'Vaishali' couple Suparna, Sanjay share stage after parting ways


Although the classic movie 'Vaishali' hit the screens 30 years ago, its lead characters Vaishali and Rishyasringan are still vivid in the hearts of every Malayali.

While the characters were essayed by Sanjay Mithra and Suparna Anand in the 1986 movie, the duo got married in 1996. They were blessed with two boys, but soon the duo parted ways and got married to different persons over the years and settled down again. 

Sanjay got married to one Taruna Mitra and Suparna to Rajesh, a Delhi-based businessman. They are leading a happy life in their respective families. Interestingly, the duo recently appeared on Mazhavil Manorama's show 'Onnum Onnum Moonu' hosted by Rimi Tomy where they talked about their movies, lives and career.

“My elder son is a first-year law student and the second one is in the 12th standard. We are currently settled in Delhi. Rajesh is into real estate while I'm currently looking after my father's business,” Suparna revealed.

When asked what was the happiest moment in his life, Sanjay replied, “when Suparna gave birth to my sons.” He also went ahead and specifically remembered the birth time of his elder son. Both Suparna and host Rimi were taken aback on hearing this. 

Talking about their failed relationship, both of them said they are happy with their lives now and met each other on this show after two years. “When you love somebody you want them to be happy whether they are with you or away from you. There was nothing to fight about in our case and we never fought,” Suparna confessed.

Meanwhile, Sanjay noted that by coming together on a show they wanted to set out a message, “Though we have separated and have married others, we are good friends and we would like to remain so. But that doesn't mean that I have to hate the other person. Hatred won't bring anything in life. And we being together happily on a show like this itself is proof.”


Before appearing in 'Vaishali', the veteran actress had did a handful of movies as she began her acting career when she was only 6. Recalling the casting call for 'Vaishali', Suparna said, “The shooting of 'Tezaab' had begun. I was 16 then and it was during my birthday party an agent came and told my parents that one director Bharathan wanted to meet me. Bharathan wanted to meet me by 7 am. Since I am not a morning person, I was upset as why he had fixed an early hour. But he finally arrived at 10:30 am. When he told me that I would be playing the lead role in 'Vaishali', I was like I don't know the language. For all my queries, he said 'Don't worry, I will take care of everything', and I couldn't say 'no'. Years later, I realised that was my birthday gift and I feel I was born to do it.”

Surprisingly, director Bharathan had made a sketch of the character Vaishali before meeting Suparna and after meeting her he revealed to her that she was like the sketch he had already drawn.