Kottayam https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam.rss Read latest news updates from Kottayam District Kerala in English. Watch Videos and Photos of Exclusive Breaking News. Onmanorama en Tue, 25 Jun 2019 05:56:45 GMT https://www.manoramaonline.com/privacy.html Lottery seller arrested over woman's murder at medical college Kottayam: The police have likely cracked the murder case of a 55-year-old woman, whose decomposed body was found on the premises of the Medical College Hospital here on July 13. A lottery seller has been arrested over the murder of Ponnamma, a resident of Thrikkodithanam in Kottayam district. She too sold lottery tickets on the medical college campus. T P Sathyan, 45, of Kozhencherry in Pathanamthitta district, is the man arrested over her murder. The police said that the two were in a relationship and Ponnamma often picked up fight with him over his affairs with other women. The police found out that Ponnamma was murdered around 9.30 pm on July 8. Sathyan, who had been under a cloud of suspicion, was earlier questioned by the police. Squabble for a year, finally murder Sathyan had been living on medical college premises for the past 10 years. Ponnamma too was living on the campus and slept at various wards. Both of them sold lottery tickets at the medical college and nearby areas. They survived on the food provided by voluntary outfits at the medical college. Even on the day of the murder, the food was taken in two plates. One plate of food was consumed, the other was found abandoned near the place where Ponnamma was murdered. Sathyan's interrogation revealed that they had been fighting for nearly a year. During one quarrel, Ponnamma had hacked Sathyan's legs and hit him on the head with stones. The police said that Sathyan had harboured vengeance against Ponnamma over this attack. He was also miffed at her for not showing affection for some time, and this also was a murder motive. Sathyan took Ponnamma to the wilderness near the cancer ward of the hospital and killed her by hitting on the head with an iron rod. The police also said that Sathyan took the 2-sovereign gold chain worn by Ponnamma, and lottery tickets worth Rs 3,000 and Rs 40 in cash from her bag. He covered the body with a hardboard the next day. He roamed around the premises for two more days before returning to his native place in Kozhencherry. He sold the gold chain at Kozhencherry. The police have recovered the gold chain from a jewellery shop in Kozhencherry. The cops also gathered evidence from the Medical College Hospital. The accused pointed out to the police the hardboards covered in blood and his mat at the cancer ward, where he used to sleep. When asked about the murder weapon, he said he doesn't remember where he had abandoned it. The accused would be presented in court on Wednesday. District police chief P S Sabu and DySP K Sreekumar are in charge of the probe. Gandhinagar CI S Anup Jose, SI T S Reneesh, ASIs T K Sajimon, M P Saji, V S Shibukuttan, senior CPO P N Manoj, Prassanna Kumar, Thomas Varghese, Rajesh Khanna, woman CPOs Ambika, and Sheeja took part in the investigation. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/07/17/lottery-seller-arrested-over-woman-s-murder-at-medical-college-.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/07/17/lottery-seller-arrested-over-woman-s-murder-at-medical-college-.html Wed, 17 Jul 2019 08:06:16 GMT Bereaved in a spot over holiday for crematorium Ponkunnam: Even the dead are not allowed to rest in peace when disputes arise among or between religious bodies that manage burial grounds. Occasionally, one comes across reports of cemeteries being blocked by agitating groups and the bereaved forced to wait or run around with dead bodies. The other day, a row over the functioning of a public crematorium run by a village civic body meant the relatives of a dead man had to scurry across two districts with his body. The unfortunate event happened before the funeral of Harikumar, a resident of Chrikkadavu panchayat in Ponkunnam in Kerala's Kottayam district. The 58-year-old had died of illness at the general hospital in Kanjirapally on Saturday evening. Though it was decided that the body would be cremated on Sunday morning, the panchayat authorities informed the relatives that it was a holiday. Harikumar's relatives then had to travel 105 km with the body to conduct the funeral at the crematorium in the Kumaly panchayat in neighbouring Idukki district. Shantitheeram, the LPG public crematorium at Chirakkadavu panchayat, does not function on Sundays. Had they been allowed to conduct the cremation at Chirakkadavu, it would have only cost Harikumar's relatives Rs 4,00. Instead, the impoverished family had to shell out Rs 10,000 to conduct the cremation. Some panchayat members claimed that it was agreed to let the crematorium function even on Sundays. But the panchayat president has refuted this. BJP district secretary and Chirakkadavu panchayat member KG Kannan claimed that even though the office was given holiday on Sundays, it was decided that the crematorium would function under the president's orders. UDF member Shaji Pamboory also said that during the recent panchayat committee meeting, the president had assured that arrangements would be made to conduct cremation even on holidays. However, panchayat president Jaya Sreedhar said that no such decision was taken on keeping the facility open on holidays at any civic meet. She further said there was no basis to statements that are to the contrary. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/07/16/crematorium-holiday-has-bereaved-in-spot.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/07/16/crematorium-holiday-has-bereaved-in-spot.html Wed, 17 Jul 2019 00:51:26 GMT Woman in pursuit of missing son for 18 years was likely murdered Kottayam: The decomposed body of a woman found on the premises of Kottayam Medical College Hospital (MCH) a few days ago has been identified as that of a 55-year-old lottery seller, Ponnamma. It is likely she was murdered as the autopsy report pointed out the grievous injuries on the head as the cause of her death. The police have taken one man into custody. Ponnamma earlier used to stay with this person even while on the lookout for her son who went missing 18 years ago. Ponnamma's daughter Sandhya identified the body after recognising her sari. They belong to Thrikkodithanam, near Changanacherry, in Kottayam district. The injuries on the skull could have been caused after it was hit with a heavy object like stones. The autopsy report also said that it was possible to sustain such injuries during a fall. This angle is also being probed. Ponnamma had been selling lottery tickets on the MCH premises for years. She slept at the women's ward during the night. Sandhya said that Ponnamma had reached the hospital years before in search of her missing son. She used to phone her daughter most of the days. Ponnamma had last visited her daughter on July 3 and since then there had been no communication. Sandhya had informed the aid post of the medical college police, but did not give in a written complaint. The DNA test would be conducted to ascertain that it was Ponnamma's body. Samples of Sandhya and from the body have been taken. The body would be laid to rest at the public crematorium with the help of the police. The suspicion is on... The daughter in her statement to the police said she suspected that her mother was murdered by the person who used to live with her earlier. Ponnamma had earlier stayed with the person who also sold lottery tickets at the hospital premises. But after he started physically abusing her, demanding money, she left his rented house and returned to the hospital ward, Sandhya said. She also told the police that her brother Santhosh, who had gone missing years ago, too could have been killed. She told the police about some people whom she suspected. 10 sovereigns of gold, Rs 40,000! Ponnamma was reportedly in possession of 10 sovereigns of gold and Rs 40,000. Her daughter said that Ponnamma used to put the gold and money in a handmade pouch and kept it with her always. Even when she visited her daughter on July 3, she had three gold chains and six rings. The police suspect that the murder could have been committed to get hold of the valuables. Sandhya also said that the money procured from the panchayat as the first instalment for building her house was also with Ponnamma. The elderly woman earlier used to walk around with the documents of her three cents of land at Thrikodithanam. However, this had gone missing. The daughter also said Ponnamma earned Rs 700 to Rs 1,000 every day through the sale of lotteries. Pursuit of son for 18 years Ponnamma had reached the MCH in search of her missing son Santhosh, 18 years ago. She had searched several locations to find her son who went missing at the age of 12. She also walked up to the police stations with a complaint several times. However, she was informed that it would be difficult to find the boy who had been missing for so long. She even made a computer-generated photo of how the boy would look at 18 years of age. She used this to continue her search. Santhosh went missing from a relative's house. Ponnamma had reached the MCH to know if her son had been injured and was brought to the hospital. She then started selling lottery tickets on its premises. She lived on the food given by voluntary outfits at the hospital and slept at the women's ward during the night. The hapless woman would visit the patients brought to the casualty wing and the unclaimed bodies taken to the mortuary on a daily basis, the hospital staff said. She had also approached Santhwanam, a centre for women and children, at Gandhinagar in Kottayam. Its director Annie Babu recollected that Ponnamma was confident of finding her lost son. Den of anti-social elements Anti-social elements ruled the roost at the medical college premises and wards, it was said. No effective measures were taken to evict those who had been illegally staying at the hospital. Over 200 people had been living on the premises illegally. The police had nabbed hundreds of people during an inspection at the night couple of months ago. However, as there was no follow-up action, things returned to the old ways. After the body was found, the police have issued instructions to identify and catch those who have been staying illegally at the hospital and on its premises. A control room vehicle allotted to the district police would be assigned to the medical college area. Apart from the police aid post, more cops would be put on duty 24X7, DySP K Sreekumar has said. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/07/15/lottery-ticket-seller-dead-at-kottayam-medical-college-premises.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/07/15/lottery-ticket-seller-dead-at-kottayam-medical-college-premises.html Mon, 15 Jul 2019 06:44:55 GMT Auto driver bags first prize of Karunya lottery Kottayam: A 50-year-old autorickshaw driver here has won the Rs 80 lakh first prize of the state government's Karunya lottery. Kuzhimattom native M K Suresh, the lucky winner, had bought the lottery from an agency started by the auto workers' collective itself three months ago. Its kiosk was set up by autorickshaw drivers at the auto stand at Parakulam locality. In fact, auto drivers themselves sell tickets there. This is the first time a ticket sold from the agency is winning the first prize. Till now, Rs 5,000 was the maximum amount won on a ticket sold from the agency. Before becoming a driver, Suresh used to run a lottery agency on his own at the Parakulam stand. "I will submit the prize-winning ticket in the bank," said Suresh, who lives with his wife and two children. Kuzhimattom is near Kottayam town. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/07/14/auto-driver-bags-first-prize-of-karunya-lottery.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/07/14/auto-driver-bags-first-prize-of-karunya-lottery.html Sun, 14 Jul 2019 07:53:37 GMT Rs 3 lakh aid for ailing teen athlete Erumeli: The villagers of Pambavalley here in Kerala's Idukki district is clued in to get the health update of a teen girl who has been battling a serious ailment at a hospital in Thiruvananthapuram. Athulya P Saji (17) is special to them as she is a budding athlete who had won gold in 400m hurdles in the last state school athletics meet. She has been a regular participant in the state and national athletic events before she fell ill. Athulya, daughter of Saji and Sindhu, was taken for advanced treatment of a respiratory ailment the other day. She was on ventilator at the Kottayam Medical College following a 12-day fever. For advanced treatment, she was shifted to KIMS Hospital in Thiruvananthapuram on Wednesday. The treatment cost is a big financial burden on the family. Her father Saji is a bakery worker and runs the family on his meagre income. The village is praying for the girl who could become a promising athlete. The government has announced an emergency aid of Rs 3 lakh. The amount has been allocated from the sports development fund, said Minister for Industries and Sports E P Jayarajan. "I have contacted KIMS Hospital and ensured that she continues to get treatment," he said. Of late, Athulya, a student GV Raja School, Thiruvananthapuram, has been fighting an infection in the brain. She faces difficulty in breathing as her respiratory tract shrank and is sustained on ventilator. Athulya was taken to the state capital in an ambulance that has a ventilator facility. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/07/12/rs-3-lakh-aid-for-ailing-teen-athlete.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/07/12/rs-3-lakh-aid-for-ailing-teen-athlete.html Sat, 13 Jul 2019 00:49:45 GMT Rent-a-car scam busted; 22 vehicles seized across state Kottayam: Police have busted a major rent-a-car scam and seized 22 vehicles from the fraudsters who siphon off the money by pledging high-end cars taken on rent. The vehicles were seized from different parts of the state. The police have arrested KS alias K S Arun hailing from Vakathanam, Justin Varghese from Poovanthuruthu, Ahamed Irfanul Farris hailing from Malappuram, and Dileep of Thrissur. They were remanded in judicial custody. The investigators have found that fraudsters have tried to sell a rented car worth Rs 17 lakh through a forged RC book. "On interrogation, it was revealed that the scam had a wider network. Five more fraudsters, including Manaf, Nazeer and Sambhu Unni are also part of the racket. They have gone into hiding," said DYSP K Sreekumar. Cars worth more than Rs 10 lakh were mortgaged in the range of Rs 1 lakh and Rs 50,000. Strangely, the money lenders never bothered to demand the original RC book. This gave an added advantage to the fraudsters to mortgage more stolen vehicles and siphon off money, police said. The police have seized the vehicles from various spots in between Kovalam and Koyilandy. Investigators have got vital leads that the vehicles were widely used to peddle ganja and drugs, carry out goonda and other anti-social activities. The raids were led by DySP R Sreekumar. Circle Inspector Nirmal Bose of East Police Station, senior civil police officer K R Arun Kumar, ASI K R Prasad, civil police officer K N Radhakrishnan was part of the investigation team. Students too in the gang The vehicle lifters also roped in college students to get cars on rent. This was particularly done to escape arrest in case of a vehicle getting booked and the onus of the crime would pass on to the students. The students, on the other hand, would be given pocket money of Rs 1,000 for providing high-end cars on rent, besides a rental charge of Rs 100 per day. The vehicles are mortgaged using the address and documents of the students. The students, however, would not be tipped about mortgaging business. There are instances when the college students single-handedly shoulder the burden of repaying the mortgaged sum to take back their vehicle. The scam assumes larger dimension as, police say, the persons who disperse the loans are also equally culpable. The vital lead The vital clues given out by a man by the name Ajay Alex hailing from Onamthuruthu proved critical in nabbing the notorious vehicle lifters. Ajay had given his car worth Rs 17 lakh to Jestin on a daily rent of Rs 2000. Jestin had paid Ajay an advance of Rs 30,000 after convincing him the vehicle is to be used by an NRK who had come down for holidays and that Jestin himself would be his driver. Ajay realized that he was duped when Jestin did not return the vehicle even after a month. On getting information that Jestin was staying at a lodge at Thirunakkara, here, Ajay and his friends secretly booked a room next to where Jestin was staying and apprehended him. They got to know the vehicle was mortgaged somewhere in Thrissur. They took him to Thrissur from where Ajay got back his vehicle. During the conversation, Jestin had dropped hints he had links across the state where vehicles taken on rent are pledged. Ajay passed on the information to the DYSP. When the police raided the hotel, Jestin was engaged in fixing another deal to loan a rented vehicle. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/07/09/rent-a-car-scam-busted-22-vehicles-seized.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/07/09/rent-a-car-scam-busted-22-vehicles-seized.html Wed, 10 Jul 2019 00:43:43 GMT Heritage walkers get a sneak peek into Kottayam's legacy Kottayam: History and cultural enthusiasts assembled to get a first-hand knowledge of the rich heritage of present-day Kottayam town in Kerala. Understanding and appreciating the legacies of the land, they walked together visiting the unique geographical features, heritage buildings and centuries-old places of worship which had great significance in the social and cultural life of Kottayam, the erstwhile administrative capital of the Thekkumkoor kingdom. Around 500 people took part in the Heritage Walk organised by the Nattukoottam group of the Kottayam Cheriyapally (St. Mary’s Orthodox Syrian Church) in association with the Thaliyil Mahadeva temple advisory committee, Thazhathangadi Muslim Jamaath and Kottayam Valiyapally (Holy Virgin Mary Church). Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan, MLA, flagged off the walk at Cheriyapally on Sunday. The team first headed to the Mahadeva Temple at Thirunakkara in the heart of the town and spent around half-an-hour. Several artefacts, including the Mizhavu (a percussion instrument) used by Malayalam poet and performer Kunchan Nambiar, are safely protected here. The team then went on to Thazhathangadi Juma Masjid, where they got to view the teak pillars, intricate wood carvings and the ancient sun dial (nizhal kadikaram) used to note the prayer timings. Their next stop was the Lourdes Forane Church. After viewing the ancient exhibits at the Mar Makil Museum at this church, they continued the walk. The group, comprising children, youth and the elderly, then reached the Valiyapalli. They eagerly climbed up the stairs of the church. After getting to know more of the church and the Persian cross, they returned to Cheriyapally by afternoon. Kottayam Nattukoottam secretary Pallikonam Rajeev explained in detail the specialties of each place to the team. The closing ceremony was inaugurated by Thekkumkoor Valiya Thamburan P N Ravi Varma Raja. Fr P A Philip of the Cheriyapally presided over the event. Associate professor Dr Mathew Joseph Chengalavan of Jamia Millia Islamia University in Delhi, Thazhathangadi Juma Masjid Imam Hafiz Sirajuddin, Fr Yuhanon Baby, Kottayam Valiyapalli Vicar Fr Monayi K Philip, Cheriyapally Vicar Fr P A Philip, Thaliyil Mahadeva Temple advisory committee member P Raveendranath, municipal councillors Radhakrishnan Koikkal and Kunjumon K Mether also spoke at the event. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/07/01/heritage-walkers-get-a-sneak-peek-into-kottayam-s-legacy.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/07/01/heritage-walkers-get-a-sneak-peek-into-kottayam-s-legacy.html Mon, 01 Jul 2019 11:18:50 GMT Be part of the heritage walk to know more about history of Kottayam Kottayam: Here is a spectacular chance for history lovers to 'walk' through the rich heritage and unique legacies of the old Kottayam town. The heritage walk, to know more about the scintillating history of the town, is conducted by the Nattukoottam group led by St. Mary's Orthodox Syrian Church, commonly known as the Cheriyapally. The event will be held on 30th June, in association with the Thaliyil Mahadeva temple advisory committee, Thazhathangadi Juma mosque and Kottayam Holy Virgin Mary Church (Valiapally). The heritage walk which begins at 10am from the Cheriyapally premises would be flagged off by Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan MLA. The old Kottayam town, the administrative capital of the erstwhile Thekkumkoor royal house, is replete with history and the thrilling tales of the kings. The heritage walk intends to revisit the unique geographical features, heritage buildings and centuries old places of worship which had great significance in the social and cultural life of the old Kottayam town. The history enthusiasts would take an exciting tour, on feet, through the Thaliyil Mahadeva temple, Thazhathangadi Juma mosque and the Kottayam Valiappally before returning to the Cheriyappally. The valedictory meeting would be inaugurated by P N Ravivarma Raja, the valiakoyi thampuran of the Thekkumkoor royal house. The meeting will be presided by Father PA Philip, the vicar of the Cheriyapally. Dr. Mathew Joseph Chengalavan, associate professor at the Delhi Jamia Milia Islamia University would take part in the event. Haridas Bhattathiri, the head priest at the Thaliyil Mahadeva temple, Hafiz Sirajuddeen, the imam at the Thazhathangadi Juma masjid, Kottayam valipally vicar Father Monayi K Philip, Nattukoottam secretary Pallikonam Rajeev, Father Yohanon Baby, Father Joseph Kurian, assistant vicars at the Cheriyapally, trustee Jacob Mathew and secretary George Abraham too would be present. Everyone, irrespective of their religion, can take part in the heritage walk. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/06/29/be-part-of-the-heritage-walk-to-know-more-about-history-of-kotta.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/06/29/be-part-of-the-heritage-walk-to-know-more-about-history-of-kotta.html Sat, 29 Jun 2019 15:29:48 GMT Selfie rescues Kottayam man from the jaws of death Changanassery, Kottayam: Snapping the perfect selfie at the most dangerous spots has often turned fatal, but not for this man whose selfie on a railway track has proved otherwise. After a bitter altercation with his wife, the man decided to end life by lying in front of a speeding train but was rescued by the local people and police. It was a selfie that gave a second life to the man who had decided to take the extreme step. The distressed man decided to tell the world about his imminent suicide by clicking a selfie of him lying on the rail line, and then posting it to his friends. The photograph triggered panic among his friends who immediately went scouting for the man but to no avail. A few in the group noticed a milestone number on the side of the track, on closer examination of the selfie photograph. They apprised the railway officials of the matter and tried to trace the exact location with the help of them. Meanwhile, a passenger onboard the Kerala Express proceeding from Thiruvananthapuram also happened to see the selfie of the youth that was forwarded by his friend. When the train halted at Tiruvalla, he immediately informed the loco pilot about the precarious situation at Changanassery and also the milestone number where the youth was preparing himself to commit suicide. Just as the train was inching towards the milestone, his friends spotted the man lying in the middle of the track and pushed him away to the adjoining paddy field, averting a tragedy. The youth was later handed over to the police. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/06/28/selfie-rescues-kottayam-man-from-death.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/06/28/selfie-rescues-kottayam-man-from-death.html Sat, 29 Jun 2019 01:02:15 GMT Civic body clueless about disposing of solid waste Kottayam: Solid waste management is a challenge for civic bodies even as garbage pile up, posing health hazards. The Kottayam Municipal Corporation is clueless on handling the garbage that has already been collected as Clean Kerala Company, an initiative of the Kerala government, has refused to collect garbage from the town. The District Sanitation Mission has informed the municipality that it has received all the garbage collected as part of the pre-monsoon clean-up campaign held for two days last month and from now the civic body should find own ways to process non-biodegradable waste. However, the municipality doesn't know what to do with the 25 tonnes of non-biodegradable garbage it has already collected. The garbage has been stored at Nagampadam, Kodimatha, Naattakam, Thiruvathukkal, Kumaranalloor and Kanjikuzhi with being kept at the last two places. Only half of the collected garbage can be disposed of through shredding units, said municipality chairperson Dr P R Sona. “After asking us to collect maximum garbage, it is not fair to seek alternative processing ways now,” she said. About 198 loads of garbage have been collected from Kottayam, said Philip Joseph, the district coordinator of Sanitation Mission. Clean Kerala Company had announced that it will accept the garbage collected during the campaign. That is complete. Now, the municipality should process the waste on its own, said Philip Joseph. Night squad The night squads of the municipality have strengthened their activities to stop those who dump garbage across the town at night. The squad decided to up their vigil as dumping waste on interior roads at Kodimatha, Thirunakkara and Thiruvathukkal areas are frequent. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/06/25/civic-body-clueless-about-disposing-solid-waste.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/06/25/civic-body-clueless-about-disposing-solid-waste.html Wed, 26 Jun 2019 01:51:51 GMT RTO squad chase down Kallada bus that sped away Kottayam: Unsavoury incidents involving inter-state bus chain Kallada Travels are being frequently reported. A few days after a molestation bid onboard its Manipal-Thiruvanathapuram bus, another bus from the same company plying the Kottayam-Bengaluru route had to be chased down by an RTO squad after it was found being dangerously driven. A fine of Rs 6,000 and other charges were collected from the crew over this. It is said the bus was not pulled over despite being signalled by an official of the RTO enforcement squad. The squad members then pursued the bus and was made to stop after a seven-kilometre chase. The incident happened at around 8pm on Sunday in front of the Ettumanoor temple in Kottayam district. The squad was conducting an inspection when the bus arrived. When the official signalled the bus to stop, the driver sped away. Meanwhile, another bus of Kallada Travels was also stopped by the squad at Ettumanoor. The staff from that bus contacted their colleagues in the bus that left without stopping. It had reached Kothanellur by then. By the time they pulled over, the squad members too reached there. The bus was brought back to Ettumanoor and the fine was collected before it was given permission to continue the journey. The squad led by enforcement RTO V M Chacko included motor vehicle inspector Thomas Sacaria, assistant motor vehicle inspectors O A Anshad, S Sunil Kumar and H Rajeesh. Last week the driver of a Kallada bus was nabbed by the police near Thenhipalam in Kerala's Malappauram district following a complaint filed by a woman passenger for misbehaving with her. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/06/24/kottayayam-kallada-bus-chased-down-by-rto.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/06/24/kottayayam-kallada-bus-chased-down-by-rto.html Mon, 24 Jun 2019 05:22:35 GMT Dramatic scenes during Vigilance raid on RTO Kottayam: The corrupt were literally on the run here at Regional Transport Office (RTO) the other day as the personnel of the state anti-graft body landed there in the evening as the employees were about to pack up for the day, some with their daily 'collections'. Around Rs 7,000 in cash hidden between office files and behind a cupboard kept in a corridor of the nearby Agricultural Office was recovered by Vigilance officials during the raid. Documents for licence and registration of 90 vehicles were also seized from three agents who were loitering in the office corridor. From the RTO, the Vigilance recovered 372 licences which were kept without sending them to applicants. The raid, which started at 4 pm, lasted four hours. During the checks, a Motor Vehicles Inspector tried to flee from the spot. An agent who ran away on noticing the Vigilance officials abandoned his bag from which documents related to the registration of nine vehicles were obtained. Currency notes were also found strewn in many places in the transport office. The notes were apparently abandoned after the Vigilance reached the office. The Vigilance conducted a raid at this office following widespread complaints regarding corrupt practices. Some specific complaints were received by Vigilance SP V G Vinod Kumar. It was found that since March no action was taken on eight notices that were sent for cancelling driving licences on charges of driving under the influence of alcohol. These notices were issued based on the reports submitted by the Gandhi Nagar police. Another complaint was filed by a youth who took his vehicle for the test but his application for fitness was rejected as the colour was police blue. Later, when the youth approached the RTO through an agent, he received the fitness certificate. As per the complaint, the vehicle owner paid the agent an amount of Rs 4,000. A report on the raid would be submitted to the Vigilance Director soon. The team which carried out the raid comprised Vigilance DySPs N Rajan, M K Manoj, inspectors A J Thomas, V A Nishad Mon, Rijo P Joseph, Jerlin V Scariah, Rajan K Aramana and 20 police officers. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/06/23/dramatic-scenes-during-vigilance-raid-on-rto.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/06/23/dramatic-scenes-during-vigilance-raid-on-rto.html Mon, 24 Jun 2019 00:43:05 GMT A note of compassion from an auto driver Erumeli: ‘This vehicle offers a free ride to cancer patients,’ says the words written on the back of the auto rickshaw driven by Kavunkal Nidheesh, an auto driver, fondly called as ‘Sreenipuram Punjabi’ by the local people. His motivation for this compassionate act is quite personal – the sad memories of travelling from hospital to hospital with his father and father-in-law, both of whom were cancer patients. And, it needs to be noted that the auto rickshaw driven by Nidheesh is not his own. It’s a rented vehicle which he drives for a daily wage of Rs. 250, a paltry sum. To provide free ride for cancer patients, Nidheesh would take a cut from his own wages, not letting the owner affect. For the 60 kilometers ride from Erumeli to Kottayam Medical College, he usually asks the patients for diesel worth Rs. 400. The local rides in Erumeli are completely free of charge. Nidheesh’s father had passed away from cancer seven years ago, followed by his father-in-law who died three years ago. He is still traumatised by the memories of travelling from hospital to hospital with the aged parents and also of the travails of money getting spent within a jiffy. In Erumeli, no one knows Nidheesh by his given name. He is known only as the Punjabi of Erumeli. The name was derived from his penchant for staging the Punjabi dance as a young boy. He is also quite keen for taking the accident victims to hospitals. This was the result of having witnessed the death of a young man hit by a tipper lorry near his home around 15 years ago. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/06/21/note-of-compassion-from-auto-driver.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/06/21/note-of-compassion-from-auto-driver.html Sat, 22 Jun 2019 00:29:53 GMT Approach roads to Nagampadam bridge subside with rains Kottayam: Several roads across Kerala are slowly exposing their true condition as rains lash the state. From north to south several roads are in a poor condition. The area where both the approach roads merge with the newly built Nagampadam bridge in the heart of Kottayam town has already sunk within a fortnight since the monsoon commenced. The approach road from Meenachilar side has sunk 5 cm, while that from the Kottayam town has gone down by 3 cm. Besides, cracks have appeared on the concrete wall on the road from the Meenachilar side. The height difference between the approach road and the bridge is clearly visible. Due to the height difference, vehicles get a severe jolt when they enter the bridge and exit. Vehicles coming from the north on the MC road are the most affected. The Railways is responsible for the construction and maintenance of both the bridge and the approach roads. The railway engineering department has confirmed that the approach road has sunk. But this has not affected neither the bridge nor the main roads. The approach roads were built using 18,000 cubic meter soil. When the load increases it is natural that the area where the road merges with concrete bridge will sink. The railway authorities said that the issue will be fixed soon. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/06/21/approach-road-nagampadam-bridge-subside-rains.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/06/21/approach-road-nagampadam-bridge-subside-rains.html Sat, 22 Jun 2019 00:30:07 GMT How a cop took on unruly youth who created a scene in theatre Kottayam: Just rewind to the scene in Malayalam flick 'Action Hero Biju', in which some youths are brought to the police station for breaking law and Inspector Biju, a role essayed by Nivin Pauly, giving them a dressing down. Later, the youngsters' parents are summoned by the police officer to give them a word of advice. Something similar happened at Pala in Kottayam district the other day, and the real life hero is Circle Inspector Varghese Alexander. When four youths started to converse in a boisterous manner during a movie show at a famous theatre at Pala, they didn't know what was coming their way. Sitting just ahead of them was Varghese in plain clothes along with his driver. Hearing the loud babble, which was bothering the audience, Varghese turned around and looked at them. As a rebuttal to his stare, one of the youths rested his leg on Varghese's seat and while doing so he hit the police officer's shoulder. The circle inspector kept his cool, but waited for the youths outside the theatre when the show was over. When Varghese told the youth to behave properly in a public place, they started to shout and take his pictures on the mobile phone. They came to know that Varghese was a police officer when he took the cell phone from the quartet and asked them to collect the instrument from the police station. Varghese said that the youth were let off after their parents were summoned to the police station. Trouble in Kottayam too These kind of troublemakers are a headache for moviegoers in Kottayam too. The other day, a woman had an unpleasant experience as she was watching a movie at a theatre near the KSRTC bus station. A youth, who was sitting behind her, kept his leg on the backside of her seat and also kicked her seat. He continued his unruly behaviour, despite stern warnings, to the chagrin of the woman and she later got up from the seat in a fit of anger. Though the youth’s friends tried to take him out of the cinema hall, the police took custody of the troublesome youths following a complaint from the woman. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/06/17/how-a-cop-took-on-unruly-youth-who-created-a-scene-in-theatre.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/06/17/how-a-cop-took-on-unruly-youth-who-created-a-scene-in-theatre.html Tue, 18 Jun 2019 00:48:41 GMT Free bus ride for cancer, kidney failure patients Kaduthuruthy: Here is an example of true compassion from Kuruppanthara. Kuruppanthara Chirayil Jaymon, whose 14-fleet bus service runs between Kottayam-Ernakulam route, is offering cancer and kidney failure patients travelling to the Kottayam Medical College for treatment a free journey. The deaf, blind and mute also gets a free ride in his buses. The Malayala Manorama had carried a report about a bus owner in Malappuram who offers free bus rides to patients two weeks ago. Reading this, Jaymon and his family too decided to offer a similar service in their ‘Ave Maria’ buses. On average, more than 50 cancer and kidney renal failure patients are utilising the free service in their 14 buses, Jaymon said. Differently abled children are also taking benefit of this service. The decision to offer free service was taken jointly by Jayman, his wife Shiby and children Mariya, Anna and Elsa. They are also planning to issue a card to patients who are regularly using the service. Jaymon also keeps aside a part of the income from the bus service for the welfare of his employees. This new year, he had distributed textbooks and clothes for his employees' children. Jaymon said that he will think about offering a free bus ride to every patient who is visiting the medical college for treatment. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/06/13/free-bus-ride-for-cancer-kidney-failure-patients.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/06/13/free-bus-ride-for-cancer-kidney-failure-patients.html Fri, 14 Jun 2019 00:53:15 GMT Bedridden artist hopes to complete unique painting work in school Kottayam: When schools reopened on Thursday, students of Kumaranallur Perumbayikad Holy Family L P School were disappointed seeing the incomplete ‘fast passenger bus’ in front of their school. There are unfinished pictures of dinosaurs and other attractions inside. The artist, who was supposed to complete the paintings, had been bedridden for the last one year. Headmistress Sister Lia wanted to decorate the school with attractive paintings before the school reopening day festival in 2018. She entrusted Anil Joseph with the task. Anil was an experienced hand, having done such work for several churches and schools. He turned the school building into a KSRTC bus. It was named Perumbayikad Fast passenger, parked near a milestone. While Anil was busy with the project in the school during May 2018, he got a call from Delhi. It was to remind him of an assignment that he had earlier agreed to carry out. The work involved creating art inside the St Sebastian church at Dilshad Garden. Anil told Sister Liya that he would complete the work in Delhi within a few days and resume the painting of the bus in 10 days. Anil left for Delhi on June 2. In Delhi, Anil first did the painting behind the altar. He then used a ladder to paint the top portion on June 9 when the roof of the church collapsed and Anil fell from a height of 22 feet. He was rushed to a private hospital and then to the medical college. There were injuries to his vertebral column and spinal cord. In August last year, Anil was shifted to Kottayam Medical College hospital and a surgery was performed on him. Anil can now get up and walk a little with some help. Anil’s family was earlier totally dependent on him. They live at Kuzhikattil house, Kurumulloor in Moozhikulangara. His wife Sobhana now works in the cleaning section of S H Medical Centre. She is on night duty every day after Anil’s mishap. Their son Sajith is training to be an interior designer while daughter Sajna has completed dental technician course and is a trainee. Anil still dreams a lot. He wants to resume painting at religious places and schools. The first task should of course be finishing the work of the Perumbayikad Fast passenger. Anil now hopes to finish that before the school reopening day festival in June 2020. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/06/06/bedridden-artist-hopes-to-complete-unique-painting-work-in-schoo.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/06/06/bedridden-artist-hopes-to-complete-unique-painting-work-in-schoo.html Fri, 07 Jun 2019 00:46:09 GMT Religious teacher arrested for sexual abuse of kids Kottayam: The Kerala Police has arrested a madrassa teacher accused of sexually abusing three children, an officer said on Monday. Ustad Yusuf, 63, was on Saturday arrested from near Palakkad based on a complaint lodged by the parents of a boy subjected to abuse. Sub-inspector T M Sufi told IANS: "He (Yusuf) claims that he was a victim of child abuse and even though he has not accepted violating children for several years, the arrest has been made following complaints that he abused two young girls and a small boy." The police will on Tuesday seek the custody of Yusuf, said Sufi. Yusuf has been engaged as a religious teacher for a long time, the officer said. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/06/04/religious-teacher-arrested-for-sexual-abuse-of-kids.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/06/04/religious-teacher-arrested-for-sexual-abuse-of-kids.html Tue, 04 Jun 2019 05:40:31 GMT How a burn victim was nursed back to life Kottayam: The rehabilitation of burn victims is difficult as they need to be handled with care. However, the medical staff at the District General Hospital, Kottayam, took up this challenge gracefully and brought a badly burned youth back to life. Praveen, a burn victim who was on the verge of death after sustaining 85 per cent of burns, was brought back to life by the dedicated efforts of the hospital staff. A paver of interlock bricks, he had sustained the burn on January 3. He was at first taken to Medical College Hospital, Kottayam from where he was taken to Medical College Hospital, Thiruvananthapuram, where he spent three months. He was discharged from the Medical College with the advice to get plastic surgery done. However, many hospitals he had approached turned him down as the case was too severe. On reaching the General Hospital, Kottayam, the doctors led by Dr Nevin, were ready to take up the challenge and admitted him. At first he had to stay in the corridors of the Burns Unit, but was soon shifted to a room after the intervention of Hospital Superintendent Dr Bindukumari and Dr Mary Kalliyath Verghese of the Communicable Diseases Department. A room was specially arranged for him with air-conditioning, and Shyla, an expert nurse was assigned to care of him. The entire medical team including the house surgeons coming on rounds, supported him mentally and encouraged. Slowly, the burnt skin slowly started to grow back. Now, Praveen is busy making drawings upon papers stuck on the walls of the hospital room. He has compiled a book of the drawings. Praveen dreams of preparing a feast by himself and serving it to the doctors and medical staff on his birthday in September. Praveen is the son of Babu M Nair and Lathika of Chingavanam, Kottayam. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/06/01/how-a-burn-victim-was-nursed-back-to-life.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/06/01/how-a-burn-victim-was-nursed-back-to-life.html Sun, 02 Jun 2019 00:53:36 GMT Desperate youths steal petrol, later apologise Erumeli: Motorcycle workshop owner Negi was in for a big surprise when he came to open his shop one fine morning and found a bottle of petrol and a letter. A curious Negi read the letter, which turned out to be an apology letter, from two youths who stole petrol from one of the motorbikes parked outside his workshop on the Erumeli-Ranni road near here in Kottayam district. The youths were travelling from Mundakayam to Ranni on their bike when they ran out of petrol in the middle of the night as they reached near Negi’s workshop. Without thinking twice, the youths refilled their bike with the petrol siphoned off from one of the bikes parked outside the garage and continued their journey. The following night after the incident, the youth returned to the workshop and left behind a bottle of petrol and an apology letter with a note that the petrol was stolen from a blue ‘Pulsar’ bike. The images of the CCTV camera installed in front of the workshop corroborated the robbery. Later, Negi posted on Facebook that he had pardoned the youths. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/05/31/youths-steal-petrol-necessity-later-apologise.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/05/31/youths-steal-petrol-necessity-later-apologise.html Sat, 01 Jun 2019 03:21:13 GMT Finally, sturdy Nagampadam Bridge sliced up perfectly Kottayam: A blade did what a blast could not! A diamond saw cutter sliced old Nagampadam Bridge like a knife through butter. Two cranes that could lift 305 tonnes lifted the pieces as if they were made of plaster of paris. The diamond cutter first sliced the arch into four pieces and the cranes lifted them off. The bridge was then taken apart in six parts. The entire structure was then crushed into rubble. The contract was undertaken by Kochi-based Pallasseri Earthworks. An earlier attempt to implode the bridge through controlled explosion had failed. Train services on the route were suspended from 1.30am on Saturday ahead of the slicing of the bridge. The arch on the right went first. Its pillars were then cut off. The first piece was removed at 9.20am using cranes. Some spectators atop the adjacent Nehru Stadium were seen applauding the act. The rest of the arch came down by 12.50pm. The rail tracks were covered with sand bags during the operation. Concrete slabs were placed over them to erect iron pillars that supported the bridge before demolition. Railway authorities oversaw the dismantling. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/05/26/nagamapadom-bridge-demolition-sliced-up.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/05/26/nagamapadom-bridge-demolition-sliced-up.html Sun, 26 May 2019 07:11:50 GMT Services on Kottayam rail suspended, dismantling of Nagampadam bridge begins Kottayam: Measures to bring down old bridge at Nagampadam have begun. Electric line was disengaged yesterday night. The bridge will be sawed off in 10 stages. A crane was brought yesterday and rails covered to avoid damage. All services on Kottayam line have been suspended until 12.40 am tomorrow (Sunday). Five express trains and all passenger trains have been cancelled. 24 long-distance trains through Kottayam have been diverted through Alappuzha. Seven passenger and memu services on Kottayam-Alappuzha route will be suspended on Sunday. Other passenger trains may also be delayed. The work on the old bridge will not affect traffic on the new one. An earlier attempt to implode the bridge had failed. More KSRTC services More KSRTC services will be introduced until May 27 in the wake of cancellation of train services. There will be more buses on Thiruvananthapuram-Thrissur route through Kottayam and Alappuzha. Buses will start from Thiruvananthapuram railway station at the same start time of cancelled trains. Control room numbers: KSRTC – 9447071021, 0471-246399 Passenger trains cancelled on Sunday * 66307 – Ernakulam-Kollam Memu * 56300 – Kollam-Alappuzha Passenger * 56302 – Alappuzha-Kollam Passenger * 56380 – Kayamkulam-Ernakulam Passenger * 56393 – Kottayam-Kollam Passenger * 56394 – Kollam-Kottayam Passenger https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/05/25/train-delays-due-to-dismantling-of-nagampada-bridge.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/05/25/train-delays-due-to-dismantling-of-nagampada-bridge.html Sat, 25 May 2019 02:35:31 GMT Kottayam native marries off his son's ex-girlfriend Kottayam: It was truly a wedding with a difference. A girl married off by her ex-boyfriend's father. The unique story began six years ago when the teenage son of the man fell in love with his Plus-Two classmate. Both of them eloped but were caught by the police and presented in court. However, the girl's parents refused to take her home and the boy's father offered to take her responsibility. The Thirunakkara native said he will take care her of till she turned 18 and would then get them married. He took her home and let her continue her studies. However, the son did not show the same commitment and later became romantically involved with someone else. The father on coming to know of this, took him along to his workplace in the Gulf. The youth still did not relent. When he came home on leave, he married the other girl. But the father was not impressed. He rejected his son and gave his assets to his 'adopted' daughter. He then went ahead and conducted her marriage with a Karunagappally native. Photos of the wedding held at the Thirunakkara Sree Mahadevar Temple on Sunday have gone viral. Social media are applauding the father for taking such a step even when a sensational honour killing case is on trial in the same district. The man has an eight-year-old daughter too. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/05/21/kottayam-native-marries-off-sons-ex-girlfriend.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/05/21/kottayam-native-marries-off-sons-ex-girlfriend.html Tue, 21 May 2019 06:25:27 GMT Irked by neighbour’s kittens, Kottayam man kills them Kottayam: If you don't like your neighbour's cat entering your home, chase it away. But don't try any dire steps like this Kangazha native. Ajayakumar killed the two kittens of his neighbour and then hanged them. The police arrested the 45-year-old based on a complaint by animal lovers. Ajayakumar and his neighbour Habib Mohammed often quarrelled over the kittens, the police said. Then, in an inebriated state, he beat the two kittens to death, the officer said. Videos of Ajayakumar beating the little creatures and hanging them were taken by Habib. These videos had gone viral on social media. Ajayakumar was later let off on bail. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/05/17/kottayam-man-kills-neighbours-kittens.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/05/17/kottayam-man-kills-neighbours-kittens.html Fri, 17 May 2019 07:55:10 GMT Kerala's own rooster makes it to Rs 1 lakh club Kottayam: How much are you ready to shell out for a rooster? Couple of hundred rupees, would be the usual answer. However, a rooster that was on auction at the St George Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church Ponpally, Nattasserry, in Kottayam district has the distinction of being purchased for Rs 1.10 lakh. The auction, held as part of the annual church festival, saw some frenzied bidding. The first rooster that goes for auction is called as 'Ponnum Kozhi' (golden rooster). Manoj Joseph, who runs a construction firm in Coimbatore, got the rooster for the highest bid. His wife Susan of Manoor is from the parish and they are regular attendees of the fest. Manoj had been winning the auction for the past 18 years, said trustee Anil K Kurian. Though past years had also seen heated bidding, this is for the first time that the Rs 1-lakh mark has been crossed. A country rooster that would fetch Rs 500 in the market was sold for over Rs 1 lakh. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/05/16/kerala-own-rooster-makes-1-lakh-club.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/05/16/kerala-own-rooster-makes-1-lakh-club.html Fri, 17 May 2019 00:50:35 GMT Former Infosys employee, driver die in tragic car accident in Chennai Chennai: A 27-year-old woman and her driver, died in a car accident on Wednesday. Their car rammed into a stationary tanker lorry at Chennai’s Villupuram at 4 am on Wednesday. Two are hospitalised with injuries. Lizbeth Sebastian (27) and driver Mamparambil Wilson (42) died, as Lizbeth’s father Sebastian and father-in-law Jose Mullankuzhi sustained injuries in the accident. Lizbeth who had resigned from her job at Infosys, Chennai was set to join her husband, Kurumbanadam native, Jerin Jose Mullankuzhi, in Australia. The family was on the way from Changanassery to her office in Chennai to collect her certificates when the mishap occurred. Wilson was a private bus driver. Wife: Velamma; children: Alphonsa, Agnus. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/05/16/two-malayalis-die-in-chennai-car-mishap.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/05/16/two-malayalis-die-in-chennai-car-mishap.html Thu, 16 May 2019 05:46:01 GMT Nagampadom bridge to be sliced off after failed demolition bid Kottayam: After a day-long bid to raze an railway overbridge in the heart of Kottayam town through a remote-controlled demolition failed late last month, authorities are planning to use another method to demolish it. They have decided to cut the structure into pieces, which would then be lifted and shifted with a crane. The next bid to demolish the bridge located at Nagampadom could be taken up next month. An expert team had inspected the bridge and given its clearance for the new plan. Railway authorities said that this plan was adopted after another idea to push down the 305-tonne bridge was not found feasible. As per the latest decision, the bridge will initially be strengthened by fixing large steel pipes below. Afterwards, the structure would be cut into several portions using concrete cutters. The next step involves shifting the pieces of the bridge with the help of a crane. It is estimated that 22 hours would be need to complete this task. Even though the Railways has allotted 24 hours to demolish the bridge, the Railway Engineering Wing officials said that the work would be over in lesser time. Still, train traffic would be blocked for 24 hours. Earlier, traffic had been suspended for 9 hours to carry out the explosions. Under the new plan, the railway tracks risk no damage. However, the overhead electric lines need to be entirely removed and train traffic through Kottayam railway station would have to be fully suspended for one whole day. The new effort to cut the bridge and lift the pieces was considered after two attempts to demolish the structure with controlled explosions failed. A total of 1,200 holes were drilled and explosives stuffed ahead of the demolition bid. Only 12 detonators out of 1,200 went off. Initial analysis had found improper circuitry led to the failure. The problem was with the detonators and demolition contractor (Maclink Infra Projects from Tirupur), the Railways said. Experts had analysed the detonators after the explosives were removed. Renowned engineer E Sreedharan had then claimed that it would be difficult to bring down the bridge as it is exceptionally strong. Sreedharan was the assistant engineer at Kottayam railway station when the overbridge was being built in 1955. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/05/15/nagampadom-bridge-sliced-failed-demolition-bid.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/05/15/nagampadom-bridge-sliced-failed-demolition-bid.html Thu, 16 May 2019 00:51:49 GMT Danger still lurks on road linking Changanassery, Kottayam towns Changanassery: The 19-km stretch of Main Central (MC) Road between Changanassery and Kottayam towns has become a death trap after the road was spruced up in the recent past, raising concerns among travellers as well as the authorities. There are eight danger zones along the stretch where accidents are waiting to happen. Even before the road widening the stretch between these towns in Kottayam district is notorious for accidents, though not of the scale of that part of the National Highway to the west of the arterial MC Road. Palathra A narrow bridge on a wide road is the issue here. Lack of protective walls makes the situation worse. Vehicles coming at high speed suddenly swerve to enter the narrow bridge, leading to accidents. Police are on duty at Palathra bypass junction, but the haste shown by drivers to cross the traffic signal often causes mishaps. Thuruthy Kana This is a spot where several byroads join the M C Road. Small vehicles like two-wheeler carelessly enter the M C Road here, risking accidents. Many large vehicles are forced to swerve while trying to save small vehicles and end up ramming the nearby compound walls. Punnamoodu Six people lost their lives over the last three years here. More accidents are taking place after the road was developed. The risk is posed by steep ascends and descends on the road. Moreover, the road from Kavalam joins the M C Road here and vehicles travelling on both roads end up smashing into each other. Puthenpalam The road descends very steeply from Seminary Pady bus stop to Puthenpalam. Vehicles often lose control while coming down the incline and skid and fall into the Puthen canal. Last week, a bus had overturned at the spot, causing injuries to many passengers. Statistics show that on an average, five two-wheeler riders are injured in accidents at the bridge here every month. At least one person dies every three months. Mavilangu Side roads joining the broad stretch of M C Road make this stretch dangerous. Display boards and houses block the view of vehicles entering the M C Road from Bukaana road. Moreover, vehicles from Kottayam fail to notice the byroad on the left. Pallom Post Office Even though M C Road has been widened, the compound wall of the post office is yet to be demolished. Vehicles travelling at high speed do not anticipate the wall of the post office and occasionally ram it. Manippuzha Here danger lurks as private and KSRTC buses travelling to Kottayam stop between two signals and passengers alight and board the vehicles. But the buses often fail to move even after the signal changes. On other occasions, the vehicles scramble to proceed even as the signal turns red. All these occasionaly lead to collisions. Another cause of accidents here is vehicles travelling on the wrong lane. Kodimatha Speeding along the four-lane stretch and risky overtaking at Kodimatha bridge often lead to mishaps here. Vehicles trying to enter Market Road and those travelling at high speeds on the main road also regularly collide. Other issues Several other problems exist along the Changanassery - Kottayam stretch. They include: • Illegal shops and trade on the roadside at Mulankuzha, Cement Kavala and Palathra. Sales of snacks and pan masala at several spots. • Bus stops are adjacent to the traffic signals at Manippuzha, Chingavanam and Outpost. • Solar streetlights installed as part of KSTP road widening project are not working at many places. • Bus bays built for the convenience of passengers are now utilised as parking areas by private vehicles. • At Mariyappally, bus waiting shelters are turned into roadside eateries at night. • The alignment of the roads is not scientific at stretches such as Puthenpalam-Seminary Pady and Thuruthy Kana- Punnamoodu. Moreover, the banking at the curves is not proper which leads to accidents, say the police. Read more District news https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/05/14/danger-still-lurks-on-road-linking-changanassery-kottayam-towns.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/05/14/danger-still-lurks-on-road-linking-changanassery-kottayam-towns.html Tue, 14 May 2019 17:44:42 GMT Nagampadam ground reeks of waste: Authorities indifferent Kottayam: The cleanliness drive taking place has given the miss to the Nagampadam ground that has become a virtual waste dumping site these days. Tonnes of waste have been dumped on the sides of the ground where Kurian Uthup road and the Railway Station road merge . Since the past one year, waste from the corporation is being dumped here. When waste gets piled up at one spot, pits are dug to dispose it off. The same site is dug again, only to unearth waste that includes plastic. Occassionally, they are set ablaze. Last month, one such fire spread, and fire fighters had to be summoned to put it off. Almost eight canopy trees that sheltered the ground from the scorching heat on hot summer days almost died in the fire. The waste that is dumped here includes those from restaurants too. It is alleged that even waste from toilets find its way to the ground. This has given rise to stray dog menace as well. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/05/13/nagampadam-ground-reeks-of-waste.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/05/13/nagampadam-ground-reeks-of-waste.html Mon, 13 May 2019 10:30:59 GMT Absconding murderer arrested in Bengaluru and brought back Kottayam: The accused, in the murder of a migrant labourer in Kottayam, was arrested from Whitefield , Bengaluru and was brought back here yesterday on 8 May. Appu Roy (26) from Jaipalguri, Bengal , has been accused of killing his friend Pushpanath Saibi (Pushkumar). The victim was found stabbed to death on the fourth floor of a building ner TB junction on 16 April. Money was the motive behind the murder, said District Police Chief Hari Sankar. It has also been found that Roy had used the victim's ATM card to withdraw cash. Roy's hand had sustained a deep injury during the murder. He was caught by the shadow police in Bangalore, said DYSP R Sreekumar. He will be produced before a court today. The police team included West CI VS Pradeep Kumar, SI A Ramesh, ASIs Radhakrishnan Nair, VS Shibu Kuttan, S Ajith, I Sajikumar, Civil police officers PN Manoj, KS Abhilash, Arun Kumar and Sajamon Philip. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/05/09/absconding-murderer-arrested-in-bengaluru-and-brought-back.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/05/09/absconding-murderer-arrested-in-bengaluru-and-brought-back.html Thu, 09 May 2019 09:07:42 GMT Too tiresome to go to Idukki? Kottayam youth grow cannabis on terrace Kaduthuruthy: The excise department has found that certain youths in Kottayam district have resorted to growing cannabis on their own terrace. Reason: it is too tiresome to travel all the way to Idukki or Tamil Nadu to get weed. These youngsters discovered that their own house premises, including the terrace, was an ideal location to grow the cannabis. After receiving information that youngsters were frequently assembling at a house in Kaduthuruthy, the excise department recently raided the place only to discover cannabis grown amongst the ornamental plants on the terrace. The department destroyed the plants and filed a case against the youth. In another case, excise sleuths found 33 cannabis plants on the courtyard of a house in Mulakulam. At least seven such cases have been filed in the district by the excise department. Earlier, Idukki and nearby areas were considered hotbeds for growing cannabis. Lately, Kottayam seems to be picking up the pace as well. In order to report unauthorised alcohol, drug deals please contact: Excise division office and control room - 0481 2562211, excise circle office - 2583091, 9400069508, Changanassery - 2422741, 9400069509, Ponkunam - 04828 221412, 9400069510, Pala - 04822 212235, 9400069511, Vaikom - 04829 231592, 9400069512, special squad Kottayam - 2573801, 9400069506, Kottayam assistant excise commissioner - 9496002865, Kottayam deputy excise commissioner 9447178057 https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/05/07/kottayam-youth-grow-cannabis-on-terrace.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/05/07/kottayam-youth-grow-cannabis-on-terrace.html Wed, 08 May 2019 01:33:13 GMT After Jawan, Farmer disappears from liquor stores Kottayam: Consumerfed and Bevco employees are promoting sale of major liquor brands and restricting sale of popular brands like Jawan and Farmer to get higher commissions, the Vigilance and Anti-Corruption Bureau has found. The raids at Kottayam Bevco and Consumerfed outlets revealed that the popular brands are not sold despite large stocks of cheaper varieties. Raids were carried out by a team comprising Vigilance SP V G Vinod, DYSPs -S Suresh Kumar, M K Manoj, A J Thomas, Nishadmon, Rijo P Joseph, Mubarak and Merlin Scaria. There were discrepancies between the bill amounts and the cash at the counter in the Gandhinagar outlet. Only a meager amount of Rs 2,000 was recorded in the damage register whereas the previous months had Rs 20,000 to 25,000 worth of loss. It has been discovered that employees had taken the liquor and registered it as damaged goods. Other outlets too have similar bogus accounts. It was shown that 50 kg of newspaper was bought on a day-to-day basis for wrapping bottles. However, no newspapers were found here. Raids were held at Bevco’s Gandhinagar, Pallikkathodu, Chingavanam, Mundakkayam, Kaduthuruthi and Consumerfed’s Pala and Ettumanoor retail outlets. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/05/02/after-jawan-farmer-brands-disappears-from-liquor-stores.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/05/02/after-jawan-farmer-brands-disappears-from-liquor-stores.html Fri, 03 May 2019 00:47:16 GMT Inferior cables behind failure of Nagampadom bridge demolition Kottayam: Railway officials concluded that the faulty cables used in connecting the detonators are to be blamed for the second failed attempt at demolishing the Nagampadom bridge. The explosives were filled in 32 mm wide gaps at 900 places. The cables which connected the explosives to the detonators snapped during the explosion. It is suspected that the cables may be of inferior quality though they belonged to a popular brand. The railways had authorised the company incharge of constructing the new bridge to demolish the older one with a sub contract of Rs 35 lakhs. Though the company had garnered repute through its work in Mumbai and other places, the company and railway officials had overlooked the quality and particularities of the 65 year old bridge. Hence, its plan of controlled explosion might have failed. The engineering wing of the railway has submitted a report to the Chief Security Officer, Chennai on the same. It reported that the electricity supply went off soon after the first detonator exploded. The supply went off again after the explosion of 18 detonators. The officials are expected to submit a second report on the next plan of action in two days time and might also come up with an alternative strategy of demolition. The technique of controlled explosion was opted because it would have resulted in quick results, which otherwise would have required control on railway traffic along the line for more than a month. The report is also expected to lead to a further high end investigation into the reason for choosing the particular explosion technique. It is suspected that the company had chosen the method most profitable for them. Railways has notified that the company will not be paid as they failed to complete the task. The demolition exercise has been put on hold until further orders are issued. The presence of many surrounding buildings and a railway track below the bridge makes it impossible to use a high end explosion. So this calls for a well thought out plan b. Tentatively, the railways proposes to push off the bridge using cranes and hydraulic jacks in phases and then crush it in vicinities outside the tracks and power lines. The cranes must be capable of lifting concrete slabs weighing around 305 tonnes, for which those used in Kochi metro construction are ideal. The displaced bridge can be pushed to the stadium here and then crushed. The plan however requires controlling train traffic along the route for a minimum 3 hours for 5 days, which prevents the railways from going ahead with it. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/05/02/inferior-cables-behind-failure-of-nagampadom-bridge-demolition.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/05/02/inferior-cables-behind-failure-of-nagampadom-bridge-demolition.html Thu, 02 May 2019 06:59:12 GMT Social differences led to Kevin’s abduction, witness tells court Kottayam: The trial over the sensational honour killing of Kottayam youth Kevin P Joseph is on. During the proceedings, a witness claimed that he was abducted by his fiancee's family as they were dead against a matrimonial alliance as he was from a lower social group. Kevin was a Dalit Christian youth. The Kottayam Principal Sessions Court, where the trail is on, is considering the death as honour killing. A witness, Santosh, told court on Tuesday that he heard Sanu Chacko saying that Kevin was abducted because he belonged to a lower caste. Sanu is the brother of Neenu, who was in love with Kevin who was murdered last year after his abduction from his home town. Santosh is the brother of Anish who was also abducted along with Kevin by a gang led by Sanu. Recalling that fateful day, Santosh said he had reached Anish’s house in Mannanam along with a relative, Benny, after he heard of the duo's abduction. Another relative Sibi was also summoned. The police were informed of the issue from Sibi’s phone. Ettumanoor Police was intimated first. They passed on the message to Gandhinagar Police. They did not respond for a long time. That was when he went to the station along with Sibi, said Santosh. Relatives were pressured to hand over Neenu in exchange for Kevin and Anish. Santosh reached the hostel at Ammancheri where Neenu was put up, but was denied nod by hostel authorities. The then Gandhinagar ASI TM Biju and other policemen soon reached Anish’s place. Santosh and relatives had then told the cops that they suspected the hand of Neenu’s brother and his gang. The ASI called Neenu’s father Chacko John on phone and sought the release of Kevin and Anish. Santosh then dialled Anish, but his phone was picked up by Sanu, who asked Santosh to bring Neenu. He threatened that they will not see Anish again if Neenu was not returned, the court was told. Santosh also identified accused number two Niyas in court. Sibi concurred with Santosh’s statements on the ASI calling Sanu and the death threat to Anish. Sibi also identified his voice from his phone conversation with ASI Biju. He said police did not give them justice in this case. One hotel manager, Roy Janardanan, positively identified the accused in court. Statements of 11 witnesses have been registered so far. Neenu’s statement too will be registered. The trial will continue tomorrow.. Kevin P Joseph, a 23-year-old Dalit Christian youth, was brutally killed on May 27 2018 by a gang led by the brother of his 20-year-old fiancee, Neenu. He had earned the wrath of Neenu's family for going ahead with plans to marry Neenu who belonged to a well-off family despite objection by her parents and brother. The Kevin murder trial which began in February is expected to be completed in six months as it comes under the category of honour killing. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/05/01/social-differences-led-to-kevins-abduction-witness-tells-court.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/05/01/social-differences-led-to-kevins-abduction-witness-tells-court.html Wed, 01 May 2019 06:53:13 GMT Overbridge likely to be pushed down after bid to raze it falls flat Kottayam: Two days after a day-long bid to raze an old railway overbridge in the heart of Kottayam town through a remote-controlled demolition failed, authorities are planning to use another method to demolish it. The bridge will now be pushed down without letting it fall on the adjacent rail tracks. It is located at Nagampadom area and bridged a part of the MC Road until a new bridge was constructed close by. It is said the next move could be made only after consultation with top railway engineers. Inspection held on Sunday revealed the bridge had no weakness after a few blasts were made. However, its pillars were strengthened with additional support. Meanwhile, the speed limit for trains passing through near the bridge was raised to 15km/hr from 30 set earlier. Train services on the Kottayam line was cancelled on Sunday as the demolition was scheduled that day. A railway guard has been deployed below the bridge now. Failed bid A total of 1,200 holes were drilled and explosives stuffed ahead of the demolition bid. Only 12 detonators out of 1,200 went off. Initial analysis had found improper circuitry led to the failure. The problem was with the detonators and demolition contractor (Maclink Infra Projects from Tirupur), the Railways said. Experts analysed the detonators after explosives were removed. Two explosions failed to rock the bridge, made steely strong with 142 cubic metres of concrete. Soman of Deepak Engineering Work, who has his shop next to the bridge, was also involved in the effort. Soman’s firm, barely 25 feet away from the bridge, repaired the machines used in drilling. He had to close shop for two days for demolition. The structure that was jolted with two blasts and the layers of concrete peeled off raising concerns, Soman said. Maclink had a Rs 3 lakh contract for demolition. They will not be paid since the bridge failed to collapse. They had demolished a 11-storey dilapidated building in Mauleevakkam, Chennai, in 2016. Kottayam District Collector PK Sudhir Babu has sought reports from the Railways and the contractor. Meanwhile, renowned engineer E Sreedharan claimed that it would be difficult to bring down the bridge as it is exceptionally strong. Sreedharan was the assistant engineer at Kottayam railway station when the overbridge was being built in 1955. "I too had a role to play in its construction," Sreedharan, who was behind the raising of the Konkan Railway and the Delhi Metro, stated. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/04/29/nagampadom-railway-overbridge-failed-explosions.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/04/29/nagampadom-railway-overbridge-failed-explosions.html Mon, 29 Apr 2019 06:37:08 GMT Kottayam church swears by solar enegy, to sell surplus Kottayam: The use of solar power is rising steadily over the last several years. More and more residences and commercial establishments are opting for renewable energy. A famed church in the heart of Kottayam town is set to solar power for its needs. The solar plant is set to be functional from Sunday. The church administrators thought of producing solar energy as its power bills skyrocketed, and soon 98 solar panels were installed after sprucing up the church’s roof. The surplus power would be released to the power grid of the Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB) at a fixed rate. It is estimated that 30 KW of electricity could be supplied to the state power utility. A solar project of this scale on the roof of a church is a first in Kerala, says the authorities. The solar panels were installed by a private agency at a cost of Rs 18 lakh and the invested money could be recouped in the next 3 to 5 years, said church trustee Mathew Maliyekkal. The solar power project was inaugurated by K Roy Paul, the former chairman of Air India on Saturday. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/04/29/kottayam-church-swears-solar-energy-sell-surplus.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/04/29/kottayam-church-swears-solar-energy-sell-surplus.html Mon, 29 Apr 2019 04:04:19 GMT 65-year-old bridge in Kottayam refuses to fall after demolition attempt Kottayam: The day-long bid to raze the old railway overbridge in the heart of Kottayam town through a remote-controlled demolition failed, much to the disappointment of an eager crowd that waited to see the demolition act here at Nagampadom on Saturday. It was initially planned to demolish the 65-year-old Nagampadam bridge using controlled demolition at 11 am. However, it did not work out due to technical failures. Another attempt was again planned for 2:45pm, but got delayed till 5pm. However, the bridge still stood strong. Road and rail traffic through Nagampadam have been re-instated, authorities informed. Manorama News reported that the Indian Railways have dropped the plan to demolish the bridge through controlled 'implosion' technique. Now, traditional methods used for breaking the bridge are being considered. The railway authorities took the opportunity to shower praises for the high quality beams that were used in the construction of the old bridge. Meanwhile, renowned engineer E Sreedharan claimed that it would be difficult to bring down the bridge as it is exceptionally strong. Sreedharan was the assistant engineer at Kottayam railway station when the overbridge was being built in 1955. "I too had a role to play in its construction," Sreedharan, who was behind the raising of the Konkan Railway and the Delhi Metro, stated. Several people thronged the Jawarlal Nehru stadium to witness the event. The bridge and its pillars were drilled and explosives were placed inside it on Friday. The entire bridge had been covered with a plastic material to stop spread of debris and dust. The bridge is on a stretch of the busy MC Road. Top railway authorities, district heads, police, firefighters and municipal authorities were present. In order to raze the bridge, concrete beams and pillars were weakened over time first. This was done by the end of February. Beams, pillars and base of bridge were fitted with nitroglycerine and dynamite in a process called charge. These part were drilled and explosives inserted. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/04/27/kottayam-nagampaam-bridge-demolishing.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/04/27/kottayam-nagampaam-bridge-demolishing.html Sun, 28 Apr 2019 07:16:56 GMT 10th edition of Manorama's ‘Hrudayapurvam’ begins Kottayam: Malayala Manorama’s two-day camp, named ‘Hrudayapurvam’, for heart checkup has started. The diagnostic camp for cardiovascular diseases commenced on the Manorama office premises at 8.30am today In all, 350 people from Thiruvananthapuram to Ernakulam will take part in the first camp of the 10 phase of Hrudayapurvam project. The event is held in association with the Madras Medical Mission. Examinations will be led by Madras Medical Mission Cardiology Department Director Dr Ajith Mullassery, Pediatric Cardiology Department Head Dr K Sivakumar, Senior Consultant Cardio-Thoracic Surgeon Dr VM Kurian, Dr Ravi Agarwal, Dr Sreeja Pavithran, Dr S Minakshi and Dr Sheth Ronak Kaushik. The camp will feature modern medical equipment. Madras Medical Mission has brought a mobile diagnostic clinic equipped with ECG machine and treadmill for the event. A team of experts will decide who all need emergency surgery. They will receive all medical attention at the Madras Medical Mission free of cost. Hrudayapurvam project will cover their travel expenses too. Those who underwent surgery earlier as part of the project will have a chance to check their health at the camp. This will save them the trouble of going to Madras Medical Mission in Chennai for a checkup. Those registered should reach the camp on time slots designated to them. They should bring along medical records. Hrudayapurvam camp ends tomorrow. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/04/27/10th-edition-of-Manoramas-health-check-up-camp-begins.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/04/27/10th-edition-of-Manoramas-health-check-up-camp-begins.html Sat, 27 Apr 2019 07:46:18 GMT No train on Kottayam line owing to bridge demolition Kottayam: The old railway bridge in the heart of Kottayam town will be brought down by a controlled demolition at 11am today. The blast will be remotely controlled. No trains will be operated on the Kottayam route from 9 am to 6.30 pm today (Saturday). No vehicular traffic through Nagampadam bridge will be allowed from 11am to 12 noon. Pedestrians will not be let within 100 metres of the bridge during that time. The bridge and its pillars were drilled and explosives were placed in inside yesterday. The entire bridge has been covered with a plastic material to stop spread of debris and dust. The demolition will take place between 11am and 12noon. The bridge is on a stretch of the busy MC Road. Electricity will be cut off in this area during this one-hour window. People can watch the demolition from Nehru Stadium. After the blast, the bridge will fall on to the tracks. The debris will be cleared by 6.30pm today. Top railway authorities, district heads, police, firefighters and municipal authorities will be present. 10-second event The same technique used to raze down big buildings globally will be employed here. Common in the West, this controlled demolition will be the first of its kind in state. The contract has gone to Tirupur-based Mag Link Infra Projects. They will employ the ‘implosion’ technique used to bring down tall buildings. Gradual process Inorder to raze the bridge, concrete beams and pillars were weakened over time first. This was done by the end of February. Beams, pillars and base of bridge were fitted with nitroglycerine and dynamite in a process called charge. These part were drilled and explosives inserted. Train services restricted Twelve passenger trains, including three Memu trains on the Kottayam-Kayamkulam-Ernakulam route have been cancelled. Four will be partially hit, and 10 diverted through Alappuzha. Diverted services will have additional stops at Ernakulam Junction, Alappuzha, Cherthala and Haripad. Cancelled services 66308 Kollam-Ernakulam Memu, 66302 Kollam-Ernakulam Memu, 66303 Ernakulam-Kollam Memu, 56385 Ernakulam-Kottayam Passenger, 56390 Kottayam-Ernakulam Passenger, 56387 Ernakulam-Kayamkulam Passenger, 56380 Kayamkulam-Ernakulam passenger, 56303 Ernakulam-Alappuzha Passenger, 56381 Ernakulam-Kayamkulam Passenger, 56382 Kayamkulam-Ernakulam passenger, 56301 Alappuzha-Kollam Passenger. Partially affected services • 56365 Guruvayur-Punalur Passenger. No service between Ernakulam Town-Punalur station. • 56366 Punalur-Guruvayur Passenger. No service between Punalur- Ernakulam Town. • 16307 Alappuzha-Kannur Express. No service between Alappuzha-Ernakulam Junction stations. • 16308 Kannur-Alappuzha Express. Service terminates at Ernakulam. Trains diverted through Alappuzha 16650 Nagercoil-Mangaluru Parasuram Express, 17229 Thiruvananthapuram-Hyderabad Express, 16382 Kanyakumari-Mumbai Express, 12625 Thiruvananthapuram-New Delhi Kerala, 16525 Kanyakumari-KSR Bengaluru Island Express, 12081 Kannur-Thiruvananthapuram Janasatabdhi Express, 12626 New Delhi-Thiruvananthapuram Kerala, 17230 Hyderabad-Thiruvananthapuram Sabari, 16649 Mangaluru-Nagercoil Parasuram Express, 12201 Lokamanyatilak-Kochuveli Garib Rath Express 12624 Thiruvananthapuram-Chennai Mail will halt an additional 45 minutes at Kottayam Railway Station. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/04/27/no-train-on-kottayam-line-due-to-bridge-demolition.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/04/27/no-train-on-kottayam-line-due-to-bridge-demolition.html Sat, 27 Apr 2019 04:40:22 GMT Train delays in Kottayam and other parts of Kerala today Kochi: Due to the maintenance rail works at Angamaly station the trains via this area will be restricted from April 27 to May 12. The trains Ernakulam-Guruvayoor passenger (56370) and Guruvayoor-Ernakulam passenger (56375) have been cancelled. Chennai-Egmore-Guruvayoor express which will be halted for 2 hours and operated during the time of the Ernakulam-Guruvayoor passenger. The Ernakulam-Pune Bi-weekly, Thiruvananthapuram-Nizamudeen Weekly, Kochuveli-Lomanya Tilak Express will be halted for 25 minutes each. Amrita and Rajarani Express will begin departure an hour early at 9 pm from Thiruvanathapuram. The rail traffic via Kottayam station will also be restricted due to the proposed dismantling of road-over-bridge in Kottayam station limits on Saturday. A few trains are completely cancelled and some services are partially cancelled. Full cancellation The following MEMU/Passenger trains will be fully cancelled on Saturday (April 27). • Kollam-Ernakulam MEMU via Kottayam (66308). • Kollam-Ernakulam MEMU via Alappuzha (66302). • Ernakulam-Kollam MEMU via Alappuzha (66303). • Ernakulam-Kottayam passenger (56385). • Kottayam-Ernakulam passenger (56390). • Ernakulam-Kayamkulam passenger via Kottayam (56387). • Kayamkulam-Ernakulam passenger via Kottayam (56388). • Kayamkulam-Ernakulam passenger via Kottayam (56380). • Ernakulam-Alappuzha passenger (56303). • Ernakulam-Kayamkulam passenger via Alappuzha (56381). • Kayamkulam-Ernakulam passenger via Alappuzha (56382). • Alappuzha-Kollam Passenger (56301). Partial cancellation • Guruvayur-Punalur Passenger (56365) will be partially cancelled between Ernakulam Town and Punalur. • Punalur-Guruvayur Passenger (56366) will be partially cancelled between Punalur and Ernakulam Town. • Alappuzha-Kannur Express (16307) will be partially cancelled between Alappuzha-Ernakulam Jn. • Kannur-Alappuzha Express (16308) will be partially cancelled between Ernakulam Jn-Alappuzha. Train Diversion via Alappuzha Many trains via Alappuzha were delayed due to the dealy in the completion of engineering works. Kozhikode-Thiruvananthapuram Janashatabdi, Eranadu Express, was delayed by an hour and Dhabad-allapey was delayed by a half hour. On Saturday, the following train services will be diverted between Kayamkulam Jn and Ernakulam, to run via Alappuzha skipping its scheduled stoppages at Mavelikara, Chengannur, Thiruvalla, Changanassery, Kottayam, Ettumanur, Vaikom Road, Piravam Road and Tripunithura (in both directions). These diverted trains will be provided additional temporary stoppage at Ernakulam Jn(5 minutes), Alappuzha (2 minutes.), Cherthala(1 minute) and Haripad(1 minute) for the convenience of reserved passengers. • Nagercoil-Mangalore Parasuram Express (16650). • Thiruvananthapuram-Hyderabad Express (17229). • Kanniyakumari-Mumbai CSMT Express (16382). • Thiruvananthapuram-NewDelhi Kerala Express (12625). • Kanniyakumari-KSR Bengaluru Island Express (16525). • Kannur-Thiruvananthapuram Janshatabdi Express (12081). • NewDelhi-Thiruvananthapuram Kerala Express (12626). • Hyderabad-Thiruvananthapuram Sabari Express (17230). • Mangalore-Nagercoil Parasuram Express (16649). • Lokmanyatilak-Kochuveli Garibrath Express (12201). Train delay Thiruvananthapuram-MGR Chennai Central Mail (12624) will be regulated for 45 minutes at Kottayam Station on Saturday. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/04/25/travelling-by-train-via-kottayam-saturday-read-this.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/04/25/travelling-by-train-via-kottayam-saturday-read-this.html Sat, 27 Apr 2019 01:14:33 GMT Music therapy? Head to this Kerala hospital Changanassery: Music therapy has fascinated both researchers and doctors. It has been found both humans and animals benefit if they listen to pleasant music. The latest in the line to advocate music therapy in Kerala's health sector are the doctors of General Hospital at Changanassery town in Kerala's Kottayam district. The hospital authorities have decided to hold musical evenings regularly to lift the spirits of patients and bystanders living in constant anxiety about ailments. The project took a concrete shape with the initiative of hospital Superintendent S L Ajith. His team received full-fledged backing from singer Pathamuttom Raghu who volunteered to give a soul-warming performance during the maiden event. No sooner did the authorities decided to roll out the muscial event the other day on an experimental basis, people gathered in large numbers near the huge mango tree that seemed to offer a perfect setting for the musical extravaganza. Even the patients and bystanders came forward to render melodious numbers, making the event an instant hit. The response of the public was so overwhelming that the hospital authorities have decided to make the programme to a monthly event. Musical therapy will be held on the second Friday of every month from 4 pm to 6.30 pm under the grand old mango tree. Apart from hospital superintendent, hospital staff nurse K R Rajesh, Mathew T Rajan, Princy, Deepa Raveendran, Sheeja, Mrudula, and Ansiya are coordinating the event. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/04/20/music-therapy-head-to-this-kerala-hospital.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/04/20/music-therapy-head-to-this-kerala-hospital.html Sat, 20 Apr 2019 17:07:15 GMT Creepy-crawlies torment a Kerala family Ponkunnnam: Haven't you noticed dark beetles on vessels and furniture at your home? These harmless Mupli beetles have become a menace in the rural parts of Kottayam district in Kerala. Though harmless these beetles are found settling on food, water and animals. A family here at Cheruvally are in great distress as they are not able to have food or catch some sleep with peace due to the crawling insects. Sadasivan Pillai and his family members are so desperate now that they plan to vacate their house owing to the trouble posed by Mupli beetles (Luprops tristis). The local residents said that the beetle problem this time around was much worse compared to the previous years. Colonies of Mupli beetles are found on roofs, fans, windows, kitchen utensils and in almirahs, said Sadasivan Pillai. Though these beetles can be destroyed using kerosene, these insects reappear in great numbers at night. The family members have suffered skin burns due to beetle bites. Their defensive secretions can cause skin burns in humans, and also eye diseases and breathing problems. The beetles can controlled by using kerosene and petrol, and also by switching off lights inside the house, and lighting up the precincts. Mupli beetles have a liking for summer and nights. They are found among dry leaves in rubber plantations which abound in Kottayam district. They start multiplying by April and May, and later they take shelter in nearby houses and buildings before the monsoon arrives. These beetles get their name, Mupli, from a forested place in Kerala's Thrissur district which was infested with them. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/04/15/mupli-beetles-torment-kerala-family.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/04/15/mupli-beetles-torment-kerala-family.html Tue, 16 Apr 2019 01:22:35 GMT Too hot: Kottayam buys 4,000 AC units in a fortnight Kottayam: Air conditioner business is rising with the mercury levels in state. Initial dullness in the market gave way to brisk activity once sunstroke, sunburn alerts were issued. 4,000 AC units were sold in the last two weeks in Kottayam itself. Inverter AC on top Many choose inverter ACs for the fear of shock from electricity bills. Though they are Rs 3,000 to 5,000 higher than traditional ones, manufacturers claim 30-40% reduction in power usage in comparison. While branded ACs are available for Rs 22,000, their inverter ACs cost Rs 30,000. Luxury no more AC at home is no luxury anymore. Since temperatures rose above 38 degree Celsius, some in Kottayam mull over taking a loan to buy ACs. House warming is incomplete without the cool currents of an AC unit. Manufacturers are offering several deals to attract customers – free installation, gifts and 5-year warranties being some. So are installment schemes. Coolers not that cool Cooler makers too are vying for a piece of the market. But the impression that Kerala’s humid weather is not conducive for coolers has held them back in the race with ACs. However, those who cannot afford ACs are buying coolers, whose top brand units go for Rs 5,000. Fans are flying off the shelves too. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/04/04/kottayam-buys-4000-ac-units-fortnight-hot.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/04/04/kottayam-buys-4000-ac-units-fortnight-hot.html Fri, 05 Apr 2019 07:04:51 GMT Unwell boy skips HSC exam midway to attend father's funeral Kottayam: The final board examination for schools is a tense affair for students and their parents. Much care is taken for studies as well as to keep oneself in the right frame of mind and health as the respective final examinations of the state and central boards approach. However, a few candidates are so unlucky that they may have to take another chance as tragedies strike just ahead or during the all-important final hurdle. Praise God, a 10th standard student of N.S.S. Higher Secondary School at Chingavanam in Kottayam district could not complete his Higher Secondary Certificate examination, following the unexpected death of his father. Praise, who had swooned in the examination hall a couple of days before following high fever, had decided to continue appearing for the examinations battling a weak health for the sake of his father. Unfortunately, the boy had to leave the examination hall to take a last look at his father, Ajayan who died in Thiruvananthapuram. His mother Lisie and younger brother Prince had already left for Thiruvananthapuram without informing Praise about Ajayan’s death, hoping the boy would be able to complete the examination. However, as the time of the funeral grew nearer, the relatives had to fetch Praise from the examination hall even before the exam was over. The boy had already missed the examination on March 20 as he fainted in the hall. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/03/29/unwell-boys-skips-hsc-exam-midway-father-funeral.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/03/29/unwell-boys-skips-hsc-exam-midway-father-funeral.html Sat, 30 Mar 2019 00:45:38 GMT What drove an SI to climb tree to bring down a rotting corpse Kottayam: The job of the police personnel at the lower levels is not envied. Crimes, accidents and suicide cases are regular affairs for them. Often they order labourers to remove or extricate dead bodies from a crime scene. Rarely come occasions when they themselves have to literally handle corpses, even those which are decaying, and this is what exactly happened in the case of EG Vidyadharan, the Sub Inspector of Police at the Erumeli Police Station on the borders of Kerala's Kottayam district. Vidyadharan became a hero overnight when he climbed a 15-foot tall tree to bring down the four-day-old corpse of a suicide victim at Kanakappalam near Erumeli. As reported earlier, the local people had turned back from the task of getting the corpse down as the decomposing corpse was emitting a nauseating odour. Someone offered his help demanding a remuneration of Rs. 5,000. It was then the SI himself decided to climb the tree and bring down the body. Vidyadharan says it was the thought that the corpse was of a human being which prompted him to take the step. The special training he had received 27 years ago at the Police Training Camp in Thrissur had also helped him in this task. He was among the 56 cadets who received special training out of the 200 cadets of the 1992 batch. For Vidyadharan, a resident of Kombukuthi near Mundakkayam, climbing trees or negotiating tough terrains hardly poses a challenge. When the dead body was found on the tree in the forest, a big crowd of people had gathered, but when the police asked for help to bring down the body, no one was ready. It was then that the SI took the initiative. The body was found on a plantation off Erumeli-Vechuchira road. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/03/29/si-climb-tree-bring-down-rotting-corpse-kottayam.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/03/29/si-climb-tree-bring-down-rotting-corpse-kottayam.html Sat, 30 Mar 2019 00:45:56 GMT Twin brothers drown in Muvattupuzha River Thalayolaparambu: The residents of Thalayolaparambu region in the northern part of Kottayam district were shocked to hear the deaths of twin brothers who drowned as they bathed in the Muvattupuzha River. The deceased Saurav and Sandeep (16) were the children of Anil Kumar and Reena of Nandanam in Vettikkattumukku area. The incident occurred on Thursday afternoon beside the Thaikavu bank of the river near Vettikkattumukku bridge. They were at the river with friend and neighbour Al Ameen and a relative from Pathanapuram, Shaiju. Sandeep reportedly drowned as he tried to save Saurav, who strayed into deep waters. We got hold of Sandeep, but he slipped off, Ameen and Shaiju said. They ran to a sawmill nearby for help. Sawmill workers and locals tried to rescue the brothers. Fire and safety operators from Kaduthuruthy and Kottayam reached the spot and found the bodies by 4pm. The bodies were later shifted to the Kottayam Medical College Hospital mortuary. Saurav was a plus-two student at Poothotta KPMHS School, while Sandeep was a plus-one student at Thalayolaparambu Vocational Higher Secondary School. Another brother Sachin is a computer student. Their mother Reena is a library assistant at the Devaswom Board College, Thalayolaparambu. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/03/29/twin-brothers-drown-muvattupuzha-river.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/03/29/twin-brothers-drown-muvattupuzha-river.html Fri, 29 Mar 2019 05:01:14 GMT SI climbs tree to bring down rotten body Erumeli: A sub-inspector climbed a tree when Rs 5,000 was sought to bring down the decaying body of an unidentified man who hung himself in the forest. The man was found hanging in Erumeli Kanakappalam forest on Wednesday afternoon. Police and locals in dozens turned up at the site. When the police requested help from locals to get it down, none came forward because of the stench. One person stepped up, but asked for Rs 5,000 for the service. That was when SI EG Vidyadharan removed his shoes and climbed the 40 inch thick tree by himself. He climbed 15 feet, untied the cloth used as noose and brought down the body slowly. Once on ground, he inspected it. The body was then tied with cords and taken to the road by the SI and CI M Dileep Khan, aided by a local resident. The body, found on a plantation off Erumeli-Vechuchira road, was two days old and clothed in dhoti and shirt. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/03/28/si-climbs-tree-bring-down-rotton-body.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/03/28/si-climbs-tree-bring-down-rotton-body.html Fri, 29 Mar 2019 00:14:16 GMT Kerala’s first international autism school begins operation Kothanalloor: Kerala's first international autism school begins operation at Kothanalloor in Kottayam district. Called LISA (Leaders and Ladders International School of Autism), it is the dream-come-true of three friends who shared a passion to contribute something unique to the community. Sabu Thomas and Jaleesh Peter, its two co-founders, had met at Devamatha College in Kuravilangad. They met Minu, managing partner of a firm called Cake Walkers and a media consultant, while the the duo were working together at ESAF where Sabu is the vice-president and Jaleesh is its head of branding and communications. Their workmanship, comraderie and desire to bring about change helped build LISA. The school offers a curriculum integrating studies, therapy, skills training and care. The number of students in a class is limited to five. In addition to regular classes, the students are also given occupational training, speech, sensory integration, music and art therapies. The school campus is spread over an area of 2.75 acres and the smart classrooms make the studies easier. Moreover, parents and teachers meet every Friday to discuss the progress of the students. According to the school founders, the goal of the institute is to provide the best training to children with autism in order to make them self-sufficient. Alongside regular studies, the children are empowered here to make the transition to normal school. The friends also intends to build the school into a research center as well. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/03/26/kerala-first-international-autism-school-begins-operation.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/03/26/kerala-first-international-autism-school-begins-operation.html Wed, 27 Mar 2019 00:43:40 GMT Alcoholic son held over murder of 83-year-old woman Kanakkary: The police have taken into custody the son and a domestic worker of an old woman here over her murder. The charred body of Chinnamma (83), wife of late Joseph (Pappachan) of Vazhakkala, was found in the yard next to her house located beside Victor George Road in Pattithanam on the outskirts of Kottayam town. The police are interrogating son Binuraj and worker Viswambharam. More information will be available only when autopsy report is out, said district police chief. Binuraj , a drunkard, used to beat his mother frequently, a probe has revealed. Complaints of assault have already been registered in Kuravilangad Police Station. He had kicked mother out several times before. Neighbours told police they heard quarrels from the house the other day too. An alcohol bottled filled with petrol, a bottle with kerosene residue, lighter and burnt slippers were found near the body. Alcohol bottles were also found in Binuraj’s car, which was found near a bakery on Kanakkary Road. The car was seen there from Saturday evening, locals told police. Binuraj had returned from a job abroad three years ago. The police had cautioned him before over Chinnamma’s complaint of cruel treatment. Chinnamma and Binuraj were the only occupants of the house. Binuraj had told his sister Mersamma that their mother was missing when he returned home around 11am on Sunday, only to find her body after a search. A police team including Kottayam district police chief Harishankar, ASP Reeshma Rameshan, DYSP K Subhash, Kuravilangad SHO R Kumar and SI TR Deepu reached the spot. Evidences were collected using forensic experts, fingerprint team and dog squad. Chinnamma was buried at Ratnagiri St Thomas Church today. She has two other children - Thankamma and Mersamma. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/03/25/alcoholic-son-held-murder-of-mother-kottayam-district.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/03/25/alcoholic-son-held-murder-of-mother-kottayam-district.html Mon, 25 Mar 2019 07:53:27 GMT Driver steers truck into canal as hay load catches fire Kottayam: Quick thinking by a truck driver averted big tragedy when a load of hay he was carrying caught fire after it brushed against an overhead electric line. Abhilash Lal (34) from Ponkunnam steered the truck into a canal nearby, preventing a big blaze. The truck was carrying hay from South Maniyanparambu paddy fields to Kanjirappally when the load caught fire near Naluthodu on Manappalli-Kattadi road around 9pm yesterday. Three friends of Abhilash were in the truck. Locals say the load brushed against an electric line causing the fire, which was first spotted by two other friends who were following the truck in a van. By the time Abhilash was told of the fire, it had enveloped the whole load. He quickly drove the vehicle into the canal, a tributary of Meenachil River running parallel to the road. Abhilash and friends leapt out of the truck as it hit the water. Locals and firefighters rescued them. An exhausted Abhilash was treated at general hospital nearby. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/03/16/truck-catches-fire-driver-steers-into-canal.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/03/16/truck-catches-fire-driver-steers-into-canal.html Sat, 16 Mar 2019 09:46:24 GMT Barge brings first container cargo to Kottayam port Kottayam: The container barge service to Kottayam Port and Container Terminal is now on. The first cargo arrived from Kochi on Saturday. The maiden commercial voyage to the port carried goods for TJP Rubber Industries and Diamond Flour Mills based at Kottayam. The arrival was delayed after hyacinths got stuck in the barge’s propeller near the Pallam boat jetty on the outskirts of Kottayam town. The journey resumed at 6pm after workers on a pilot boat and accompanying dredger removed the hyacinths. Every barge has a capacity of 240 tons. Goods movement through water is cheaper too. The inauguration of Kottayam zone’s first inland freight movement was done by CPM district secretary V N Vasavan, who was incidentally chosen to contest from the Kottayam Lok Sabha constituency on Saturday. Kottayam Port MD Abraham Varghese, Revenue Department former additional chief secretary PK Kurian and Shipping Ministry representative Sasibhushan Shukla spoke at the event. The facility at Nattakom is reportedly the first Indian Inland Container Depot (ICD) to make use of an inland waterway. Customs authorities are expected to de-notify four acres near the Kottayam Port to be used as storage area. The trial run to transport goods to Kottayam Port through inland waterways was conducted successfully last month. Prior to that another trial run was carried out with empty containers. This new service comes as a big boon to the business community who had been pressing for a similar service to improve the ease of transporting goods in the state. As it is more cost-effective in moving goods along the river, businesses are likely to see a substantial drop in expenses. Features 6-hour journey It takes the barge six hours to reach Kottayam from Kochi Distance by road: 100 km Distance by water: 85km 40% savings on transportation cost if barge is used. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/03/10/barge-brings-first-container-cargo-to-kottayam-port.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/03/10/barge-brings-first-container-cargo-to-kottayam-port.html Mon, 11 Mar 2019 01:47:51 GMT New-look Ktym railway station to have entrances in native style Kottayam: The Kottayam railway station will have two entrances once the ongoing renovation with a Central grant of Rs 20 crore is over. The main entrance to be built in the traditional Kerala style will depict the cultural hallmarks of the region. A second entrance to the station will be constructed on the road leading to the goods shed. Works are also progressing to increase the number of platforms from three to five. The Central Government has allotted the amount following several rounds of talks to raise the railway station building to international standards, said Jose K Mani, MP. Multilevel parking The construction of a state-of-the-art multilevel parking lot for two-wheelers is fast progressing at the station. An amount of Rs 1.65 crore has been earmarked for the facility that is being erected using steel nut and bolts. It is being built in such a way that the structure can be dismantled and restructured according to the availability of space. The existing foot overbridge will be widened so as to link all the five platforms and laid with tiles on the lines of the much-lauded Thiruvananthapuram station. Priority will be given to improve the basic amenities of the commuters and pilgrims who throng the station. Water coolers will be installed at rest rooms besides arrangements will be made for undisrupted supply of potable water. Modernisation of booking counters and installation of information boards, display boards, commuter-friendly counters and touch screens are also on the cards as part of the ongoing renovation. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/03/09/new-look-railway-station-kottayam-native-style.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/03/09/new-look-railway-station-kottayam-native-style.html Sun, 10 Mar 2019 01:38:28 GMT Kottayam youth ends life after posting video alleging police harassment Kottayam: A 28-year old man, booked in a chain-snatching case, allegedly committed suicide after posting a video message on social media accusing the police of attempting to foist cases on him. Police Thursday said Rajesh ended his life by hanging himself at Pala near here Wednesday after being released on bail a day earlier. His relatives alleged that the police had assaulted him in custody and threatened to slap other cases on him. Before taking the extreme step, the man had posted a video on social media accusing the police of trying to foist several other cases on him. Police rejected the allegations. Leader of the opposition in the state assembly Ramesh Chennithala of Congress demanded a high-level probe into the death of Rajesh. Local leaders of BJP-led NDA and Kerala Congress (M) also sought a probe and stringent action against 'erring' police personnel. The body of Rajesh was handed over to his relatives after post-mortem, police said. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/03/08/man-ends-life-after-posting-facebook-live-video-alleging-police-harassment.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/03/08/man-ends-life-after-posting-facebook-live-video-alleging-police-harassment.html Fri, 08 Mar 2019 05:05:50 GMT Mahout crushed as elephant rests on him Kottayam: A mahout died here on Sunday morning as he got trapped under an elephant he was trying to bath. The shocking freak tragedy happened at Karapuzha on the outskirts of Kottayam town at around 9.30 am. The deceased is Arun Panicker, a native of Chennithala in Alappuzha district. The CCTV visuals of the incident suggest that the elephant sat towards the side where Arun was standing and he came underneath the animal as he slipped and fell. Arun is seen hitting and instructing the elephant to lie down moments before the gruesome incident. Arun's deputy who rushed to the spot made a vain bid to extricate him from beneath the tusker. However, he had died on the spot itself. The elephant, named Bharat Visvanathan, was being given the bath after it was brought back from a few temples when the accident occurred. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/03/03/mahout-crushed-as-elephant-rests-on-him.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/03/03/mahout-crushed-as-elephant-rests-on-him.html Sun, 03 Mar 2019 10:53:14 GMT Doctor insisted on tray punishment despite objection: Nurse Kottayam: A nurse subjected to a strange disciplinary action at the Kottayam Medical College last month has told an internal investigation panel how the doctor insisted on punishing her despite her vehement objection to it. A committee had commenced a probe into the incident on Wednesday. As per the nurse's complaint a surgeon, who was on his ICU rounds, asked her to lie on a bed keeping a medical tray on her legs after she had left it on a patient’s bed inadvertently. The nurse had claimed she had kept the tray on the bed when she got an urgent call to attend another case. The tray was kept on a blanket that covered the patient’s legs. Chief Surgeon Dr John S Kurian scolded her and ordered the punishment despite several apologies, she told the panel. The tray containing medicines and a case file was kept on her legs for 10 minutes until the surgeon completed his rounds. Statements from the nurse and the nurses’ associations were registered on Wednesday. The doctor’s statement will be registered after the panel speaks to the patient’s relatives. The seven-member panel is headed by Community Medicine chief Dr A Shobha. The brother of the ICU patient reportedly did not turn up for the hearing. Dr Kurien had defended himself saying the nurse did a serious mistake. Two trays weighing half a kilo each were placed on a patient who couldn’t even move after a pancreatic surgery. One was placed on the leg, while another on thighs. The nurse was made to lie for three minutes to make her experience the patient’s difficulty, said Dr Kurien. He had said he was ready to apologise if found wrong. Read more Kottayam News https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/03/01/doctor-insisted-tray-punishment-despite-objection-nurse.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/03/01/doctor-insisted-tray-punishment-despite-objection-nurse.html Sat, 02 Mar 2019 01:53:36 GMT Woman set on fire by father-in-law battling for life Karukachal: A 58-year-old man has been arrested on charges of attempting to murder his daughter-in-law. The 23-year-old woman has reportedly sustained 55 per cent burn injuries after her father-in-law set her on fire after a quarrel on Wednesday night. The arrested is one Gopalan, a resident of Chambakkara here in Kottayam district. Gopalan allegedly poured kerosene and set on fire Vijitha who is married to his son Gopan. Vijitha, who's native place is Puthuppally, is admitted to the Kottayam Medical College Hospital with severe burn injuries. The Magistrate has recorded her statement. Gopan and Vijitha had fallen in love and got married, according to the police. The couple has a two-year-old girl child. After the daughter was born, Gopalan had started demanding dowry from Vijitha who is working as a sales girl at a textile shop at Thengana, near Changanacherry. On the day of the attack, Gopalan had created a ruckus as Vijitha came home by around 9pm. After a while Gopalan poured kerosene over Vijitha and set her on fire under cover of darkness as the power supply failed, police added. Her husband Gopan and his mother who reached the spot on hearing Vijitha’s screams extinguished the flames and took her to the hospital. Gopalan was nabbed by a team of police led by Changnassery DySP N Rajan and Karukachal SI M S Rajeev, under the direction of the district head of the police. He has been charged for attempted murder, assault and also under the Dowry Prohibition Act. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/03/01/woman-set-on-fire-by-father-in-law-battling-for-life.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/03/01/woman-set-on-fire-by-father-in-law-battling-for-life.html Fri, 01 Mar 2019 05:52:30 GMT KSRTC bus driver dies of cardiac arrest while on duty, but saves over 30 passengers Kottayam: A KSRTC bus driver suffered a massive heart attack while on duty but managed to retain his presence of mind and stopped the vehicle saving the lives of all 32 passengers on board the bus, and died soon after his effort. Saju Mathew, 40, who was with the Erattupetta depot, succumbed to cardiac arrest around 9:30am Sunday. He hails from Thidanadu, near here. Saju, who was driving Chennadu-Thiruvananthapuram bus, experienced severe chest pain when the vehicle reached Kodimatha Junction. As the pain became unbearable, he parked the bus by the road side and informed the conductor of the uneasiness. Though the conductor insisted him to drink some water, he refused and soon collapsed over the wheel, after applying hand brake. Another driver, T K Lal, with the Chengannur depot of the KSRTC who also was travelling in the bus, rushed the vehicle to Kottayam General Hospital. Meanwhile, the passengers and nursing students who were in the bus, administered Saju the first aid, but to no avail. Saju is survived by wife Jancy and daughter Catherine who is a UKG student of St Alphonsa Public School, Aruvithura. The body will be brought to Erattupetta KSRTC depot at 4:30pm for the public to pay last respects. The funeral will be held at St Joseph’s Church, Maniyankulam on Tuesday. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/02/25/ksrtc-bus-driver-cardiac-arrest-passengers-safe.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/02/25/ksrtc-bus-driver-cardiac-arrest-passengers-safe.html Tue, 26 Feb 2019 04:32:46 GMT Kottayam railway station to get a facelift Kottayam: The Kottayam Railway Station is all set to get a facelift with the completion of the rail-track doubling work through this route. The station building will be flaunting a touch of indigenous Kerala design once the renovation work gets completed. The renovation of the station will follow the much-lauded new look of the Thiruvananthapuram Central Station at Thampanoor, which was praised widely for its design and facilities. The revamp work in Kottayam is expected to be completed within 10 months, according to the Engineering Department of Southern Railway. The Railway authorities assured that care would be taken not to cause difficulties to the passengers during the work. Rs 5.50 crore has allocated for the improvement project. In the first phase of the renovation, the existing constructions on both sides of the main entrance of the Railway Station will be modernised. The structure will be beautified using terracotta roof tiles and iron rafters. Imported roofing tiles will be used for this purpose, according to the Railway officials. The walls will be beautified with brick work resembling the designs of the legendary architect late Laurie Baker. The dark colours used for the walls and the station building at present would be changed into lighter shades. The platform renovation would take place in the second phase, with the existing pathway and gates getting changed. A new entrance to the platform would be built beside the ticket counter and it would commence from the existing corridor leading to the platforms. The new entrance gate of the station would be from near the parcel counter which is at a lower level. The Railway also has plans to build a second entrance near the goodshed. The work of new three-tiered parking facilities has also started, which is expected to be completed within five months. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/02/23/kottayam-railway-station-to-get-facelift.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/02/23/kottayam-railway-station-to-get-facelift.html Sun, 24 Feb 2019 01:57:39 GMT Many chip in to build a house for Devutty Kuravilangad: Devutty Babu’s constant companion was privation but now she can sleep tight in the safety of a solid house. The Kuravilangad Janamaithri police, students of Uzhavoor OLL Higher Secondary School, Student Cadet Police (SPC), National Service Scheme unit, Scouts and Guides, parents and school authorities had joined hands to build a house for Devutty who had been living along with her ailing mother in a hut at Uzhavoor near here in Kottayam district. The house warming ceremony of the house, constructed at a cost of Rs 6 lakh, was held and the keys were handed over to Devutty, who was the best Student Police Cadet of the OLL Higher Secondary School. Devutty had also scored 97 per cent marks in last year’s higher secondary examination. Kuravilangad police station CPO Niyaz, who is in charge of the SPC, got the shock of his life when he went to Devutty’s house to congratulate her on being selected as the best student police cadet. Her house was nothing but a shack with a cloth curtain covering it, and her ailing mother and uncle, along with other relatives, were cramped into that small living space. Following this, many altruists came together to build a house for this studious student. The Brilliant Academy in Pala also decided to sponsor Devutty’s education. The first challenge was to find a piece of land to build house and that problem was solved when Devutty’s grandmother gave 5 cents of land to her. Later, the house construction began under the ‘Snehaveedu’ project, which was launched by the OLL Higher Secondary School as part of its centenary celebrations. The Janamaithri police contributed two cots, almirah, study table, chairs and window curtains. Devutty and her family started living in the new house from Wednesday, and the Nila Residents’ Association handed over Rs 16,000 to the family. DySP K Subash was the chief guest at the function organized to hand over the house keys to Devutty. Read more Kottayam News https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/02/20/many-chip-in-build-house-devutty.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/02/20/many-chip-in-build-house-devutty.html Thu, 21 Feb 2019 01:48:29 GMT First 'water ATM' in Ktym district set for launch Kuravilangad: Drop some change or swipe a pre-paid card for a clean bottle of water. An ATM-model drinking water dispenser will be coming soon to Kuravilangad Panchayat bus stand. The project planned in coordination with Uzhavoor Block Panchayat will be launched on February 28. A litre of drinking water costs only Rs 2. Pay Rs 5 for five litres; just make the payment and place a bottle in the designated slot. Children using smart cards issued from schools will have access to 200ml of free water. The machine equipped to dispense 1,000 litres an hour will have a 6-stage filter. Uzhavoor Block Panchayat will spend Rs 9 crore, while Kuravilangad Panchayat will chip in Rs 3 crore for the project. Though Alappuzha has many such water kiosks, the one coming up in Kuravilangad will be the first in Kottayam district. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/02/20/first-water-atm-kottayam-district-set-launch.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/02/20/first-water-atm-kottayam-district-set-launch.html Wed, 20 Feb 2019 10:42:20 GMT Blaze in electronics showroom throws traffic out of gear in Kottayam Kottayam: A major fire in an electronics appliances showroom virtually brought Kottayam town to a standstill on Monday evening. The incident occurred at the outlet near the Gandhi Square in the heart of the town around 5:10pm. A passerby brought the fire to the notice of a policeman duty at Gandhi Square. The policeman, in turn, alerted the Fire and Rescue Services. A unit from the Kottayam Fire and Rescue station soon reached the spot and started fire-fighting operations but the blaze could not be controlled. Soon, additional firemen and equipment were brought from Changanassery and the fire was finally controlled in a joint effort by 6:45pm. When six fire-fighting units lined up along the M G Road for the operation, traffic was thrown out of gear in Kottayam town for several hours. Even though police personnel diverted traffic, the presence of a large number of onlookers at the scene of fire made things difficult for the law enforcers. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/02/18/kottayam-gandhi-square-fire.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/02/18/kottayam-gandhi-square-fire.html Mon, 18 Feb 2019 15:58:05 GMT Kottayam surgeon transferred over 'tray punishment' for nurse Kottayam: A senior surgeon at the Kottayam Medical College was transfered after he penalised a nurse by making her to lie down with a tray on her legs. The Directorate of Medical Education found Dr John S Kurien, the Head of Surgery, guilty after an inquiry was held following protests by nurses associations. A panel led by Community Medicine Department Head Dr A Shobha has started an internal inquiry. A final report will be presented within three days, said Principal Dr Jose Joseph. Additional chief secretary in the Health Ministry too had sent a report to the government citing the surgeon’s misdemeanor. The incident that led to a furore happened on Monday. Dr Kurien who was on his ICU rounds saw a tray lying on a patient’s legs and a trainee nurse had obviously kept it. The nurse was called and told it should not happen when attending to a patient. He then ordered her to lie on a vacant bed nearby and place the tray on her legs as punishment. The nurse left the tray on bed when she received an urgent call to attend to another ICU patient, said Kerala Government Nurses Association state committee member Hena Devadas. The tray had light items only. The nurse was made to lie on the bed until the rounds were complete even after she apologised and pleaded with the doctor, said Hena. Nursing associations had held a protest at the medical college on Friday. Nurses had protested by keeping off duty from 8am onwards. Those on night duty had taken additional shift to cover for them, said leaders of nursing organisations. They called off protests after Director of Medical Education Dr Ramla Beevi promised strict action. Meanwhile, the relatives of the patient on whom the tray was alleged kept have registered a complaint with hospital Superintendent Dr TK Jayakumar. Dr Kurien had reasoned the nurse did a serious mistake. Two trays weighing half a kilo each were placed on a patient who couldn’t even move after a pancreatic surgery. One was placed on the leg, while another on thighs. The nurse was made to lie for three minutes to make her experience the patient’s difficulty, said Dr Kurien. He said he was ready to apologise if found wrong. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/02/16/kottayam-doctor-transfer-after-nurse-tray-punishment.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/02/16/kottayam-doctor-transfer-after-nurse-tray-punishment.html Sat, 16 Feb 2019 05:25:41 GMT Doctor’s odd punishment for nurse who kept tray on patient's legs Kottayam: Nurses at the Kottayam Medical College Hospital plan to protest against the 'disciplinary action' against a nurse for keeping a tray on a patient's legs. The nurses were provoked as the head of surgery Dr John S Kurien ordered an odd punishment. An internal inquiry commission has been formed after Dr Kurien asked the nurse to lie on a vacant bed and place the tray on herself as a punishment. All nurses associations will participate in the protest on Friday. The incident happened on Monday when Dr Kurien on his ICU rounds saw a tray used by nurses lying on the bed of a patient who had undergone a surgery. The tray which had some medicines and glucometer was seen placed near the patient’s legs. The nurse was called into the ICU and told it should not happen when attending to a patient. He then ordered the nurse to lie on a vacant bed nearby and place the tray on her legs. She had joined the medical college for practice after completing studies. The nurse left the tray on bed when she received an urgent call to attend to another ICU patient, said Kerala Government Nurses Association state committee member Hena Devadas. The tray had light items only. The nurse was made to lie on the bed until the rounds were complete even after she apologised and pleaded with the doctor, said Hena. Meanwhile, Dr Kurien said the nurse did a serious mistake. Two trays weighing half a kilo each were placed on a patient who couldn’t even move after a pancreatic surgery. One was placed on the leg, while another on thighs. The nurse was made to lie for three minutes to make her experience the patient’s difficulty, said Dr Kurien. He said he was ready to apologise if found wrong. A panel led by communities medicine department head Dr A Shobha will carry out the inquiry. Read more: Latest Kottayam news https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/02/15/nurses-protest-doctor-odd-punishment-colleague-kottayam.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/02/15/nurses-protest-doctor-odd-punishment-colleague-kottayam.html Fri, 15 Feb 2019 04:20:24 GMT Trial run of cargo barge to Kottayam Port a success Kottayam: The trial run to transport goods to Kottayam Port through inland waterways was conducted successfully. Regular barge services are expected to be operational from Kottayam Port and Container Terminal from next month and cargo handled by it is expected to double after that. The facility at Nattakom is reportedly the first Indian Inland Container Depot (ICD) to make use of an inland waterway. A barge carrying goods reached here from Cochin Port through the Vembanad Lake the other day. From the Kottayam Port, the offloaded cargo was then transported to a private firm in Erayilkadavu via Kodimatha through the Kodur river. Earlier, another trial run was carried out with empty containers. Customs authorities are expected to de-notify four acres near the Kottayam Port to be used as storage area. The plan is to create a facility for transporting goods on the Kochi–Kottayam route on barges. Each barge has a capacity of 240 tonnes. Within 10 days, cranes with a capacity to handle 150 tonnes are expected to arrive in Kottayam. Inland Container Depots or ICDs are dry ports where containerised cargo as well as empty containers are stored temporarily. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/02/12/trial-run-of-cargo-barge-to-kottayam-port-a-success.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/02/12/trial-run-of-cargo-barge-to-kottayam-port-a-success.html Wed, 13 Feb 2019 07:01:18 GMT Nine-year-old rescues little brother from drowning Arumanoor: Zacharia is only 9, but nothing short of a hero for the locals here in on the outskirts of Kottayam town. The Class 3 student of SFS School, Ettumanoor, rescued his three-year-old brother Samuel who was drowning in the Meenachil River on Saturday. Zacharia swam against the flow of the river to rescue his little brother. Samuel often bathes in the Meenachilar, next to his house, along with the locals. On Saturday too, he sneaked out evading his grandparents and reached the river alone. The family realised Samuel was missing when Zacharia and another sibling Cyriac (5) came back from school and looked for him. Zacharia ran towards the river and saw Samuel sinking to the bottom of the river. Some daily labourers were hollering from across the bank. Zacharia jumped into the river without any hesitation, dragged his brother by one hand and swam to safety. Locals who had gathered by then took a visibly exhausted Samuel to the hospital. After first aid at a private hospital in Thellakom, he was taken to the Medical College Hospital nearby. Zacharia learnt swimming when he was just two-and-a-half-years old. The relief and pride on saving his brother was evident on his face. Samuel too has started learning to swim, said the elder brother. Reportedly, Samuel had entered a deeper side of the river than usual causing the near-fatal accident. Read more Kottayam News https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/02/11/nine-year-old-rescues-little-brother-drowning.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/02/11/nine-year-old-rescues-little-brother-drowning.html Tue, 12 Feb 2019 01:45:34 GMT Old Indian Coffee House in Kottayam market to be shifted Kottayam: The Indian Coffee House at the centre of the market here is set to close down as the property lease has expired. This is one of the earliest outlets of the popular chain of hotels to be established in Kerala. The management was taken to court by the owner of one of the two floors of the property as the latter wanted it vacated. The court order in favour of the property owner has forced the imminent closure of the Indian Coffee House employing 30 people. The eatery was at the centre of a busy town when it opened decades ago. Later, development pushed it to the corner of the market and four more Coffee Houses sprang up in the town. But the popularity of this old eatery has not faded with the passage of time, nor has the flavour of its popular dishes. The number of customers thronging it has not dwindled. Old-timers still make sure they have a masala dosa and tea here when they visit the market. The outlet will not be shut down, but merely transferred to another building near SH Mount, said the authorities. SH Mount is a couple of kilometers away from the current location of this hotel. Read more Kottayam News https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/02/10/old-indian-coffee-house-kottayam-market-shifted.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/02/10/old-indian-coffee-house-kottayam-market-shifted.html Sun, 10 Feb 2019 15:11:31 GMT Toothbrush taken out of woman’s stomach Kottayam: A toothbrush was taken out of a 40-year-old woman's stomach five days after she accidentally swallowed it while cleaning her teeth. The toothbrush, 15 cm long, was removed by the doctors of the gastroenterology department at the Medical College Hospital here through endoscopy, a nonsurgical procedure. The woman, hailing from Mundakayam in Kottayam district, accidentally swallowed the toothbrush on January 30, and didn’t inform the family members about the incident. Later, the woman was taken to the ENT department, headed by Dr N Premalatha, of the hospital after she complained of discomfort in her throat. Normally, when a foreign body of such length gets stuck in the stomach, it is removed by cutting it into pieces, but in this case the toothbrush was taken out in one piece considering the risk involved in the procedure, which lasted for many hours. Read more Kottayam News https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/02/05/toothbrush-taken-out-woman-stomach.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/02/05/toothbrush-taken-out-woman-stomach.html Wed, 06 Feb 2019 01:42:36 GMT Former teachers take students on ocean cruise Thidanadu: A group of selected students from the Government Vocational Higher Secondary School here got a rare opportunity to enjoy a cruise, thanks to the efforts of some former teachers of the school. Thirteen students, selected on the basis of their academic and extra-curricular performance, set out on the cruise on Tuesday along with the retired teachers. The students were accompanied by parents and representatives of Parents and Teachers Association and they were led by the school principal Jayasree. Most of the students, who have never been aboard a ship before, were all excited to experience the wonders of the ocean. The voyage commenced from Kochi. Last year, the same team of former teachers had arranged a flight trip to selected students. Those who were members of the 1985-86 SSLC batch of the school had presented the school with printer and a photostat machine. Anil Krishna and Dr Vasudevan Nair, two alumni, had also presented the school with a public address system. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/02/05/former-teachers-take-students-on-ocean-cruise.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/02/05/former-teachers-take-students-on-ocean-cruise.html Tue, 05 Feb 2019 12:26:48 GMT This Facebook video song lauding Kottayam is winning hearts Kottayam district in central Kerala is often introduced as the land of letters or 'Akshara Nagari' as well as 'the Land of Letters, Lakes and Latex'. Sprawling over 134 sq km, the district has several several unique features, which make it stand apart. A few youth has come together to sing in praise of the place, drawing on the fame and beauty of the land. Names of all the panchayats and most of the places in the district are beaded together in the lyrics written by Justic Pathalil who also directed the video. Kumarakom, which has showcased the nature's abundant bounty to the tourist world; Pala, which had added the ever-glowing annals to Kerala's political history; Bharananganam, which serves as a peaceful abode to the faithfuls; Thalayolaparambu, the birth place of eminent author Vaikkom Muhammed Basheer, are among the places that feature in the song that was posted on Facebook recently. References to rubber cultivation and the love of casava too figure in the song. The music is by Rajesh H Nair. The song has been sung by Divin, Leo and Yonnachan. The video producers have dedicated it to who love Kottayam. Kottayam town is one of the main literary centres in Kerala as several dailies like Malayala Manorama, Deepika and Mangalam and publications are based here and had their origins too. Read more Kottayam News https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/02/01/this-facebook-video-song-lauding-kottayam-winning-hearts.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/02/01/this-facebook-video-song-lauding-kottayam-winning-hearts.html Sun, 03 Feb 2019 04:14:19 GMT Did Pinarayi take a jab at Modi with Rosy pastor comment? Kottayam: Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan reference to a 'migratory bird' at a speech at the Kerala State Biodiversity Congres has given rise to wild theories on the exact subject and his intent. It is said the CPM leader did hit the bull's eye by referring to the Rosy pastor bird, but the viral surmises on social media apparently suggest he could have failed to drive home the exact ecological point he had in mind while delivering the inaugural address of the Kerala State Biodiversity Congress organised by the Biodiversity Board at the Government Brennan College, Thalassery, on Sunday. Pinarayi had stated that the increasing presence of Rosy pastor, a migratory bird usually seen in arid regions in Kerala, was a bad sign. Apparently, he was implicating the broader issue of climatic change, but his words rapidly spread like wildfire and it was interpreted that the chief minister might have been alluding to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the state the same day. The allusions matched correctly, as the climatic change could refer to the changes in Kerala’s political climate, according to the interpretations. Rosy starling (Pastor roseus), also known as Rosy pastor, migrates from Europe and Central Asian countries in August-September to escape the the freezing winter months. The bird seeks the hot regions of northern India usually, but for the past couple of years, an increasing presence of Rosy pastor has been reported from many parts of Kerala, especially Thirunakkara in Kottayam. Experts have been attributing this phenomenon to the changing climatic patterns and it was a very natural choice for the chief minister while addressing a meeting on biodiversity and climatic changes. Close on the heels of the chief minister's jab, the CPM State secretary Kodiyeri Balakrishnan also joined the fray. Charging that Modi’s continuous visits to the state was part of some premeditated designs, Balakrishnan challenged Modi to take a clear position on the Sabarimala issue. The CPM has been accusing that Kerala’s BJP leadership has been manipulating the Sabarimala issue to promote the cause of BJP in the state. That the state office of the Sabarimala Action Committee is located at Thirunakkara in Kottayam lends an angle to Pinarayi’s jab. The prime minister had paid two visits to Kerala in brief intervals. However, the Chief Minister’s Office (CMO) is of the stand that there was no need to unnecessarily politicise the CM’s words. CMO explains that the speech was pre-prepared and the reference to the Rosy pastor was already included in it as an example of the impending dangers of climatic change that has reached our own door steps. However, the BJP leadership has not failed to tow Pinarayi’s line on the ‘migratory bird,’ with the party state secretary K Surendran promptly posting in social media that Narendra Modi was not a mere migratory bird, but the royal swan that soars up to the heavens from the sacred Manasa Sarovar near Mount Kailash. The original Rosy pastor and Thirunakkara Meanwhile, the chief minister’s own Rosy pastor had become a familiar presence in Thirunakkara, the suburb of Kottayam. The pale pink and glossy black bird with light orange feet travels in huge flocks. The massive flocks that dot the sky in evenings are a usual winter sight in the north Indian towns and cities, even up to Bangalore. Usually the colour of the bird turns from light pink to beige on arriving in India. The farmers in the northern plains welcome the bird as they feed on insects including the dreaded locusts. At Thirunakkara, the birds were observed as feeding on small worms found in the soil. These birds do not breed in India. The increasing number of Rosy pastor in Thirunakkara could be taken as proof of the climatic changes, according to Dr. B Sreekumar, secretary, Kottayam Nature Club. He pointed out that though the bird used to arrive in Kerala even before, the presence has increased considerably with larger flocks arriving now. Usually around 122 species of migratory birds arrive in Kerala every season. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/01/29/pinarayi-rosy-pastor-narendra-modi.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/01/29/pinarayi-rosy-pastor-narendra-modi.html Wed, 30 Jan 2019 04:16:49 GMT Kottayam canals await uplift before National Waterways tag Kottayam: A survey of three canals in Kerala which would be part of the National Waterways is complete. Out of the four canals in the state recognised by the central government as suitable for National Waterways, these three pass through Kottayam district. The canals need further development before they could be granted the upgraded status, the survey revealed. The survey was carried out on Kottayam-Vaikom, Alappuzha-Changanassery and Alappuzha-Kottayam-Athirampuzha canals by the Inland Waterways Authority of India, which is responsible for developing canals for National Waterways. 1. Kottayam-Vaikom canal The Kottayam-Vaikom canal passing through the Vembanad Lake is 28 km long. Starting from Kodimatha in the heart of Kottayam town, it touches Kanjiram, Illikkal, Thazhathangadi, Moolakatukunnu, Thiruvaataa, Kallumada, Pulikkuttisseri, Maniyamparambu and Cheepungal to enter Vembanad Lake. It reaches the final destination in Vaikom after crossing the Thannirmukkam Bund. As a primary step to develop national waterways, bridges were built in 2006 at Thiruvatta, Kanjiram, Kaithappadam and Maniyamparambu to ensure easy movement of boats. The project with a World Bank fund of Rs 63 crore however was not completed. Bridges have to be completed at Illikkal, Kallumada and Cheepunkal. Some streches of the canal have to be deepened by removing sand and mud. The canal has also been encroached in some areas. The new project will require more depth and width for canals. Once complete, freight shipment will be easier between Kottayam and Kochi. 2. Alappuzha-Kottayam-Athirampuzha canal The canal route consists of Kodimatha, Kanjiram, Illikkal, Thiruvaataa, Kallumada, Pulikkuttisseri, Pennarthodu, Mannanam and Athirampuzha Chavara Pilgrim Centre. It connects Mannanam and Kainikkara, the birth place of St Kuriakose Elias Chavara. Mannanam and Athirampuzha have boat jetties. Boat services were available until 10 years ago on Cheepunkal-Mannanam route. A Kainakkara-Mannanam boat service is also in the pipeline. Two bridges – one on Mannanam-Kaippuzha road and Velankulam-Liseau Road – are a hindrance to this proposed service. 3. AC Canal This canal starts at Manakkachira in Changanassery and stretches 16 km to end at Onnamkara in Kuttanad. The stretch from Onnamkara to Pallathuruthi in Alappuzha is in ruins now. Boat service from Manakkachira to Kavalam or Alappuzha through Kidangara is a possibility. This will help frequent flooding in Kuttanad and provide better paddy cultivation. These areas were deepened and banks fortified under the Kuttanad Package. But they are full of with weeds now. The canal from Onnamkara to Pallathuruthi has to be renovated and encroached area regained. Small bridges from Changanassery to Alappuzha should be reconstructed for smooth boat service. National Waterways will revolutionalise growth in the district. Waterways will help reduce congestion and accidents on roads. Travel and freight charges will come down. It will attract more tourists and help local businesses. Read more Kottayam News https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/01/29/kottayam-canals-await-uplift-national-waterways-tag.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/01/29/kottayam-canals-await-uplift-national-waterways-tag.html Wed, 30 Jan 2019 01:43:52 GMT Late NCP leader Jimmy George's brother dies Kottayam: Jojan George, brother of former KEL chairman and NCP national general secretary, the late Jimmy George, passed away on Friday. He was the managing director of Taurus Rubber Industries and president of Poovanthuruthu Industrial Association. He is survived by wife Meera Jojan (Lullu) and children Anna, Anina and Anitta. Funeral service will begin at his residence at Kaduvakkulam at 2 pm on Saturday and thereafter at Bethlehem Marthoma Church, Kollad. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/01/25/jojan-george-jimmy-george-brother-dies.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/01/25/jojan-george-jimmy-george-brother-dies.html Fri, 25 Jan 2019 15:05:01 GMT Furniture dealer saves girl dragged into rubber estate by labourer Pallikkathode: Unusual wails heard by Jimson Joseph during a scooter ride through a rubber estate saved the life of a schoolgirl. Following the cries, Jimson risked his own life to free the girl from the clutches of a labourer from Tamil Nadu who had dragged her to the plantation. Jimson (42) of Paathikkal, Muthukunnel in Chengalam, a furniture dealer at Chengalam, was travelling on his scooter to drop a friend home in the evening when the incident took place. The young girl was walking home from the church when the accused, Prince Kumar (38) of Marthandam, pulled her among the rubber trees. When Jimson stopped his two-wheeler on hearing the cries, the culprit began running. But Jimson gave chase and soon overpowered him. Local people handed over Prince to the police, who recovered a blade from his pocket. He was later remanded. Recognizing Jimson’s courage and daring action that saved the girl, the congregation at St Antony's Church, Chengalam organized a felicitation function in his honour. Read more Kottayam News https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/01/22/furniture-dealer-saves-girl-dragged-rubber-estate-labourer.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/01/22/furniture-dealer-saves-girl-dragged-rubber-estate-labourer.html Wed, 23 Jan 2019 01:44:40 GMT Kottayam sky path stalled as funding stops, to be converted into Gandhi Mandap Kottayam: The sky path in the city is being converted into a Gandhi Mandap after completion of its first stage. Thiruvanchur Radhakrishnan MLA said the sky walkway will be converted in such a way that it can host seminars and conferences. He said the alteration has been done only at the top and that there has been no change in the basic design. There is no need for a fresh permission for the revamp, he said. The history of Kottayam city will be depicted in murals. “The Gandhi Mandap will become the icon of Kottayam city,” Radhakrishan said. “Those who oppose the sky path have now sanctioned Rs25 crore for one in Kollam city’s Chinnakada,” he pointed out. “We provided money for Kottayam in a flash. However, the new government stopped funding and the second stage work had to be halted midway as the first stage money has not been paid,” said the MLA, who was a minister in the previous government. He demanded that the government immediately clear the arrears. “While the contract is for Rs 5.25 crore, only 35 lakh has been paid so far. Work will proceed only if the arrears are cleared.” A floor on the sky path was to include places for relaxation and also shops. An aquarium was also proposed, but discussions did not go beyond the first stage. The MLA said the seminar hall planned would be able to seat 100 people. Kitco handles the construction. The sky path was originally planned as a pedestrian crossing at the busy Seematti Roundana. Stone was laid in 2016 and the deadline to complete it was six months. The sky path is 45 metres wide and stands on pillars of six metre height above the Seematti Roundana. Two lifts are provided, besides steps. In the first stage, 14 iron pillars were erected. An iron platform has to be installed above this. The platform is 24 metres wide at the CMS Complex. The seminar hall and shops will be set up at the iron platform. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/01/21/kottayam-sky-path-stalled-as-funding-stops.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/01/21/kottayam-sky-path-stalled-as-funding-stops.html Tue, 22 Jan 2019 01:45:55 GMT Who is giving company to these pilgrims on long trip? Kanjirappally: The ayyappa devotees, who reached here in Kottayam district by foot after walking close to 1,000 kms, have a constant companion – Ramu, the dog. The seven-member group, led by Viswanath Swamy, started their journey from Gada in Karnataka on December 12. The pilgrims met their canine friend while having food from a hotel, a few kilometers from Gada, and since then Ramu, the name given by the devotees, had been with them. Ramu eats food given by the pilgrims and had been their constant companion throughout the journey. Besides Vishwanath, Puneeth, Uttappa, Parameeshwar, Ramesh, Mallu and Narasimha are part of the group. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/01/14/ramu-walks-with-sabarimala-pilgrims.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/01/14/ramu-walks-with-sabarimala-pilgrims.html Mon, 14 Jan 2019 11:41:19 GMT Bumpy ride ahead for 'Chunk' bus Erattupetta: The KSRTC officials are mulling over a fixed route to deploy a bus that was dubbed 'Chunk' (heart) by its female fan and the transport authorities last year. The issue arose as the 'Chunk bus' RSC 140 was shifted to Kattappana depot after the duty revision of its crew. With the change, the bus lost a permanent route to conduct service. For the last three months, its route is being decided only when the crew arrive in the morning. The KSRTC bus, which plied on the Kottayam-Kattappana stretch was christened 'Chunk' in a public relations exercise after the depot received a unique phone call from one of its daily commuters who was disappointed to notice the sudden absence of her favourite vehicle. So she rang up the authorities of the depot to find out why the bus had stopped plying in the stretch. The phone call of the girl expressing her attachment to the public vehicle and stating that it was all but her 'chunk' (heart) went viral. The bus by then had been shifted to Kannur from Aluva and then to Aluva. Moved by the rare gesture of the commuter, the KSRTC RSC 140 bus was brought back to its old depot and and resumed its old service. Quite aptly, the bus got its new name ‘Chunk’ and has the word written over a heart sign on all the four sides. But the service wound up three months ago. However, unlike the previous time no ardent fan has so far come forward to enquire about the Chunk once its schedule was changed or service ended. After the en-masse termination of empanelled conductors following the court order the bus could conduct service only on one day in two weeks. Today, the fate of the 'Chunk Bus' is no less different from that of the jobless empanelled employees of the KSRTC. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/01/09/chunk-bus-route-change.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/01/09/chunk-bus-route-change.html Thu, 10 Jan 2019 01:39:04 GMT Goodness spreads all over as ambulance driver meets cop with a heart Kottayam: It was heart-warming meeting between an ambulance driver taking an accident victim to hospital and the policeman who went beyond his call of duty to arrange a path between jam-packed vehicles on a crowded road. Afzal, the ambulance driver, was heading to Kottayam Medical College when he was stranded in a traffic block at Pulimoodu junction. Suddenly, Ranjith Kumar Radhakrishnan, a civil police officer on traffic duty at the spot, came to the rescue and made the vehicles in front of the ambulance to move, for the ambulance to pass. He ran along the road for about a km for the purpose. The valiant policeman’s gesture was captured on video by Ashik, Afzal's brother, who was also present in the ambulance and it is viral on Facebook. Some days later, Afzal felt that he wanted to meet the noble police officer in person. As the officer had become a social media star, his contact number was available and Afzal called to express his wish. Ranjith responded warmly. “It is I who should be making this request. Ok, I am on duty now; anyway come along,” he said. Afzal was all excited during the meeting with Ranjith. He also interacted with Ranjith’s colleagues and superiors. Among the touching reactions Afzal received was from the Sub Inspector. Afzal told Manorama News that the SI thanked him profusely for uploading the video on Facebook. “The video of Ranjith performing his duty on the crowded road appeared on Facebook at a time when everyone was blaming the police for the situation in the state. But the video gave a tremendous boost to the confidence of every police personnel. That feeling is indescribable,” said the SI. Afzal told Ranjith that he had not noticed the police officer’s face during that incident. “Later, when we read about you, we wanted to meet you,” he said. They spoke warmly for some time and clicked selfies before leaving. “We did not take too much of his time as we know how busy a policeman on traffic duty is. When we returned to the ambulance, Ranjith’s face remained in my mind. I felt that the goodness he spread by showing sincerity to his job as well as to save the life of the patient in the ambulance would remain with me during every trip from now on,” says Afzal. Ranjith’s viral act The day had started as usual for Afzal. A driver with a private ambulance service, he was asked to take a couple who suffered head injuries in a road accident from Sanjeevani Hospital to the Kottayam Medical College Hospital. During every trip to hospital with a patient, he has to face sad relatives. But Afzal does not show any emotion or speaks to them and concentrates on driving the ambulance as soon as possible to the destination. On the fateful day, the couple was riding a scooter with their grandson when a car hit them at Cheruvalloor. The grandson Aaron died on the spot. Both the grandfather and grandmother suffered head injuries. The first ambulance took the grandfather to the Medical College Hospital while the grandmother was shifted in Afzal’s vehicle. An ICU ambulance, emergency medical technician Shyam was also on duty in the vehicle. Accompanying the patient were two women and a priest. As the condition of the patient was very critical, Afzal made every effort to reach the hospital fast. However, at Pulimood Junction, the ambulance could not move even an inch. The horn was sounded continuously, but no vehicle in front of the ambulance gave way. It was then that the sincere policeman on traffic duty rushed to the spot. He knocked on the sides of the vehicles in front and asked them to move. For about a km, Ranjith ran along the road, arranging a zigzag path for Afzal’s ambulance to clear the traffic jam. Afzal’s brother Ashik, who was beside him, shot the video as such an act from a policeman was a unique experience. “Several times, the persons accompanying the patient have had to get down from the ambulance and clear a path for the vehicle during a traffic block,” explains Afzal. “We wanted everyone to know about the sincerity of the traffic cop. His efforts helped us to reach the hospital without delay. Now we learn that the patient is stable,” he says. Ranjith has won the hearts and minds of Keralites after the video of the incident went viral on social media. He has been awarded a good service entry by the Police Department. Along with it, Ranjith has been offered a role in a movie. Read more Kottayam News https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/01/08/goodness-spreads-over-ambulance-driver-meets-cop-heart.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/01/08/goodness-spreads-over-ambulance-driver-meets-cop-heart.html Wed, 09 Jan 2019 01:38:17 GMT Kottayam man rapes woman on marriage promise, weds another Kottayam: A 29-year-old youth was arrested recently for raping a woman after promising to marry her and later tying the knot with another woman. Kiran of Kollad in Kottayam district has been remanded in police custody. The cops nabbed him from Bison Valley in Idukki district after the woman, a Pathanamthitta native, filed a complaint against him. Kiran had got married to another woman on January 3. The woman's complaint to the police says they met around two years ago and she was taken to Kiran's house in Kollad and to Vadavathoor where he sexually assaulted her several times. Kiran then went abroad and on return found that the woman was under treatment for cardiac illness and other ailments. He then dumped her and married another woman. Police claimed Kiran and his father had taken the woman in a car and thrashed her when she arrived in Kottayam a week ago. She was then dropped at Changanassery bypass in a bad condition. The woman sought care at a private hospital in Changanassery and lodged a complaint with the district police chief. Kiran then fled to Munnar. A police team arrested him from there. Read more: Latest Kottayam news https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/01/08/kottayam-man-rapes-woman-marriage-promise-weds-another.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/01/08/kottayam-man-rapes-woman-marriage-promise-weds-another.html Tue, 08 Jan 2019 06:35:36 GMT Carol team, holed up in church, returns home Kottayam: The carollers, who took refuge in a small church at Pattamuthom near here following attack on them by local youths, have returned to their homes on Saturday evening. In a meeting called by Kottayam district collector P K Sudheer Babu, it was decided that the crime branch would probe the incident, and police patrolling would be tightened to diffuse tense situation, if any, in the area. The 12-day protest against the incident was also called off. The carol team, which consisted of women and children, of the St. Paul’s Anglican Church at Kombadi was attacked by local youths on December 23, and took refuge at the church. Since then they stayed put at the church fearing another attack on them, and returned to their homes on Saturday evening. Though seven people were arrested in connection with the incident, they are out on bail and unleashing terror, alleged the church authorities. The victims and the Congress have alleged that the attack was perpetrated by local DYFI activities, but the CPM has rubbished the allegations. Read more Kottayam News https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/01/07/carol-team-holed-up-church-returns-home.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/01/07/carol-team-holed-up-church-returns-home.html Mon, 07 Jan 2019 11:21:55 GMT Violence mars Congress march to SP office over attack on carol party Kottayam: A march taken out by the Congress to the office of the Superintendent of Police (SP) here on Friday over the alleged attack carried out by DYFI activists on a carol party resulted in violence. Among those who took part in the march were former chief minister Oommen Chandy and Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan, both MLAs. The police resorted to lathi charge to disperse the Congress activists who took part in the protest march. The march was organised over the incidents at St Paul’s Anglican Church at Pathamuttom. The main demand of the Congress was ensuring justice to the families who have taken refuge in the church. The girl students who were injured in the attack also took part in the march. The families which have taken refuge in the church had said that they would return to their houses if the police could ensure security to their life. Meanwhile, sub collector Eesa Priya met the members of the carol party who were injured in the DYFI attack and are now put up at the church to take their statements. This was on the directive of the district collector P Sudheer Babu. The carol party told the sub collector that it was not safe for them to return to their houses as the attackers and other accused were still at large. The district police chief on Thursday gave a report to the collector that all necessary legal action had been taken on the issue. According to the collector, a meeting of everyone concerned with the developments would be convened to find a solution to the issue. The Childline workers also met the children living in the church and collected evidence. The Childline promised a safe stay to the carol team till they could return to their houses. The attack on the carol team from the church by DYFI members took place on the night of December 23. As many as 25 youngsters who were part of the carol team have been living in the church ever since. Tension has been prevailing in the area all these days. But when a funeral was held at the church recently, the children shifted to another location and returned when the ritual was over. However, CPM Panachikkad local secretary K Radhakrishnan said that DYFI was in no way involved in the incident. “It is a dispute between two carol teams. One group is staying at the church with a political motive. When the media or political leaders arrive at the spot, they remain at the church and move to their own houses at other times,” said the CPM leader. The main accused had sparked tension as he arrived at the church the other day, violating a court order to stay away from Panachikkad for three months. The police did not take any action. The Congress alleges that the arrested DYFI men got bail because the police case was too weak. Congress leader Ramesh Chennithala and BJP leader P K Krishnadas visited the victims. Helpless victims The 25 people in the church are from six families and include infants and degree students. Though their houses are close by, they can't dare to go there. Twelve girls are in the group inside the church which is still under construction and does not even have a secure front door. The church does not have washrooms. The victims need protection to visit nearby homes for primary needs. One of the victims, Yamiya, says she was threatened while going to her house to pick up clothes. She was seriously injured in the attack and is a B. Tech student at the KITTS Engineering College at Pallikathode. Schools have reopened, but students staying in the church do not dare to go. The parents are also afraid to send them. Read more: Latest Kottayam news https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/01/04/tension-prevails-kottayam-village-dyfi-attack-carollers.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/01/04/tension-prevails-kottayam-village-dyfi-attack-carollers.html Fri, 04 Jan 2019 12:15:45 GMT Winter may unleash coldest January in Kottayam Kottayam: Winter has unleashed unusually cold nights in the district, which is set to experience the coldest January ever. The Met recorded 16 degree Celsius at the Rubber Board headquarters near Puthupally on Thursday. The lowest temperature until now, 15 degrees, was recorded in the district in 2005. On December 13, 2000, it was 16.2, and in January 1975, the temperature was 16.9. The Cochin International Airport Limited (CIAL) recorded 14.8 degrees on February 8, 2006. Punalur recorded 15 degrees on December 11, 1956. The lowest temperature ever recorded in Kerala's valley areas was 12.8 degrees in Punalur on January 8, 1968. Observers are waiting to see if temperatures will dip further. High ranges engulfed in mist The High Ranges, including Munnar, were engulfed in mist, with temperature dipping into minus degrees on January 2. The temperature in Munnar has dropped down below 0°C. Minus 2°C was recorded at the valley of Meesapulimala, 20 kilometres away from Munnar Extreme weather has been reported from Anakottu Park to Perumala Anamudy Chola National Park in the Marayur-Kantalloor road. Desert-like scenarios on anvil? Karwar in Karnataka's coast recorded degrees on Thursday. Even Kottayam, which remained cold chilly at night, was warm at noon, recording 34 degrees. Observers hold the view that the difference of over 10 degrees between the night and day temperatures could create desert-like situations in future. As per forecasts, rain is not expected in the state in the coming days. The lowest temperatures recorded in Kerala on Thursday was: Kottayam 16, CIAL 17, Alappuzha, Thrissur, Kannur-Calicut airports 18, Thiruvananthapuram, Punalur and Kozhikode 20 and Sabarimala 21. Elsewhere in the country, New Delhi was chilly at 7 degrees, Kolkata recorded 12, and Bengaluru, Mysuru and Mumbai hit the 13 degree Celsius mark. Southern cities of Coimbatore (16), Mangaluru (18) and Chennai (20) also recorded a dip in temperature. No cyclone threat The Pabuk cyclone formed near the Andamans coast is likely to enter the Bay of Bengal, but may not reach Tamil Nadu. However, the Bay could be turbulent. Fishermen are warned to stay off the deep sea. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/01/04/winter-cold-in-kottayam-record-mark.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/01/04/winter-cold-in-kottayam-record-mark.html Fri, 04 Jan 2019 12:10:01 GMT Attack on carolers: DYFI men break bail condition, enter church premises Kottayam: A tense situation continued to prevail in Pathamuttam, near here, where a carol singers’ team consisting of women and children were allegedly attacked by a group of DYFI activists on December 23. It has been 11 days since the group of 25 persons from six families took refuge at the St Paul’s Anglican Church, Koombadi, fearing further attack from the gang. On Wednesday, the key accused in the case entered the church premises in violation of the bail conditions stipulated by a local court. The court, while granting bail to the seven accused, had set the condition that they should not enter the limits of Panachikad panchayat for three months. The group has been staying at the parish since they were physically abused and threatened by the DYFI workers on the night of December 23. Though the families ventilated their grievance before the official posted on duty at the church regarding the violation of bail conditions, no action was initiated. Following which, they submitted a complaint to higher officials. The DYFI men, allegedly in an inebriated state, had attacked the carol team and vandalised the church, leaving several people injured. The victims have been unable to return to their homes allegedly owing to a social boycott imposed by the DYFI as well as its parent party, the CPM. Out of the 30 people who were attacked, 25 remain stuck inside the church. On Wednesday, a group of outsiders tried to prevent Congress leaders including Opposition Leader Ramesh Chennithala from visiting the victims camping inside the parish hall. The opposition leader was accompanied by Kottayam DCC president Joshi Philip, Mahila Congress president Lathika Subhash, KPCC spokesperson Joseph Vazhakkan, and district panchayat president Sunny Pampady. Chennithala alleged that the CPM leadership was using the police to protect the offenders. The Congress would take up the issue politically and legally, he added. Meanwhile, District Collector P K Sudheer Babu sought a report on the incident from the police. On Wednesday, the probe into the case was handed over to the Crime Branch following allegations that the local police had gone slow in the investigation. Though seven DYFI members had been arrested in connection with the incident, all of them were released on bail the following day. The Congress workers in the area said that the police had helped the culprits by slapping weak charges on them so that they could easily get out on bail. It was also alleged that the police were making no efforts to arrest the remaining five accused. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/01/03/carol-group-attack-accused-violates-bail-condition.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/01/03/carol-group-attack-accused-violates-bail-condition.html Thu, 03 Jan 2019 06:04:55 GMT Six families still stuck in church amid DYFI siege Pathamuttom (Kottayam): "We are scared… can't think of even getting out. We haven't gone to school," says plus two student Shalby, the fear visible in his eyes and audible in his voice. Yamiya, who was injured in stone pelting, has exams on Wednesday. All of them are living and studying inside the church. The 25 members of six families who were attacked by a DYFI gang while they were on their way for Christmas carol have been staying put inside the Kombadi St Paul's Anglican Church at Pathamuttom for the past 10 days. On New Year day too they are scared of going back to their homes because of the social boycott imposed on them by the DYFI workers with the support of the CPM. The carol team that included women and children were attacked on the night of December 23. B Tech student Yamiya received injuries just below her eyes in stone pelting. The assailants also attacked the church where the carollers took shelter. Though seven youths were arrested they are out on bail. Once they were out, they are posing a bigger danger, said those now living in the church. When they come out of the church they are threatened on the road. Every vehicle coming to the church is being monitored. Former chief minister Oommen Chandy who came to see the injured too was blocked by the CPM workers. Two policemen have been deployed for the safety of the families. The DYFI gang that attacked the group had 12 members and five of them are yet to be arrested, said Anglican church committee secretary P C Johnson. However, the police have only registered a case for attacking the houses near the church. Though they had submitted a petition to the Kottayam district police chief seeking registering cases for attacking the women and damaging the church, the police are yet to take even the statement of the victims. The church is located on an isolated hill with a narrow approach route. If the road is closed, those staying in the church cannot come out. At the same time, Changanassery DySP S Suresh Kumar said that the police are providing them protection and have taken measures to stop attacks against the families. Minority panel intervenes Meanwhile, the National Commission (NCM) for Minorities has written to the chief secretary of Kerala, the DGP, the Kottayam district collector and the SP to ensure the safety of the families and make the situation conducive for their return to their homes. The commission also sought strict action against the CPM and DYFI workers who attacked the families and demanded a report within seven days on measures taken. The NCM vice-chairman Varghese Kurian's intervention comes after a complaint sent to the commission by P J Paulose and Johnson. The commission also pointed out that the CPM workers also misbehaved with the women and children in the carol group. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/01/01/christams-carol-attack-dyfi-church.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2019/01/01/christams-carol-attack-dyfi-church.html Tue, 01 Jan 2019 09:18:02 GMT Cop runs to make way for ambulance, hailed hero Kottayam: A civil police officer (CPO) who ran in front of an ambulance to clear a traffic jam and let the emergency vehicle go ahead has emerged a hero as his video went viral on social media. Ranjit Kumar Radhakrishnan, on duty on a road in the heart of Kottayam town, saw the ambulance, its siren blaring, arriving into the middle of a huge traffic block. The space was hardly enough for a bike to pass. Ranjit took control instantly, and rushed to each vehicle in front of the ambulance, prompting the motorists to clear the way for the vehicle. Those in the ambulance van recorded the video of his action and uploaded it on social media, which hailed him for playing a role in saving the life of the patient who was in the vehicle. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2018/12/31/cop-run-ambulance-way.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2018/12/31/cop-run-ambulance-way.html Tue, 01 Jan 2019 06:09:25 GMT Skanda Purana tales to come alive on walls of a Thiruvanjoor temple Thiruvanjoor: The Subramanya Swami Temple here was once known for its frescoes too. However, these wall paintings depicting several tales from the ancient Indian epics dimmed over the years owing to the ravages of time. These frescoes are now getting a new lease of life, courtesy Kodungur native Madhusudhan. The work will be complete in a year. The new paintings will have several unique attributes. They will be based on the Skanda Purana, a large collection of ancient Saivite literature. This is perhaps for the first time wall paintings will be covering the entire Skanda Purana. In the days of yore, paintings were done using the traditional mix of neelayamari (indigo), eravikkara (herbal medicine) and kummayam (lime). Since that could be a costly affair, acrylic colours are used for the paintings. Madhusudhan's work begins with paintings on Lord Ganapati and will be based on the Dhyana Shlokas. The renovation work has been initiated due to the efforts of chief priest Harishankaran Namboodiri. The work is being carried out with the support of devotees and with the permission of the temple administration council, he said. Skanda Purana is the largest of all the Puranas. It primarily tells about the escapades of Kartikeya, a son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Skanda Purana texts are classified into six samhitas, each having several khandas. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2018/12/30/skanda-purana-tales-to-come-alive-on-walls-of-a-thiruvanjoor-tem.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2018/12/30/skanda-purana-tales-to-come-alive-on-walls-of-a-thiruvanjoor-tem.html Mon, 31 Dec 2018 01:49:27 GMT Dying paddy fields set to revive after three decades Kottayam: A vast stretch of abandoned paddy fields in the heart of Kottayam town will be brought under the plough after nearly dying out in the last three decades. A farmers' collective has started preparations for cultivating paddy on 250 acres of land. As many as 35 farmers are involved in the initiative and sowing will take place by mid-January. The fields are at Poozhikkunnu and Muppayikkad in Eerayilkadavu. At present, they are being cleared of wild plants and levelled using four earthmovers and tractors. The Water Resources Department has spent Rs 3 lakh for cleaning the Manipuzha canal passing adjacent to the paddy fields for irrigation. The canal starts from the Kodoor river near Eerayilkadavu, flows 2.5 km and joins the Kodoor river again at Kodimatha. The canal has enough water around the year, which would be a big advantage for the farming activities. Now the municipality has to sanction money to set up electric posts in the paddy field and install motors to pump water. Coordinator of the river linking project K Anil Kumar said that locating the over 50 persons who owned the lands in the field was a tough task. The Agriculture Department had placed advertisements in newspapers for the purpose, he said. The Agriculture Department also identified 35 farmers who were willing to cultivate paddy on the land. They have been split into two groups for the farming activities. Agencies involved in the revival project are Meenachil-Meenantha river linking project authorities, Agriculture Department, Water Resources Department, Haritha Kerala Mission and the municipality, along with the farmers’ collective. As part of the project to encourage farming in fallow land, the Agriculture Department will grant an amount of Rs 25,000 per acre to the farmer and Rs 5,000 to the land owner. In addition, the seeds will be given to the farmers free of cost. Ban on constructions Meanwhile, complaints have been raised by the local people regarding the ban on construction work on the sides of the Manippuzha–Eerayilkadavu road which has been designated as a development corridor. The road was completed during the term of the previous UDF government and the owners who gave their land for the purpose were promised sanction to carry out construction later. But alleging that the present LDF government is not granting the necessary sanction, the land owners have approached the court. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2018/12/29/dying-paddy-fields-set-to-revive-after-three-decades.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2018/12/29/dying-paddy-fields-set-to-revive-after-three-decades.html Sun, 30 Dec 2018 01:49:18 GMT Woman dies as lorry's door bangs her head Thalayolaparamabu: A housewife, who suffered a head injury after the door of a running lorry came open and hit her head as she was walking on the road, has died after fighting for her life for over a week. Omana, 48, wife of Venugopalan of Marangattupuram, Varikkamkunnu, was injured grievously on December 17, around 5.45 pm. Omana was walking along the left side of the road after buying fish from a roadside vendor. The lorry, which has a national permit, was going from Kottayam towards Ernakulam. As the lorry driver negotiated a curve, the heavy wooden door on the left side swung open and hit Omana behind her head. The driver, who was alone in the lorry, did not bother to stop, but the local people blocked the lorry and detained him. Omana collapsed on the road and was rushed to the Medical College Hospital where she died on Thursday, Dec 27. Doctors said the head injury killed her. Omana leaves behind two daughters, Karthika and Keerthana. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2018/12/28/woman-dies-accident-lorry-head-injury-kerala.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2018/12/28/woman-dies-accident-lorry-head-injury-kerala.html Fri, 28 Dec 2018 04:52:44 GMT 3 killed as car rams bus in Kottayam Kottayam: Three people were killed as their car rammed a private bus in Ponkunnam near Kottayam on Monday. The deceased have been identified as Sukumaran (Monayi, 46) of Manarcaud, Kottyam; Ullas, 46, of Kalathipady, Vadavathoor, Kottayam; and Kannadasan, 36, from Alathur, Palakkad. Aji, 40, of Anikkad in Ernakulam, who was also in the car, sustained minor injuries and has been discharged from hospital. The accident occurred around 6.45pm between Ilangulam Gurumandiram and Randam Mile on the Ponkunnam-Pala road on Monday. The car was going from Pallikathode to Peermade and the road was slippery after a rainfall. The car was entirely damaged and it had to be cut open to take out the occupants. Read more: Latest Kerala news https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2018/12/25/killed-car-rams-bus-kottayam.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2018/12/25/killed-car-rams-bus-kottayam.html Tue, 25 Dec 2018 07:00:21 GMT When Santa met Maveli: The romance behind the viral pix Maveli was so worried that he could not visit his former kingdom during a flood-hit Onam that he jumped on the invitation of Santa. Here’s how the rendezvous unfolded. Santa wrote a letter to Maveli, ruing the different timing of their visits every year. He invited Maveli to accompany him on his visit to Kerala ahead of Christmas. After all, Maveli missed his yearly Onam visit because of the flood in August. So Maveli hopped on a KSRTC bus to Kottayam, where his old friend waited for him. They roamed across the town, chatted up the curious onlookers and even distributed presents. They posed for selfies with some people. At the end of the day, Santa fished out a present for Maveli from his sack. It was a wedding card! To the amazement of the onlookers, Santa removed his mask and there she was. This Santa was a girl. The unlikely combo was the result of a wedding invitation video. Arjun Maliackal from Kottayam and Ancy Francis from Thrissur chose an unusual method for their “save the date” video heralding their January 9 wedding. The video was directed by Tuesday Lights, a Kottayam-based studio which had made a mark with such interesting videos. The photoshoot has already gone viral on social media. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2018/12/24/santa-maveli-in-kottayam.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2018/12/24/santa-maveli-in-kottayam.html Tue, 25 Dec 2018 01:51:14 GMT Student pilot set to fly again after running from pillar to post Vaikom: A 23-year-old youth here wanted to roam around the skies in an airplane but the bureaucracy made him roam around in the government offices for two years. Sujith, a resident of Puthanpalam at Vechur, near Vaikkom, aspires to become a pilot. He had to run from pillar to post in government offices for obtaining a central government scholarship for his studies and training to become a pilot. Sujith had submitted the scholarship application 18 times and every time it was rejected. By the time, he submitted the application the 18th time, the central government had stopped the scholarship prorgramme. Finally, the nod to release the fund for Sujith from the state government coffers came as a special consideration. Sujith had taken Rs 1.60 lakh bank loan for enrolling for a one-and-a-half-year course at the Aviation Training College, Bhubaneshwar, under the SC/ST category. After completing the three-month theory classes, he had to practise flying for 200 hours of the remaining time in order to get the licence and the fee for which came to Rs 30 lakh. The SC/ST candidates are eligible for central government scholarship, which had to be applied through the concerned state government, and it is at this juncture that the student pilot courted trouble. Though Sujith had applied as per the procedure, his file was first sent to the secretariat of the Directorate of Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe development. Later when Sujith approached this office to follow up the matter, he was advised to submit fresh application. Sujith did not give up even after his fresh applications were rejected 18 times. Through C K Asha, MLA, he informed the Chief Minister and the Minister of the concerned department. The government staff realised that the application was to be sent to the central government only when they studied the matter in detail after the chief minister and the minister for the department asked them to. Sujith had lost two years by then. A few months back, the central government stopped this scholarship programme. The state government though released the fund under special consideration. Sujith is now hoping to start the flight training from January. Read more Districts News https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2018/12/23/student-pilot-set-to-fly-again-after-running-from-pillar-to-post.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2018/12/23/student-pilot-set-to-fly-again-after-running-from-pillar-to-post.html Mon, 24 Dec 2018 01:31:47 GMT Bamboo-made Christmas lanterns are stars of campus Marangattupally: School students here have learnt to make Christmas lanterns in the traditional way. The students of Labour India Gurukulam Public School decided to shun plastic and LED-powered stars, and gave a shot at the traditional star-making process using bamboo twigs, jute strings and paper. Their teachers also helped them to carve out stalks from the giant bamboos growing on the school campus. K C Babykutty, the teacher, guided the students in cutting down eight long stalks from which they carved out 20-inch-long strips and came out with polished wedges for making the environmental-friendly stars. The teachers imparted special training to the students on designing the frame of the ornamental Christmas lantern. For each group, the teachers gave papers of different hues to be pasted on the stars. Candles placed in coconut shells replace electric bulbs to light up the bamboo stars. After sweating it out for 22 days, the students are thrilled as their bamboo stars have lit up. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2018/12/22/bamboo-made-christmas-lanterns-are-stars-of-campus.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2018/12/22/bamboo-made-christmas-lanterns-are-stars-of-campus.html Sun, 23 Dec 2018 01:42:45 GMT Photo journo-turned novelist Hari Sankar dies Kottayam: Senior press photographer and Malayalam novelist S Hari Sankar, who suffered brain haemorrhage, died at a private hospital here Thursday. Hari Sankar, 48, was admitted to the hospital after he suffered the haemorrhage following a fall on Monday. He is survived by his wife and a daughter. Beginning his career in 1989 with Mangalam daily, he worked for various publications of the group. Later, he shifted his focus towards writing novels for various weeklies. Read more District News https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2018/12/20/photo-journo-turned-novelist-hari-sankar-dies.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2018/12/20/photo-journo-turned-novelist-hari-sankar-dies.html Thu, 20 Dec 2018 14:29:15 GMT Sent to Kerala as a child labourer, Julie rejoins family in Assam after 14 years Kottayam: Julie's return to her family in Assam has melted away layers of grief accumulated in the 14 years since she was sent to Kerala as a domestic maid. Julie was 7 years old when she went to Kerala. Her father and stepmother sent her away with a well-to-do Malayali family based in Assam to work as a maid in the family’s house in Kerala. She was not allowed to return to her house in the Bolahat village in Sonipur. She said she was ill-treated by her employers. The girl left her tormentors’ house one night. The people in the locality took her to the nearest police station. She eventually landed in a rehabilitation centre for women and children. She joined a primary school at Mudiyoorkkara and passed the four grades in a single year. She continued education until the tenth grade and passed the exam. She later joined a plus-two course and appeared for the exam. That is when she thought of going back to her long-lost family. When she told her teachers and friends that she wanted to go home, they spread the word. Help came from an Assam native working in Kottayam. Elaisa accompanied Julie to Assam last week. Julie’s father Sunil Kujoor could not recognise her initially because he is suffering from amnesia. Her stepsister Mary is also bedridden. However, her siblings Martin and Josna welcomed her with open hands. They called up Santhwanam director Ani Babu to express their gratitude for taking care of their sister. Julie returned home with her life savings of about Rs 2.5 lakh. Julie wants to return to Kerala after the vacation and continue her studies. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2018/12/16/child-labourer-kerala-julie-rejoins-family-assam.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2018/12/16/child-labourer-kerala-julie-rejoins-family-assam.html Mon, 17 Dec 2018 01:46:06 GMT When Kottayam soaked in cricket fever… Kottayam: Twenty-five years have passed since Kottayam last played host to Ranji Trophy, the country's premier domestic event. The four-day South Zone League encounter, in which Kerala took on Hyderabad, was held between December 11-14, 1993. It was a match of many firsts and unique feats. The new turf wicket facility at the Nehru Stadium in Nagampadam hosted its first ‘official’ match, which was Kerala’s 160th game in Ranji Trophy. The home side was led by K N Ananthapadmanabhan, or Ananthan, as he is fondly called, while India international Arshad Ayub was the captain of Hyderabad. One man was conspicuous by his absence in the visiting team – Mohammad Azharuddin – who was supposed to lead them. Arshad was handed the captaincy due to Azhar’s non-availability. The youngster who came in as a replacement for Azharuddin went on to become one of the most accomplished cricketers in India. It was none other than VVS Laxman, who won many a match for the country with his silken grace and wristy elegance. Hyderabad also had another international player in their ranks, the spin wizard Venkatapathy Raju. The key members of the Kerala side were Sunil Oasis, Feroze V Rasheed, and V Narayanan Kutty. It was a forgettable outing for Kerala as they failed to withstand Hyderabad’s bowling attack featuring some top quality spinners. Electing to bat, the visiting side scored 176 in their first innings before bowling out Kerala for a paltry 65 runs. Sunil Oasis (16 not out) and M A Sathish (14) were the only Kerala batsmen who reached double digits. Interestingly, extras (13) too managed to cross double figures in that innings! For the visitors, Raju and Ayub pocketed five wickets each. Hyderabad declared their second innings on 268-9, propelled by a brilliant 124 by M V Sridhar. Kerala came up with a better show in their second essay, thanks to a valiant effort by lower-order batsmen. However, they sank to defeat by 169 runs with a day to spare. The wrecker-in chief was Raju who once again picked up a fiver. Laxman failed to impress in both innings, scoring 21 and 3 respectively. Kottayam was witness to some milestone moments during the course of the match. Kerala skipper Ananthapadmanabhan claimed his 100th Ranji wicket to become the third Keralite to achieve that feat after Paliath Ravi Achan and Vedam Hariharan. Arshad Ayub’s five for 28 in Kerala’s first innings included a hat-trick as he dismissed P G Sunder, B Ramprakash and Feroze Rasheed off consecutive deliveries. Before that, the Nehru stadium had hosted two Ranji trophy matches. They were between Kerala and Mysore in 1972 and Kerala and Andhra Pradesh in 1988. Read more Kottayam News https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2018/12/15/when-kottayam-soaked-cricket-fever-2018.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2018/12/15/when-kottayam-soaked-cricket-fever-2018.html Sun, 16 Dec 2018 01:52:46 GMT Three men risk lives to rescue woman, son from whirlpool Karukachal, Kottayam: A mother and her son who were caught in a whirlpool were saved following a risky rescue mission launched by three local men led by the panchayat member. The lucky escapees are Divya, 32, and her son Jithin, 10, residents of Kottangal in Mallappally Taluk of Pathanamthitta district. The mishap happened after both arrived at the bathing area of the Manimala river around 5 pm on Tuesday. It was Jithin who ventured into the waters first but he slipped and was swept away by the current. Divya jumped into the river to save him, but she too was caught in the swift current. Luckily, Jithin could grab a bamboo stem that was leaning over the river. However, Divya got trapped in the deep waters. Some youths fishing on the riverbanks and others taking bath noticed the plight of the mother and son and raised an alarm. Hearing the shouts, Vellavoor panchayat member Olomana Madhusoodanan, 42, and his neighbour Ameer, 25, rushed to the spot and dived into the river. Risking their lives, they swam to the deep area where Divya was struggling for her life and brought her ashore. Meanwhile, Udayan, 30, swam to Jithin, who was holding precariously to the bamboo, and rescued him. A thoroughly exhausted Divya is now undergoing treatment at Kozhenchery district hospital. This whirlpool of Manimala River, known as ‘Olomana kayam’ is about 300 m long and has a depth of around 18 feet. There is very little chance of survival if a person ends up here as the riverbed is covered with rocks. The last major mishap had occurred here 15 years ago when a youth had drowned. Read more: Latest Kottayam news https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2018/12/14/people-risk-lives-rescue-woman-son-whirlpool.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2018/12/14/people-risk-lives-rescue-woman-son-whirlpool.html Fri, 14 Dec 2018 08:07:19 GMT MG varsity prepones exam for Women Wall Kottayam: The Mahatma Gandhi University has advanced some exams by a day in consideration of the January 1 Women Wall being organised by the state government. The first semester BA, BSc and B Com exams have been preponed to December 31. Organisations allied with opposition parties have raised the allegation that the change is aimed at ensuring maximum participation of students and teachers in the Wall. The preponed degree exams normally have the maximum attendance at the MG University. A large number of students, teachers and allied staff members will not be able to participate in the Women Wall if the exams are held on January 1. No other exam was scheduled on that date. While postponment of exams is not a rarity, advancing them is indeed is. The circular on the change of date has been issued by the joint registrar who is holding charge of the controller of examinations. Moves are on to ensure maximum attendance of college students, NSS volunteers and teachers representatives among others in the Wall. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2018/12/13/mg-varsity-prepones-exam-for-women-wall.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2018/12/13/mg-varsity-prepones-exam-for-women-wall.html Thu, 13 Dec 2018 11:03:15 GMT Why Vagamon residents bought bus tickets for a trip they didn't make Erattupetta: Forty-seven years have passed since the red-yellow bus of the Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) rolled into the hearts and minds of the Vagamon residents. The bus is a symbol of popular goodwill. In the initial days, it was common to see people waving down the bus to buy tickets even if they did not have to travel in it. The government-owned corporation assigned a bus to Vagamon in 1971 after a privately run bus stopped service on the unprofitable route. The residents of the hilly area were suddenly disconnected from the valley. Students of the Vellikulam and Theekoy schools were particularly affected. The headmaster of the Vellikulam school led a delegation of parents and other residents of the area to the then transport minister K M George, who was also the people’s representative from the nearby Poonjar. George instructed the KSRTC to assign a bus from the Kottayam depot to Vagamon. The people of Vagamon gave a royal welcome to the bus. The corporation later extended the route to Pullikkanam to benefit the labourers working in an estate. The bus started its trip from Kottayam at 4.20 am with loads of newspapers meant for subscribers from Ettumanoor to Pullikkanam. On its return trip, the bus carried letters from the local post offices to the head post office in Kottayam. The bus was later shifted to the fleet managed by the newfound Pala depot. It is currently managed by the Erattupetta depot. This remains the first bus of the day from Kottayam to Erattupetta and the last bus from Erattupetta to Kottayam. The people of the area, who have fond memories of the bus and the friendly staff, are planning to celebrate 47 years of the service. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2018/12/12/vagamon-ksrtc-bus-anniversary.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2018/12/12/vagamon-ksrtc-bus-anniversary.html Thu, 13 Dec 2018 01:54:43 GMT Sparrow nests are the new loot Kadathuruthy: Now, a gang is on the prowl that is literally robbing the sparrows of their homes at Kallara panchayat in the Kottayam district. The nests of sparrows built on coconut trees in Kolathukari, Paravanthuruthu and Perumthuuruthu regions of the Kallara panchayat are being whisked away by the members of this gang. They usually scale the tall coconut trees or use a long stick to remove the nests, including those with eggs. Sparrows could be found in large numbers near to the paddy fields in the Kallara panchayat, which is a habitat for many species of birds, including the migratory birds. Some rare species of birds could also be spotted in the region. The local people don't disturb the habitat of sparrows or other birds. The gang sells the nests at high prices in the city markets as currently it has become a trend to hang sparrow nests in houses and apartments in towns and cities. Besides, people from other states catch small birds, which rest on the paddy fields, using a net and sell them on the road sides. The other day local residents cornered some people who came to take nests from the area. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2018/12/10/sparrow-nests-are-the-new-loot.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2018/12/10/sparrow-nests-are-the-new-loot.html Tue, 11 Dec 2018 01:34:21 GMT Cops stumble upon nude images of dozens of girls in serial predator's phone Kaduthuruthy: The Kaduthuruthy police were in for a shock when the mobile phone recovered from a person, who was arrested on charges of sexually harassing girls whom he befriended online, threw up vulgar photos and videos of his numerous victims. The police found about 40 obscene photos and footage of many school girls and middle-aged women - all stored in a secret folder - on the cell phone seized from Jins Saji, 24, of Jithu Bhavan, Vechoor near Vaikom in Kottayam district. What made the incident even more shocking was that the accused had befriended all his victims online before sexually assaulting them. After having gained their trust online, he would ask them to send their nude photographs and then force them to offer sexual favours by threatening to release their intimate photos and videos on the internet. He has trapped at least 30 women by deploying the same modus operandi, the police said. The alleged crime came to light after one of his victims, a school girl, revealed the incidents of abuse to her principal. The principal, in turn, handed over the information to the Operation Gurukulam squad under the Kottayam district police chief, who took him into custody. According to the police, Jins, a painting worker, has had close links with ganja peddling gangs in Kottayam. The police are probing whether he had transferred the photos and videos to any other devise. The mobile phone would be sent for forensic examination to find out whether the content was circulated online or shared with other people. The police will approach the court seeking his custody, said SI S Shyamkumar, who is heading the investigation. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2018/12/07/police-serial-predator-phone-girls-nude-images.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2018/12/07/police-serial-predator-phone-girls-nude-images.html Sat, 08 Dec 2018 04:21:44 GMT 12 years after a murder, accused held with two women companions Changanassery: A murder accused was arrested in Tamil Nadu 12 years after he stabbed a man in Kerala. Kollamparambil Roy, aged 48, had fled his hometown of Payippad near Changanassery with two women after a murder in 2006. Roy ganged up with Kudathedu Binu to kill Lalan, a resident of Trikodithanam, during a festival at the Aramalakkunnu temple. Though the police arrested Binu and Roy, the first and second accused in the case, respectively, Roy managed to flee after he was let out on bail. Binu has been sentenced to 10 years in jail by the Kottayam sessions court. He was a jailbird involved in several cases of theft, drug peddling and assaults when he was arrested in the murder case. Roy had remained elusive until Kottayam superintendent of police Harishankar and team tracked him to Kodaikanal. Roy was accompanied by the two women who eloped with him. He had abandoned his wife and children. The police were helped by the relatives and friends of the women who handed over their mobile phone numbers to the investigators. The cyber cell tracked the fugitive and his companions to a remote area near Attuvampetti in Dindigul district. Roy had been living in the area as a construction labourer. He was known as Joseph. The investigation was spearheaded by deputy superintendent of police S Suresh Kumar. Roy has been remanded by a court in Kottayam. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2018/12/07/12-years-after-murder-accused-women-companions-changanassery.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kottayam/2018/12/07/12-years-after-murder-accused-women-companions-changanassery.html Fri, 07 Dec 2018 05:01:48 GMT