filled troubled youth so well. First Bobby makes us believe that he is a carefree guy and then he amazes us when he takes up responsibility in life.

C – Chakkumuttil Varghese Antony (Olympian Anthony Adam)

He is fiery when it comes to profession yet tender-hearted when it comes to family matters. The investigating police office is lovable but stands with the truth no matter what.

D – Dr Sunny (Manichithrathazhu)

Many had a problem with Dr. Sunny for his over the top and ill fitting comedy as a psychiatrist. But at the same many knew that it was his comedy that gave a lighter mood to the thriller. It was also said that Mohanlal's character was written as it was and that there was no other option other than the legend to play the role. The rest is history, we all know!

E – Eby Abraham (Unikale oru Kadhaparayaam)

He is the godfather to many, the good samaritan who is happy with kids arround. But he could easily put everyone into depression too. The climax scene says it all and we don't want to spoil it with any words.

F – Freddy Nicholas (Orkapurathu)

The film is set in an Anglo India background and with the right looks and names, the complete actor proved yet again that he could bring on any role with utmost ease.

G – Georgekutty (Drishyam)

There is no doubt that Drishyam is a Mohanlal film and when the movie was released, he proved that he is a director's actor. The restrained performance as a doting and helpless father and as a common man, gave the actor the much needed break.

H – Hariharan Pallai (Hariharan Pillai happy aanu)

The building contractor is an angry young man. But he would stand up for the right and Mohanlal very well reflects the mannerisms needed for the naive character.

I – Ithikkara Paki (Kayamkulam Kochunni)

Writers Bobby and Sanjay said that they did not have anyone in mind other than Mohanlal as Ithikkara Pakki. Being a cameo, Mohanlal made sure that he gives us the perfect charisma of the character.

J – Jayakrishnan (Thoovanathumbikal)

The evergreen love poetry is fondly remembered for Jayakrishnan. While the female character Clara is evergreen and enchanting, Mohanlal's character too is endearing. He very well played the staight forward man with a lot of layers in life.

K – Kashinathan (Thandavam)

He is playful but has a goal set in life. Kashinathan has a lager than life role and only a superstar like Mohanlal bring justice.

L – Lever Johny (Vamanapuram Bus Route)

Remember the get-up of Mohanlal in this one and you are reminded of the kholed eyes of the star. Standing true to comedy genre, he acts as an MGR fan, he sings, dances and would even do stunts.

M – Mangalasseri Neelakandan (Devasuram)

The classic example of power packed performance is what Mangalasseri Neelakandan is all about. The masterpiece by IV Sasi is well balanced by the fine performance of the complete actor. Devasuram's sequel Ravanaprabhu too where Mohanlal played the dual role deserves a mention.

N – Narendran (Manjil Virinja Pookal)

How can we miss mentioning this character. Narendran made us hate with his very first film as he was perfect as the sadist youngster. From then, there was no look back for the talented star.

O – Odiyan Manikyan (Odiyan)

A hats off to Mohanlal's physical transformation for this one. Even at this age, he is at his coolest best.

P – Poovalli Induchoodan (Narasimham)

The simple dialogue along with twirling the moustache sums it all - 'Nee Po Mone Dinesha'.

Q – Qureshi (Lucifer)

We would like to include this in our list for the film with it's don-like character is inevitable. As the movie is still running in theaters, how can one forget this character which already entered the 200 crore club.

R – Rameshan Nair (Thanmathra)

The sensitive film was much noted for the potrayal of Mohanlal's heart-touching performance as an Alzheimer's patient. And we bet the teary-eyed moments can be acted out only by Mohanlal.

S – Solomon (Namuk Parkaan Munthirithoppukal)

This would be one among the all-time favourite for many Mohanlal fans. Remember the scene where Solomon first spots his ladylove and that look still gives goosebumps to many. And what follows is the iconic proposl scene in the latter part of the movie.

T – Thacholi Varghese Chekavar

This may not be among the box office buzzers but it does needed the much required recognition for the effort Mohanlal, the actor put across.

U – Unnikrishnan (Kattathe Kilikood)

Though the major chunk of film belonged to Bharath Gopi, Mohanlal delivered a matured performance and his character had an impact in the minds of many.

V – Venu (Run Baby Run)

Reuters' Venu? The name is familiar and so is the character. The film was not a trendsetter of the sort but is a well crafted one with fine acting. While many claimed that Mohanlal played hero to a girl half his age, fans believed that only Mohanlal could bring out the best of the role.

W – Willaim Perrera

Mohanlal's voice over to the character William Perrera for a short film fetched him many accolades and we can't afford to miss it in our list.

X – Xavier (China Town)

We don't want to spoil the fun talking about it and leave it upto you.

Y – ?

Well, if you are a die-hard Mohanlal fan, we want you to take up this challenge and give us the relevant character name starting with this alphabat. Wanna try?

Z – Zakir Ali Hussain (Praja)

Before we wind up the list, we would like to close it with the retired underworld don who fought with creepy cops around him.