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Last Updated Tuesday June 26 2018 01:08 AM IST

Santhosh Pandit just made a new friend in Attapadi

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Santhosh Pandit just made a new friend in Attapadi Santhosh Pandit spent this year's Onam in one of Attapadi’s oorukal

His penchant for the quirky has seen Santhosh Pandit grabbing eyeballs. He has to be different, see different and think different. This Onam too, he chose to be different. He spent the special day in one of Attapadi’s oorukal (Adivasi habitats).

Controversy’s kid, Pandit has never shied away from expressing his views on matters he holds close to his heart, social problems being one of them. This is perhaps why he headed for the relatively less glamorous settlement, though he knew busybody facebookers would sneak in to see what he was up to and what he had posted.

Pandit did not go empty-handed. He carried gifts of rice, new clothes and several other items of utility. If he thought this would fetch him instant sainthood, he was in for a shock. A particular little “egg-head” who Pandit took an instant liking to, screamed his lungs out when the actor tried to befriend him.


Santhosh Pandit himself narrated this experience and his Facebook jottings on his Attapadi trip make an interesting read. Here goes the story:

“I love little kids. When I was in one of the settlements, I noticed this little egg-head. If I happen to see anybody with a freshly shaven neat head, I see myself looking at my ‘Urukku Satheeshan’, where I sport an egg-head. I was naturally drawn to that kid. I wanted to be friends with him. But all my efforts bombed. One look at me and he started bawling and screaming like he’d spotted a lion or a leopard.


“But I refused to let go. I tried all tricks up my sleeve to woo him. I tickled him and made him squirm with laughter. Soon we bonded and became thick friends. We played, took selfies and danced. He came running when I got in to leave. He waved me bye and was sad to see me go. But I forgot to ask for his name. I was busy getting him to like me. It was a different experience to me. Though I shared my time with a whole lot of them, it’s the little egg-head who lingers in my heart. He’s the star.” 

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