Sreesanth unfairly targeted, says wife on 'Bigg Boss' incidents

Bhuvneshwari came out defending Sreesanth and alleged that Salman Khan is being partial

Former cricketer and actor S Sreesanth’s wife Bhuvneshwari Kumari lashed out at 'Bigg Boss' host Salman Khan.

After the last weekend episode of 'Bigg Boss 12', Bhuvneshwari came out defending Sreesanth and alleged that Salman Khan is being partial towards Sreesanth.

She stated that her husband has been targeted inside the house and also warned the people to not call him a fixer.

“When u say every contestant in Big Boss house is equal, then you shouldn’t target or highlight Sreesanth alone whereas other contestants have said and done worst things like kicking the table and breaking the plate during the same week, I think it’s very unfair.

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Thank you Sreefam for all the love and support. And for those who r asking; YES, I LOVE SREE unconditionally and will continue to do so in every circumstance. XOXO,” (sic.) Bhuvneshwari was quoted as saying in a note on Twitter.

“I genuinely feel that Sree is being targeted a lot inside as well as outside the house for publicity and footage to which neither I have nor he has control over. I want to tell you all that it breaks my heart to see Sree cry like this and I feel so helpless. He has been through tough times before too and I am sure Bigg Boss house will make him a stronger person,” she added.

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Bhuvneshwari also mentioned that Sreesanth got angry only when he is provoked and he does not want to hurt anyone.

“I am very sorry if things which Sree told unintentionally has hurt anyone. But it was out of anger and I am sure, as he said, he does not mean any of it,” she said.