Celebrities should watch their words: Revathy on Sreenivasan's comment

Revathy and Sreenivasan

A day after Sreenivasan extended his support to Dileep with regard to actress attack case, Revathy has lashed out against the former actor-writer.

Actress Revathy took to Twitter where she shared the interview of Manorama News with Sreenivasan and asked if celebrities need not be responsible with their statements.

“Sad that celebrities whom we respect for their work speak this way. Don’t Celebrities need to be more responsible when they speak? Don’t they need to think about how such statement reflect on the next generation?” (sic.) she wrote.

In an interview to Manorama News, earlier, Sreenivasan said that the actress attack case involving Dileep is fabricated. “Dileep came into the scene after one week of this incident. Until then, everything was revolving around Pulsar Suni. I believe things are fabricated. Many people claimed that Dileep gave more than Rs 1.5 crore to Pulsar Suni to commit the crime. As far as I know, Dileep is the kind of person who will not spend even 1.5 paise," he said.

Sreenivasan also asked if there was a need for an organization like Women in Cinema Collective (WCC). “In 100 metres men race, the world record is 9 seconds, but in women's race, it is more than 11 seconds. So, there is a difference between men and women. I am not trying to destroy any organization or group. I don't know what is the need for a group like WCC," he told.

He further added, “There is no exploitation of women in cinema. Men and women are equal. Pay depends on a star's market value. How many male actors earn as much as Nayantara? These statements are not directed to destroy any organisation. I'll refrain from speaking more since some matters need to be discussed within certain limits."

Sreenivasan and Dileep have acted in quite a few movies like Ishtam, Vismayam, Megham, Passenger, Love 24x7, et al. Dileep had also produced Sreenivasan's son Vineeth's first directorial, Malarvadi Arts Club, in which Sreenivasan also had a cameo.

Interestingly, WCC was formed after a Malayalam actress was abducted on a moving car on Feburary 17, 2017. After the incident, Dileep was arrested as an accused and Dileep who was a prominent member in AMMA (Association of Malayalam movie artists) was suspended.

While some actors came out in support of Dileep, many opposed.