What is Bird Box Challenge and why Netflix is warning?


Last year witnessed the Kiki challenge and, 2019 has offered us yet another weird challenge -- the Bird Box Challenge.

It has been noticed that whenever something comes up on Netflix, a craze follows it and so is the case with the 'Bird Box Challenge'. It is based on Netflix's latest movie 'Bird Box' which stars Sandra Bullock in the lead.

What happens in the film?

The film, based of the book of the same name, sees Sandra Bullock's character Malorie go on a boat journey blindfolded along with her kids. That plot has a monster and the protagonists get themselves blindfolded to avoid getting killed by a monster as it will kill one only if you look at it directly.

The challenge

Now, coming to the Bird Box Challenge, it involves blindfolding yourself and trying to go about your everyday life - just like the movie sans the river and monster. Taking a cue from the movie, netizens started blindfolding themselves and trying to perform tasks and shared many videos on social media.

The danger

Although the idea sounds exciting, the challenge is as dangerous as you see it online. People are sharing videos of their antics online, but due to the dangerous nature of the challenge Netflix has warned people to stop.

In fact, the streaming site took to Twitter asking fans to stop taking part saying it could eventually take one's life.