Kavitha, Asma and Saira and their Dilip - Actor's sensational tales amid property spat


Following the release of Mumbai builder Samir Bhojwani, who had falsely claimed ownership of the two plots on which actor Dilip Kumar's bungalow was built, the legendary actor's wife Saira Banu Khan requested a meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi to discuss the issue.

Earlier this year, Saira Banu had approached the police and lodged a complaint against Bhojwani. She had claimed that the developer was threatening and harassing them over the property spat. Following the complaint, the Mumbai police had arrested and booked Bhojwani. Well, this is not the first time that Dilip Kumar's name has hit headlines for the wrong reasons. The 96-year-old Bollywood legend, who continues to get the love of his fans even after his retirement two decades ago, has been in the eye of storm many a times before. Here is a look at those sensational issues he was part of so far:


Real name is out

The real name of Dilip Kumar is Muhammad Yusuf Khan who was born to a rich Awan tribal family in Peshawar. In 1940, after a dispute with his father, Dilip left home and reached Pune where he started up a fruit stall. Later, he joined Bombay Talkies, where he met actor Ashok Kumar. That is when actress Devika Rani requested him to change his name to Dilip Kumar and she later cast him in a lead role in the film 'Jwar Bhata' in 1944. Years after when his real name came into public, his fans were shocked to learn that his roots were in Pakistan.

Dilip Kumar's real name is Muhammad Yusuf Khan

Love lost

It is said that Dilip was in deep love with renowned actress Kamini Kaushal, now 91 years. It was on the sets of 1948 film 'Shaheed' that their love blossomed. They were planning to marry as well, but Kamini's brother was against the relationship. Kamini had promised her dying sister to take care of her two daughters. Hence, to live upto her words, she married her brother-in-law BS Sood and broke all ties with Dilip. It was later said Dilip went into a depression for sometime over this episode.

It was said that Dilip and Kamini were planning to marry

Uncompromising in love

Dilip Kumar and Madhubala made epic couple onscreen. In his recently released autobiography 'Dilip Kumar: The Substance And The Shadow', the actor revealed details about his failed relationship with Madhubala.

The alleged couple were shooting for 'Naya Daur' in Gwalior. The place was known for dacoits, and Madhubala's father asked them to change the location. When the filmmakers disagreed, Madhubala's father asked her to quit the film.

Dilip Kumar and Madhubala made epic couple onscreen

Out of love, Dilip tried to mediate but Madhubala refused to disobey her father. Asking to prove her love, Dilip told her to forget movies and get married to him. Madhubala said she would marry him, provided he apologised to her father. Dilip refused, and Madhubala left him. Madhubala is said to have been in love with Dilip till she died and this kept the gossipmongers busy with stories.

Dilip was once quoted as saying, “Even in her opted life, she was not happy, and she came to a premature end, which was very sad. People say it was the loss of the industry, or the loss of the viewing public, but I would say it was the loss of a personal life.”

Generation gap

Actress Saira Banu was a big fan of Dilip and she confessed that she had his love dreams right from the age of 12. In an interview, she had stated that when she entered Bollywood her biggest dream was to marry Dilip Kumar and fortunately she made her dream came true. Daughter of actress Naseem Banu and film producer Milan Ehsan-ul-haq, Saira Banu entered into wedlock with Dilip in 1966 when she was 22 and he was 44. After marriage, many mocked him saying that an aged man married a young girl.

Saira Banu entered into wedlock with Dilip in 1966 when she was 22 and he was 44

Brief distraction

However, even after a happy married life, Dilip was said to be in a relationship with a Pakistani lady, Asma. He had reportedly divorced Saira Banu to marry Asma. The tie didn’t last long and they ended up divorcing after two years. Apparently, it was said that Asma was caught cheating on Dilip, which he could not tolerate. It was only after his divorce with Asma, that the actor apparently realised his mistake of moving out of his first marriage. He then reportedly went back to Saira Banu who accepted him till date.

Dilip had reportedly divorced Saira Banu to marry Asma (L)

Secret missions

It was Pakistan former foreign minister Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri who said that Dilip Kumar visited Pakistan twice on 'secret missions', on behalf of the Indian government. This announcement did not go well with some Indians and Pakistanis. The Tragedy King then had to write to the then Prime Minister of India Atal Bihari Vajpayee for protection.

Dilip Kumar with Atal Bihari Vajpayee

Pak honour

Shiv Sena protested vehemently when Pakistan government conferred Dilip Kumar with the the “Nishan-E-Imtiaz”, its highest civilian award. Its activists burnt his effigy before a Delhi hotel on July 13, 1999 where he was staying and asked him to go back. There were also protests before his Mumbai house. The thespian ignored the protests and decided to keep the award after a meeting with Prime Minister Vajpayee.