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Last Updated Saturday March 24 2018 11:19 PM IST

She gave life, twice: Mama labrador donates blood to puppies

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Mama labrador donates blood for her own puppies The District Veterinary Centre in Kollam recently saw a rare blood transfusion between dogs.

Kollam: In a dog-eat-dog world, this is one tale wrought in blood, literally. The District Veterinary Centre in Kollam recently saw a rare blood transfusion - between dogs - when labrador Milli donated blood to save her own pups.

Two months ago, Milli had given birth to a litter of seven pups. All the puppies were adopted. Sooraj from MG Nagar and his neighbor Udayan had bought one each from the litter and named them Rosy and Rocky. Sooraj and Udayan then went on a pilgrimage. On their return, they found both puppies unwell.

A check at the veterinary center revealed that the puppies were suffering from microcytic anemia, a condition resulting from lead poisoning caused by old batteries or paint tin. The puppies needed urgent blood transfusion and Milli, who shared their blood group, came to the rescue.

The puppies each received 100 milligram blood through transducer filter during the two-hour-long procedure.

However, Rocky could not be saved. Dogs have the blood type DEA (Dog Erythrocyte Antigen) with groups 1 to 12. Blood from different dog breeds could match if the groups are same.

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