Dileep reveals a 'secret' about good friend Nadirshah

Dileep reveals a 'secret' about good friend Nadirshah

It is no big secret that actor Dileep and actor – director Nadirshah had become friends, way before the duo entered the filmdom. The special bond that began during their mimicry days continued when they became actors and now they are business partners as well.

Now, Dileep has revealed a secret about his good friend Nadirshah. The actor revealed, at a promotional event for his latest movie 'Kodathi Samaksham Balan Vakeel' that Nadisrshah stuttered while speaking, as a child, and he overcame it through hard work and determination.

Dileep's character in the movie is shown as suffering from stammering. It was Nadirshah who inspired the actor to essay the character with perfection. Dileep had apparently emulated, in the film, a few mannerisms of Nadirshah's when he used to stutter. "I perform unique characters as experimentation. I learn many things while observing the people around us. I feel a kind of ennui when I play ordinary characters repeatedly. It gives me immense satisfaction when I play characters that are close to life. Besides, I try to motivate others by choosing unique roles like this," said Dileep.

The actor stressed that stammering is not used as a tool to ridicule the protagonist in the movie. "When you watch this movie, you would realize that stammering is not a limitation for the character. There is someone who climbed the ladder of success despite having it. I don’t know whether you know about it, but I am sure you would definitely know the person when I say his name. That is none other than Nadirshah. Until class eight, Nadirshah had stuttered speech. However, he didn’t stammer when he sang. He had difficulties even during the time we met each other. Whenever he stuttered a bit while speaking, he overcame it by snapping his fingers" revealed Dileep.

"Initially I didn’t understand the secret of snapping fingers. I kept thinking why he was snapping his fingers quite often. But later I understood the reason. Nadirshah, who stammered once, has no such problems now. He overcame it by working so hard. He had achieved greater heights now. Though it was me who studied direction, it is him who actually became a director. He is also one of the popular singers in Kerala, that too, who loves to sing fast numbers," noted Dileep.