Thonda short film: a 'crisis' in the life of an aspiring singer


Ever wondered what would be the most challenging situation a singer will have to face in life. What would a singer do if one looses his or her voice one fine day!

A short film titled 'Thonda' revolves around one such aspiring singer and the existential crisis he encounters. The over 17-minutes long video introduces a die-hard Prithviraj fan who happens to watch the trailer of his upcoming movie 'Kaaliyan'. How the trailer changes the course of his 'dreams' and 'life' forms the crux of the short film.

The thriller written and directed by Dixon Alice Poulose is woven neatly with the beautiful frames set by Jobin Ignatious. Tthe BGM is set by 'Kalyanam' movie fame composer Prakash Alex, who had also done the background score of the Malayalam movie 'Mohanlal'. While the sound mix and design is done by Anish P Tom and Sharon J Manohar respectively, Miraj Mohamed is credited for DI-VFX. Keeping one hooked to the plot, the short film gains momentum with the sound delivered aptly.

Without much drama, 'Thonda' is being noticed for presenting a new concept. The short film will thrill and relieve you. Watch it for yourself: