Malappuram Read latest news updates from Malappuram District Kerala in English. Watch Videos and Photos of Exclusive Breaking News. Onmanorama en Tue, 25 Jun 2019 05:57:24 GMT Raveendran bemoans the fall of the wall, for the ninth time Ponnani: After setting it right eight times, Raveendran had to see his compound wall demolished again. This time a lorry proceeding towards Kozhikode from Ponnani lost control and crushed the wall. Raveendran, who had reconstructed the wall eight times, is now mentally shattered. The man has been tired of visiting government offices to install traffic regulations on the dangerous curve at Thekkepattu padi on Ponnani-Kuttipuram road where his house is situated. The municipal chairman, National Highways Authority of India officials and even Lok Speaker Sreeramakrishnan who represents Ponnani constituency have all assured Raveendran of taking necessary steps to set things right. But nothing much has changed and the wall continues to fall after each vehicle crash. Speed bumps have been set up in the stretch. The residents feel that if the curve is not straightened immediately, more accidents are likely to occur. The family also complain about the unbearable sound produced by the container lorries that speed past. Frequent accidents have caused damage to the house. Cracks have surfaced in several parts of the house. Raveendran's neighbour Rajagopal had to construct his compound wall six times following vehicular mishaps. They say if the walls are not rebuilt immediately, the vehicles that lose control will barge into the house unhindered. Tue, 16 Jul 2019 01:12:26 GMT A tale of motherhood that transcends notions of faith, family The day Chakki died, Subaida became a mother to three more children - Ramani, Leela and Sreedharan. Thus, Abdul Asees and Subaida's house at Kalikavu near Nilambur in Kerala's Malappuram district became home to three boys and three girls. While three boys went to Madrassa in the morning, the other three went to the temple. In the evening, when three of them sat down to read the Quran, the other three, with a tilak on their foreheads, would pray with folded hands at the same house. They thus grew up, playing and studying together. Their names in the order of the age are Ramani, Shanavas, Leela, Jaffar, Sreedharan and Joshina. And the world came to know about this unique tale on last Tuesday, the day when Subaida passed away at the age of 64. Sreedharan's FB post Sreedharan put up a Facebook post for his friends on June 17. "My Umma has answered the calls of Allah..." This, however, generated curiosity among the netizens. People wanted to know if he meant Amma. Some quizzed him on whether his name was Sreedharan after spotting a photo of him with the skull cap. Offensive comments and trolls followed, and Sreedharan had to put up another post. "I am putting this Facebook post to quell questions on who I am. I am from Kalikavu near Nilambur in Malappuram district. I am now in Oman. Some people raised doubts when I put up a post yesterday that my Umma had died. Others questioned how can a Muslim be named Sreedharan after seeing me with the skull cap. My Amma died when I was a just over a year-old. I had two elder sisters. My father was there too. The day my Amma died, Umma and Uppa took us to their home. They let us stay in their home. Gave education and brought us up just like their own children. After my sisters grew up, Umma and Uppa took care of all the wedding preparations. They took care of us not because they did not have children of their own. They also had three children. Though they became our custodians at a young age, they did not try to change our faith. Though it is often said that no one can take the place of your mother, she was our mother..." Homecoming Adakkakundu Moorkan Veetil Chakki was one of the workers at the Thenadan house. Chakki died when Sreedharan was a year-and-a-half-old. Soon after the cremation, Subaida arrived. She picked up Sreedharan and beckoned 11-year-old Ramani and 6-year-old Leela. She then took to the hapless children to her home. The address of the children also changed. Nobody knows Moorkan Veetil Sreedharan. People might ask if you meant Thenadan Veetil Sreedharan. Framed in memory Shanavas was the firstborn of Subaida and Abdul Asees Haji, who was also a Madrassa teacher. Shanavas still remembers the day his mother turned up with the three children in tow. "That was the best frame I have seen in my life. I have not seen any better frames life after that," quipped Shanavas, a photographer. Jaffar and Sreedharan are of the same age. Playing and studying together, they virtually became twins under Subaida's care. Later, Joshina was born as their kid sister. Sreedharan cannot even remember any harsh scolding made by Uppa. The house of love Ramani and Leela stepped out as brides from Thenadan Veetil. Uppa and Umma happily made all the efforts to find the groom and did all the preparations. After he completed studies at the MES college in Mambad and started working, his 'family' started looking alliances for Sreedharan too. By then Sreedharan had bought five cents of land. Sreedharan began preparations to move into the house on the sly. Umma and Uppa were not initially happy to hear that he had bought land to build a house. They later agreed to his decision to stand on his own. Sreedharan and wife Thankammu then moved into their new home with the blessings of Umma and Uppa. Sreedharan is now 46 years old. He is working at the textiles department of a supermarket in Oman. Class X student Ansyham is his son. Umma lives on in his heart Soon after Sreedharan left for Gulf, Umma fell ill with kidney ailment. Shanavas shut down his studio in the Gulf and came home to look after Umma. However, Subaida warned Shanavas from informing Sreedharan about this. "If he comes to know of all this, he might leave everything and come back running. That would be sad." Sreedharan was informed only after Subaida's condition weakened. By the time his leave request got sanctioned, the tragic news from home arrived. As he did not feel strong enough to attend the funeral, Sreedharan did not go home. Holding on to the gifts he had bought for Umma, Sreedharan wept at his Muscat room. He prayed. Tue, 16 Jul 2019 01:19:27 GMT Leakage in tribal houses points to shoddy work, diversion of funds Edakkara: Tribal colonies are a testimony to the poor living conditions of their inhabitants and neglect by the authorities at various levels. With the monsoon rains arriving early last month, the residents of Iruttukuthi Tribal Colony at Munderi near Edakkara in Malappuram district have to put up with leaking houses though they were constructed only a few years ago. All the houses located in the colony situated in the forest area across the Chaliyar river are leaking heavily in the rain. Malathy, whose house is the first one in the colony that can be reached by Iruttukuthi Bridge across Chaliyar, has shifted to her old house which is close by. The new house was built with the funds from the Integrated Tribal Development Project (ITFP) three years ago is uninhabitable when raining. "The old house, the roof of which is covered with plastic to stop the leaking, is better than the new one," Malathy rued. The neighbouring house that belongs to Chandran is not yet completed through the work was started three years ago. Its walls and roof are just completed, but the rest of the work is yet to be over. The contractor has collected the complete amount for the house, Chandran says. Chandran has covered up the roof with plastic sheets to prevent rain from seeping in. The same is the case for 17 houses in the colony. The residents complain that even half of the allotted amount from the fund is not spent on actual work. And the contractors are not completing the work of the houses for which the complete amount has been paid too. Mon, 08 Jul 2019 00:41:37 GMT Man dies of heart attack after brother meets accident, brother dies shortly after Kottakkal: The news about an accident to his younger brother triggered a heart attack in a man leading to his death. Later, the man who met with the accident too died in hospital during treatment. The deceased have been identified as Edarikode Klari Panikkar Padiyil Muhammad's sons Mustafa (52) and Abdul Majeed (45). The accident took place near their house at 8 am on Wednesday. Majeed, who arrived in an auto-rickshaw, was walking towards their home when a stone-laden tipper lorry coming from Edarikode side hit him. Majeed came under the lorry, which got stuck in the slush on the roadside. Local residents had a tough time rescuing Majeed. When Majeed's elder brother Mustafa heard about the accident, he collapsed. Though he was taken to hospital immediately, he could not be saved. Majeed also died an hour after reaching the hospital. After the accident, the lorry hit an auto-rickshaw and a lamppost. Local said that the lorry driver fled the spot after the accident. The police have registered a case against the driver. Musfata used to run a grocery store at Kazhungilppadi and Majeed used to work at a mattress company. Mustafa is survived by wife Sulekha and kids Shahina, Shahid, Shihad, Fatima Sana and son-in-law Noushad. Majeed is survived by wife Seenath and children Lifna and Lifan. Thu, 20 Jun 2019 11:54:17 GMT 3 Plus Two students arrested over assault following ragging row Wandoor: A Plus-One student was left with a fractured right hand after he was beaten up by Plus-Two students in a school here in Kerala's Malappuram district. The injured student has been admitted in the Malappuram Medical College Hospital. Three Plus-Two students have been arrested in the case. A minor student too has been involved in the case. The incident took place at the Vaniyambalam government higher secondary school. The victim had got admission in Plus-One only four days ago. The complaint says that the ragging started with the students asking the victim to remove a safety pin from the shirt collar on Monday. He had used the safety pin to place a patch of cloth on the skin due to allergy. The victim was asked to remove the pin and was slapped on his cheek. The victim reported this to the teachers. In retaliation, the victim was beaten up by the students after school hours at a corner of the school playground. The victim was pushed into slush and kicked. His right hand was fractured during the assault, the victim said in his statement to the police. The injured boy was first taken to the taluk hospital and was shifted to Manjeri medical college. A complaint was submitted to the principal and the police. The police said that after ascertaining that the boys were above 18, Vaniyambalam native Shabeeb, Koorad native Asmal Haq, and Mampattumoola native Nisamuddin were arrested. They were to be presented before court on Wednesday. CI M C Kunjimoideen is in-charge of the inquiry. Wed, 19 Jun 2019 11:58:36 GMT Woman wanders off into Nilambur forest, rescued after one night Nilambur: A woman, who lost her way while on a stroll along the Chaliyar River in the Pokkad forest area, here, on Monday, was rescued by the Kerala Fire and Rescue Services the next day morning. The lush tropical forest here is inhabited by wild animals and has been in the news for the sightings of Maoists. Only traditional forest dwellers know the way in and out of the jungles here. 39-year-old Sindhu, a resident of Modavanna Colony in Chaliyar Panchayath, got separated from her family while on a walk along the Chaliyar River. Lost her way in the forest, Sindhu managed to find her way back to the riverbank at night. Failing to find any means to return, she spent the night on the sandbanks. This zone of the forest is frequented by elephants who come to quench their thirst in the river. A few personnel in the Kerala Armed Police Camp heard Sindhu's wails for help in the morning and alerted the Fire & Rescue Services. A Fire & Rescue team led by Station Officer M Abdul Gafoor rescued the woman with the help of a boat. Sindhu was taken to the district hospital by the police. The rescue team included P K Sajeevan, K K Anoop, K Manesh, S Sanand, K P Anoop and M Nizamuddin. Thu, 06 Jun 2019 00:31:04 GMT 7-year-old boy with nasal polyps operated for hernia, Kerala doctor suspended Manjeri: A seven-year-old boy seeking medical care for nasal polyps was operated upon for hernia at Manjeri Medical College in Kerala's Malappuram district on May 21. Following a complaint from the boy's father, the general surgeon at the medical college was suspended pending an inquiry. Health minister K K Shylaja asked the official concerned to suspend the surgeon after Manjeri police registered a case against him for medical negligence. According to sources, the doctor seems to have confused the case with another boy with a similar name. Both were taken to the operation room at the same time. Hospital sources said the similarity in names led to the serious error. The error came to light when the father visited the child and saw bandages on the abdomen. Upon inquiry, he was told that hernia was spotted and hence the boy was operated upon. When the polyps problem was pointed out, the boy was taken back to the operation theatre for the nose intervention even before he regained consciousness after the first surgery. The boy with nasal polyps hails from Kerala Estate, Karuvarakkundu in Kerala's Malappuram district. Both the children are recuperating well. Nasal polyps are non-cancerous growths on the lining of nasal passages or sinuses. Manjeri CI Shyju N V told Onmanorama that a case was registered against the doctor who performed the surgery. “We received a complaint from the father of the child on Wednesday and a case was registered against the surgeon. We were not sure of the person who performed the surgery, so his name was not included in the first information report. This is a case of medical negligence,” the CI said. Wed, 22 May 2019 07:02:01 GMT Moral policing: 14-year-old thrashed with iron rods Ponnani: A 14-year-old was attacked by a moral policing group at Puthuponnani. They stripped the boy and thrashed him with iron rods, it is alleged.The attackers also threatened his family members to not report the incident. A police statement on the incident, was registered only 10 days after the incident. The boy is admitted with serious injuries at Ponnani Taluk Hospital. The accused are still at large. The attackers caught the boy from near a house at 8.30 pm on May 8. Accused of voyeurism and theft, he was beaten up and taken around in a car. The gang kept him in their custody until 2.30 am, the boy’s father said. The police have started looking for the five men involved. Sat, 18 May 2019 05:24:52 GMT Girl fighting cancer secures full A+ in SSLC exam Mavoor: A teen who is fighting cancer has cleared her Class 10 examination securing A+ in all subjects. Fathima Shahana, a resident of Thennala in Kerala's Malappuram district, was diagnosed with blood cancer last December just months before her Secondary School Leaving Certificate (SSLC) examination. Education Minister C Raveendranath congratulated Fathima over the telephone and PTA Rahim, MLA, visited her at the MVR Cancer Centre with words of praise. Fathima was admitted to a private hospital with fever on December 25 even as other Class 10 students were busy with mock exams and intense revisions. The disease was diagnosed at Medical College Hospital, Kozhikode. She was later admitted to MVR Cancer Centre at Choolur in Kozhikode district for further treatment. When the doctors and family members decided that she shouldn't appear for the SSLC examination, scheduled in March, Fathima was disappointed. . She expressed her ardent wish to appear for the examination despite the disease and ongoing treatment, following which the doctors and family had to relent. Fathima was given permission to appear for the SSLC examination at the Government Higher Secondary School, Nayarkuzhi, which was near the MVR Cancer Centre instead of the Government School at Edarikode where she was studying. She was taken to the school in an ambulance along with doctors, nurses and family members. She wrote the examinations at the school library which was disinfected completely. Saleena and Abdul Nasser of Kalathingal House are her parents. Tue, 14 May 2019 00:28:30 GMT New house for youth who offered his back to step on during 2018 flood rescue Malappuram: Several real heroes emerged during last year's floods across Kerala. Of them, Jaisal, who offered his back for several women and children to step on to get into a rescue boat, will be given a brand new house today by a youth organisation of the Sunni Muslim community. The Malappuram district committee of the Sunni Yuvajana Sangham (SYS) built the 1,100 sqft, two-storey house for Jaisal in seven months. Its key will be handed over at an event on Aavil shore at Parappanangadi at 7 pm today. Sunni Jamiyyathul Ulama general secretary AP Aboobacker Musaliyar initiated the work on Jaisal's house on September 13. SYS’s non-resident wing ICF too chipped in for the Rs 16 lakh project. Jaisal, a fisherman and trauma-care volunteer based in Parappanangadi, was actively involved in rescue operations in Muthalamadu, Vengara, last August as floods submerged the area along with vast parts of the state. A team of volunteers from the agency named Trauma Care was engaged along with him. The video of him kneeling down to help women and children to step on to boats had gone viral. Jaisal was hailed by thousands on social media for his near back-breaking act while engaged in rescue operations. One of those rescued at a place called Swagathamadu had shot Jaisal's act and posted it on WhatsApp. Jaisal and his 10-member team had reached the marooned spots in Vengara after taking boats on rent. They were specially called by the locals to the rescue operations. His team had rescued more than 250 people and recovered 10 bodies. Jaisal family consists of wife Jaseera and children Jirwan, Rifamol and Jubimol. Jaisal, who is trained in karate and taekwondo, joined as a volunteer of Trauma Care in 2002 in Kozhikode. Thu, 09 May 2019 00:35:44 GMT 16-year-old migrant boy sexually abused, mother beaten up for questioning the matter Edappal: A 16-year-old boy belonging to a migrant family that came to work in a trade fair at Malappuram was sexually abused by an electrical worker at the venue. His mother and a relative, who went to question the act, were beaten up. The teenager who was also hit with an iron rod suffered a fracture in the finger. Three persons were arrested in connection with the incident and slapped various sections of POCSO Act. Narayanan, 45, hailing from Palakkad had subjected the teenager to unnatural sex at the venue of the exhibition on April 23. A week later the boy informed his mother about the incident. Two persons hailing from Kasargod and Kozhikode hit the boy, his mother and their relative using rods when they approached the assailant. However, the police are yet confirm their direct involvement in molesting the boy. The complaint said that Narayanan had also threatened the boy to face dire consequences if he failed to keep the matter to himself. The accused were presented at the court. The family had come to the town only a few days ago to join the cleaning job at the exhibition centre. The three were arrested by Changaramkulam Circle Inspector T D Vijayakumar and Sub-Inspector T D Manojkumar. Thu, 02 May 2019 07:25:21 GMT Elections perfect cover for illegal land reclamation Tirur: With the officials preoccupied with election-related work, illegal reclamation of paddy fields and wetlands has become rampant in various parts of the taluk here in Malappuram district. There are complaints that acres of wetland have been illegally filled with sand. No action has been taken against the culprits though complaints have been lodged with the authorities concerned about landfilling in Tirur, Ponmundam, Tanalur, Tirunavaya, Vettam, Niramarathur and Triprangode. The unscrupulous elements are involved in illegally reclaiming the paddy fields and wetlands as the revenue officials are busy with elections. It was brought to the notice of the officials that reclamation is also happening in places where the authorities have taken action against the law breakers. Sand mining in Bharathapuzha river bed is also on the rise. The local residents say that sand piled up on the banks are being transported in vehicles at night. Sat, 20 Apr 2019 00:55:00 GMT Ambulance covers Malappuram to TVPM in 5 hours to save infant Malappuram: Kerala united yet again to save another young life. An ambulance carrying a three-day-old with heart ailments from Al-Shifa hospital in Perinthalmanna has reached Sree Chitra hospital in Thiruvananthapuram. Starting at 5:40pm, the ambulance reached the destination in five and a half hours. The infant, born to Malappuram Vengoor natives Najad-Irfana couple, had to be shifted to a super-specialty hospital because of the seriousness of the condition. A 15-day-old infant was rushed to Amrita Hospital in Ernakulam from Mangaluru the other day. This infant too was to be taken to Sree Chitra. Health minister KK Shailaja intervened and made arrangements for treatment at Amrita. The ambulance covered the 400kms in five and a half hours. Thu, 18 Apr 2019 09:58:18 GMT Yet another child abuse! Four tortured kids rescued Malappuram: Another shocking tale of child abuse has been reported from Kerala. Four children, who were subjected to physical assault, were freed by Childline workers from a house near Nilambur in Kerala's Malappuram district. The rescue was made possible after Childline authorities were informed by locals who heard incessant cries of a child. They searched the house where a woman lived with four children and her elderly parents. There were two boys – aged 9 and 4.5 – and two girls – aged 3.5 and 2 years. The eldest boy is from the woman’s first marriage. The 3.5-year-old was so frail from hunger and abuse that she could barely stand up. Only when she was rescued from a dark room that locals realised there was another girl inside. They have seen the other kids play outside, but not her. The woman and three kids used to go to a place of worship next door. No neighbours were allowed inside the house. The 3.5-year old was denied food, abused regularly and never let outside, her siblings said. She was given ‘sacral water’ every now and then, they claimed. The family told the Childline workers to take her to a shelter home since they can't feed her. She was taken to a childcare centre and boys to welfare units. The youngest was sent to another facility along with mother. All of them were presented before the Child Welfare Committee. This shocking news emerged even as Keralites are yet to recover from another gross report of child abuse reported from a house in Thodupuzha recently. One of these kids died on Saturday after he was brutally assaulted by his mother's live-in partner late last month. Tue, 09 Apr 2019 06:47:23 GMT NRK voters coming in droves to Kerala With the electioneering heat soaring, the non-resident Keralites (NRK) in the Gulf countries are packing their bags to travel to home state to cast their votes in the Lok Sabha elections on April 23. They are coming to Kerala individually and as a group by catching special flights to choose their candidates in the forthcoming polls. Many people have reached Kerala in the past few weeks and more would be flowing into the state from West Asia in the coming days. The feeder organizations of various political parties and other associations have started booking air tickets for these voters. Special aircraft will be carrying voters from Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah in the UAE, and Riyadh, Damam and Jiddah in Saudi Arabia to Kerala in the coming days. Various associations in Bahrain, Qatar and Kuwait are also trying to make sure that NRKs vote in the coming elections. Families happy The families of ‘NRK voters’ are very happy that their dear and near ones are coming to Kerala during the festive seasons of Vishu and Ramzan. This time around, the number of people coming on leave from Gulf countries has also increased. Air fares will dip The air fares are bound to decrease as the NRKs are booking the entire tickets of a flight, and the NRK associations have reached an understanding with national carrier Air India to make available the aircraft. Efforts are on to facilitate the travel of NRKs to Kerala by blocking all tickets of a flight or by chartering aircraft. The special flights with voters from Dubai will be touching Kerala shores on April 15, 19 and 20. The Rahul Gandhi effect The announcement of Rahul Gandhi’s candidacy from Wayanad gave an impetus to the ‘Voteplane’, said E P Ubaidullah, president of Global KMCC (Kerala Muslim Cultural Centre) in Vandoor. There was a renewed interest among NRKs to exercise their franchise, and the KMCC and OICC (Overseas Indian Cultural Centre) were working towards transporting more NRKs from Gulf countries to Kerala, he added. Many extending their leaves Those who are already in Kerala on leave are in the process of extending their stay to cast their votes in the parliamentary polls. Kodinhi-native Siddique, who came to Kerala on leave from Saudi Arabia, is extending his leave so as to vote in the elections. He was supposed to leave for Saudi Arabia on the election day, April 23, at 8.30 am. As Siddique was sure that he won’t be able to exercise his franchise, he postponed his travel plans to April 25. V Hussain, also is hailing from Kodinhi in Malappuram district, rescheduled his return journey to Kuwait due to the Lok Sabha elections. Tue, 09 Apr 2019 01:12:54 GMT Hundreds of dead fish wash up on Malappuram beach Purathur: The searing summer heat is likely taking a toll on the marine life as hundreds of dead fish washed up on the beaches here in Malappuram district of north Kerala. Last month, two dolphins and three sea turtles were found dead, and the local people buried the carcasses after rotten smell emanated from them. The beach cleaning staff said that hundreds of dead fish are found on the beaches. The mass fish deaths were reported to the authorities concerned. Heat pushing fish to deep sea The local fishers said that they had to suspend their fishing activities as the blistering heat was forcing schools of fish to move towards deep sea from areas near land which has warmed up considerably as summer commenced. Even those using large fibre fishing boats can't net a profitable catch. Fish such as squid, prawns, mackerel, sardines and soles, which are usually caught during summer, are also very scarce these days. Extreme heat has made fishing in the sea an uphill task for the fishermen. Fearing sunstroke, the fishers now go to sea early in the morning and return before the mercury rises. Meanwhile, those who were fishing in shallow waters near to the shore have also suspended their work. The fishermen staying between Purathur Padinjarekara and Kuttayi have stopped fishing a few weeks ago and are now doing odd jobs to make ends meet. Tue, 09 Apr 2019 01:08:53 GMT Dream come true for Vailathur’s Ozil as he meets his idol Malappuram: Vailathur native Muhammed Ashraf’s biggest dream has come true – meeting German footballer Mesut Ozil. Ashraf is such a big fan of the Arsenal star that his friends call him Mac Ozil. Ashraf spoke with his favourite star for a while and took a picture with him. He even made the German ask ‘Sukhamano?’ (how are you) in Malayalam. The two met in Dubai on Monday. Ozil was in Dubai on a Arsenal’s tour of Middle East. Ashraf met him at the hotel he was staying along with friend Mansur Muhammed Ali, a Cheruvathur native. Conveying his gratitude for their love and support, Ozil chatted with the two. Ozil was astonished to hear Ashraf had named his son after the footballer. He even gifted them signed jerseys. Ozil’s video with the duo where he asks ‘Sukhamano’ has gone viral on social media. Ashraf, who works in a construction firm in Fujaira, took leave for three days to meet his idol. It was Ashraf’s Instagram friendship with German native Ramzan that made the meeting possible. Ashraf had gone to the hotel on Saturday afternoon as instructed by the team manager. But the meeting did not happen even though he waited until midnight. He tried again on Monday. He watched Ozil on the pitch for the first time in real when Arsenal played at Al-Maktoum Stadium. Ashraf noted about his meeting on social media: ‘My biggest wish has come true. I shared the love for him with a hug.’ Ashraf’s craze for Germany and Ozil had gone to such an extent that he painted his bedroom in the German flag’s colours for his wedding. Mac Ozil is also a member of Vailathur’s fan club ‘Ozilum Pillerum’. Thu, 28 Mar 2019 06:58:25 GMT Migrant worker's young daughter wins hearts with noble gesture Malappuram: The young daughter of a migrant worker based in Kerala has won the hearts of an entire school here for donating money to help a cancer patient. Chavi Chawan, a Class 4 student of Munduparambu AMUP School, here, decided to cut down on her birthday celebrations and use the money saved for a good cause. Chavi's father is an aluminium fabrication worker in Malappuram. Her parents Deepak Chawan and Rani had migrated to Kerala from Uttar Pradesh's Jaunpur six years ago. The girl had saved some money to celebrate her birthday in a big way, but she made up her mind to devote her special day for a meaningful cause. She handed over the amount to school headmaster K Mohammed Haris the other day. Later, Chavi, along with her mother Rani and teachers, personally handed over the cash to a cancer patient in the village. In the school assembly Chavi was given a big round of applause by her friends, school mates and teachers. Chavi is a member of the Junior Red Cross chapter of the school. She was touched and motivated by the charitable activities undertaken by the school on Children's Day, and thereafter she was determined to do something worthwhile for the less-privileged sections of society. Chavi, whose birthday was on March 16, has a younger sister Shivangi who studies in UKG. Sun, 24 Mar 2019 01:43:44 GMT Short of cash, man transports wife's body in the boot of a car Manjeri: The body of a woman, who died of cancer, was stuffed in the boot of a car and taken to Maharashtra from here as her husband reportedly could not mobilise enough money to pay for an ambulance, police said Sunday. The man, hailing from a Maharashtra town, decided to take the body in the hired vehicle in which he, along with some of his relatives, was scheduled to return home. Chandrakala, 48, had died on March 15 after battling cancer. Though her body was handed over to the family the same day, they could not immediately take it to their native, since ambulance operators had demanded Rs 45,000 for it. Placing the body in the mortuary for a day, the man meanwhile tried to mobilise money in vain. So, he decided to take it in the same SUV that he had hired to return to his native. Manjeri police circle inspector N B Shiju told PTI though the family had taken a no objection certificate to take the body to Maharashtra they did not seek help to transport the body by an ambulance. The NOC was given as it was a natural death. They did not specify how the body has to be transported, he said. According to the police officer, some ambulance operators had demanded Rs 45,000 for transporting the body to Maharashtra, which the family could not afford. The plight of the family was highlighted in some local television channels. The medical college hospital superintendent also said he came to hear about the incident and there was no request for help from the family to transport the body. Mon, 18 Mar 2019 10:04:57 GMT Well-planned tribal village to house flood-displaced families Malappuram: About 200 tribals who lost their houses in the flood could soon move to a new village set up at Akambadam with facilities suiting their traditional lifestyle. It will benefit the residents of Nilambur, Chaliyar Mathilmoola and Chettiampara colonies who were affected by floods. This is the first such attempt in Kerala to rehabilitate tribal people dispossessed by the 2018 flood. As many as 34 houses will be built in the village which will feature a centre to procure forest produce, kindergarten, community hall, temple and a crematorium. Other facilities include a clinic, training centre, open-air theatre, gym, community kitchen, biogas plant, common cowshed, pump house, ground and shops. Space has also been marked for a general assembly of the Paniya tribe. This space can also be used to gather people in emergency situations. The agriculture department will support the project by conserving the Kuthirapuzha River, building bathing ghats and rainwater harvesting pits, small-scale irrigation facilities for the cultivation of coconut, arecanut, pepper and vegetables. The plan prepared by the district rural and urban planning division has been approved by the tribal rehabilitation and development mission. The tribal welfare department will release Rs 6 lakh for the construction of each house. The entire project is expected to cost Rs 5.5 crore. The common facilities will be built using funds drawn from various departments. Houses will be constructed in the first phase of the development. Each of the 34 families have been granted 50 cents each. Each of them can claim a house of 550 square feet that complies with government norms. The house-building teams comprise officers of the village planning department, architects and volunteers. The plans were drawn up in consultation with each of the beneficiary families. The plans were later approved by the village assembly. The houses will have study rooms for students and resting places for the elderly members. The plan allows for later addition of rooms. The houses will face each other as in a traditional tribal hamlet. Each house will have an adjacent cowshed and farming area behind them. The whole project takes into account the lifestyle of the Paniya tribe. Thu, 07 Mar 2019 01:44:43 GMT Gulf returnee dies after torture by exorcist Nilambur: A shocking incident of exorcism that claimed the life of a young man has been reported from here. The incident came to light from the multimedia messages the youth had sent to his friend while in the captivity of the exorcist. Locals lodged a complaint with Pookotumpadam Police against the so-called healer who plys his trade from Cherani, Manjeri. The Kerala Nadvathul Mujahideen has sought an investigation into the issue. “Admitted to a facility near Cherani for liver disease and tortured for 26 days denying food or water at its quarters and another building to exorcise demons,” the complaint based on the deceased's message stated. The recorded messages reveal the man was taken to the diviner by his relatives even though he was feeling fine. His relatives were approached by the healer, says the message. The deceased, who was a native of Karulai in Nilamburtaluk, was in Saudi Arabia for 18 years. Though he was undergoing treatment for a liver disease, his condition had reportedly improved after consulting a doctor, but it deteriorated after his admission to the exorcist's centre where he was tortured. Finally, he succumbed a couple of days ago. He was taken to a facility in Cherani where he was told he had no liver ailment, but possessed by demons. The victim was constrained to the facility and another building for 26 days and denied food or medicine, charging Rs 10,000 a day as fee. Even a pill for cold was denied, saying it was against religious beliefs. The healer and three others stopped him while trying to flee. He was called ‘devil’ at the facility, the message reveals. The victim became too weak to walk by the time he was sent home after his condition worsened. The victim broods over his fate in the messages sent to the friend in Jiddah and urges strict action against those responsible. Wed, 06 Mar 2019 01:49:06 GMT Action sought against man for digging grave for living mom Malappuram: The Kerala Women's Commission is mulling action against a man who dug a grave for his living mother in a bid to settle a score with her. The woman had lodged a complaint with the commission stating that her son prepared a grave, and had put up a banner near it with a message denigrating her. The Commission has asked for an explanation from the man, who is working in a public sector company. Commission member E M Radha has also asked the head of the public sector firm, where the man is employed, to prepare a report on whether disciplinary action should be initiated or if there is any scope to resolve the issue. The man dug up the grave upset over his mother’s decision to give more property to her younger son. The efforts of the people’s representatives and panchayat officials to find a solution, after the complaint was received two months ago, were fruitless as the man refused to budge. Meanwhile, the woman has informed the Commission that a new banner has been put up by his son. The police have filed a report on the incident to the Commission. Thu, 28 Feb 2019 01:40:59 GMT Fire at Perinthalmanna hospital, patients evacuated Perinthalmanna: A major fire broke out at a hospital at Perinthalmanna in Malappuram district on Friday, prompting the authorities to evacuate the patients and staff from the building. No causalities have been reported so far. The fire was triggered by an explosion at a generator room of the Moulana Hospital. Four Fire And Rescue units have reached the spot and attempts to douse the blaze are on. Fri, 22 Feb 2019 06:42:08 GMT Tribals trek 8 km to bring chieftain's body back home Nilambur: The body of a tribal chieftain was carried to his settlement at Achanala Colony after a tedious trek of eight kilometres. The deceased is Kunkan, 80, of the ancient Cholanaikar sect inhabiting in the deep dense forests of Chakkikuzhi. Kunkan, who was shifted to the Nilambur district hospital five days ago, died on Sunday morning. The health of the tuberculosis patient and had worsened last week. The existing jeep track along the Pattakarimbu-Sai Vila route that leads to the Achanavila tribal hamlet is now unfit for vehicles. As taxi drivers were reluctant to proceed, the officials of the Integrated Tribal Development Project intervened and the body was brought to the TK Colony in an ambulance around 12.30 am. From there, other tribals ferried Kunkan's body on foot for almost 8 km before reaching his shack at 4 am. The tribal head of Pattakarimbu colony, Gopalan, and his aides volunteered to carry the body. They wrapped the body in a blanket and tied it to a bamboo pole before the march. Kunkan is survived by wife Vellaka and a mentally-challenged son. The couple's daughter had died two years ago. Read more Malappuram News Tue, 12 Feb 2019 01:47:12 GMT Shocker! Leopard found sleeping on bed at Gudalur home Gudalur: A family in Malappuram district was in for a surprise when they found a leopard sleeping on their bed as they returned home from a wedding! The beast was spotted around 11am on Tuesday in one Rayin’s house which was unoccupied for the past two days. Forest officials caged the leopard by night. Rayin’s son Naushad had found it sleeping on the cot as the family returned. The scared animal hid under the cot when it sensed people’s presence. The family quickly locked the house from outside. The leopard had got inside the house through an opening over the back wall. The officers from Bitherkad forest range trapped it with a cage in front of the house. Four years ago, two people were mauled to death here by a tiger that was killed subsequently. The house is located at Veetippadi, which is close to Mudumalai Tiger Reserve which is on the border that Tamil Nadu shares with Kerala and Karnataka states. Tiger threat on Wayanad border Man-animal conflicts are on the rise and a few places in Kerala are notorious for attacks by wild animals on human settlements. The villagers of Bairakuppa, located in Nagarhole Tiger Reserve area on the Kerala– Karnataka border, has demanded the authorities to capture a tigress that was till recently roaming the adjacent forest areas, posing a threat to human life. The presence of the dangerous tigress in this area, near Pulppally in Wayanad district, was confirmed by the Forest Department. Last week, the forest officials had captured a male tiger that is suspected to have mauled to death two persons from region recently. The 10-year-old male tiger, which was captured after being shot with tranquilisers, was shifted to the Mysore Zoo. The tiger had been posing a grave threat to the villagers in the Machur–Gundara areas near the Nagarhole Tiger Reserve which is alongside the Mysore-Madikeri Road in Karnataka. Footage from the camera installed in the forest area had proved that it was one tigress that killed Madhu, a tribal youth from Manimoola Tribal Settlement at Bairakuppa in December. It was also confirmed that the male tiger had killed two people, Chinnappan from Gundur and Kenchan of Machur. Experts had also confirmed that both persons were killed by the same tiger. Read more: Malappuram news Wed, 06 Feb 2019 08:07:36 GMT Three friends die as car crashes into roadside wall in Malappuram Manjeri: Three youths were killed on the spot as the car they were travelling in crashed into a roadside wall, near Kondotty, in the wee hours of Monday. The deceased have been identified as Shihabuddeen (26), son of Abdul Razak, Karungadan house, Morayoor; Sanoop (23), son of Ahammed Kutty, Kavungal Parambu Podikkalkunnu house, Kondotty; and Unais (28), son of Veerankutty, Anakkachery house, Mongam. One of the deceased had just arrived from Dubai and the other two had reached the airport to pick up their common friend. The accident happened when they were on the way to their friends' houses to hand over gifts sent by their friends in the UAE. On Sunday evening, Sanoop and his friend Unais went to the airport in his car to receive Shihabuddeen who was working in Dubai. On returning from the airport, the three of them had reached Shihabuddeen's house at Valanchery around 1 am and left within an hour in the same car to have food from outside and distribute gifts sent by friends in Dubai. Shihabuddeen's family members said he did not even wait for food since it was late and left with friends after leaving his baggage at the house. The accident took place less than 10 km from Shihabuddeen's house around 2.45 am, according to Manjeri police, who registered a case. The bodies were taken to the Medical College Hospital in Manjeri for post-mortem. The bodies would be released to relatives, soon after autopsy, said the police. Read more: Latest Malappuram news Mon, 04 Feb 2019 09:53:39 GMT How a song rescued a boy with ring stuck on his finger Ponnani: In a curious incident, the Fire and Rescue Services personnel removed a ring that had got stuck on the finger of a fourth standard student while he sang a song. The Fire Department personnel made the sobbing boy sing a song in praise of the Holy Prophet for the purpose. When Nihas recited the lines ignoring his pain, the officials were moved. A student of Maqdoomiya English Medium School in Ponnani, Nihas had tried to wear a ring belonging to his friend when it got stuck. Learning about the incident, the school authorities informed the boy’s relatives, who took him many places to remove the ring. But after all other efforts failed, Nihas was brought to the Fire and Rescue station. Before Nihas finished the song, the Fire and Rescue men had removed the ring from his finger. However, they made the boy complete the recital. A fireman shot the incident on mobile and uploaded the video on social media. The video has now gone viral. Sat, 02 Feb 2019 09:50:32 GMT No claimants for bikes hauled by cops on hartal day Edappal: Thirty-five bikes hauled from Edappal town on hartal day a month ago are still lying at the police station with no claimants coming forward fearing possible legal action. The bikes were taken into custody after harthal supporters and opponents clashed in the town. Thirty people have been arrested for incidents of violence during the harthal. Many are absconding. Even political pressure to release the vehicles is not yielding results. Only after arresting all suspects will the police hand over bikes. The police are planning to get the registration details of the bikes and nab their owners. However, these bikes may not necessarily belong to the people who created ruckus as most probably they could be of their friends. Some bike owners who were not involved in the violence were only witnesses to the violent incidents. Many bikes were damaged and allegedly the police themselves shattered the glasses of some. Thu, 31 Jan 2019 10:21:12 GMT Tamil woman thanks Kerala leader for saving husband from death row Malappuram: Tamil Nadu native Malathi had send a video message with tears of joy to Panakkad Sayyid Munavvar Ali Shihab Thangal, the head of the Muslim Youth League, for saving the life of her husband, whose death sentence was commuted to life imprisonment in Kuwait. Malathi, hailing from Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu, extended her gratitude to Thangal and the people of Malappuram for saving Arjun Athimuthu who was on a death row for the murder of Malappuram native Abdul Wajid in Kuwait. The other day, Malathi and Munavvar Ali Shihab Thangal got official confirmation that the death sentence of Arjun had been commuted to life imprisonment. Arjun, who is in jail, also contacted Malathi over phone after a gap of six years. A Kuwait court had awarded death sentence to Arjun for killing Abdul Wajid following a bitter altercation in 2013. Following the intervention of Munavvar Ali Shihab Thangal, Wajid's family pardoned Arjun and the requisite supporting documents were submitted to the Kuwaiti authorities. The blood money of Rs 30 lakh, out of which Rs 27 lakh was collected from people of Malappuram and non-resident Indians, was handed over to the victim’s relatives. Malathi could not raise the huge amount as she was a daily wager and struggling to meet ends. Mon, 28 Jan 2019 07:49:10 GMT On wedding day, this Sevens star sneaked out to play football Malappuram: Ridwan’s passion for football runs so deep in his blood that he could not kick the compulsion to wear the boots for Fifa Manjeri even on his wedding day. Soon after his marriage with Fayida, the strong defender rushed to the grounds, unmindful of the red card of protest raised by his elderly family members. Ridwan, of Ailassery, Wandoor, the rising star of Malappuram has apparently become the toast of the town with his soccer craze going viral. On reaching home night after winning the match, Fayida had a doubt in store for him. “Had the match been in the morning, wouldn't you be there for our marriage?" Ridwan and Fayida, of Olavakkode, entered into wedlock on Sunday. He came to know that the semifinals of the Wandoor National Sevens Football Tournament against Alukkas Thrissur was scheduled on Sunday night itself and that too in his home turf. Ridwan’s Club was defeated at the hands of the same team a couple of days ago. “I had been waiting for the right moment. That is why I decided to settle the score at all cost,” says Ridwan. As soon as the wedding festivities wound up around 6 in the evening, Ridwan told Fayida about the football match and sneaked out of the house to lead Fifa Manjeri. Ridwan erected a strong defence against the opponents and entered the finals with a scoreline of 1 -0. This is not the first time Ridwan is embarking on an adventurous football pursuit. While doing his MBA in the Nehru College in Coimbatore, he used to drive all the way to his hometown in Malappuram to participate in the local Sevens Tournaments. But then he would drive back to college directly from the ground without visiting his parents. Sun, 27 Jan 2019 02:34:26 GMT Owner and thief at the same shop; robber seeks ‘solace’ in police station Tirurangadi: Bihar native Israel was in for a shock when he went to a shop to get the unique International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number of his stolen cell phone. To his great surprise, the robber was standing next to him at the same shop seeking help to unlock the mobile phone. Israel, who is working in a mill here in Malappuram district, lost his mobile phone, wrist watch and Rs 4,000 in cash the other day. He went to the shop at New Gulf Bazar near here from where he bought the mobile phone to get the IMEI number in order to lodge a police complaint. That’s when Nabeel, 30, the thief, came to the same shop with a request to unlock the cell phone. When the shop owner asked how the cell phone got locked, Nabeel said that it was accidentally done by his kids. Smelling something fishy, Israel took the phone from Nabeel and while unlocking it, found that it was his stolen phone. When the shop owner questioned Nabeel, the latter said that he bought the cell phone for Rs 5,000 from some persons at a festival venue. Nabeel demanded Rs 5,000 to hand over the phone, but the shop owner did not relent. Later, Nabeel took Israel on his bike under the pretext of meeting the persons who ‘sold’ the cell phone. But Nabeel pushed Israel to the road when they reached a secluded place and fled the scene. When the mill owner and some local residents came to the shop to enquire about the incident, they found Nabeel in the vicinity of the shop. Nabeel took to the heels seeing them and while fleeing ran into the local police station. Police arrested Nabeel and later he was produced in a court. Thu, 24 Jan 2019 12:05:20 GMT Hospital ceiling collapses, injures patient Ponnani: A patient was injured Wednesday as the ceiling of the Mother & Child Hospital here inaugurated by the chief minister 19 days ago crashed down. The ceiling crashed down in front of the pharmacy in the hospital around noon on Wednesday. The injured patient was standing in the queue in front of the pharmacy. Others in the queue managed to run away, averting more casualties. The crashing of the hospital ceiling, immediately after the inauguration held with much pomp, has given rise to widespread protests. The building was constructed by the Public Works Department (PWD). Both Congress and IUML have come out with the accusation that the damage was a result of the irregularities in construction and the corruption. Speaker P.Sreeramakrishnan, who represents the Assembly constituency, said that explanation will be sought from the concerned officials. Ponnani Municipal chairman C P Muhammed Kunji said that negligence was cause of the mishap and that the contractors had committed unpardonable lapse. He added that explanations have been sought from the concerned officials. Santo Sebastian, assistant engineer, PWD – Buildings, said that the mishap was caused by the ceiling sheets bending due to extreme heat. The PWD has sought explanation from the contractors, and repair work will be carried out immediately. Mon, 21 Jan 2019 11:42:22 GMT Cattle continue to flock to Bharathappuzha islets Tirur: With water levels receding in the Bharathappuzha river, once again people have started to junk herds of cattle, many of them destined for slaughterhouses, into the river. During the great deluge last year, around 200 bovines stranded in the middle of the river at Chamravattom and Thirunavaya were rescued by the National Disaster Response Force team. 25 persons were booked and fined for allowing the cows and buffaloes to roam about in the islets that surface with depleting water level. The local bodies have also vowed to take stringent action in this regard. Yet people flout the norms and continue to drive out the cattle in large numbers to 'graze' in the river. The calves auctioned from the markets are given specific identification markings and let loose in the islets. The owners take them back only after a couple of months. In the meantime the cows and buffaloes give birth to young ones in the islets. The cattle are stranded at 10 spots in between Kuttipuram and Purathoor areas. The owners are mostly butchers who reap huge profits by not arranging a proper shed for the animals but jettison them in the river for months. Sun, 20 Jan 2019 01:43:31 GMT Here's a unique drive to spice up life of lonely women Malappuram: The Kudumbasree self-help group is conducting a unique drive to give moral support to lonely woman, especially the old. It took a a group of 100 women to the theatre so that they break the monotony of a lonely life and develop a positive outlook to life. Pathumma, 80, was beaming as she stepped out of the cinema theatre. Her happiness knew no bounds as she was watching a film for the first time in her life. Pathumma was not alone in her experience. Vasanthalakshmi Amma of Pandikkad and Lakshmi Amma of Kavannur were entering a cinema hall after a very long interval. They too were thrilled. They were among the 100 women who watched the Fahadh Faasil-starrer ‘Njan Prakasan’ at Anand Theatre in Malappuram as part of the ‘Snehitha Calling Bell’ Scheme of the Kudumbasree District Mission. The 100 women were selected through the different Community Development Societies (CDS) of the Kudumbasree Mission in Malappuram District. The ‘Snehitha Calling Bell’ Scheme proposes to give emotional and mental support to women living alone isolated from the society and those who lead dependent lives. Many of the women who were part of the project were watching a movie for the first time in their lives and some were returning to the cinema halls after a long break. The idea of taking isolated women for a film outing was arrived at with the aim of providing them emotional support, according to Ruby Raj, District Manager, Gender Self-Learning Programme, an innovative programme devised from Kudumbasree and implemented since 2007. The Snehitha Sangamam (meeting of the friends) held after the film show was inaugurated by C K Hemalatha, Kudumbasree District Mission Co-ordinator. Read more Malappuram News Thu, 17 Jan 2019 01:54:57 GMT Rs 2 lakh interim relief for baby after botched circumcision Malappuram: The Kerala State Human Rights Commission has ordered the state government to pay Rs 2 lakh as an interim relief to a 23-day-old infant who lost 75 per cent of his genitals during a circumcision operation. Commission member K Mohan Kumar issued the order to the chief secretary. The surgery performed, as part of the religious circumcision ceremony (sunnath kalyanam), in a private hospital went horribly wrong and the infant sustained serious injuries. An MBBS doctor with three years' experience had done the surgery. The police had filed frivolous cases against the doctor even though a tube had to be inserted in baby’s stomach to pass urine. The commission had asked for a report relating to the surgery from the director of health department. Close to Rs 1.25 lakh was spent to treat the child. The commission also opined that a general awareness should be created among parents and doctors relating to circumcisions conducted on newborns. Thu, 10 Jan 2019 01:39:10 GMT Sabarimala pilgrims take a break in mosque precincts Thenjipalam: In an instance of communal harmony, the Panambra Juma Masjid here became a halting place (edathavalam) for 23 Ayyappa devotees from Karnataka. The mosque threw open its washrooms for the devotees to freshen up, and later the Sabarimala pilgrims had breakfast on the mosque premises. The mosque administrators also made arrangements to provide drinking water for the devotees’ onward journey to the hill-top shrine. The group of pilgrims from Bellary approached the masjid management through contractor K Mohammed Babu who was overseeing the renovation work of the mosque. Many other mosques in Malappuram district had been ‘edathavalams’ for the ayyappa pilgrims in the past, and this experience had prompted the ‘guruswamy’ (leader) of the group to contact the masjid administration for help. K Sainudeen Haji, T Salif, P A Mohammed Iqbal, Mudariz Shafeeq Faizi and Mohammed Faizi arranged the facilities for the pilgrims. The devotees distributed sweets to masjid administrators and madrassa students before leaving for Sabarimala. Mon, 07 Jan 2019 01:44:21 GMT Man arrested for attack on cops set to join the force Ponnani: A man arrested over attacking cops during the December 3 hartal is awaiting an appointment order from the Kerala Police. Proceedings are under way to appoint Arun Kumar, 22, who is seen on CCTV visuals about to attack a few men in khaki. Kumar is seeking appointment in the force under a dependent quota. It is not known whether the authorities will review his recruitment in the light of his arrest. The police have released the visuals after Arun was arrested by Circle Inspector Sunny Chacko. They show him picking up stones to pelt the police with and proceeding to attack them with a stick as violence was raging near the AV High School here in Malappuram district. RSS taluk Karyavahak Ariyalli Sunilkumar of Mukkala, Marancheri, was also arrested from the spot for leading the violence. Sun, 06 Jan 2019 05:08:24 GMT Two fishermen recall four-day nightmare at deep sea Ponnani: The return of two fishing workers, who drifted in the deep sea for four days and couldn't be traced by rescue forces, triggered the biggest celebration of the New Year. Moideen Bawa, 63, of Puthenpurayil, who stays near the Ponnani TN Hospital, and Cheringal Fayas Muhammad, 38, a native of Salem who lives in Thekkepuram, Ponnani, share their experience. On to the sea Bawa had 43 years of fishing experience in mechanised boats and country boats, but Fayas had been at sea for just two days. They ventured out into the sea on December 28 in Bawa's small fibre boat. They had planned to return the next day and hence had stored only five litres of water, a kilogramme of plantains and some beaten rice. They were returning on 29th early morning as planned, but lost the direction due to thick fog. As they realised that they were heading for the deep sea, Bawa and Fayas turned back and headed for Tanur. But bad luck trapped them in the sea as the fuel got over. Face-to-face with death Bawa and Fayas had their food stock exhausted. “Drinking water was also over. Around 8 pm, the wind started blowing from the east, and the boat began flowing in the direction in which it was swept,” they said. The fishermen threw into the sea their 115-kg net in a bid to reduce the boat's weight. “The catch was also returned to the sea. But the boat began to sway as it became lighter and was swept 60 nautical miles deeper into the sea. “Only huge cargo ships were visible. There was no way to call for help. We sat in the boat, hungry and thirsty. Rescue arrives Around noon on the 31st, they spotted a fibre boat coming fast from a distance. "We raised a red cloth that was in the boat, along with old clothes. The boat was owned by P K Aboobacker of Payyoli. They abandoned their fishing plan and decided to help us to the shore swiftly." The fishermen reached Avikkara in Payyoli by 6 pm. As the New Year dawn arrived, t.hey were back to celebrations at their homes in Ponnani. Read more Malappuram News Sat, 05 Jan 2019 01:31:02 GMT These KSRTC conductors are veterans on day one! Malappuram: Sreelatha and Santhosh returned as conductors to the Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) on Thursday, just days after they had been sacked to comply with an order of the Kerala High Court. Sreelatha, who has been an empanelled conductor with the state-owned corporation for nine years, joined duty at the Malappuram depot, while Santosh joined the Kanhangad depot. Santhosh has been working as a conductor for 11 years. Though Sreelatha and Santhosh were fired by the corporation along with more than 4,000 empanelled conductors, they had made their way into a rank list prepared by the Kerala Public Service Commission in 2013. They are the first conductors to join the corporation after the mass sacking that threatened to derail the operation of public transport across Kerala. Sreelatha, who had worked with the Palode depot as an empanelled conductor, joined the Malappuram depot on Thursday morning and started work on a Kozhikode-Palakkad bus in the afternoon. She is a resident of Nedumangad. Santosh, a resident of Kottayam, started work on a Kasaragod-Chandragiri-Kanhangad bus. He earlier worked in the Ponkunnam depot. Though the corporation follows a convention to make new conductors start out with a ticket rack, the veterans were given ticket machines to start with. Read more: Latest Malappuram news Sun, 23 Dec 2018 06:45:13 GMT 6 arrested over cyberattack against girls who mocked Kilinakkode locals Malappuram: Six youth of Kilinakkode village here have been arrested for spreading offensive material on social media and criminal intimidation. The action by Vengara police follows complaint lodged by a few girls against the vicious cyberattack targeting them for allegedly disparaging the people of Kilinakkode in a self-shot video which later went viral. One of the girls, meanwhile, explained their plight in a tearful audio clip which surfaced on Thursday. It all started after the girls, all college students, posted a video saying that they had had a bitter experience while attending a wedding of their friend at Kilinakkode, near Vengara, in Malappuram district. In the light-hearted video, they made fun of the people and the primitive mindset of the villagers who disapproved of them taking selfies with their male friends at the wedding. However, the video, which was meant to be shared among a WhatsApp group comprising their friends, went viral, apparently irking the village youth and leading to a counter reaction. In reply, they too posted a live video on Facebook questioning the girls’ character and alleging that they were attempting to shame Kilinakkode village after they were prevented from indulging in ‘cultureless’ activities. They also claimed in the video that the girls had been taken into custody by police after they filed a complaint against them for insulting and disparaging their village. The video was circulated with a title suggesting that the girls turned against them for objecting to their ‘immoral behaviour’. In no time, the post’s comment section started flooding with derogatory and abusive remarks against the girls. “The rumours that the girls had been summoned to the police station are false. Also, there is no case against them. We filed the case after the girls and their parents approached us seeking action against the youngsters,” said Vengara SI Sangeeth Punathil. Moral policing at village? In the latest audio clip, which has also gone viral, one of the victims narrated the ordeal they had to go through at Kilinakkode. “It was never our intention to insult the people or the village. It was just a funny video meant to be shared among our friends, but now we fear it may ruin our lives. “Sixteen of us, including 12 girls and four boys, had gone to Kilinakkode to attend a friend’s wedding. We reached there around 1.30 pm. We had food and took selfies with the bride and left the venue within half-an-hour. When we took selfies, we had noticed many curious eyes watching us and a light whispering going round. While the boys who accompanied us returned on their motorbikes, we went back on foot. It was a remote area with poor transport facilities. When the locals told us the next bus was due only after 45 minutes, we tried to hire an autorickshaw, but to no avail. In the meantime, a youngster came to us and made disparaging comments about our character. He asked us ‘not to roam around’ and alleged that we were wandering about with some ‘mischievous intention’. It was he who later shot the malicious video and spread it on social media. When we ignored him and continued to walk, he followed us and started shooting us with his mobile phone. He threatened that the video would be shared on WhatsApp groups of our families and neighbours. Upon hearing this, we walked fast to escape from him. It was then we shot the video to share it with our friends who couldn’t attend the wedding. Somehow it got leaked. “Not in our wildest dreams had we thought about the things that have been spread on social media now as said by us. The visuals of the main accused tendering apology to us in the presence of policemen have also been widely circulated. I request you to stop sharing that video. If that footage is there in your mobile gallery, please delete it,” she requested in the audio clip. Fri, 21 Dec 2018 11:06:09 GMT Oversight of doctor leaves 6-year-old blind Ponnani: 'Look Papa, I am not able to see any pictures. How I could see them all before," says six-year-old Abdu Rehiman, unaware of the fact that he would no longer be able to see the world around him. The doctors have certified that Abdu, who was not visually-challenged by birth, can continue his schooling further only in a blind school. Abdu was pushed into a world of darkness after he was administered wrong treatment some years ago. Abdul Jabbar, a resident of Kaman Valavu, here blamed a doctor's negligence for the tragedy. Two years ago Abdu's parents rushed him to a private clinic as he developed fever. A government doctor who was a consultant there examined the boy and prescribed medicines for chicken pox. No sooner did he take the medicines than a cluster of boils popped up all over the body, and slowly the boy started losing his vision. Much to the shock of the parents, the doctors at Thrissur Medical College hospital confirmed that the boy had not contracted chickenpox. The family borrowed a lot of money to meet the treatment expenses, but that did not bring any improvement in Abdu’s condition. The parents are now heading for a legal battle against the doctor pointing out the health issues of their son all because of administering a wrong medicine. Meanwhile, Jabbar was brutally beaten up by a bike-borne gang demanding to withdraw the case against the doctor. Though the family had lodged a police complaint no action has so far been taken. They alleged that some corrections were made in the original FIR. The boy is temporarily attending classes at TIUP school, as the parents do not want their son to be sitting among blind students. Read more Malappram News Sun, 16 Dec 2018 03:11:30 GMT Nilambur surgeon operates on wrong leg of woman Nilambur: In an instance of gross medical negligence, a doctor at the district hospital here operated on the wrong leg of a 57-year-old woman. The surgery was supposed to remove a rod which was inserted in the left leg of Ayisha to treat a fracture she had sustained 18 months ago, but the operation was done on her right leg. It is learnt that old injury marks on Ayisha’s right leg would have misled the doctor to cut open the wrong limb. Ayisha had approached the same orthopedic surgeon, who had carried out the earlier operation to fix the rod, and relevant X-ray films were shown to the doctor. She claimed that though the mistake was pointed out during the surgery, no one heeded to her. When the goof-up came to light, the doctor surgically removed the implant from her left leg. The hospital superintendent, meanwhile, claimed the patient herself had pointed to the right leg when the surgeon asked her about the problematic limb before the operation. Shaukath, Ayisha’s son, said that complaints against the doctor would be given to the district medical officer and hospital superintendent. Mon, 10 Dec 2018 01:39:31 GMT Three from Malappuram charred to death in Oman as car hits divider Salala, Oman: Three Keralites from Malappuram were charred to death as the car in which they were travelling erupted into a fireball after hitting a road divider in Mirbat near Salala. The bodies are lying at the Sultan Qaboos Hospital mortuary. Relatives said they will be buried in Salala. The accident occurred at around 2.30 am Monday and the three died on the spot. The victims have been identified as Salam, 39, of Peelipurath, Karaparambu, Pallikkal; Kundil Asainar, 45, of Parambara Thodi House, Paruthikode; and Ashraf Haji of Illikal, Karakkunnu, Mancheri. Ummer Koya Haji, 43, son of Moideen of Chedakuth, Pallikal Bazaar, survived with injuries and is under medical care. Salam, who had been running a hotel for the past 22 years in the coastal town of Mirbat, was taking around his friends who had arrived on visit visas on November 27. They had been to tourist hubs in the Gulf country. Salam himself was driving the car. Salam is survived by his wife Balqees and children Shyamil, aged 3 years and six months, and Shyamith who is just 40 days old. Asainar's wife is Hasrabi and his sons are Muhammed Rafeeq (Nandi Darul Salam Arabic College, Koyilandi) and Sirajuddeen (Chammalil Masjid Dars, Ramanattukara). Ashraf Haji, who used to practise Yunani medicine, was a member of the Madrasathul Muhammadiyya committee at Karumbil. Wife: Sulekha, children Dr Simsarul Haq, Thahirul Amin, and Balqisul Huda. Tue, 04 Dec 2018 09:02:55 GMT Why brother's music is a balm to Aditya Malappuram: When Neeraj Bal hits the Carnatic note with perfection or does a magical bowing on the violin, his cerebral palsy-affected elder brother breaks into a rapturous applause in his own way. Aditya Bal will always be in the front row to encourage his brother whenever Neeraj, who came first in violin and Carnatic music competitions in the District School Art fest, performs on the stage. It was Aditya, a degree student of the Kozhikode Government College, who introduced his brother into the world of music. Native of Kakkanchery in Malappuram district, they went to noted musician Kaithapram Vishwanathan in Kozhikode to practise music therapy as a healing technique for Aditya’s medical condition. Later, Neeraj got hooked on to music and started learning violin and Carnatic music. This is the third time Neeraj, a Class 11 student of St Paul’s English Medium School at Thenjipalam, had topped the district in violin competition. He also came up trumps twice in Carnatic music at the district level. Neeraj has also secured ‘A’ grade in State School Art fest. Sat, 01 Dec 2018 03:07:55 GMT Athira earns glory in dance, thanks to Manju Warrier Malappuram: When M P Athira won the Bharatanatyam event at the district school youth festival here, actress Manju Warrier would have felt contended. Manju, herself a dancer and ‘Kalathilakam’ at the school youth festival held years ago, had a major role in shaping Athira’s victory. It was Manju’s kind gesture that helped Athira to restart her dancing lessons after a break. Athira has been under Manju’s care ever since she secured the ‘A’ grade at the state youth festival held in Kozhikode. She is among the five students Manju has adopted for dance training. Manju’s act proved to be a blessing for Athira’s parents too, as they were finding it difficult to finance her dance classes and buy the accessories. Meanwhile, for Athira, it was the stepping stone to realize her dream of excelling in dance. Athira has not disappointed Manju since then. The actress also built a house for Athira’s family. A plus-two student at Angadipuram GMHSS, Athira has proved her worth in studies also. In Class X board exam, she had scored A–plus grade in all subjects. Athira is the daughter of Palliyalil Bhaskaran of Pathaykkara Madom and Sreelatha. Apart from Bharatanatyam, Athira is competing for the Kuchipudi event also at the youth festival. Along with dance training, Athira received an opportunity to play the lead role in a short film named ‘The Survival’. Based on a work by writer E K Sheeba, the short film was produced by the Perinthalmanna Municipality. The film inspires children to overcome challenges and achieve great heights in life. Fri, 30 Nov 2018 10:59:21 GMT Deadly diseases haunt tribals as health officials avoid remote colonies Nilambur: Tribal colonies in the forests here are in the grip various diseases with the Health Department personnel no longer carrying out their periodic visits. As a result, deadly diseases, including black fever, are spreading among the tribal population. The worst affected are the Chola Naicken tribals in Karulayi forest. A very ancient tribe that leads a bare existence, their population numbers only around 200. The tribe lives in isolated hamlets in the hills and many members suffer from health conditions such as anaemia. Recently, a one-and-a-half-year old girl belonging to Kuppamala hamlet had succumbed to black fever at Kozhikode Medical College Hospital. Two months ago, Odukkan (22) of Manjakallanpuzha hamlet had died. The cause of the death is yet to be ascertained. It was reported that Odukkan’s brother Veeran (32) too is bedridden for the last three weeks. Manjakallanpuzha is 35 km from Karulayi. Reaching the place involves a 15-km trek by foot from Manjeeri. No health worker has reached the hamlet so far. The health check-ups of Chola Naickers are conducted at Manjeri. In emergency situations, Health Department staff visit the tribal hamlets. The activities are coordinated by the Government Tribal Mobile Dispensary at Nilambur which has to cover 28 tribal colonies, including Nedumkayam, Mundakkadavu and Manjeeri hamlets in Karulayi forest; Punjakkolli, Alakkal and Uchakkulam in Vazhikadavu forest; Vettilakkolli, Ambumala and Palakkayam in Chaliyar and Kumbalappara, Vaniyampuzha, Chembra and Iruttikuthi hamlets in Pothukallu. Till a year ago, Health officials had conducted regular monthly visits to all the 28 colonies. But now no such activities are carried out, complain the tribal people. On most occasions, the medical team attached to the mobile dispensary starts from the district hospital only by 10.30 am. So, the team hardly finds time to reach the far-off tribal hamlets and confine their check-ups to colonies nearby. Another mobile dispensary is operated by Scheduled Tribe Development Department for the benefit of tribals living deep inside the forest. But the services of this dispensary also are not efficient, said IRDP promoters. Moreover, several complaints have been raised regarding the functioning of the Karulayi primary health centre, especially regarding the care offered to residents of tribal colonies. Thu, 29 Nov 2018 01:47:51 GMT Erasing of mural at Tirur railway station: CM Pinarayi alleges Sangh Parivar hand Thiruvananthapuram: A controversy has broken out in Kerala over erasing of a new wall painting at a railway station depicting the 1921 wagon tragedy as part of 'Mappila (Muslims) rebellion' with Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan Wednesday alleging that the Sangh Parivar was behind it. Describing the erasing of the painting at Tirur station as 'extremely heinous,' he claimed it was an 'insult' to the country's freedom struggle. “Indian Railways, which is a public sector undertaking (PSU), has succumbed to Sangh Parivar's interests and erased the painting,” Pinarayi alleged in a Facebook post. When contacted, Railway sources denied the charge and said it was painted over in view of calls from various people criticising the subject chosen for the mural under a beautification programme. It was perceived to be not in accordance with the beautification plan of the railways, since it depicted a “tragic event”, the sources said. The painting was half way through when a fresh coat of paint was applied over it on directions from officials of the Palakkad Railway Division to restore the wall to its original state, they added. BJP state general secretary A N Radhakrishnan termed the railway's decision as a 'welcome step' but said his party had no role in it. “BJP has nothing to do with the decision. As far as I have understood, the Railways have taken a stand against demonstration of communal violence,” he told PTI. The objection raised by local people might have persuaded them to take such a stand, he added. The wagon tragedy took place on Nov 21, 1921 when 67 prisoners from the Malabar region, arrested for participating in the Mappila Rebellion against the British rule, died of suffocation while being brought to Tirur in a windowless wagon of a train. Pinarayi said the erasing of the painting was “an insult to the history of Indian Freedom struggle and can only be viewed as an anti-national act.” Using their power at the centre and various states, the RSS was attempting to 'distort' and 're-write' history of the country's freedom struggle, he said. Now they were "allergic" to hear about the freedom struggle, Pinarayi said alleging that whenever the RSS got an opportunity, it had 'slogged' for the Britishers. “It is not surprising that these type of people are scared to think of the 'golden milestones' of the history of the freedom struggle,” he added. Besides Tirur, Kannur and Palakkad stations in the division had been chosen for beautification works with paintings of art, culture and historical events. Thu, 08 Nov 2018 05:50:53 GMT Murder accused held after 27 years Malappuram: The accused in a murder case has landed in the police net after 27 years. The victim, Murali, was a quarry worker at Myladi in Pookkottoor and the accused is Kuttiachan (81) of Pinakkatt, Thodupuzha. Kuttiachan was arrested from Mangaluru by the Manjeri police after an investigation over throwing an explosive at the house of his landlord over a rent dispute led to him. The probe into the explosive helped the police to trace the accused in a case of murder registered in 1991. Murali of Parakkal in Mannarkad had arranged a job for Kuttiachan at the quarry. But they later entered into an argument over financial matters and Kuttiachan allegedly stabbed Murali on the chest with the tool used to break rocks. When the murder took place, Murali was aged 28 years and Kuttiachan, 54. After the incident, the accused escaped to Mangaluru and lived at several places in Karnataka under false names like Sebastian, Kuttappan, Babu, Mohammed and Balu, apart from his real name. Over the last 30 years, he had no links with his family. The landlord at Mangaluru has been injured in the blast. The Puthur police in Mangaluru have registered a case in this regard. The Manjeri police team that arrested the accused included Circle Inspector N B Shyju, Sub Inspector Jaleel Karuthedath and special squad officer P Mohammed Salim, among others. Thu, 08 Nov 2018 01:46:16 GMT Manjeri sub-jail overcrowded with POCSO undertrials Manjeri: With the number of cases registered under the Prevention of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act on the rise, the authorities of the special sub-jail here are finding the going tough with overcrowding of prisoners. The prison is crammed with 95 convicts jostling for space when its total sanctioned capacity is just 35. Out of the 95 inmates, 60 are undertrials in cases registered under the POCSO Act. Most of them are remand prisoners in cases that had been transferred to the exclusive POCSO court through various first-class magistrate courts in the district. In most cases, the offender would be granted the benefit of default bail only after being in judicial custody for a period of 90 days. Over the past few days, two persons, one hailing from Mankada and the other from Kalikavum, who were booked under the POCSO Act, have been remanded in judicial custody in the Manjeri sub-jail. Among the police stations in the district, most number of POCSO cases were reported from areas that fall under the jurisdiction of Malappuram, Kottakkal, Kondotty and Areekode stations. Basic facilities and security arrangements at the Manjeri sub-jail are grossly inadequate. Also, it has inadequate CCTVs for monitoring the activities of inmates. The renovation works on the stretch in front of the prison complex have been inordinately delayed. The proposed tailoring unit for female prisoners is yet to take off. Though new posts of three assistant prison officer and a deputy prison officer were created, appointments have not been made yet. The post of assistant superintendent in charge of the women’s cell is also lying vacant. Mon, 05 Nov 2018 11:26:57 GMT Fighters take shelter at this man's house Perinthalmanna: Stepping into Raman’s home is akin to entering the hangar of the Indian Air Force. One could find all the sleek fighter planes, along with some cargo aircraft, albeit in the miniature form, at the former IAF official’s home near here. It’s his passion for aircraft that prompted Raman, 73, to make the models of the fighter jets that kept the country’s flag flying high in the hour of need. The mini planes are made of wood and iron, and the effort is also a bid to instill in the younger generation the spirit of flying. After completing his basic education, Raman joined the maintenance wing of the IAF, and underwent training at Thambaram in Tamil Nadu. Later, he worked in many fighter plane production centres in north India. “My interest in aircraft started after I successfully rectified a defect on the nose of a fighter plane using iron and aluminium,” said Raman. His home, ‘Pinki Nilayam’, houses more than 55 models of aircraft which have been used during the Indo-Pak wars. The pick of the lot is the miniature of India’s pride fighter jet Gnat. The jet can vertically tilt to 90 degrees in air and fly at an altitude of 60,000 feet. The models of fighter jets such as MiG-21, Hunter and Canberra, which can carry eight bombs in its belly weighing close to 1,000 pounds, are also head-turners. Other modern aircraft such as Harvard and Supersonic, and cargo aircraft like Packet, Dakota, Caribou and Antonov-12 can also be found at Raman’s home. Each aircraft model throws light on its history such as name of the plane, its uniqueness and the war in which the jet participated. His collection also boasts of some passenger aircraft. Raman’s family consisting of wife Kamala, son Sajith Kumar, daughters Sindhu and Bindhu gives ample support to him. Sun, 04 Nov 2018 02:00:11 GMT Youth volunteers stay put with flood-hit to help raise house Ponnani: For P Hassan, who lost everything in the recent floods, a band of youths from Manjeri is a godsend. Hassan is moved by their commitment as they have stayed back while most flood rescue workers have left and life has recovered for many after the miseries the flood brought a couple of months ago. The Manejri youth have taken up on themselves the task to complete the construction of Hassan's house which was destroyed in the floods. Malayala Manorama had carried a report about Hassan's plight earlier. The group noticed the news item, and reached Ponnani. Now, they are in the process of rebuilding the house at Eswaramangalam, which is on the banks of Bharatapuzha. The volunteers, who have been rebuilding the house of Hassan, had left their homes when floods hit the state a couple of months ago. They are carrying out the humanitarian activities as part of an initiative of the 1997 SSLC batch of HMY Higher Secondary School, Manjeri. (HMY stands for Hidayathul Muslimeen Yatheemkhana.) They occasionally even travel across the state offering a helping hand in flood rehabilitation efforts. They had worked together at difference places to rescue the flood-affected and clean up houses in the wake of the August floods. They also offered help for several families to earn a livelihood post-floods. The volunteers include P Niyas from Cherani in Manjeri, K A Sawad of Majeri Olympian Sports Group, Puzhikuth Khaleel, Suhas, Sakaria Fasil, Shihad P, Ajmad Cherani, and Salim P, a teacher. One Faisal's house, which is next to Hassan's, too was destroyed in the deluge. The foundation for both the houses were laid by the Welfare Party. Financial help was offered by a collective of Gulf expatriates so that they could complete the house. On Sunday, K Anitha from Payyanad in Manjeri, C Sangeeta, and her son Harish, and Hassan's neighbour Faisal too joined the group to speed up the work. Tue, 30 Oct 2018 01:39:58 GMT Malappuram owes a lot to popular leader Bapu Kurikkal Kodakkadan Mohammadali Haji, a contemporary, reminisces about former minister and Malabar leader Bapu Kurikkal on his 50th death anniversary. M P M Ahmed Kurikkal, former minister and Muslim Leader, had dreamt of the present-day Malappuram half a century ago. The district conceived by him, in fact, emerged. to live up to his dreams. Bapu Kurikkal, as he was popularly known, was among the stalwarts who worked day and night for the formation of Malappuram district, which was carved out of the border villages of then backward Kozhikode and Palakkad districts. He chalked out a masterplan for a new district called Malappuram and tabled it in the Assembly. The backwardness plaguing the district was a matter of deep concern for Kurikkal, who badly wished to elevate its status on a par with other districts in terms of education and employment. In his school days, Kurikkal displayed immense potential in garnering students’ support, though he was not a member of any party. His brother Ummer Kurikkal was then the secretary of MSF (Muslim Students Federation) in Manjeri and Korambayil AhmedHaji, the president. Bapu forayed into politics by organising a reception to Congress Socialist Party leader A K Gopalan, who spearheaded the historic Hunger March from Kannur to Madras in 1945. Later, he became a Congress man and contested as an independent candidate from Mannarkkad in the 1952 General Elections. Though Bapu had the strong support of the Praja Socialist Party (PSP) and Muslim League, he could not taste success in his maiden attempt. Slowly Kurikkal switched sides to Muslim League and became a full-time League worker. The epicentre of Muslim League activities in those days was Ernad taluk committee. Bapu, in no time, rose to the position of Ernad taluk secretary and Panakkad P M S A Pookoya Thangal was the president of committee. Manjeri thus emerged as the hub of major political discussions and party meetings with all top national leaders arriving in the town at frequent intervals. Kurikkal worked at the grass-roots level, understood the pulse of the layman and helped establish a strong base for the League even in the most remote pockets of Ernad and Valluvanad. Kurikkal’s dedication was such that he swam the river to campaign in the Vazhakkad region while contesting from Kondotty constituency. No wonder he represented the constituency twice in the Assembly. In those days there were no proper roads beyond Omanoor. Kurikkal would walk several kilometres day and night for electioneering. In the 1967 state elections, he won from Malappuram and became part of the EMS Ministry. In my memory, Manjeri had witnessed only three massive gatherings – all of which were testimony to Bapu's popularity. The first time people flocked in large numbers to Manjeri was to witness the marriages of his three daughters and two nieces. Though the wedding party lasted till dawn many had to leave disappointed owing to heavy rush. The party also played host to playback singer K J Yesudas’ first musical nite in Malappuram district. The day Bapu was given a ministerial berth in the state cabinet, the hundreds of people gathered in Manjeri, for the second time. And for one last time, a massive crowd took to Manjeri streets for the funeral of their beloved leader in 1968. Several fishermen had rushed all the way from Neendakara in Alappuzha, as Kurikkal's body was about to be taken to the cemetery. I still remember how the grief-stricken men broke down when they were told the body cannot be shown. Their tears were indeed a glowing tribute to their beloved Fisheries Minister who was in the forefront of implementing reformative policies. M P M AhmedKurikkal - Born on August 23, 1921 in Manjeri. - Studied at Malappuram Government School and Malabar Christian College, Kozhikode. - Entered politics through Congress. - Joined Muslim League in 1950. Became its state vice-president and parliamentary party leader. - Elected to Kerala legislative assembly twice from Kondotty and once from Malappuram. In 1967 became Minister for Local Self-Government and Fisheries under the EMS Ministry. - Passed away on October 24, 1968 while he was a minister. Sun, 28 Oct 2018 09:26:48 GMT Teacher among six held on charges of abusing boys in Malappuram Malappuram: A school teacher is among those charged for luring higher secondary school students into a racket practising unnatural sex. While the teacher and five others have landed in the police net, 13 cases have been filed under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act against 10 people in total. The cases are based on statements given to the police by five of the victimised boys. The charges under POCSO are grave and a DySP has been tasked with investigation in at least one of the cases. The cases are under the Kondotty and Manjeri police stations. The police are also seeking three expatriates who had sent obscene visuals to the boys on Facebook Messenger. It was an alert family that helped to bring out the crime after they noticed their boy behaving strangely at home and was coming home late. A local committee formed to check narcotic trade had also had made a crucial intervention. The boys revealed details of the abuse at a counselling session organised by the Childline after the committee provided them information. Most of the students were bright in studies. It is understood that some of the victims were given narcotics before the abuse, and that one student was tortured by over 10 people. One of the students testified that he was befriended by an abuser who used to offer a lift on his bike. The students have told the police that they were offered money, and were also threatened. They were taken to different locations. The police had information that the accused might go underground. The arrests of the six were carried out within about a week's time. The latest to land in the police net are Mohandas, 35, of Mukkam and Alavi, 51, of Manjeri. Read more: Latest Malappuram news Mon, 22 Oct 2018 04:07:23 GMT Teen footballer from Malappuram on the comeback trail Kondotty: Arimbra village here in Malappuram district has a VIP and he is a member of the junior Indian football team. The young man, Shabas Ahamed, is nowadays busy attending receptions arranged in his honour by local people, friends, and relatives. However, two years ago, Shabas had reasons to worry as he had left the under-14 football Indian football team camp. However, he soon made amends and worked hard to be part of the under-16 team, excelled in the under-16 Asian Football Championship held in Malaysia recently, and finally got a call to be part of camp for the Indian national team. Career at crossroads Shabas, son of Moothedath Basheer and N P Souda, was barely 13 years old when selected to the under-14 camp of the Indian football team held in Goa two years ago. When he reached Goa, Shabas found that he was the lone Malayali there. The teen struggled with language issues and homesickness. He could not also mix well with the other players at the camp. Shabas called home and explained his situation. Immediately, Basheer started for Goa with a mobile phone and a few gifts to cheer Shabas up. He tried to inspire Shabas pointing out that his football talents shouldn't be wasted. However, Basheer could not convince Shabas, who left the camp and returned to Kerala along with his father. Splendid comeback Only after he reached Arimbra did Shabas realise the magnitude of his loss. He wasted no time in starting efforts to make a comeback. He was a changed person after that. Shabas couldn't even spend a week away from his family in Goa, but now he was determined to be part of the national team again. He was not bothered about being away from Arimbra. The teen's hard work paid off very soon. Shabas got a call to be part of the Indian camp within one month. From there, Shabas found his way to the under-16 Indian team for the Asian championship. His first match at the championship was as a substitute. But he soon cemented his place in the first 11 as a good defender. The coach praised Shabas's performance in the championship on several occasions. Though India lost to Korea in the quarter-final match, the team and Shabas earned much appreciation from the spectators. Early days Shabas first attended Arimbra UP School before joining the Narayanan Nair Memorial Higher Secondery School at Chelembra, where his football talents were recognised by K Mansoor. Shabas soon became the captain of the district sub-junior team and subsequently found a place in the state football team. Playing in the Subroto Cup, the premier national inter-school football tournament, the youngster attracted national attention. He was given a rousing public reception at Arimbra on Sunday evening. Read more: Latest in Districts Tue, 16 Oct 2018 02:57:10 GMT Fishermen return netted whale shark to sea Kochi: Fishermen on Malappuram coast have returned a one-ton whale shark to its habitat after they had netted it on realising that it belonged to an endangered species. This was the first effort of saving a whale on the Kerala sea coast, after the project for whale shark conservation was launched by Wildlife Trust of India with the Cochin Shipyard. The fishermen had to stop fishing as the huge shark landed in their net. As the net could not be cut open in the sea, they had to drag it all the way to the shore. After the whale was taken out, it was then delivered into the sea, after dragging it all the way back. Shark whales have been brought to the shore earlier also, but none of them survived. The conservation of whale sharks in India has been taken up by a team led by Thoppumpady-native Sajan John, a manager of the marine projects of Wildlife Trust of India. Quiet giant Whale shark is seen here and there on the Indian coast. Hunters used to chase it on the Gujarat coast, but the Wildlife Trust intervened to stop it. Fishermen in Gujarat are now major protectors of the species. The whale shark, which has a reputation as the 'quiet giant' of the sea, is found mostly off the Saurashtra coast of Gujarat. Blue whales are the biggest among mammals, and whale sharks the biggest in the fish category. A full-grown one could be as long as 40 feet and could weigh up to 40 ton. It could live up to 100 years, but reproduction is so limited, starting only after 25 years. Its meat is not edible. It has been listed as an endangered species because of hunting and the effects of climate change. Sun, 14 Oct 2018 06:46:23 GMT Sea erosion about to bring down houses Ponnani: Sea erosion is grave on the Indian coast and the problem is acute especially on the shores of Kerala. Two houses, located at Azheekal beach here, will be swallowed by the sea any time. The houses are now surrounded by sand deposited by an invading sea. The sea has reached the doorsteps after encroaching on a road and a seawall that existed in the area near the light house some time ago. In a frantic move, the residents have tried to block the sea sand from entering the houses by fixing wooden planks at the doors. Though local people have been demanding a seawall, the authorities have turned a deaf ear to their pleas. Even the authorities are aware that the lives and properties of the 22 inmates of the houses belonging to Koyalikkanakathu Subair and Kammalikkanakathu Siddique are in peril. However, the officials are doing nothing about it. The residents will have nowhere to go if the houses collapse. The sea turns rough regularly in the area. With the sea still rough, the officials as well as the residents know that the houses will remain in their present state only for a few more days. Fearing the approaching waves, both families have shifted to the houses of a few relatives. They later returned noticing that the sea had turned calm. But, they again moved to other places when the sea advanced on Monday. Fri, 12 Oct 2018 10:00:28 GMT Breakthrough in murder case after kin of accused acts too smart Thenhipalam: Following a tip-off from a lawyer, the police have arrested three youths in the case related to the death of a middle-aged man who questioned them for smoking on a private plot. Krishnamoorthy, belonging to Ariyallur in Tamil Nadu and residing at a rented house in Chelari, had succumbed to injuries from severe thrashing, allegedly unleashed by the youths. The arrested youths are Sarat (29) of Kuzhikkattil Mala, Vallikkunnu; Akhil Lal (25) of Perikkolil, Velimukku in Moonniyur and K P Muhammed Shafi (18) of Cherambathumad in Chelari. They were later produced before the court. The incident related to the case took place on September 30. Krishnamoorthy, who suffered injuries to his vertebral column in the attack, remained on the road for an entire night before being shifted to hospital. The next morning, he was taken to a private hospital. From there, he was being transferred to another hospital in Puducherry for advanced treatment when he succumbed to his injuries when the ambulance reached Palakkad. How the case was cracked Initially, the police did not come across any clue regarding the case. However, sometime later, a relative of one of the arrested youths acted too clever and approached a lawyer seeking to know whether a person who had witnessed a man being beaten up would face criminal charges. This proved to be a turning point in the case as the lawyer informed the investigating officers of the man’s query. A vigorous probe launched by the police based on this clue led them to the three youths. The arrests were carried out following an investigation conducted by a team comprising Malappuram DySP Jaleel Thottathil, Thenhipalam sub-inspector Binu Thomas, Grade SI M Subrahmaninan, ASIs Jayadevan, P K Anandan and A K Udayakumar and civil police officers M Dinesan, C P Sajeev, C Dinu and M Prabheesh. Read more from Malappuram Fri, 12 Oct 2018 01:57:46 GMT Tanur woman had attempted to kill husband earlier too Tanur, Malappuram: An expatriate, accused of killing his lover's husband Paurakath Savad in Tanur, said the woman had attempted murder earlier too. Savad's wife, Saujath, is the co-accused in the case. Accused Basheer, who had flown out to the Gulf after the murder on October 5, returned to Kerala later and surrendered to the police. The expatriate told the police that Saujath wanted to live with him in the Gulf, but insisted that Savad should be eliminated if she has to join Basheer. Saujath had tried to poison Savad by lacing his food with poison a month ago, Basheer claimed. However, Savad rejected the food, saying it tasted of kerosene. The next plan was to chop his body into pieces, dispose them off in a box and then complain to the police that he has gone missing. Basheer was roped in for the task. But the attempt failed as Savad's daughter woke up and cried out as the murder was being carried out, Basheer told the investigators. A police team led by DySP Biju Bhaskar interrogated him and produced him in a court, which has remanded him. Saujith and Sufiyan, Basheer’s friend who had helped him escape to Sharjah after the committing the murder, were arrested earlier. Read more: Latest Malappuram news Wed, 10 Oct 2018 10:51:05 GMT