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Last Updated Sunday May 27 2018 11:00 PM IST

Young couple's daring plan to repay debts turns a disaster

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Young couple's daring plan to repay debts turns a disaster Nayana and Visakh

Thiruvananthapuram: Crime never pays, a young couple in the State capital learnt the hard way.

Nayana and Visakh were desperate as they were in deep debt. Visakh (21), an auto-rickshaw driver and Nayana (20) fell in love while they were plus-two students and started living together soon after turning 18. With relatives opposing their alliance and offering no support, Visakh borrowed heavily to buy his auto-rickshaw and for other household expenses.

Two weeks ago, Nayana asked Visakh how they would repay their debts. When he replied that theft could be an option, she was surprised as well as shocked. But he told her that there was no other way. After convincing Nayana, he felt confident of getting away with the plan.

The couple spent considerable time planning and came up with an elaborate scheme to carry out the theft and repay their debts. They decided the amount to be given each of their creditors and how the remaining money was to be utilized.

The couple took off in their scooter and headed to the house of Hariharan near Sreekandeswaram Temple dreaming of a debt-free life. When Nayana felt a bit scared, Visakh reassured her by pointing out that the lakhs that would come their way would help them lead a stress-free life.

However, though successful in carrying out the theft and repaying debts, the law soon caught up with the young couple, landing them behind bars.

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