Think twice before employing women: Lal Jose


“Ever since the 'Me Too' campaign hit the industry, I hesitate to take women crew in my films,” said veteran director Lal Jose in a recent interview. He was speaking on 'Jameshow' with regard to the promotions of his latest movie 'Thattumpurath Achuthan'.

Pointing that it was unnecessary to talk about what happened 20 years ago, Lal Jose asked, “Is it necessary to make a revelation that someone misbehaved with you 20 years ago because the person involved may be in totally different circumstances now?” He also opined that there may be genuine cases, but many fake ones are also there.

“Three women had worked as my assistants a decade ago. Ladies like Kukku Parameswaran and Sameera Saneesh were part of my crew. I don't think they have been affected in any manner. Now, when new women approach me, I would think twice about hiring them because I don't want any headaches and wonder if that would lead to any kind of trouble. On sets, we would be talking in different temperaments. Sometimes I get very angry and sometimes I am very friendly. Just like I behave with the men crew, I am with the women. But it is not necessary that all take in the same good sense. With this movement, a fear has been created but the concern here is if the fear is for the good or for the bad,” he said.

He further added, “If a woman who is an assistant director blames men in the film industry, people will believe her. And when the public believes it, I think it takes away the chances of other aspiring people who want to enter the industry.”

Lal Jose's movie 'Thattumpurath Achuthan' starring Kunchacko Boban and Sravana in lead roles is running successfully in theatres. He also revealed that his next movie with Biju Menon in lead will go on floors by February.