Here's why Vijay Sethupathi lost his cool with this reporter


 video of Tamil actor Vijay Sethupathi getting angry at a media person has been doing the rounds on social media. The video shows Vijay fuming at a reporter who asked him 'Why do all your movies get into financial trouble?'

The reporter tried to provoke him further by asking if his latest movie 'Seethakathi' will also have financial troubles like his previous release '96'. 

Sethupathi tried his best to make the reporter understand and even went on to say that these comments were like talking about an accident even before you buy a vehicle. 

When asked why the film producers association and crew members were not able to find a solution to financial problems movies encounter close to their release date, Vijay said a producer alone can't be held responsible for this and these were quite normal in business.

The face-off between the actor and the reporter happened at the teaser launch of the movie 'Thirumanam' scripted and directed by Cheran.

Tamil movies shot spending crores have often faced financial trouble that delay or prevent their release. Similar was the case with Vijay Sethupathi's '96', for which he himself spent money to get it into theatres.