Moral policing: 14-year-old thrashed with iron rods

Moral policing: 14 yr old thrashed
Injuries sustained by the teenager in the case of moral policing.

Ponnani: A 14-year-old was attacked by a moral policing group at Puthuponnani. They stripped the boy and thrashed him with iron rods, it is alleged.The attackers also threatened his family members to not report the incident.

A police statement on the incident, was registered only 10 days after the incident. The boy is admitted with serious injuries at Ponnani Taluk Hospital. The accused are still at large.

The attackers caught the boy from near a house at 8.30 pm on May 8. Accused of voyeurism and theft, he was beaten up and taken around in a car. The gang kept him in their custody until 2.30 am, the boy’s father said. The police have started looking for the five men involved.