Award-winner Harinarayanan can't hold his nerves while penning lyrics

Harinarayanan can't hold his nerves while penning lyrics
Harinarayanan. Photo: Facebook

Thrissur: Lyricist Harinarayanan was relaxing at the courtyard of his house in Kunnamkulam when the state film awards were being announced at Thiruvananthapuram. Most of the songs that were born out his pen are super hits. "Ever since the song 'Olanjali kuruvi' from the movie 1983 became a hit, everyone started asking 'You will get an award this year, right?'. I decided to stay at home to avoid that question," revealed Harinarayanan.

KSRTC and cinema

Harinarayanan entered the film industry through a friend who was one of the assistant directors working with noted film maker B Unnikrishnan. He wrote his first song for the movie 'Thriller' directed by the veteran film maker. Though Harinarayanan had penned the lyrics for many album songs, he didn't get any impressive opportunities after that.

He began to get noticed after the songs from the movies Grandmaster and I Love Me became hits. "I was also doing other jobs during that time. I studied for charted accounting after completing my graduation. I have worked as a conductor in KSRTC. I became a full time lyricist when the songs from the movies Om Shanti Oshana and 1983 became hits,"said the writer.

Tensed while writing

"I wish all the songs that I write to be amazing. I write every song with anxiety as if I am writing for the first time. I would be anxious even if I am collaborating with the music directors who are my close friends," admitted Harinarayanan.

He used to learn poems and phrases verbatim, as a kid. Harinarayanan credits those beautiful poems and elaborate phrases for introducing him to the mesmerizing world of Malayalam words and language. 2014 turned out to be an amazing year for the young lyricist when he penned the songs for movies like 'Om Shanti Oshana', '1983' and 'Second Class Yathra'. He continued his winning streak in 2015 as well, with the song 'Hemantamen Kailkumbilil' from the movie 'Kohinoor' topping the list of chartbusters.

Poet and lyricist

"We have freedom when we write poems. However, we do get that while writing songs for movies. The nature of the songs in a movie would already be decided. We have to consider the ways of the director, screen writer and composer as well," said Harinarayanan.

'Olanjali kuruvi'

The song 'Olanjali kuruvi' from the movie 1983 directed by Abrid Shine had excited the nostalgia for many. Harinarayanan says that he wrote the beautiful lines recalling the sweet memories from his own childhood. He himself had studied at a school, with huge windows and un plastered walls, just like the one that is showed in the movie.


It was Theevandi’s music composer Kailas Menon who invited Harinarayanan to write the lyrics for the song. He has written just one romantic number in the movie. Kailas has already narrated the nature of the romantic sequences in the film and Harinarayanan had written the lines which suited them. Harinarayanan says it was quite abruptly and unexpectedly that the word 'jeevamshamayi', which became the catchword of the super hit song, came to his mind.

Best and hit

Harinarayanan’s native place is Akkikavu, a beautiful village near Kunnamkulam. He had fallen in love with books in his childhood itself. His father's younger brother was a teacher who inspired young Harinarayanan to begin his close friendship with books. "I have always dreamed to write the lyrics for film songs. I wish to write more beautiful songs. Lots of offers to write songs for new films are coming my way," concludes Harinarayanan.