Why Fiji Water girl is a star at Golden Globes!


While celebs had a gala time on the red carpet at Golden Globes 2019, the one who garnered everyone's attention was the Fiji Water girl.

Confused? Let's put it straight. For this year's Golden Globes, Fiji Water, a popular brand of bottled water, sent out four women to offer stars some refreshment and Twitter can't stop talking about one among them on the red carpet.

The young woman spotted in a royal blue gown at the awards ceremony appeared in the background of several photos behind celebrities on red carpet holding up a tray of Fiji Water bottles. Interestingly, the woman made direct eye contact with the camera, often posing right over the shoulders of the stars and appealed to the netizens.

Well, whoever directed her to just stand there behind every celeb needs a raise for she managed to raise an eyebrow as the person holding bottled water.

Fiji Water promoters claim their product is sourced from an aquifer in Viti Levu, the largest of the islands making up the South Pacific nation.