Guess the funny thing in Arya's bag! | Video


'What's in my bag' videos are perhaps the most trending videos you see on YouTube these days. Each time a celebrity reveals what is in their bag, the video shot on it goes viral.

Now Mollywood stars too are taking part in the 'What's in my bag challenge'. Malayalam film actress Arya's recent video on this is also trending on YouTube.

Arya's bag was well, a mixture of many things that probably all of us would carry. Ranging from purses, combs, photographs, Vaseline, and hairbands for her daughter, Arya's bag was mostly utility stuff. But wait till we tell you the funniest thing she showed. It was an AC remote!

Arya was surprised herself to see the remote and she was visibly embarrassed. She explained that it had somehow gotten into her bag while she must have been packing in a hurry.

While she enjoyed picking things from her bag, so did we. Watch video here.