Raveendran bemoans the fall of the wall, for the ninth time


Ponnani: After setting it right eight times, Raveendran had to see his compound wall demolished again. This time a lorry proceeding towards Kozhikode from Ponnani lost control and crushed the wall. Raveendran, who had reconstructed the wall eight times, is now mentally shattered.

The man has been tired of visiting government offices to install traffic regulations on the dangerous curve at Thekkepattu padi on Ponnani-Kuttipuram road where his house is situated. The municipal chairman, National Highways Authority of India officials and even Lok Speaker Sreeramakrishnan who represents Ponnani constituency have all assured Raveendran of taking necessary steps to set things right. But nothing much has changed and the wall continues to fall after each vehicle crash. Speed bumps have been set up in the stretch. The residents feel that if the curve is not straightened immediately, more accidents are likely to occur. The family also complain about the unbearable sound produced by the container lorries that speed past. Frequent accidents have caused damage to the house. Cracks have surfaced in several parts of the house. 

Raveendran's neighbour Rajagopal had to construct his compound wall six times following vehicular mishaps. They say if the walls are not rebuilt immediately, the vehicles that lose control will barge into the house unhindered.