Cholera confirmed among migrant labourers in Wayanad

Cholera confirmed among migrant labourers in Wayanad

Kalpetta: Cholera has been confirmed among three migrant labourers from Assam at Meppadi near here. Three of them have been shifted to the Government Medical College Hospital, Kozhikode and 10 others, who had close contact with the three patients, are under observation at the Kalpetta general hospital, said district medical officer R Renuka. She added that the difficulty in communicating with the migrant labourers was slowing down the preventive measures.

“One woman, one man and a child are confirmed to have contracted the disease. The others are under observation. However, since Assamese is not a common language here, we had difficulty in communicating with them and creating awareness among their settlements. Now, we are spreading awareness through the migrant labourers' suppliers, and more among them have come forward to support,” the DMO told Onmanorama.

Seven families from Assam have been living on the premises of a private estate at Meppadi. On Monday, some of them sought treatment at the general hospital after being down with vomiting and diarrhoea. In between, condition of the three worsened and they were shifted to the medical college. The DMO said that the three were stable and and there was no panicky situation in the district.

Heath department steps in

Soon after cholera cases were confirmed in the district, the health department increased cleaning in affected areas of Meppadi. Two wells at Nedunkarana were super chlorinated and water tanks were cleaned. The officials from the department also visited the migrant shelters to create awareness. They also supplied preventive medicines in the area.

A medical camp was organised at Nedunkarana on Thursday and an awareness class was held at a nearby madrassa.