Ranjith's Mohanlal-starrer 'Drama': What to expect

Mohanlal starrer Drama's teaser to be released tomorrow

The movie 'Drama', which has director Ranjith and Mohanlal teaming up once again, is all set for release on Thursday. The teaser suggests the movie to be pitching on widely debated social topics of gender clash, sexual abuse and so on.

» The star cast and crew boast of a serious yet entertaining drama to be enjoyed by family audience.

» After a long time, Mohanlal is playing a simple, fun-loving character and his hilarious banters might remind us of the actor's vintage roles.

» A long-winding story line is expected.

» The camera of Alagappan is sure to enthuse the viewers with some fresh and mesmerising visuals of the saga told in the backdrop of London suburbs.

» There are also chances for the narrative to slip into mundane household turmoils and get preachy.