Family was only solace during 'troubled' times, says Dileep

Family was only solace during 'troubled' times, says Dileep

Malayalam actor Dileep has spoken about the importance of his family and how his kin stood by him during the turbulent times of his life.

“Life is a struggle for all of us in one way or the other, and it is only love that helps one overcome it,” Dileep said.

Family was only solace during 'troubled' times, says Dileep

Dileep opened up about his 'struggles' at the trailer launch of his latest movie 'Kodathisamaksham Balan Vakeel' in Dubai. The program was hosted by World Wide Films and Novo Cinemas.

Dileep said that family is the only ones who will help you in troubled times, and their support and love give immense relief. The actor's words were received loud applause from the audience.

However, the actor did not spell out which 'difficult times' he was talking about. Dileep, an accused in the February 2017 actress attack case, was arrested and let out in bail. The police had said the conspiracy to abduct and assault the popular actress was hatched by Dileep.

Dileep was granted permission to visit Dubai and Doha till February 23. During his visit, Dileep also visited his 'Dhe Puttu' Restaurant in Dubai. However he restrained from the press meet organised in Dubai Wednesday. The movie will be released in Kerala and Dubai on Thursday.

In the flick, Dileep plays a lawyer with speech disability who struggles to present his case, even though has ample legal knowledge. Director B Unnikrishnan, World Wide Films representative Noufal Ahmed and Brijesh Mohammed took part in the event.