Kasaragod https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod.rss Read latest news updates from Kasaragod District Kerala in English. Watch Videos and Photos of Exclusive Breaking News. Onmanorama en Tue, 25 Jun 2019 05:58:09 GMT https://www.manoramaonline.com/privacy.html Elephant raids uproot a remote Kerala village Kasaragod: The frequent menace of wild elephants has unsettled life and local economy of a remote hilly village in Kerala's Kasaragod district. The man-animal conflict has taken such a vicious turn at Adhur, close to the forested border with Karnataka, that many have already migrated downhill, leaving or desperately selling fertile farmlands were cash crops once abounded before elephant raids began too frequent. Those continuing to live there are on their edge as peace eludes them and life too is at risk. Damage to property, both personal and agricultural, are immense as elephants and even boars uproot plants, trees, electric poles and whatever that come in their way. Even youth find it difficult to find a suitable match as few are willing to enter into a matrimonial alliance with families living precariously. Men of Shimoga Colony at Adhur continue to remain bachelors for the best part of their life. Young women not only from this village but from neighbouring regions turn down their marriage proposals. For them settling down in this part of the world would mean a life filled with horror and sleepless nights. The childcare centre (anganwadi) here has a lone inmate -- Little Angel Maria -- as the locality has few children owing to low birth rate, a fallout of fewer marriages. Years ago, the anganwadi was reportedly lively with 20 to 30 children, today it has few takers. There are 50 unlucky bachelors here who had long hunted for brides and have now crossed their marital age, says anganwadi worker M J Valsamma. Even the girls of the village are married off to men living down the valleys. As many as 250 houses come under the limits of the anganwadi. But, many families have deserted the houses and migrated to safer zones, fearing elephant attacks. The scary tales of wild jumbos are not just confined to Shimoga Colony but are spread across Kanjirakolly, Shanti Nagar, Vanchiyathu, Ayyamkunnu and Aanapanthi. The wild beasts have trampled upon the lives and dreams of the people residing in the hilly belt adjoining the Karnataka forests. People in the dark and migrate For a section of human settlement that was bound to live in the dark for the most part of their lives, the belated total electrification project had instilled fresh hopes. The thought of drawing power lines changing their life for the better made the enthusiastic residents shoulder the electric poles all by themselves to the higher reaches through non-motorable roads. However, all their efforts did not yield the desired result as herds of elephants toppled the erected poles. Unable to find a permanent solution to wild animal attacks, migration from the high ranges to the valley has become intense. Most of the vacant houses at Chandanakampara and Payyavoor are now occupied and it has become difficult to get houses on rent. The locals say that some landlords are quite reluctant to rent out the house for fear that occupants might stay there forever. As people sell the house and farmlands and migrate to valleys, the property lands in the hands of investors who hardly have an interest in agriculture. With little care and attention, the farmlands, bordering Karnataka forests gradually turn into large swathes of wild outgrowths, offering an ideal habitat to wildlife. The jumbos from Karnataka forests descend onto the deserted land and go on a rampage, say the villagers. Chandanakampara too could be easily accessed by the jumbos through a steep route from Chemmala. United in trouble Realising the precarious situation, the folks of Mullankuzhi Thappu have come together and vowed to step in even at the dead of the night. The moment they hear the bursting of firecracker anywhere in the hillock to signal elephant sightings, Danish John, Sunny, Suresh, panchayat member Sajan and wife Princy come out with torches and yell at the top of their voice to know where help is needed, as they can’t rely on mobile phones. “Mobile network and power supply are as unpredictable as the wild jumbos themselves. They come and vanish all of a sudden,” say the residents. So the communication is done physically where the villagers call out to know where help is required and then set out for the rescue mission. Another deterrent factor to the rescue mission is the thick mist that envelops the settlement. It is so thick that one cannot even make out the person standing close by. So precautions have to be taken to avoid coming in front of the elephant. Even then no one hesitates to come out of their homes to help. Despair and protest The people of Shimoga Colony are desperate owing to recurring wild elephant attacks that they are ready to challenge the authorities. When Payyavoor police and Forest department officials came to rescue wild elephant that had fallen into an abandoned well at Pulicathadam, the locals stood in the way and said they would not be allowed to carry out the operation unless the people are duly compensated for the crop damage caused by elephant raids. Finally, the authorities convened a large public meeting at Chandanmakampara church in which even the vicar Fr George Alappatt stood by the people’s demand. "It's not just the wild elephants that raid the farmlands but wild boar as well," says ward member P K Balakrishnan of Payyavoor panchayat. Unique alarm Vexed with the elephant menace, Thomas Mathew of Kuttakuzhy, Meenamchery, has devised an alarm system to detect the presence of the beasts. He tied plastic twines across the courtyard and farmlands and connected them to a bell fixed in front of his house. In case the elephant enters anywhere in his farm and touches the plastic rope, immediately the bell will ring. It would then be possible to ward off the creature by bursting fire crackers or by other methods. Recently, people tried to scare away a wild elephant that foraged into Shimoga Colony using fire crackers. But it refused to depart as it was partially deaf. The animal attempted to move only after crackers were burst from the other side of the animal. Public caught unawares Wild tuskers went on a rampage in the border region of Manimoola at Kannadithottam and caused extensive damage to agriculture. The herds that came from Karnataka forests raided many farmlands. The area has been facing constant attacks from wild elephants in the past four days. Elephant movements are common in the human habitats of other hilly regions of Kasaragod district giving sleepless nights to the people. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2019/07/17/elephant-raids-uproot-a-remote-kerala-village.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2019/07/17/elephant-raids-uproot-a-remote-kerala-village.html Thu, 18 Jul 2019 00:59:25 GMT Gold ornaments vanish from bank locker, found among e-waste Kasargod: After days of tense moments, Sainaba’s face was glittering like never before. She got back her gold ornaments weighing 100 sovereigns that went missing from the locker of a nationalised bank from among the piles of e-waste at the bank. Sainaba who resides at BNM House, Bafaqi Nagar at Alampadi, had lodged a complaint with Kasaragod town police station on Saturday after she noticed that her ornaments kept inside the bank's locker had vanished. The search for the missing valuables went on for two days but in vain. At last, on Tuesday bank regional manager and CI A Anilkumar recovered the box of ornaments from among the abandoned computers at the bank. Sainaba was both happy and surprised to see that all the ornaments were all placed in the box exactly the way she had kept it. Ruling out the chances of any malpractice in the incident, police said no one would have placed the box among the e-waste after the complaint was filed at the station. "The complainant herself must have misplaced the ornaments while taking them out of the locker," police said. On Saturday when Sainaba had come to the bank with her daughter Fasneena to take back the gold, she noticed that one of the boxes in the locker was missing. She had last opened the bank locker on April 4. Bank officials too rule out any lapse from their part as the key of the locker is under the custody of the owner. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2019/07/11/gold-ornaments-vanish-from-bank-locker-found-among-ewaste.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2019/07/11/gold-ornaments-vanish-from-bank-locker-found-among-ewaste.html Fri, 12 Jul 2019 00:52:27 GMT Youth slips from rock and falls 150 feet while clicking selfie Belthangady: This incident should prove to be yet another warning for all selfie lovers who place their lives at risk to click the image of their liking. A youth who plunged 150 feet from a rock while taking a selfie near a waterfall is now battling for his life in hospital. The victim Satheesh of Neriya at Belthangady in Karnataka’s Dakshina Kannada district bordering Kerala suffered serious injuries and is undergoing treatment at a private hospital in Mangaluru. The incident that caused the youth to fall from the rock took place near the waterfall at Bidiruthala along the Charmadi Ghat stretch of the National Highway connecting Dakshina Kannada and Chikmagalur districts on Sunday. He slipped while clicking a selfie and fell. Some people who had stopped their vehicles near the waterfall and were shooting the video of the scenery captured the images of the youth plunging down the rocks. This video has now gone viral on social media. With the rains intensifying, small waterfalls have appeared at many spots beside the ghat road. However, without realizing the danger, many travellers attempt to click selfies near these waterfalls. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2019/07/04/youth-slips-from-rock-falls-while-clicking-selfie.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2019/07/04/youth-slips-from-rock-falls-while-clicking-selfie.html Fri, 05 Jul 2019 00:47:12 GMT Denied promised job and house, champion footballer to leave Kerala Cheemeni: K P Rahul, a member of the Kerala football team that won the Santosh Trophy last year, is a dejected man now. Hailing from a poor family, Rahul was promised a job as well as house by the Kerala government considering his contributions to the victory. However, the youngster has now abandoned the dreams of a house and job and decided to play for a team in Chennai. Rahul, who belongs to Pilikkode, now lives with his family in a single room hut built on a 10-cent plot received as excess land at Chembrakanam. After the authorities promised him a house, revenue land measuring 7 cents was identified at Varakkode, also in Pilikkode. The Sports Council soon asked Rahul to submit the plan for the house. Though the youth visited the authorities at village office and other places several times for the purpose, all he faced was neglect. Finally, Rahul was forced to give up his dreams for a good house. Nothing happened regarding the job promise also. Meanwhile, Rahul received the opportunity to attend a selection camp of a Chennai team. “Heading to Chennai after winning the Santosh Trophy for my home state is indeed a matter of torment,” says the football player. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2019/07/02/denied-promised-job-and-house-champion-footballer-to-leave-Kerala.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2019/07/02/denied-promised-job-and-house-champion-footballer-to-leave-Kerala.html Wed, 03 Jul 2019 00:36:26 GMT Man thrashed to death by stepdaughter's husband Uppala, Kasaragod: The police here have launched a manhunt for a youth and his four friends who have been accused of killing his wife's stepfather. They had abducted and thrashed Althaf, 47, of Prathap Nagar in Uppala in Kasaragod district. Althaf later died in the hospital. Althaf was abducted from his home on Sunday evening and was assaulted for hours over a domestic issue. He was then left in a debilitated state by the roadside near a private hospital at Deralakatte in Mangaluru. Though passers-by took him to the hospital, he died on Tuesday morning. The Kumbla police have filed case against five people, including Shabeer Moideen of Uppala, and his friends. Shabeer and friends are accused in several cases, the police said. Shabeer is the husband of Ameenath Sareena, who is the daughter of Althaf's wife from another marriage. Shabeer, who along with his wife and children reside in Mangaluru, allegedly assaulted them frequently. Unable to bear the harassment, Ameenath returned to her mother's house at Uppala, near the Kerala-Karnataka border. Shabeer along with his friends reached the house at Uppala on June 23 evening and got into an altercation with the family. Enraged he abducted his own child and Althaf in a car. He then left the child at a relative's house. The family then complained to the police and Althaf was located in a hospital, but he succumbed to the injuries. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2019/06/26/stepdaughter-husband-kills-man.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2019/06/26/stepdaughter-husband-kills-man.html Wed, 26 Jun 2019 11:51:12 GMT Crabs provide succour to fishermen in distress Kasaragod: The fishers, who are in distress following the 52-day trawling ban that came into effect on June 9, have a silver lining on the horizon in the form of crabs. These giant crabs are being exported to foreign countries from Kasaba near here and attracting a lot of attention. The crabs are bigger than the normal ones. A crab weighing less than 500 grams comes with a price tag of Rs 200 per kg. Crabs weighing between 500 grams and 750 grams are sold at Rs 1,000 to Rs 1,200 per kg. One has to shell out Rs 1,500 if the crabs weigh more than 750 grams. The crabs sourced from the fishers are transported to Kollam and from there, consignments are sent to Singapore and Gulf countries, the agents said. Around 50 kgs of crabs are exported daily. Fishermen, individually or in groups, go on boats to catch the crabs from the river mouth of Chandragiri River. Besides crab’s medicinal properties, crab dishes are a favourite among guests of five-star hotels. The fishermen are involved in crab fishing as there are not able to venture into the sea due to the trawling ban. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2019/06/26/crabs-provide-succour-to-fishermen-in-distress-trawling-ban.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2019/06/26/crabs-provide-succour-to-fishermen-in-distress-trawling-ban.html Thu, 27 Jun 2019 00:49:05 GMT Periya victim Sharatlal's cousin bullied by SFI again Periya: Deepak, a KSU activist who availed a transfer from Ravaneeswaram Govt Higher Secondary School with police protection following threats from SFI supporters, has received yet another threat at Periya Govt Higher Secondary School where he subsequently joined for the plus-one course. Deepak (15) is a relative of Sarathlal, the Youth Congress activist who was killed at Kallyott. The phone number from which he was issued the threats at Ravaneeswaram and Periya is the same. The latest voice message says that, ‘we have our people at Periya too.’ Umeshan’s mother and Sarathlal’s father are siblings. In the first allotment for plus-one, Deepak was admitted to Attenganam Govt Higher Secondary School. In the second allotment, he shifted to Ravaneeswaram Govt Higher Secondary School. When he reached the school for admission, Deepak was given a card on which the letters SFI were printed. He was asked to carry the card when he attended classes. Deepak was also told that he should delete the status on his phone. On receiving these threats from the SFI, the MP-elect from Kasaragod Rajmohan Unnithan asked the Kanhangad DySP to provide police protection for Deepak in order to shift from Ravaneeswaram to Periya. Deepak reached Ravaneeswaram school along with Hosdurg Circle Inspector M P Vineesh Kumar and other police officials to obtain his Transfer Certificate. He subsequently joined the Periya school. According to Deepak’s relatives, they will apprise KPCC president Mullappally Ramachandran and other leaders also of the matter. KSU blames SFI Meanwhile, KSU district secretary Martin Abraham said that the fascist face of the SFI was revealed after it targeted Deepak. “Literate Kerala should hang its head in shame over the incident in which a student had to seek police protection to avail a TC,” he added. On February 17, a gang led by CPM former branch secretary Peethambaran had hacked to death Youth Congress activists from Kallyott, Kripesh and Sarathlal, while they were returning home from a a local function. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2019/06/13/periya-victim-sharatlal-cousin-bullied-by-sfi.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2019/06/13/periya-victim-sharatlal-cousin-bullied-by-sfi.html Thu, 13 Jun 2019 08:48:19 GMT Dead fish float in Payaswini river; Collector intervenes Bovikanam: Hundreds of fish are turning up dead at Nedumkayam in the Payaswini River. Kasaragod District Collector D Sajith Babu, taking note of the matter, has directed the Fisheries Department to adopt urgent steps to solve the issue. The Collector had visited the spot before issuing the directive to the Fisheries Deputy Director. The authorities feel that supplying oxygen to the water could be considered as turbidity is very high in this area of the river. After an inspection by the Fisheries Deputy Director, all necessary measures would be launched with the Collector’s sanction. Supplying fresh water to this part of the river which has a whirlpool is another method to end the crisis, but all the ponds in the vicinity have dried up in the hot weather. It is felt that low oxygen levels in the turbid water is causing the fish deaths Meanwhile, the incidence of dead fish floating in the river has seen no letup. Local people are engaged in the strenuous task of removing all this fish from the river and burying them on land. With the dead fish rotting, the water has become polluted and is also spreading a foul smell all around. Another phenomenon witnessed in the river is that of fish coming to the surface to breathe. However, people began to catch these fish, prompting the Kerala State Biodiversity Board to intervene. The police soon stopped the fishing based on a directive from the Biodiversity Board. District coordinator of the Board Krishnan, Dr E Unnikrishnan, N Anil Kumar and panchayat president Khalid Bellipady visited the area. Heritage site Meanwhile, the Biodiversity Board has instructed the Muliyar panchayat to submit a feasibility report to convert Nedunkayam into a biodiversity heritage site. Board’s member secretary Dr V Balakrishnan has asked the panchayat to study whether the area hosts rare fish species. Water to be analysed The authorities have sent samples of the water taken from the spot for detailed analysis. The main purpose of the exercise is to determine whether the water has the presence of poison. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2019/05/24/dead-fish-float-payaswini-river.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2019/05/24/dead-fish-float-payaswini-river.html Fri, 24 May 2019 04:29:02 GMT Visually impaired endosulfan victim secures full A+ in Class 10 exams Mulleria, Kasaragod: The crucial final-year results of schools and colleges are being published now. The success tales of students are inspiring for the not-so-brilliant. Equally inspiring are the feats of students with disabilities and those from the less-privileged background. Two siblings - Vishnupriya and her little brother Abhijin - from Kerala's Kasaragod district secured A+ in all the subjects in their the Class 10 examination despite their hardships. The stupendous performance of Vishnupriya stands out as she was born blind due to the effects of the infamous Endosulfan poisoning in her native place. Vishnupriya was born to R Vishwanathan Nair and Ashadevi at Arladuka near Karaduka in Kasaragod district when the aerial spraying of Endosulfan pesticide was being carried out in the region. The after effects of Endosulfan poisoning had rendered Vishnupriya blind at the time of her birth. Her father Vishwanathan, a carpenter, tried hard to give her the best of treatments but to no avail. The doctor, who heard the little girl singing, asked her parents to enroll her for music classes. Vishnupriya won the first prize in singing competitions at the Special School Youth Festival on a trot from class 2 to 7. Even at the Kerala School Youth festival, she secured the first place with an A grade for three consecutive years. Due to treatment, Vishnupriya had a delayed academic start, putting her in the same class as her brother at the GVHSS, Karaduka. Holding on to her younger brother's hands, Vishnupriya would go to school every day. A nine standard student had written the exam for the visually impaired girl. The Class 10 examination result of the Kerala Public Examination Board was declared a couple of days ago. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2019/05/08/blind-endosulfan-victim-secures-full-a-plus-in-sslc.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2019/05/08/blind-endosulfan-victim-secures-full-a-plus-in-sslc.html Thu, 09 May 2019 00:36:00 GMT Bus operator fined Rs 20,000 for not picking up passenger Nileshwaram: A bus operator has been asked to pay Rs 20,000 in fine for not picking up a passenger who had booked a seat online. Kasaragod District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum ordered SRS Travels on GT Road, Bangalore, to pay the compensation and court fee of Rs 3,000 to C Amburaj within a month of receiving the order. Amburaj is the owner of Best Better Bakery at Nileshwaram and the state vice-president of the Bakers' Association. Amburaj had booked a ticket for Rs 1,215 from Nileshwaram to Ernakulam on the night of September 16, 2018 to attend a Bakers’ Association event the next day. A return ticket for Rs 966 was booked too. Calling on a number on the ticket, he was advised to wait at a bus stop at Cheruvathur, near Nileshwaram market junction, on 16th night. The bus that arrived around 11 pm did not stop despite waving it down. The number was called again. The operators said the bus had reached 10 km ahead and they would wait for 3 minutes for him to catch up. Amburaj returned home since this was impossible. The association event was postponed to September 20. SRS Travels representatives failed to turn up at the hearing held by the Consumer Forum. No entry at stand Buses do no enter Cheruvathur Bus Stand between 7 pm and 7 am. A homemaker was stuck in no man’s land the other day as she was going to Pariyaram Medical College for treatment. The woman who boarded the bus at 6.30am from Nileshwaram intimated the conductor that someone will join her from Cheruvathur bus stand. Once it reached Cheruvathur, the conductor said the bus will not enter the stand since it will reach before 7am. When she said the other woman was waiting at the bus stand, she was made to get off the bus on the highway. Her treatment was affected too. The bus stand is only 50 m from the highway, however the no-entry practice is bothering the public. No action is being initiated even after informing several political leaders about passengers' difficulty. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2019/05/06/bus-operator-fined-rs-20000-not-picking-passenger.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2019/05/06/bus-operator-fined-rs-20000-not-picking-passenger.html Tue, 07 May 2019 00:45:48 GMT This elderly woman is saviour for a monkey troop Trikaripur: Monkeys inhabiting in the island of Edayilakkadu Kavu here in Kerala's Kannur district are bearing the brunt of blistering summer. The pond adjoining their habitat used to be the big solace to the 40 monkeys, but not until it dried up this summer. The primates, in their frantic search of a drop of water, have finally found a saviour in an old lady, Chalil Manikamma, who brings water and other nourishment to the monkeys as they scramble down. Though the monkeys turned out to be a menace in the neighbourhood soon, Manikamma continued her habit of giving rice to the creatures. But as summer set in she could not bear to see the hardships of the simians running helter skelter for a drop of water. Worried Manikkamma now takes water and paper cups along with rice balls for these animals and they would come rushing to gulp them down as soon as they see her. It is feared that the monkeys of the island, which is rich in biodiversity, would get dehydrated and die for want of water. Their numbers have dwindled over the period owing to various reasons. The islanders have taken conscious effort to increase their numbers with the active involvement of Edayilakode Navodaya Library. Though steps were taken revive the pond by bringing it under a backwater protection scheme, it did not get the approval of the government. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2019/04/20/this-elderly-woman-saviour-monkey-troop.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2019/04/20/this-elderly-woman-saviour-monkey-troop.html Sat, 20 Apr 2019 17:45:01 GMT CPM workers join Congress en masse in Kallyot Kasaragod: As many as 67 people from 27 families -- nearly 20 of them relatives of slain Youth Congress (YC) workers Kripesh and Sharathlal -- left the CPM and joined Congress at Kallyot near Periya. The Youth Congress workers were hacked to death allegedly by CPM activists in February. Apart from relatives of slain (YC) workers, those who joined the Congres s are mostly people of their locality, others are from their same village,Congress leader Balakrishnan Periya said. “There had been a disinformation campaign against the two boys even after their murder. CPM workers from outside the village were brought to campaign in the houses, justifying the killings,” said Balakrishnan. It was on February 17 that the two youngsters, who were also close friends, were hacked to death allegedly at the behest of local CPM leaders. Though there was widespread criticism against the CPM, at first it came out with a statement that the killings were motivated by local rivalry and the party had no role in it. After the first accused in the case, Peethambaran, was arrested, he was expelled from the party. However, families of both the youngsters as well as Congress demanded a probe by the Central Bureau of Investigation. The Crime Branch stated in the High Court that local rivalry was the trigger for the murder. The UDF had already made the political killings a poll issue throughout the state. The CPM district committee denied that party activists had joined the Congress saying they were never party sympathisers. New house for Kripesh's family The family of Kripesh moved to their new house, constructed using the MLA fund of Hibi Eden, the UDF candidate in Ernakulam Lok Sabha seat. The house – 'Kichoos' – named by Kripesh's friends, was completed under the Thanal project. This is the 30th house constructed under the project and was finished within 44 days. Pravasi Congress Kasaragod district committee also set up a bore well on the premises of the house. The 1,100 square feet house has three bedrooms, kitchen, central hall and dining hall. Hibi attended the house warming ceremony with family. UDF Kasaragod candidate Rajmohan Unnithan and Hakkim Kunnil were present. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2019/04/19/cpm-workers-join-congress-kallyot.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2019/04/19/cpm-workers-join-congress-kallyot.html Fri, 19 Apr 2019 11:15:07 GMT Fishermen rescue sea turtles enmeshed in plastic debris Neeleswaram: Seven sea turtles which were caught in the plastic debris left in the sea were rescued by the traditional fishermen of Neeleswaram in Kerala's northernmost Kasaragod district. Seven olive ridley and hawksbill turtles were rescued by the fishermen who are residents of Thaikadappuram in Neeleswaram. The fishermen painstakingly removed the pieces of fishing net that had got tangled up around the limbs of the turtles. The turtles had sustained injuries while attempting to get out of the plastic mesh that had entangled them. Babu, Shaji, Sajeevan, Ganesan, Prakasan, Ramesan, Sajesh, Sujith, Akhilesh, Raghu, Vimalan, Suresan and Rajeevan were the rescuers. Harmful practice The fishing nets and other plastic used by people for unscientific fishing practices usually get abandoned in the ocean, creating death traps for the fauna including the sea turtles. Some fishermen create artificial mounds in the seabed using plastic debris including bottles, covers and nets to lure fish for breeding. After fish congregate in large masses within these artificial rock-shaped structures in the sea bed, these fishermen arrive and make an easy catch using hand nets or scoop nets. The plastic debris which get abandoned once the team leaves, remain in the sea posing a grave threat to the marine environment. The traditional fishworkers point out that hordes of dead sea turtles caught in these plastic debris can be found all over the deep sea near Kerala coast these days. Even the turtles which are swimming ashore for laying eggs often die after getting caught in these abandoned fishing nets, pointed out P.V. Sudheer Kumar, activist of Neithal Kadalama Samrakshana Sanghatana, a Neeleswaram based non-governmental organisation that has been working for the protection of sea turtles. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2019/04/14/fishermen-rescue-sea-turtles-enmeshed-plastic-debris.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2019/04/14/fishermen-rescue-sea-turtles-enmeshed-plastic-debris.html Tue, 16 Apr 2019 01:22:49 GMT Malayali hotelier in Karnataka hits jackpot with Kerala lottery Sullia: A 51-year-old Malayali hotelier here in the Dakshina Kannada district of Karnataka won the first prize of Kerala State Lottery the other day. Lady Luck finally smiled on B Sudhama, who runs a restaurant here, with one of the three summer bumper tickets he had purchased from Mulleria lottery sub-agent B Kunhikannan. The winning ticket bore the number SB 131399. Kunhikannan, who sells tickets sourced from Madhu Lottery Agency at the KSRTC shopping complex in Kasaragod, says this is the highest-ever jackpot to be hit in the northernmost Kerala district. Sudhama had bought three tickets last month while he arrived in Kasaragod to call on his relatives residing at Mallatu. For the past four years he always made it a point to try his luck with Kerala state lottery tickets whenever he visited his native place in Kerala. Sudhama settled down in Kanthamangala, Sullia, ever since his parents Achuthan Maniyani and Saraswathi migrated to a border village in the neighbouring state decades ago. Sudhama, who opened a hotel in the Adyanaduka village initially, opened Hotel Nidheesh 19 years ago in Sullia town. His family comprises wife Prabhavati, a Kasaragod native, and three children. "My focus is to give good education to my children Nidhesh, Sarath and Manvith," says Sudhama, who was immersed in his routine duties as any other day. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2019/03/23/malayali-hotelier-karnataka-hits-jackpot-kerala-lottery.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2019/03/23/malayali-hotelier-karnataka-hits-jackpot-kerala-lottery.html Sun, 24 Mar 2019 01:44:39 GMT Why PSC board had to conduct a job interview in an autorickshaw! Kasaragod: In an interesting reversal of procedure, members of a state interview board came out their room on the second floor of a building to meet a job seeker who was waiting in an autorickshaw downstairs. Normally, the board sits in a room and the candidates have to enter the place one by one to be evaluated. The curious incident took place in front of the Public Service Commission (PSC) here on Wednesday when a candidate with his leg in plaster arrived for the interview to the post of junior health inspector in Municipal Common Service. Though Manikandan, belonging to Cheuvathur, reached the PSC office in an autorickshaw with the help of others, he could not proceed to the interview chamber as it was on the second floor. Tiger Hills building at Pulikkunnu, housing the PSC office, has no lift. Moreover, as Manikandan was not in a position to place his bandaged leg on the floor or fold it, he could not climb the steps even if others came to his aid. He was earlier severely injured in an accident. Those who accompanied Manikandan soon informed PSC officials of Manikandan’s plight. When District PSC officer V V Pramod raised the matter with PSC interview board chairman P Sivadasan, the latter decided to go downstairs to the autorickshaw in order to interview Manikandan. The others who were part of the interview board were PSC member Jinu Zacharia Ummen, DMO A P Dinesh Kumar and an official belonging to the public health section of Kozhikode Corporation. Manikandan was interviewed in secrecy inside the auto by asking all others, including the driver, to stay away from the spot. Interview to the post of junior health inspector in Municipal Common Service is taking place after a long delay. The issue had even reached the court. As many as 45 candidates were interviewed on Wednesday. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2019/03/22/psc-board-conduct-job-interview-autorickshaw.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2019/03/22/psc-board-conduct-job-interview-autorickshaw.html Sat, 23 Mar 2019 01:47:53 GMT Coir mats secure banks of water channels Nileswaram: The banks of the water channels in Madikkai panchayat here in Kasaragod district are being covered with coir mats to prevent erosion during the coming monsoon. The work is being carried with the erosion-control mats much before the summer intensifies. The mat-laying is as part of a project envisaged to promote coir industries and increase the working days of coir labourers. Launched in 2017, already works costing Rs 19 lakh has been carried out in Kasaragod district during 2017-18. The beneficiaries of the project are members of coir societies. As many as 10 panchayats in the district, including Madikkai, Kinanur and Karinthalam, are covered under the project during the current year. The project is being implemented in the jurisdiction of local bodies by Coirfed by linking it with the employment guarantee scheme. The mats have already been laid over an area of 3,650 sq m on the banks of the seven water channels. An amount of Rs 2,37,250 has been spent for the mats and Rs 28,500 for other items, said Saseendran Madikkai, chairperson of the Development Standing Committee of Madikkai panchayat. The work is being carried out by labourers as part of the central employment guarantee scheme. The project will be extended to more local bodies during the next financial year. Geofabrics or geotextiles are widely used for streambank restoration and soil stabilisation. The coir mats are used for protecting water bodies as well as building bunds and ridges. They cost Rs 65 per sq m. Erosion-control mats will also be prepared as per requirements. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2019/03/20/coir-mats-secure-banks-of-water-channels.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2019/03/20/coir-mats-secure-banks-of-water-channels.html Thu, 21 Mar 2019 01:56:20 GMT Endosulfan victim, father still await promised plot, house Vellarikundu: An old man and his disabled daughter here in Kasaragod district have been running from pillar to post for a house and a piece of land promised by the government. Sukumaran and Mallika have been denied them despite a government scheme to the victims of endosulphan poisoning. Sukumaran had built a hut on a plot that Karindalam revenue authorities had 'showed' a few years ago. But some locals set on fire the hut and whatever belongings they had. A police complaint yielded no result, and efforts to get a title deed bore no fruits. Karindalam Village authorities promised to take up his issue in 2012 after his hunger strike in front of the office. But nothing has happened so far. After unsuccessful applications to district collector and tehsildar, Sukumaran now plans for another hunger strike in front of the collectorate to secure the promised plot and house. Mallika’s Rs 1,500 monthly pension for endosulfan victims is the only source of income. Her mother died long back. Sukumaran was a manual labourer, but he can't work now due to arthritis. The Kerala district had come to limelight nationally and even globally a decade back when the plight of endosulfan-affected people became public. A generation was affected with hereditary diseases and cancers of all forms as a result of the excessive use of the pesticide endosulfan in nearby government-owned plantations. Residents of 15 villages were affected by prolonged aerial spraying of the pesticide since 1976 in cashew plantations owned by the Plantation Corporation of Kerala. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2019/03/19/endosulfan-victim-father-await-promised-house.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2019/03/19/endosulfan-victim-father-await-promised-house.html Wed, 20 Mar 2019 01:48:55 GMT Radio pavilion, a reminder of elections in the past Bovikkanam: Another election has been announced, but a curious sight that was an integral part the poll scene in the past will be missing. In olden days, people used to crowd around 'Radio pavilions' in each panchayat of Kerala in the morning and evening to listen to the news. The radio pavilions were the source of information on election results and other news. There were also incidents in which supporters of the party that won the polls offering flowers to the pavilion. With television and mobile phone taking over the task of dissemination of news, the radio pavilions fell into disuse. However, at some places, the structure still remains. One such spot is Bovikkanam town. The radio pavilions were set up in all the panchayat during the 1970s as part of the silver jubilee celebrations of India’s Independence. They were meant to help local people hear All India Radio’s news bulletins. The news was broadcast two times a day – in the morning and evening. On some occasions, the radio pavilions also used to play music and cricket commentaries. Each panchayat had appointed operators to manage the pavilions. The news in the radio was amplified using a mike and horn speaker for the benefit of the listeners. A large crowd used to gather around the pavilions as radio or even electricity was a luxury those days. The pavilions also served as the meeting place of friends. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2019/03/16/radio-pavilion-elections-past.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2019/03/16/radio-pavilion-elections-past.html Sun, 17 Mar 2019 01:41:52 GMT Kasaragod woman blames airport officials for tearing passport Mangalore: A Malayali air passenger has alleged that security officers at the Mangalore airport tore her passport. The Indian embassy in Dubai has sought explanation from the airport authorities, but a check revealed the complaint was baseless. A complaint was lodged by Kasaragod native Muhammad's wife Rubina Hashim who was going to Dubai along with daughters Fathima (4) and Noora (8 months). Rubina said she had passed the security check at the entrance and proceeded to the check-in counter when she was told her passport was torn. Travelling with a torn passport was not possible, she was told. Airline officials said they would not be responsible for any inconvenience it might cause her at Dubai Airport. She was made to write a letter taking responsibility for the passport and rewrite it since the first one was not in the required format. However, airport authorities in Dubai did not have a problem with the torn passport. They asked her to renew it, she said. Rubina went on to file a complaint with the Indian embassy there about the torn passport and the response of officials in Mangalore. The embassy asked the airport for an explanation. After checking CCTV footage, the airport authorities said its officials were courteous to the traveller. Read more Kasaragod News https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2019/02/16/kasaragod-woman-blames-airport-officials-tearing-passport.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2019/02/16/kasaragod-woman-blames-airport-officials-tearing-passport.html Sun, 17 Feb 2019 01:46:13 GMT HSC student booked for murder bid on teacher Kasaragod: A 44-year-old teacher has been thrashed by a student who was caught copying during a higher secondary model examination. Physics teacher Dr V Bobby Jose of Chemnad Jamaath Higher Secondary School has been admitted to a private hospital. The town police have registered a case of attempted murder on the Humanities student who is under arrest. The father of the student is also under custody for threatening the teacher against filing a complaint. The teacher said the incident happened on Saturday at around 4 pm when the student was caught copying. The teacher who fell when slapped was then kicked and beaten inside the exam hall. The same student was booked for manhandling a policeman during a tussle in the school a while ago, said SI P Ajith Kumar. He has faced several disciplinary actions before, said school authorities. Read more Kasaragod News https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2019/02/10/hsc-student-booked-murder-bid-teacher.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2019/02/10/hsc-student-booked-murder-bid-teacher.html Mon, 11 Feb 2019 01:14:25 GMT Khaki beats all the way in north Kerala Police are always under pressure for one reason or the other. But the cultural activities help police personnel to beat the stress as they come together to sing their favourite songs, thereby fostering camaraderie. And when someone appreciates our vocal skills, we will be on cloud nine, no doubt about it. We are special bro!! As many as 30 singers are there in various police stations in Kannur district. Three years ago, these singers felt the importance of coming under one umbrella. That’s when the police association meeting was on, and the singers grabbed the opportunity with both hands. They rocked the stage with some traditional music and fast peppy numbers. It was a smashing hit, to say the least. The singers participate in police association programmes, family get-togethers and cultural activities of various police stations. They have an own orchestra too. The group is active on social media though there are some practical difficulties for the singers in kakhi to take part in functions of private people. They are happy with the tag – resident singers of the police force. But sir, one doubt Will the vocal chords be in sync with the musical notes after a bitter dressing down given to the law-breakers? Yes is the assertive reply from the singers. The police musical troupe is under the able leadership of S K Prajesh, the civil police officer (CPO) of Pariyaram station. The main singers of the group are SI P Muraleedharan, Telecommunication SI P Aravindakshan, State Special Branch SI M Madhu, Special Branch ASI P Rameshan, CPOs M Shijumon, Jubeesh K Chacko, A Suresh Babu, Rajeesh and Madhududhanan of Crime Branch. N Swapna of Pazhayagadi station and K K Priya of the Pink Police are the female singers. Play and short film make a mark The women police of Kasaragod have made their presence felt with a 50-minute drama ‘Anagha’ and a 10-minute short film ‘Stranger’. The play revolves around discrimination faced by women during menstruation and also touches upon exploitation of children. The short film, written and directed by CPO Sajith Padanna, highlights the current societal issues in a subtle way. The film explains how to get out of the clutches of unscrupulous people who try to exploit lonely women in the guise of lending a helping hand. The drama has been written by Kasaragod Vanitha Cell CI P V Nirmala and directed by Kasaragod Special Mobile Squad CPO Ramakrishnan Chalingal. The characters in the drama were played by Bedakam station senior CPO C K Sarita, CPOs PV Geetha, A Jayasree, Reshma, T V Sajitha, C P K Praseetha, M P Sugandhi, T V Sheebha and Vanitha cell employee Ranjini Devi. Read more Kasaragod News https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2019/02/02/khaki-beats-all-the-way-north-kerala.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2019/02/02/khaki-beats-all-the-way-north-kerala.html Sun, 03 Feb 2019 01:42:37 GMT Kidoor will now tweet 24x7, offline! Kasaragod: A new notification for all bird lovers - tweets will ring out all day in Kidoor soon. The village is all set to get the biggest bird sanctuary in Kasaragod. Kumbala Panchayat will cooperate with other government agencies to create a vast social platform with unrestricted access for the avians. The natural beauty of Shiriya River will be part of the sanctuary. Ornithologists have identified 174 kinds of birds in the village. Many a flying beauty Thirty-eight types of migratory birds facing extinction including the grey-headed bulbul, Indian black ibis and oriental darter have been spotted here. It is also home to many exotic species like the great Indian hornbill, Malabar white-headed starling and Indian rufous babbler. A rare bird seen in plenty here Orange-breasted Green Pigeon is an added attraction. Every year eight camps are held here in association with the Kumbala Panchayat. Kidoor Bird Fest, held by Social Forestry and Kasaragod Birders last November was well received. The sanctuary will boost tourism in the area that has attractions like Kumbala Fort and Ananthapuram Pond Temple. A nest for birders The district collector will oversee building of a large dormitory for birders here using Rs 70 lakh. The District Tourism Promotion Council (DTPC) is making a blueprint for a three-storey building on a 10-acre revenue department land. The building that can house 150 people will use environment-friendly materials too. An open air theatre too is planned, said DTPC president Biju Raghavan. Observers own village Kidoor has the highest number of birders in the district. eBird, world largest online database by bird observers, has listed 160 different kinds of avians from Kidoor. Lead observers in the village include school teacher Raju Kidoor, MSc student Maxim Rodrigues, Prasanth Krishna, Rayan Pradeep and 10th grade student Glanda Preetesh. Read more Kasaragod News https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2019/01/23/kidoor-will-now-tweet-24-hours-offline.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2019/01/23/kidoor-will-now-tweet-24-hours-offline.html Thu, 24 Jan 2019 01:41:44 GMT Snake catcher stamps on python, HC seeks explanation The Kerala High Court has sought explanation from the Forest Department for not taking action against Muhammed of Aramangananm, in Kasaragod district, a snake catcher working part time with the Department for stamping upon a python and forcing out two chicken swallowed by the snake. The High Court had issued the notice after admitting a petition filed by Angel Nair, secretary, Animal Legal Force Integration seeking action against the Forest Department in this case. A video showing Muhammed forcing out the dead chicken from the python’s stomach had been circulating in social media since last June when the snake was captured from a home in Chattanchal, Kasaragod. The python had swallowed the chicken from the coop. The video showing Muhammed stamping upon the python to force the birds out through its mouth was shot by someone who was present there. It was widely circulated in the social media. Angel Nair had filed a complaint to the Vigilance Wing of the Forest Department requesting action against Muhammed after watching the videos. As there was no response from the Forest Department, the complainant had decided to approach the High Court. Muhammed is a part time employee of the Forest Department whose help is sought to catch snakes in populated areas as the Department has no permanent staff with expertise to catch snakes. Read more Kasaragod News https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2019/01/17/python-chicken-snake-catcher-forest-hc.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2019/01/17/python-chicken-snake-catcher-forest-hc.html Fri, 18 Jan 2019 01:54:52 GMT Man sentenced to life for raping stepdaughter in Kasaragod Kasaragod: A 34-year-old man was sentenced to life Saturday by a court here for raping his minor stepdaughter in April this year. This is the first case in Kerala where the court has awarded life imprisonment to a man under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act. The Kasaragod District Additional Sessions Court I judge P S Sasikumar, who delivered the judgement, also slapped a fine of Rs 50,000 on the man. The prosecution case was that the accused, Abdul Kareem, dragged away his 13-year-old stepdaughter away from her mother while they were asleep at their home here, threatened her with a knife and committed the crime in the early hours of April 2. The girl also suffered cuts on her left hand when the accused brandished the knife. The child later gave a statement that she had been abused earlier also. The case, registered under the POCSO Act, was investigated by police on a complaint by the girl and her mother. The class 9 girl is presently at a shelter home in Nileshwaram in the district. The Supreme Court had issued a directive to complete the trial in cases in which the victims are minors within one year. The Kasaragod court’s verdict was announced in less than eight months. Legal experts say this is the fastest trial related to harassment of minors in Kerala after the apex court order. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/12/30/man-sentenced-life-raping-stepdaughter-kasaragod.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/12/30/man-sentenced-life-raping-stepdaughter-kasaragod.html Sun, 30 Dec 2018 03:30:00 GMT Stepfather, 34, found guilty over teen's assault after speedy trial Kasaragod: A court here found a man guilty of sexually assaulting his 13-year-old stepdaughter within eight months after starting the trial. A Kasaragod additional sessions court (I) said the prosecution could prove that Abdul Kareem (34) had raped the youngster after threatening to kill her mother with a knife. The sentence will be pronounced on Saturday. Kareem is a resident of Pachampally at Panchathotty in Uppala in Kasaragod district. The shocking incident took place at the house of the victim around 4 am on April 2 this year. A Class 9 student, the girl also suffered cuts on her left hand when the accused brandished the knife. The child later gave a statement that she had been abused earlier also. The accused had committed crimes under Sections 376 (F), 506 (2) and 324 of the IPC, the court said. The Supreme Court has issued a directive to complete the trial in cases in which the victims are minors within one year. The Kasaragod court’s verdict has been announced in less than eight months. Legal experts say this is the fastest trial related to harassment of minors in Kerala after the apex court order. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/12/28/man-found-guilty-of-assaulting-minor-daughter.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/12/28/man-found-guilty-of-assaulting-minor-daughter.html Fri, 28 Dec 2018 13:22:20 GMT Kasaragod student dies in Hosur accident Kanhangad: A Keralite student died when his vehicle collided with a lorry at Hosur along the Karnataka-Tamil Nadu border on Wednesday. The car driver, a Puducherry native, was also killed in the accident. The deceased have been identified as Siddharth Unnikrishnan (25), a Kanhangad native, and a second-year student of Christ College Bengaluru. An Andhra native, Gopala Krishnamurthy, who was in the car along with Siddharth, suffered injuries. Both Siddharth and Gopala Krishnamurthy were in Puducherry to prepare their project report. Since they didn't get a bus, they took a taxi for Bengaluru on Tuesday. The accident happened at 5 am on Wednesday. Siddharth was sitting in the front seat and died on the spot. He is the son of Uduma native A C Unnikrishnan, who works in the Gulf as an engineer, and N K Prathibha, who works as a teacher in the Gulf. Siddharth has a sister, Karthika. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/12/27/kasargod-student-dies-hosur-accident.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/12/27/kasargod-student-dies-hosur-accident.html Fri, 28 Dec 2018 01:21:57 GMT Rape of class X girl: Kasaragod court awards Kerala's first 20-year sentence Kasaragod: In the first such sentence under the new law by a court in Kerala, an autorickshaw driver and his friend have been awarded 20 years' rigorous imprisonment (RI) and a fine of Rs 1 lakh each for abducting and sexually harassing a class X girl. The law dealing with rape was amended with stricter provisions after the ‘Nirbhaya’ case in Delhi. The Kasaragod additional sessions court found auto driver A Ibrahim Khaleel (30) of Baradukka in Badiyadukka and his friend B A Khalid (30) of Beejandadukka guilty of the crime. They were ordered to pay the fine amount to the victim. In the event of non-payment, they have to undergo an additional two years' rigorous prison term. Khaleel was served with an additional five years' RI for the abduction, which can run concurrently with the 20-year sentence. The court also directed the District Legal Services Authority to make funds available to rehabilitate the victim. The incident related to the case took place on the morning of July 15, 2013 when the girl student was walking to school. Khaleel approached her in his auto and offered a lift to school. When the student got into the auto, he took her to a vacant house in Beejandadukka and called Khalid to the place. Subsequently both of them raped her. Later in the evening they sent the victim home in another auto. The case was investigated by the then Kasaragod CI C K Sunil Kumar and K Premsadan. The charge sheet was filed before the court by CI Dr V Balakrishnan. The law dealing with sexual harassment was given more teeth in February 2013 following a national outcry after the Nirbhaya incident in Delhi where a girl student was raped in a moving bus. The maximum sentence, which had earlier been 10 years' RI, is now 20 years' RI to life. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/12/27/rape-kerala-kasaragod.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/12/27/rape-kerala-kasaragod.html Fri, 28 Dec 2018 06:25:15 GMT Anger as panchayat takes LP school students for protest Bandadka: Public have slammed the civic leaders of the Kuttikkol panchayat for taking lower primary school students for a protest. Even political parties have condemned the practice, saying the children of the Government Lower Primary School at Paduppu have nothing to do with the issue for which they had lined up. A complaint has already been forwarded to the Kerala State Commission for Protection of Child Rights in this regard. Puzhanad Gopalakrishnan, the Congress president of Kuttikkol block, has demanded action against panchayat member K N Rajan and school PTA president K K Raju who took the students for the protest. He warned of strong protests if action is not taken against the duo. KSU district secretary Martin Abraham sought action against the PTA president who violated child rights and the headmaster who acted at his behest. Martin revealed that they have already submitted a complaint to the Kerala State Commission for Protection of Child Rights. Kuttikkol mandalam Youth Congress president Pradeep Pallekkad is also mulling similar action against the use of students for political mileage. The Yuva Morcha Kuttikkol panchayat committee also sought strict action in the incident. Meanwhile, K Radhakrishnan, BJP's Kuttikkol panchayat committee president, sought an apology from the PTA president and the panchayat member for letting school land to private people for business purpose. Read more Kasaragod News https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/12/26/anger-panchayat-takes-lp-school-students-protest.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/12/26/anger-panchayat-takes-lp-school-students-protest.html Thu, 27 Dec 2018 01:41:46 GMT Farmer set for his 20th ride as Santa Claus Sulliya: Vincent Mineges has completed 19 years of taking out his annual ride dressed as Santa Claus. He spreads the message of Christmas and shares sweets all along the route. Vincent, a farmer and social activist, is conducting his two-wheeler ride dressed as Santa this year too covering Dakshina Kannada, Kasaragod and Udupi districts on the borders of Kerala and Karnataka. Travelling around 400 km in five days, the Santa visits places of worship, schools, colleges, convents, homes for the elderly, orphanages and auto-taxi stands along the way to popularise the Christmas message and distributes sweets. All people, especially youngsters, give this desi Christmas Father an enthusiastic welcome. It was Fr Valerian Levis, who was the vicar of Kokkada St John’s Baptist Church, who inspired Vincent to launch his bike trips in 2000. The first trip, from Kokkada to Shiradi, evoked overwhelming response and prompted Vincent to take out the rides every year. A few days before Christmas, Vincent decorates his scooter with balloons and takes a different route each year. This year’s tour touches Kasaba, Sulliya, Puttur, Uppinangadi, Vittla, Vorkady, Manjeswaram and Mangaluru. After completing the trip, Vincent reaches his house and joins family members in Christmas celebrations. A graduate, Vincent belongs to Kaukrady village in Puttur taluk of Dakshina Kannada. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/12/24/farmer-set-for-his-20th-ride-as-santa-claus.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/12/24/farmer-set-for-his-20th-ride-as-santa-claus.html Tue, 25 Dec 2018 01:51:46 GMT Cinema crew leaves behind mound of trash in forest Karadukka: A film crew, who got permission to shoot inside the Parthakochi forest here, left behind tons of trash and sand inside the reserved forest. Though most of it has been removed, the remaining garbage strewn across the forest could create problems for wild elephants and others. Wooden pieces with iron nails that could pose serious threat to lives of wild animals are among the trash left around. When the shooting completed, and the place was handed over to the forest department on December 7, garbage had piled up in several areas of the forest. They included tons of plastics and even beer bottles. Structures built using sand were left behind. There were huge piles of sand at several places and a temporary road (150x 3 ft) built using sand. All these were left behind despite the contract making it clear that the film crew had to clear up all their mess. The section forest officer mentioned all these in detail in his inquest report. The forest department had given permission for the shoot on the condition that the crew will have to remove the sand they plan to dump in the forest to make roads for the shoot. But the cine team never bothered to clean up. It is alleged that the Divisional Forest Officer (DFO) came in person to remove the garbage after the forest range officer recommended a probe against the culprits. The range officer too visited the area to take stock of the situation and recommended action against those responsible. After this, it is alleged that the DFO himself turned up with workers and partly cleaned up the area. But lots of plastics and sand are still left behind in several areas. No case yet Instead of filing a complaint, the move of the DFO to directly get involved in removing the trash has generated suspicion, it is alleged. If the contract norms are broken, a case has to be filed. According to norms, the amount deposited by the film crew for granting permission can be used to restore the forest to its earlier condition and a bigger amount can be sought from them if need be. What raises the hackles is the fact that a senior official involved directly to help the film crew. Nod disputed The controversies arose right from the time permission for the shoot was flouting norms. As per rules, permission for a film shoot can be granted after charging a fee. But no activity that could destroy the forest could be carried out. Flouting this rule, the DFO gave written permission to bring sand into the forest. When additional principal chief conservator of forest (APCCF) informed about this, he ordered the withdrawal of the permission. However, the DFO himself issued an order a few days later cancelling the shoot. A week later, the film crew again granted permission. But this without the knowledge of the APCCF. It is alleged that there intervention from the top to get this done. Meanwhile, range officer Anil Kumar, who had objected to the illegal activities, transferred to Attappadi. The transfer a clear indication that top officials had intervened in the matter, it is alleged. Read more Kasaragod News https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/12/21/cinema-crew-leaves-mound-thrash-forest-kasaragod.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/12/21/cinema-crew-leaves-mound-thrash-forest-kasaragod.html Fri, 21 Dec 2018 07:02:41 GMT Mystery over Kerala hunter's killing deepens Cherupuzha: More people are likely to be involved in the murder of a man who had ventured into the forests in Karnataka for hunting, it is suspected. Thannikkal George, 48, was found with bullet injuries on December 11 at Thanithattil in Karnataka's Mundarote forest range. His relatives are planning to petition the chief minister of Kerala and the home minister of Karnataka seeking their help to intensify the probe into the case. Karnataka cops are now looking for three more people who were part of the hunting party. The search is primarily in Cherupuzha area. The cops have received flak for letting off those who trespassed into the forests which is a non-bailable offence. Friends who had accompanied George, a resident of Kasaragod's Palavayal Thayyeni, for the hunting told the Bhagamandala police that he was shot dead by another hunting group at around 4.30 pm. The post-mortem report said that George died due to the bullet injuries on his chest and stomach from a country-made gun. The weapon used for the murder is yet to be found. Meanwhile, the rogue elephant that used to trouble hunting groups in the Karnataka forests is not seen of late. It is suspected that the hunting groups might have killed the elephant. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/12/18/karnataka-forest-shooting-mystery.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/12/18/karnataka-forest-shooting-mystery.html Tue, 18 Dec 2018 07:54:08 GMT Did poachers or friendly fire kill hunter from Kerala? Chittarikkal: The entire valley here in Kasaragod district is grieving the death of a man inside the forests of Karnataka. A timber worker at Thayyeni, Thannikkal Kunju alias George was shot dead on Tuesday at Thanithattil in the Mundarote forest range in Karnataka. It is believed that he was there with his friends to hunt wild animals when he was shot. His friends Chandran and Ashokan who was with him informed the police and residents about the death. The duo told the police that the three of them were hunting when somebody shot at them. George's chest, stomach and hands have bullet injuries. There are bullet marks on trees from where the body was found. Bhagamandala police took statements from those who went along with George. The accident spot is several kilometers deep in the forest. Though the death took place on Tuesday, police, forest officials of Karnataka and residents could reach the spot only by Wednesday afternoon. The police teams from Bhagamandala in Kodagu district and Chittarikkal in Kasaragod district accompanied. After inquest, the body was carried by residents and police through the forest and then shifted to Pariyaram medical college for post-mortem. The Karnataka police believe that George was shot using a country-made gun. It could be of those along with him or from another hunting group in the forest. George and his friends left for Thanithattu in Mundarote range of Kodagu from Odapally in Palavayal, a 5 km distance, by 3 pm on Tuesday. Some people who went with him came back by night. Danger zone A man who had gone for hunting has been trampled to death by an elephant inside the Mundarote forest in the past. It is common for local residents to go deep inside he forest to collect forest produce. This is dangerous, say forest officials and cops. Poaching rampant Poachers and tree smugglers are having a field day inside the forest ranges of Karnataka. They have spread from Kerala forest border to deep inside the wild. The Mundarote range that is spread across more than 2,000 acres of forest has hundreds of sidecuts used by these gangs. Declared by the Karnataka government as a wildlife sanctuary recently, this area has wild animals ranging from elephants to bisons. Though solar fencing has been set up to stop animals from venturing into human habitats, it is damaged at several places and wild animals frequently enter agriculture fields. The poachers and smugglers have compounded the problem, forcing more animals to enter human habitats. Though there are restrictions on movement of tourists in the Kottancherry forest range, these gangs are having a free run. Tree smuggling is also rampant inside Karnataka forests. In such cases, when caught, usually poor workers are often made scapegoats. Read more Kasaragod News https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/12/14/poachers-friendly-fire-kill-hunter-kerala-kasaragod.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/12/14/poachers-friendly-fire-kill-hunter-kerala-kasaragod.html Fri, 14 Dec 2018 11:05:38 GMT Beyond the call of duty: When policemen became homebuilders Periya (Kasaragod): Police officers in duty at the Bakel station were baffled by a visitor's request. The impoverished youngster wanted the cops to help him complete the construction of his house so that his two children had a roof above their heads. The officers did not turn him back though. “Ramesan’s complaint was strange. That was meant to go to a village office or a panchayat office, not a police station,” sub inspector K P Vinod Kumar said. The officer found in Ramesan a representative of the marginalised sections. “It was evident that someone had played a prank on him by sending him to the police station. I asked my colleagues if we could help him out. Everyone agreed. An ice cream seller, C H Abdullakunji, also joined us. We collected among ourselves the money Ramesan needed,” Vinod Kumar said. Vinod Kumar’s note thanking the well-wishers for the support has gone viral on social media. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/12/13/when-policemen-became-homebuilders.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/12/13/when-policemen-became-homebuilders.html Fri, 14 Dec 2018 01:31:18 GMT Man chokes to death in tunnel as bid to catch porcupine goes awry Puthigai (Kasaragod): A 42-year-old coconut plucker who went inside a tunnel well to catch a porcupine met with a tragic end. The body of Narayana Naik, alias Ramesh, could be taken out after 18 hours on Friday afternoon, although the body was spotted on Thursday night itself when he had met his end. Narayana, son of Subbaiah Naik, was a resident of Posadi Gumpe, Bayar. The accident took place inside the 26-m tunnel that was built to channel water that percolates through rocks. The incident happened on at 6 pm on Thursday, when Narayana spotted a porcupine and went inside the tunnel to catch it. He had tied a rope to his waist so that he could be pulled out in case something goes wrong. He had told his friend that he would alert him in case of an accident and the latter need to pull the rope to bring Narayana to safety. When Narayana was not seen even after an hour, his friend went inside the tunnel, but couldn't proceed as earth had caved in, blocking his path. He came out and informed the villagers. Fire force and police arrived at the spot, but rescue work was hampered as the tunnel was short of air. Rescue workers then wore oxygen masks and pumped in oxygen to the tunnel, but they could only spot the foot of Narayana and could not take out the body. The rescue operations resumed on Friday morning and the body was taken out by 4.30 pm. Narayana is survived by wife Gayatri, children Chaitra, Chetan and Pavan and siblings Dinesh, Sathish, Lakshmisha, Sunanda and Sundari. The rescue op Though one can easily enter it, the tunnel tapers at the other end. On Friday, the rescue team was hampered by lack of space, oxygen and light. Four fire-fighters entered the tunnel but only three could go ahead. They could walk upright for about 10 meters but had to crouch later on. Ten meters later, they had to crawl to reach the body. Initially they tried to tie the body to a rope and pull it out. But it didn't work because the body was buried in soil. Since they had confirmed Narayana's death, they stopped their operations at midnight and returned. They resumed on Friday morning and sought help from workers who knew about tunnels. On their advice, they removed mud so that they could enter the tunnel easily. When the dugout mud was removed from the tunnel, they could walk inside though they had to bend. Since they could not take the breathing apparatus inside, an oxygen cylinder was taken in and had to be opened every 10 minutes for them to breathe. The rescue operation that started at 10 am stretched until 4 pm. They succeeded in bringing the body out by 4.30 pm. Earlier tragedy Ten years ago, three persons had lost their lives in a similar way at Dharmathadukka. They had entered the tunnel and smoked chilli power to catch a hedgehog when they choked to death. Animal rescued The porcupine was still inside the tunnel as rescuers approached. If it had attacked the team, they would have been helpless. But the animal too was exhausted. The team rescued it without any injuries. The team members included station officer P V Prakash Kumar, assistant station officer Aji Kumar Babu, firemen P K Baburajan, C H Rahul, I M Ranjith, Akhil S Krishna, K Satish and A V Manoharan. Water tunnels Similar tunnels are common in Kasaragod and Dakshina Kannada in Karnataka. They are called 'suranga' and is dug horizontally in the slope of laterite hills until a water spring is found. It is part of traditional water management system that can provide water for drinking and irrigation purposes. Though a proper study has not been conducted, it is estimated that there are about 10,000 tunnel wells in the district. Though tunnel wells have given way to borewells, the old ones still exist. Some of them are unused now. Unlike a well, it is difficult to fill these tunnels. The tunnel wells were used by Kasaragod natives long before the arrival of borewells. Providing water 24x7, these tunnel wells look simple from outside, but one needs to be careful once inside. Even after they are ready, the tunnels could become narrower due to cave-ins. Some could have turns too. The height and width of the tunnel varies according to the size of the person who digs it. They are usually wide enough for one person to enter. Some tunnels are just three feet high. Tunnels are dug in wells too. The water thus obtained is considered to be the purest form of drinking water. Tunnel length varies from 10 m to 300 m. The tunnel next to Sheni Shahdara School is the longest in the district. The tunnels are dug till water is found. If more than one person enters the tunnel and if a situation arises and they have to return, even turning back would be difficult. The deeper you go, the lesser will be the availability of oxygen. Animals like porcupines, iguanas and crabs could disturb the flow of water when expert workers go inside to fix it. As water is available, people rarely venture inside a tunnel. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/12/01/kasaragod-cave-death.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/12/01/kasaragod-cave-death.html Sat, 01 Dec 2018 07:02:23 GMT Youth returning after first wedding anniversary dies after fall from train Kasaragod: A 24-year-old web designer, returning to Mumbai with his wife after celebrating his first wedding anniversary, has died after falling off a Mumbai-bound train. Muhammad Ali, who was travelling with wife Tahira on the Thiruvananthapuram-Mumbai Netravati Express, had his tragic end near the Kalanad tunnel in Kasaragod on Tuesday evening. Ali reportedly went missing after proceeding to wash his hand after having food. Tahira noticed he was missing only after the train had passed several kilometres and reached Kankanadi Junction in Mangaluru. She searched for him in other coaches, and was informed someone had fallen off the train. Tahira later located her husband's body at the Kasaragod General Hospital. Ali is the son of Abdul Khader and Banu of Eracham House in Thoyakkav West, Pavaratti, Thrissur. Ali and Tahira celebrated their wedding anniversary on November 26, for which the couple had come home from Mumbai on a month's leave. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/11/28/kasaragod-youth-falls-of-train.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/11/28/kasaragod-youth-falls-of-train.html Wed, 28 Nov 2018 05:07:53 GMT Threat of wildfire imminent with rising temperature Bovikanam: With the mercury soaring, the Kerala Fire and Rescue Services is on the tenterhooks with the threat of wildfires looming large in the Kasaragod district. Vegetation has dried up in the searing heat and this can set off wildfires in different parts of the district, which saw as many as 500 instances of wildfire causing a loss worth lakhs of rupees in the last summer. The fire brigade is helpless when fire breaks out in the interiors with no motorable roads. The infernos can be prevented with some concerted effort of all. Don’t incinerate waste during daytime Last time, most of the fires broke out as a fallout of the practice of setting on fire unwanted vegetation and weeds that were cleared for farming or sports activities. Avoid burning waste, especially at noon, during daytime as fierce winds can fan the blaze. It is advisable to incinerate stubble and dried vegetation in the morning or after 5 in the evening. Clear plants around power lines As a short circuit can trigger a blaze, weeds and other plants under overhead power lines should be periodically cleared. People should take the initiative to do that as, usually, the KSEB authorities are only particular of removing vegetation around power distribution transformers situated at various places. Don’t throw cigarette and beedi butts Desist from throwing cigarette and beedi butts near to protected forest areas as they can start an inferno. Beware of pyromaniacs People suffering from pyromania should be rounded up and given appropriate punishment. Large tracts of forest land were gutted by fires started by people with psychiatric disorders. Many infernos are a result of vengeance too. Read more Kasaragod News https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/11/20/threat-wildfire-imminent-with-rising-temperature.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/11/20/threat-wildfire-imminent-with-rising-temperature.html Wed, 21 Nov 2018 03:29:28 GMT Mammootty's 'Unda' set turns stage for charity event Kasargod: A scenic location in north Kerala where popular actor Mammootty was doing the shoot for a film turned into a venue for charity, as the superstar led a function for distribution of medical equipment to physically challenged tribal people. Among the tribals who trekked down from their forest was Alami Moopan. When the 90-year-old reached the ceremony that was to mark the inauguration of disbursal of health kit by Care and Share International Foundation headed by Mammootty, the actor took time off to interact with the sons of the soil. In a brief but freewheeling chat at Parthakochi area of Mulleria in this district, Mammootty sought to learn from the Moopan and his fellow beings about the travails of life in the Malabar woods. The 67-year-old star was in the locale to act in the Malayalam flick 'Unda' being directed by Khalid Rahman and set to release next year. Mammootty handed over the medical equipment to collector D Sajith Babu and volunteered to reach such help to all the deserving across the district. The Moopan and his team, in return, gifted the star with their ethnic musical instruments and handicrafts, besides a portrait of 20th-century social reformer Babasaheb Ambedkar (an eponymous biopic in which Mammootty played the lead role in 2000). While the actor stressed the need for giving tribals quality education, the collector said the government was implementing a slew of programmes for the welfare of the state’s tribal communities. Care and Share is a Kochi-based non-profitable organisation working for the health and education of the underprivileged. Its managing director, Fr Thomas Kurien Marottipuzha, announced entrusting Mammootty as the NGO’s official in charge of reaching help to the needy in the district in the next financial year. Deserving candidates can get in touch with the authorities over phone: 04842377369. The function was attended by Additional District Magistrate N Devidas besides Care and Share directors Robert Kuriakose and S George. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/11/16/mammootty-unda-set-stage-charity-event.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/11/16/mammootty-unda-set-stage-charity-event.html Sat, 17 Nov 2018 01:46:42 GMT British docs' bid to pedal into record books Kanhangad: The numbers are quite daunting. 8,588 km in 29 days; that too on a bicycle, and still a long way to go. British doctors Lloyd and Lewis want to pedal into the Guinness Book of World Records by covering 20 countries in the least possible time. They have one more goal – to raise money for voluntary work. The duo, who are working at Queensland in Australia, reached India after cycling through Australia, China, Mongolia and Russia. The docs started the Indian leg of their expedition from Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu and reached here in Kasaragod district on November 13, and resumed their journey after lunch to Mumbai. Currently, John George, also a British, holds the world record, which was set two years ago, for visiting 20 countries in 290 days after travelling close to 29,000 km on a bicycle. “Keralites are very good people and the state is very beautiful,” said Lloyd, when asked about his experience in Kerala. Keralites seem to be always very busy, he added. Lloyd’s uncle is bedridden following a spine fracture, and the aim is to lend a helping hand to people who are paralyzed due to spinal injuries. They stay in tents in a bid to reduce expenses. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/11/16/british-doctor-bid-pedal-record-books.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/11/16/british-doctor-bid-pedal-record-books.html Fri, 16 Nov 2018 10:51:12 GMT 60-year-old transgender takes Class X exams Kanhangad: Financial constraints and friends’ constant ridicule forced P V Raveendran, a transgender person, to discontinue studies while in school years ago, but its study time again for the 60-year-old from Nileshwaram in Kasaragod district. Raveendran, the first transgender student in the district, appeared for the Class X equivalent examination, which began on November 7, with confidence. Raveendran studied till Class X at the Rajas School in Nileshwaram but couldn’t clear the SSLC examinations then. After retiring from job, Raveendran decided to continue studies. Raveendran was a regular at the classes, said the teachers. The support of the classmates stood in good stead for me, said Raveendran. As many as 557 people are appearing for the examinations, which will end on November 28, in 13 centres in Kasaragod district. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/11/12/transgender-student-kasaragod.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/11/12/transgender-student-kasaragod.html Tue, 13 Nov 2018 01:38:53 GMT Chief minister's promise of house for football star caught in red tape Cheemeni: K P Rahul, who was the star of the Kerala team in the Santosh Trophy football tournament held in Kolkata last year, may have to wait longer for his dream house. The chief minister had promised Rahul, a native of Peelikkode, a house considering his contribution to the team. He had been sent a letter from the district collectorate regarding the house. But when the letter was delivered at his house, Rahul was away in Kolkata. It asked him to reach Hosdurg taluk office for further procedures. Later, when Rahul arrived at his house and met the officials at the taluk office, they told him that they had informed higher-ups that nobody had turned up for the follow-up measures. Now Rahul is clueless about how to proceed in the matter. Born in a needy family, the football player lives in a tile-roofed house built on 10 cents at Chembrakanam in Cheemeni. Rahul’s mother Thangamany had received the land under a government scheme for poor people. Rahul is now at home, recovering from an injury suffered after he skidded off his bike when a dog crossed the road. His family is concerned over the government aid for a new house after the taluk office returned the file regarding the matter to the collectorate. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/11/08/cm-football-star-red-tape-house.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/11/08/cm-football-star-red-tape-house.html Fri, 09 Nov 2018 02:03:02 GMT Hill villages stare at drought as water sources dry up Chittarikkal, Kasaragod: The farming sector in Kasaragod district is facing a crisis as rainfall has reduced and the northwest monsoon (Thulavarsham) is yet to pick up. The hilly areas, which generally face a water shortage, are bearing the brunt. Villages in the hills, which share borders with the woods, were rich in water earlier. However, with greenery on the wane, the areas fear drought. Some of the border villages are already facing shortage of drinking water. Even though water bodies in the hills are drying up early, the authorities have not moved to adopt any preventive measures, despite the drought in previous years. Dykes needed Water should be stored in water bodies as an important measure to face a drought. Dykes can be built across small streams and rivers to keep the water from flowing away. In a few instances people have built dykes on their own, realising the need for water preservation. Locally they are made with sacks filled with sand, placed across streams. Some panchayats have also utilised workers under the National Rural Employment Guarantee (NREGA) scheme to build them. Such storages could even overflow in summer. Rain ponds to harvest monsoon showers were dug up by panchayats and NREGA workers in the hilly areas even before the monsoon set in. Subsequently, wells were recharged. Farmers hope that all these will benefit them in the summer. Lack of timely action The authorities are making no serious effort to organise drinking water schemes utilising the available water sources. Several dykes in villages, on which lakhs of rupees have been spent, are useless as they don't have proper shutters, and water is just wasted away. No one bothers to do any maintenance work on them. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/11/07/kgd-hilly-areas-face-water-shortage.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/11/07/kgd-hilly-areas-face-water-shortage.html Wed, 07 Nov 2018 10:24:29 GMT Police probe into 'Maoist' presence turns monkey business Nileswaram: People here were on the edge after reports of sighting a Maoist spread. The police were soon informed and officials launched a probe which proved that the fears were baseless. Around 7 am on Wednesday, the Vellarikundu police station received a call from a local trader that a 'Maoist' in Army fatigues was noticed at Birikulam Plathadam within Kinanur Karinthalam panchayat. When others saw him, the 'Maoist' escaped into the thick undergrowth in the area, the police were told. Similar messages were soon received by the district police chief, Special Branch and administration DySPs. The news spread like wildfire and the police were on alert. A police team headed by Vellarikundu SI P Pramod reached Plathadam and launched a search. The trader who alerted the police was also questioned. The police soon found that a local youth wearing a dress that resembled Army uniform had set out with an air gun to tackle monkeys destroying crops in the area. The youth was summoned to the police station and interrogated. He told officials that the air gun, which cost Rs 8,000, needed no licence to own and operate. The police inspected the gun as well as the pellets used in it which are priced at Rs 100 a packet. The youth reportedly told the cops thhat he had bought the gun from Kozhikode to engage in shooting practice. The police also verified his statement that he had registered with the Sports Council. Meanwhile, the police are investigating whether the man who alerted them regarding the 'Maoist' presence held any grudge against the shooter. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/11/01/police-probe-maoist-monkey.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/11/01/police-probe-maoist-monkey.html Fri, 02 Nov 2018 03:07:56 GMT Illegal sand mining wrecking Chandragiri river Kasargod: An official ban notwithstanding, sand mining remains rampant along the Chandragiri which is the longest river in north Kerala's Kasaragod district. Three years have passed since a government order prohibited sand extraction, noting a grave depletion of the natural resource. Despite this, a 35-km stretch of the river's Payaswini tributary is dotted with ghats letting vehicles down to the riverbed to scoop up sand. On an average, there is a ghat every 200 metres. Local people allege that the operations are on in connivance with officials of revenue and police departments. While lorries don't face hassles to break the law and drive down the walkways to the riverbed to mine, only country boats carrying sand face confiscation. Spots where sand mining is most rampant are Thuruthi, Bevinchi, Cheroor, Panalam, Chengala, Kalluvala, Mundakkai, Pandikkandam, Oliyathadukka, Kottumba and Pallangod. In these places, the police have confiscated sand-laden country boats before dismantling the carriers. When it comes to tippers, one load of sand costs Rs 5,000. Up to 15 loads of sand are extracted and moved out every night in this manner offsetting the confiscation or cost of country boats that the criminal gangs stake. All this, despite 'strict' orders by district police chief A Srinivas against sand mining. One bit of action being taken is to register cases against those hoarding the mined sand and those paving paths for their transportation. A chunk of the mining labourers are migrants and come at a cheap cost of Rs 1,250 as wages for uploading a tipper with sand. The remaining Rs 3,750 goes to the overseer. For those owning the tipper, the profit is even wider. For, one such load of sand costs no less than Rs 12,000 when sold even just a km away from the river. Those mining sand are adept in diving the moment they spot the police and emerge from the waters very far away. Several of these expert divers are also adept at hiding their canoes under water to avade confiscation. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/10/23/chandragiri-river-bleeding-with-illegal-sand-mining.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/10/23/chandragiri-river-bleeding-with-illegal-sand-mining.html Wed, 24 Oct 2018 03:30:01 GMT Poor barefoot athletes await help to fund trip for state meet Kasaragod: Students who were expected to be chosen for the state athletics meet in Thiruvananthapuram here are a worried lot as they are short of money for personal kit and travel. A student will need a minimum of Rs 600 to travel to Thiruvananthapuram and back. Around 150 athletes are likely to be chosen for the event to be held in the southern city from October 26. Most of them are from financially backward families. They do not even have jerseys and shoes for use at the state meet. The district school games association and the district education authorities are unable to even provide the children with money they need for their travel expenses. Last time, the district collector and district panchayat president intervened to arrange for jerseys and shoes for their participation in the state meet. The district education authorities are expecting their intervention this year too. More concern The budding athletes who have been running on gravel and rocks will now have to compete on the synthetic track in the stadium. By 11 am, the synthetic track becomes hot and running on a hot synthetic track barefoot is not advisable. Trainers say that barefoot running on hot synthetic track is similar to running on hot tar. Besides, without enough practice on synthetic tracks, the athletes from the district won't be able to get the result they are expecting. Wearing suitable shoes will help the athletes immensely. At district school meets, javelin and pole that students use are made out of bamboo. At the state meet, they will have to use javelin and pole made out of costly metal and fibre. Students who have been using substandard equipment for their district-level training are worried how they will perform with unfamiliar equipment at the state meet. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/10/22/athletes-struggle-due-to-lack-of-funds-facilities.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/10/22/athletes-struggle-due-to-lack-of-funds-facilities.html Mon, 22 Oct 2018 10:05:35 GMT Kasaragod to get ‘Autism Park’ soon Kanhangad: An ‘Autism Park’ is coming up at Melankote here as part of a government project to set up such facilities in each district. The proposed facility is planned next to the A C Kannan Nair Memorial Government Upper Primary School. The proposed site for the park was inspected by Revenue Minister E Chandrasekharan, District Collector D Sajith Babu and chairperson of the municipality V V Ramesan. Kanhangad was selected for the purpose in Kasargod district following the special interest taken by Minister Chandrasekharan in this regard. “The main aim of the park is to bring autism-affected kids to the mainstream along with the other youngsters. This is the idea behind setting up the Autism park right next to the UP School,” the Minister said. The park will include facilities like speech therapy room, occupational therapy room, developmental therapy room, special education room, counselling, waiting room, play room, multi-purpose hall, sensory park and play ground. Administrative sanction has already been given for the park, for which the infrastructural cost would come to Rs 50 lakh. The Autism Park is being built without affecting the functioning of the nearby school. The land required for the purpose would be surveyed and marked under the supervision of the special tahsildar soon. A building of 2,000 sq. ft. area and other facilities would comprise the park. Among those who took part in a meeting held to discuss the project included district educational officer K V Pushpa, assistant executive engineer of the building section of public works department A Anil Kumar, sub-district educational officer P V Jayarajan, school development committee chairman P Appukkuttan, PTA president K V Sugathan and headmaster Kodakkad Narayanan. Read more from Kasaragod https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/10/08/kasaragod-get-autism-park-soon.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/10/08/kasaragod-get-autism-park-soon.html Tue, 09 Oct 2018 05:15:40 GMT Tragic death of youth fuels struggle for road to colony Kasaragod: A local strife for a proper road to a colony, named Posolige, succeeded after initial hiccups, legal spat and the death of a youth. The locals struggle for a clear path ended successfully when volunteers under the leadership of local political activists constructed a 200–metre concrete road from Posolige on the Nattakkal–Basti road to the colony on September 30. The CPM local unit decided to lay the road after a meeting attended by officials came to the conclusion that the road was on panchayat land. Hundreds of volunteers reached the spot from early morning for the work. An earthmover was used to level the stretch before concrete was laid. P Karunakaran, MP, and N A Nellikkunnu, MLA, have promised money from their development funds to tar the stretch over which no dispute exists. Disputed section The Posolige Colony, which has about 70 scheduled caste families, is about 500 m from the Nattakkal–Basti road in Kasaragod district. The issue involved a 150 m of the path to the colony that passed through a private plot. The road belongs to the panchayat as per records and the colony residents have been using it for years. However, the owner of the plot raised objections when there was a plan to improve it. With no maintenance being carried out for years, the road became riddled with potholes. This caused much inconvenience to the residents of the colony, even forcing them to carry sick people to hospital on their shoulders. The issue reached a flashpoint on October 25, 2017, when a youth named Ravi died of a snake bite after he did not receive timely treatment. The society also became aware of the plight of the colony residents after Ravi’s death. He was bitten by a snake around 6 pm, but with no vehicles willing to travel along the road to the colony, he could be taken to hospital only by 8 pm. Much time was lost and Ravi’s life could not be saved. Courts come to the rescue Though a people’s stir was launched demanding a proper road, it lost vigour midway after the land owner approached the Munsiff court. He told the court that the stretch was only a pedestrian path. However, the court, ordering a status quo, allowed the colony residents to continue using the road. The court also observed that the land owner’s intention was suspect. Following which, the land owner moved the Kerala High Court seeking a ban on travel by the colony residents through the road. But the High Court upheld the lower court’s order. The High Court said that the land could be retained without denying the colony residents their right of way. Posolige struggle: A timeline October 25, 2017: Ravi, a youth bitten by a snake, dies after delay in availing treatment. November 4, 2017: Malayala Manorama publishes a report stating that the body of Mathadi, a party in a case registered over the issue, was carried on shoulders along the dilapidated road. May 6, 2018: A people’s organisation formed to conduct a stir for the road. June 26: The body of Seethu, an elderly person, carried by the residents. June 27: The then District Collector K Jeevan Babu visits the spot. Also hold discussions with the land owner. June 30: The people’s organisation takes out a march to Belloor panchayat. July 13: ADM convenes first meeting over the issue. No decision taken as land owner does not attend. July 19: The agitators take out a march to the Collectorate. July 29: P Karunakaran, MP, visits colony. Memorandum submitted to the Collector under the leadership of panchayat president M Latha. August 1: Panchayat holds special meeting and passes a resolution demanding the road. August 2: Another meeting convened by ADM. Election deputy collector K Ramendran asked to file report on the issue. August 6: District administration seeks legal opinion from the district government pleader August 10: ADM N Devidas meets the land owner and holds talks. But there is no progress. August 13: Govt. pleader says no legal opinion can be given as the matter is before the court. He advises approaching the Legal Department. August 14: ADM writes to Secretary of Legal department seeking his opinion. September 24: A meeting attended by ADM and deputy director of panchayats announces that there are no legal hurdles to developing the road as it is included in the asset register of the panchayat. September 30: A 200-m stretch of the road is concretised under the leadership of CPM Belloor local committee. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/10/04/tragic-death-youth-fuels-struggle-road-colony.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/10/04/tragic-death-youth-fuels-struggle-road-colony.html Thu, 04 Oct 2018 05:20:35 GMT Top dog of India belongs to this Kerala village Mayicha (Kasaragod): A champion dog from the most unlikely place. Diego, a Labrador belonging to U V Vijesh, has been chosen as one of the best dogs in India. It shared the title of India’s best dog at the National Dog Show held in Bengaluru recently. Vijesh is a resident of Mayicha village in Kerala's northernmost district, Kasaragod. He started this champion dog's training by taking it to Karyancode and Mayicha rivers. Diego has won the top awards at the dog shows organised at Kozhikode and Goa also. It is a progeny of a world champion Labrador. Along with Diego, Vijesh raises others canines also which can fetch a price of Rs 10 lakh and above. Several curious dog lovers from the state as well as Karnataka reach Mayicha to see Vijesh’s dogs. The Labrador, also known as Labrador Retriever, is one of the most popular dog breeds. Its life expectancy is 10 to 12 years. The friendly, lively Labs are apt companions for people looking for a medium to large dog. To keep it physically and mentally fit, the animal should be provided ample exercise like swimming and running. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/09/26/top-dog-of-india-belongs-to-this-kerala-village.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/09/26/top-dog-of-india-belongs-to-this-kerala-village.html Wed, 26 Sep 2018 09:56:25 GMT Emergency button concept wins laurels at tech event Kasaragod: A concept by a few youngsters here has been chosen as the best among new ideas that were conceived during the recent natural disaster in Kerala. The Fine Button, developed by engineers Abhilash Satyan, R K Shidin and Jithu Joy from Kasaragod, was among the three presented by nearly 15 stratups in south India at the Call for Code Kerala Hackathon organised with the support of Kerala Startup Mission Nascom and the IBM. The Button can be installed in houses and used when all other modes of communication are down. A single click helps to send an emergency message for help. The youngsters presented the idea on behalf of the Finext Innovation which works at the Kasargod Startup Mission Incubation Centre. Abhilash is a former student of Amal Jyothi Engineering College at Kanjirappally, while Shidin and Jithu had done engineering at LBS Engineering College, Thiruvananthapuram. They are planning to install the Fine Button at every house in Kerala with the help of the state government. The system is co-ordinated with the help of an application based on artificial intelligence. When a message is received seeking help, its is marked on their location map (Rescue Flag). Every house will have a unique ID, apart from a registered mobile number and the number of people living there. The family members or their friends can send a message through this system. Emergency medical care, food and water are among services that can be sought. The software, supported by artificial intelligence and cloud computing, can co-ordinate rescue efforts swiftly and efficiently, taking into consideration the number of people caught in a calamity, the distance to the location, the number of rescuers and vehicles available and the priorities. The Fine Button can work on a single cell battery for five to 10 years. The small equipment can be held in hand, and can be fixed on a wall too. It can send messages to 10-15 kilometres. Messages can be send even from under water or soil. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/09/24/fine-button-emergency-sos-technology.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/09/24/fine-button-emergency-sos-technology.html Mon, 24 Sep 2018 08:00:58 GMT Bindu's PhD dreams come true, thanks to Kerala govt Rajapuram: Adivasi woman Bindu Kannan can now pursue her dreams of doing research at an overseas university, thanks to minister A K Balan. The illustrious student is a resident of Kottakunnu Cherumbanthattu colony in the Kallar panchayat of Kasaragod. Bindu completed her post graduation from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology. Malayala Manorama had reported about her PhD dreams in its ‘Yuva’ page, and this news piece had grabbed wide attention. It was reported that the prospects of Bindu’s higher education were jeopardized owing to severe financial crises. Seeing the article which appeared on Manorama, A K Balan, the minister for SC/ST development, intervened and promised government aid for Bindu to pursue her higher studies. Director P Pukazhenthi said that the government is committed to fulfilling the educational dreams of students who belong to the scheduled caste/tribe communities. The Satya Sai Orphanage Trust too has offered financial aid for Bindu. Executive director K N Anandkumar has announced the decision of the trust to help Bindu. It was the Satya Sai Trust which sponsored Bindu’s education at the IIT. Bindu said that revenue minister E Chandrasekharan too has promised support and help following the news article that appeared on Malayala Manorama. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/09/20/government-will-provide-aid-for-adivasi-woman-bindu-to-pursue-phd-dreams.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/09/20/government-will-provide-aid-for-adivasi-woman-bindu-to-pursue-phd-dreams.html Thu, 20 Sep 2018 11:27:53 GMT A job or cot will go a long way in helping this family Periya: Kerala may boast of several achievements, but several impoverished families do exist in the state despite several affirmative action by the authorities. A poor family here in Kasaragod district is in such a dire strait that it seeks the support of public to overcome its plight. The four-member family will heave a sigh of relief if some donated a cot to a paralysed member or helped another get a job. Raghavan, a labourer, has been paralysed for the last 8 years. His wife Chandravathi works at a beedi factory to make the ends meet. However, she finds it extremely difficult to meet the expenses for her husband’s treatment and the education of two children with her meagre income. Lack of proper treatment had worsened Raghavan’s condition and he even lost his ability to speak almost a couple of years ago. Chandravathi and the kids hope that he would be able to walk again if proper treatment is made available. She can’t bear to see her sick husband lying on the floor. She complained that the authorities have turned a blind eye to their plight, and they have not even donated a cot for Raghavan. He is laid on the floor as the family cannot even afford a cot or a bed. Eldest daughter Sharanya awaits a job so that she can treat her bedridden father and also support her younger sister who had to drop out of school. She has completed her graduation. Her younger sister Lavanya was forced to discontinue her studies when Chandravathi’s income dropped significantly as her job at the beedi factory was limited to one day a week. The family hasn’t received any government aid or compensation, and they live in a small house constructed by the block panchayat on their five-cent plot. Donations could be made into an account in Chandravathi’s name at the Kerala Grameen Bank. (Details: Kerala Grameen Bank, Periya Bazar, SB Account number: 40442100005553, IFS Code: KLGB0040442. Ph: 9544953680.) https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/09/17/a-job-or-cot-will-go-a-long-way-in-helping-this-family.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/09/17/a-job-or-cot-will-go-a-long-way-in-helping-this-family.html Tue, 18 Sep 2018 02:56:05 GMT Woman, who faked own abduction, arrested Chittarikkal (Kasaragod): A woman who faked her own kidnapping along with her boyfriend has landed in police custody. Meenu, aged 23, had gone into hiding along with her three-year-old son on Friday morning after calling up her husband and telling him that a gang of scrap collectors was trying to kidnap them. The woman, wife of Manu Kaithavelil from Velladukkam at Chittarikkal, was taken into custody by the police from the Kozhikode railway station in the afternoon along with a young man named Binu. She had orchestrated her elopement dramatically. She could convince her husband that she was actually kidnapped by a gang. Manu rushed home as soon as he received his wife’s distress call. He found his house in a mess, as if someone had barged into it. He immediately informed the police. District police chief Dr A Srinivas, Kanhangad deputy superintendent of police P K Sudhakaran, Vellarikkundu circle inspector M Sunil Kumar and Chittarikkal sub-inspector Ranjit Ravindran reached the house along with forensic experts. However, the victim was found from the Kozhikode railway station within a few hours. Meenu had reportedly planned the whole episode as a decoy to elope with her boyfriend from Cherupuzha. She met him while working in a firm in Cherupuzha. The mother of a three-year-old did not want to be blamed for abandoning her husband. She deftly tried to turn her house into a crime scene. The police found clothes and food items strewn all over the house. She left an impression that she was hurt in the attack by scrap collectors. She even managed to send a bloodied selfie to her husband. The forensic team had little difficulty in identifying the pool of blood as paint. Meenu had dabbed the paint on her neck before sending her selfie to Manu. The photo found its way to social media and put the locals on tenterhooks. Meenu and Binu will be produced before a court. Meenu will be slapped with a case for trying to dupe the police and her family. Read more: Latest Kasaragod news https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/09/02/woman-kidnapped-kasaragod-dupe-husband.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/09/02/woman-kidnapped-kasaragod-dupe-husband.html Sun, 02 Sep 2018 07:37:05 GMT Budding volleyball player fights cancer Nileswaram: A rising volleyball player from a poor family is fighting a grave disease -- cancer in the vertebral column. T V Nikhil (19) is determined to fight back but needs the support of kind-hearted people to return to life and to the court. Son of daily-wage workers Balakrishnan and Usha, Nikhil is a second-year-degree student at Kasaragod Government College. He is a resident of Pullumala, Periyanganam in Karinthalam panchayat at Kinanoor. Nikhil had excelled as a member of the district volleyball team before his troubles began as a slight back pain. He tried physical exercises, but the pain did not subside. Later, he approached an orthopaedician. As no relief was found by preliminary treatment, Nikhil was subjected to tests like scanning, when the disease was diagnosed. Now, his parents are penniless after spending all the money with them and sold their property for the treatment . The youngster is at a hospital in Thiruvananthapuram, barely able to lie on his back. Nikhil needs help to continue his treatment. Giving hope, doctors have said that he will fully recover if all the procedures are done. Good Samaritans can contribute to the Vijaya Bank account no: 206401111000585 at the Kalichamaram branch. IFS code: VIJB 0002064. Ph: 9747808780. A day's revenue for Nikhil In a moving gesture, the operators of the Ponnus bus service between Parappayil to Nileswaram, via Kolamkulam and Mayyanganam, will contribute the entire collection on August 17 for Nikhil’s treatment. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/08/16/volleyball-player-nikhil-cancer-treatment.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/08/16/volleyball-player-nikhil-cancer-treatment.html Thu, 16 Aug 2018 07:34:10 GMT Postal dept blames software for delay in delivery of aid to Endosulfan victims Kasaragod: The postal department has expressed its helplessness over the delay in delivering financial aid to cancer patients. The aid disbursed from Hosdurg taluk office is now stuck at various post offices in the district. There were complaints from activists that the amount to several patients, including Endosulfan victims, was not disbursed due to the apathy of the postal department. They pointed out that though the distance between the taluk office and nearest post office was less than five km, the amount was not delivered on time. Anandasramam post office in Kasaragod itself had nearly 500 money orders left undelivered. However, officials at the post office confirmed to Onmanorama that many of the money orders did not have proper address to deliver. Moreover, there is a delay in carrying out the pending printing work related to the despatch the phuge due to inadequate bandwidth of the network. "The post offices are already facing a shortage of staff. Adding to that, when the bandwidth is low, it takes a lot of time to print the money orders. Some of the money orders are duplicate and we do not have a system to cross check. Sometimes, we are forced to print three copies for the same address, where the printing processes are extended till night. In effect, there would be around 300 beneficiaries, who are yet to receive the aid," the official said. The officials said that rest of the undelivered amount, especially those with inadequate address, would be distributed soon after contacting the branch offices. Activists had earlier raised their concern regarding the delay in securing government as it prevented poor patients from follow-up visits to hospitals. Meanwhile, a postal official on the condition of anonymity complained that even the agreement signed between the department and another multinational company that is carrying out the process is not available even after Right To Information (RTI) query. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/08/04/postal-department-blame-software-for-delay-in-delivery-of-aid-to-endosulfan-victims.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/08/04/postal-department-blame-software-for-delay-in-delivery-of-aid-to-endosulfan-victims.html Sun, 05 Aug 2018 03:19:06 GMT Long wait of special child's mother is now in the 13th year Peelicode, Kasaragod: Bringing up children with special needs is a challenge and immense patience has to be exhibited both by the former and their caregivers. A mother has been waiting outside the classroom of her son for the last 13 years here. It was a decade ago that Peelicode native Shantha began her visits to the corridors of ALP School at Pollapoyil and it continues even today in front of the first-year BA Malayalam classroom at Padannakad Nehru College. When Nipin learns the beautiful verses written by Ezhuthachan and Kumarasan, his mother waits happily outside his class. Nipin is the son of Peelocode Aanikadi Karunakaran and Shantha. Nipin has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy. As his body hardly listens to his mind, he needs help. However, Nipin did not let his disability affect his passion for learning, and Shantha was not ready to refuse her son’s wishes. Shantha used to carry Nipin on her back to school and waited for him outside his classroom to tend to his needs. Nipin went to Pollapoyil ALP School and later at Kodakkad Kelappaji School until his class 10. Two years ago his higher-secondary education was jeopardized as vehicles could not reach their small house which was already in tatters. It was then the panchayat allotted Rs 3 lakh for the construction of a new house. The local political leaders took the initiative to construct a new road to their house. Sooryanarayana Kunjurayar, who was the then-principal of Kuttamath Higher Secondary School, arranged all the necessary facilities at the school to accommodate Nipin as well. Nipin opted for the humanities stream and passed the course with an impressive 77 per cent marks. His dream to pursue higher studies brought him to Nehru College and here too Nipin’s mother waits for him outside the classroom. More District News | Kasaragod https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/07/29/cerebral-palsy-kasaragod-shantha-nipin.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/07/29/cerebral-palsy-kasaragod-shantha-nipin.html Sun, 29 Jul 2018 08:48:50 GMT Congress leader held for rape bid on tribal girl Rajapuram, Kasaragod: The police have arrested a local Congress leader on charges of attempting to rape a minor tribal girl. He has been identified as Kadavil Jose (59) of Elikkottukaya, Palamkallu in Rajapuram. Sections under POCSO and Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe Prevention of Atrocities Act have been invoked against him. Jose had allegedly attempted to rape the victim, a class VII student, a-month-and-half ago at her house. Though the child informed her mother about the incident, the relatives of the accused prevented the victim's family from filing a complaint. However, the child revealed the matter to her teachers during a counselling session at school. Following which, the teachers informed childline workers, who submitted a complaint to the police. The accused was subjected to a medical examination at Poodamkallu taluk hospital and produced before the court. Read more Kasargod news https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/07/25/congress-leader-held-rape-bid-tribal-girl.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/07/25/congress-leader-held-rape-bid-tribal-girl.html Wed, 25 Jul 2018 18:28:12 GMT Signature protest seeking relief for Endosulfan victims from Thursday Kasaragod: The district had come to limelight nationally and even globally a decade back when the plight of Endosulfan-affected people became public. A generation was affected with hereditary diseases and cancers of all forms as a result of the excessive use of the pesticide Endosulfan in nearby government-owned plantations. Kasaragod district will once gain host the fourth edition of a unique protest beneath a tree so that signatures are collected to express solidarity for the victims of Endosulfan. The protest, titled 'Oppumara Samaram' (protest by signing on the tree) will be staged again from July 19 to 22, said the members of the organising body Envisage -- Endosulfan Victims' Support Aid Group. Earlier, similar protests were held in 2011, 2013 and 2014 for the support of the Endosulfan-affected. This edition of the protest will held at the same place, i.e., beneath a tree on the premises of Kasaragod bus stand. In the 24-hour-long programme, writers, artists, singers, organisations, collectives of women and lawyers are expected to take part, said MA Rahman, one of the organisers. “Writer NS Madhavan will inaugurate the protest on July 19 at 10 am. Various sessions will be held during the day-night programme and will be led by film actor Alencier, writer CV Radhakrishnan, critic Civic Chandran, actor-director Prakash Bare and activist Leela Kumari Amma. The programmes will be held beneath the same huge shady tree where the public was earlier invited to sign on a white clothe wrapped around it. Now, we can collect signatures from across the globe through email and they will be instantly forwarded to the president, prime minister, union health minister and the Kerala chief minister,” he said. The protest in 2011 sought a ban on Endosulfan globally and it lasted for two weeks. In 2013, the protest under the tree was held for the second time, when the promised amount for the victims, Rs 87 crore, as per the agreement between the National Human Rights Commission and Plantation Corporation, failed to reach them. The signatures collected from beneath this tree could force the authorities to release the first instalment of Rs 27 crore through the treasury account and very soon another Rs 26 crore also came. In 2013, for the third time, the 'Oppu Maram' demanded a ban on the pesticide in India. The protest was supported by DYFI, 10 mothers of the victims led by Vandana Shiva and supported by Envisage. Mainly four demands were put forward at the fourth session of the protest. The first was about seeking the release of Rs 200 crore to the state government by the Centre. The second sought the starting of an Endosulfan Compensation Tribunal immediately. The third asked for comprehensive palliative care centres immediately as per the 2010 directives of the National Human Rights Commission. The final demand concerned the sending of an all-party delegation of the state government to the centre to seek the setting up of both the tribunal and palliative care hospitals. The Endosulfan poisoning of residents of 15 villages in Kasaragod district was caused by its prolonged aerial spraying since 1976 in cashew plantations owned by the Plantation Corporation of Kerala. Read more news from Districts https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/07/18/signature-protest-seeking-relief-for-endosulfan-victims-from-thu.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/07/18/signature-protest-seeking-relief-for-endosulfan-victims-from-thu.html Wed, 18 Jul 2018 04:53:58 GMT Social media campaign turns saviour for infirm youth Kanjangad, Kasaragod: Social media campaigns have often been effective because of their wide reach at minimal or nil cost. World over, individuals and organisations have realised the benefits of online media campaigns, though at times they have laid bare their nasty and destructive potential. A recent social media campaign helped a physically debilitated man with memory loss to reclaim his family. Ahammed Harshad of Irikkur has been rejoined with his family, thanks to the social media efforts made by an NGO - SKSSF - in Kasaragod district. Harshad’s wife, brother-in-law and brother soon reached Snehalayam, a rescue home at Parappally, where he was put by the activists of SKSSF for the last four months. The youth’s parents had died while he was very young. He later found a job in Saudi Arabia and lived there for some years. But a bike accident changed his life for the worse. The movement of his left arm and left leg was restricted after the mishap. This affected Harshad’s mental health also. During treatment at a hospital in Mangaluru, Harshad walked out without informing anybody. He wandered around the streets before reaching the railway station. A man named Valsan met Harshad there and took him to Snehalayam. The authorities there asked him about his whereabouts, but Harshad did not reveal anything. Later, some SKSSF activists who reached Snehalayam for serving free food met Harshad. The youth told the SKSSF volunteers that he would accompany them if they provided a shelter. Following which, the SKSSF members prepared a video on Harshad and posted it on social media. The social media campaign was conducted by SKSSF Kanjangad Bava Nagar unit president Sherif and volunteers Rashid Thidil, Hussainar, Shafeeq Thotti and Abdul Kareem. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/07/12/social-media-campaign-turns-saviour-for-infirm-youth.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/07/12/social-media-campaign-turns-saviour-for-infirm-youth.html Fri, 13 Jul 2018 01:55:08 GMT 5 die in truck-jeep collision in Kasaragod Kasaragod(Ker): Five people, including three women, were killed and 13 others injured when the jeep in which they were travelling collided with a lorry at nearby Uppala Monday morning, the police said. At least 18 people were travelling in the vehicle when it was involved in a collision with the lorry at around 6 am, the police added. The injured have been admitted to a hospital in Mangaluru and the condition of two children is said to be serious, they said. The family, hailing from Ullal in Dakshina Kannada district of Karnataka, was returning from Palakkad after inviting relatives for a function when the mishap occurred, police said. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/07/09/kasaragod-uppala-accident-truck-jeep-collision.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/07/09/kasaragod-uppala-accident-truck-jeep-collision.html Mon, 09 Jul 2018 04:29:06 GMT Lorry crew asked bribe 7 times despite valid doc Kasaragod/Thiruvananthapuram: Lorry drivers should be well stocked with cash on roads in Kasaragod district as they will be asked to grease the palms of police and excise personnel en route to their destinations. It has come to light that a lorry crew with all valid documents of the vehicle and the sand load had to pay bribe to police and excise personnel at seven places in Kasaragod district. Three cops have been suspended after being caught red-handed in the spy camera of Manorama News channel. Kanhangad highway patrolling Si M V Chandran, Kasaragod traffic ASI P Anand, Kasaragod district headquarters flying squad ASI P Mohanan were suspended by district police chief Dr A Srinivas. After noticing the Manorama News report, chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan had asked the DGP to take strict action against the culprits. DGP Loknath Behera said that crime branch ADGP Shaikh Darvesh Saheb and police internal vigilance cell chairman ADGP S Anandakrishnan have been asked to probe the case. The Manorama News team had boarded the sand lorry at Manjeshwaram on the Kerala-Karnataka border. It was ferrying 21 ton of sand from Maharashtra's Sindhudurg district to Vatakara in Kozhikode district. All the necessary documents from the geology and GST departments were with the lorry crew. At the Manjeshwaram check post cops demanded Rs 500 as bribe without even inspecting the lorry or the documents. One kilometre away, at Kumbala, highway police stopped the lorry, and Rs 500 had to be paid there too. Then, the patrolling teams of Kumbala and Kasaragod police stations too accepted Rs 500 each. Later, they had to pay bribe at three more places. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/07/07/3-cops-suspended-for-bribery.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/07/07/3-cops-suspended-for-bribery.html Sat, 07 Jul 2018 09:30:55 GMT BSNL engineer murdered, suspect neighbour ends life Bovikkanam, Kasaragod: A BSNL engineer has been found hacked to death on the street. The suspect, a neighbour who had a land dispute with him, died jumping in front of a train near Kumbala station half an hour later. A Sudhakaran, 60, was found hacked to death 100 meters from his house on Tuesday evening at around 6.15. He was walking home after alighting from a bus. Half an hour later, his neighbour P Radhakrishnan, 51, was found dead near the railway station. He had jumped in front of a train that had just left the station. The police said the two had a land dispute for years. However, people's representatives had intervened to work out a compromise and the cases were withdrawn. Sudhakaran is survived by wife Sujata and children Subhash and Suhas. Radhakrishnan leaves behind wife Bindu and daughters Sreena and Sreetha. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/07/06/bsnl-engineer-murdered-suspect-neighbour-ends-life.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/07/06/bsnl-engineer-murdered-suspect-neighbour-ends-life.html Fri, 06 Jul 2018 07:12:41 GMT Woman gets life term for burning hubby's second wife to death Kasaragod: The first wife of a man has been sentenced to life imprisonment and slapped with a fine of Rs 60,000 for killing his second wife who was seven months pregnant by drenching her bed with petrol and setting fire to it. The judgment was pronounced by the district additional sessions court (I) on Misriya (43) of Eriyal, Kudlu, who lives in Goa. In case the fine is not paid, she has to undergo an additional three years in jail. The Manjeswaram police had registered a case against her over the death of Nafeesath Misriya (21), the second wife of I K Abdul Rahman (51), residing at New Baariya Mansil in Uppala. She was also charged with attempting to kill Abdul Rahman. Misriya had reached Uppala early on August 7, 2011 from Goa and took petrol from a bike parked outside which she poured in the bedroom and set fire. Naffesath Misriya suffered severe burns as the bed had caught fire and she was admitted to a private hospital in Mangaluru where she succumbed on August 15. Abdul Rahman suffered burns on his hands and legs. A PWD supervisor in Goa, Abdul Rahman’s second marriage had provoked his first wife, who had two children with him. The court examined 34 witnesses, 36 documents, the burnt clothes, bed and the can used to pour petrol. The case was investigated by CI U Preman and the charge sheet was filed before the court by DySP T P Ranjith. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/07/05/first-wife-gets-life-term-for-burning-second-wife-to-death.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/07/05/first-wife-gets-life-term-for-burning-second-wife-to-death.html Sat, 07 Jul 2018 02:06:00 GMT Neighbour gets rigorous life imprisonment for hacking Class 3 boy to death Kasaragod: The man accused of killing a boy studying in Class 3 while he was heading to school has been sentenced to rigorous life imprisonment and a fine of Rs 50,000 by the Kasaragod additional sessions court (I). Vijayakumar (31), a coconut tree climber belonging to Kannoth, Iriya has to face the punishment for taking the life of Mohammed Fahad (8), a student of Kallyott govt higher secondary school. Fahad was on the way to school along with his sister when Vijayakumar, a neighbour, attacked him. Vijayakumar has to pay the fine to Fahad’s father. In case he is unable to raise the amount, he has to undergo an additional three years’ RI. The court also sentenced the accused to another one year imprisonment for waylaying and killing the boy. Fahad, son of Abbas, an auto driver and Ayisha, belonging to Kannoth, was killed at Chandanmulli near Kallyott. The Bekal police had registered a case against Vijayakumar for hacking Fahad, who had disability in his legs, on his neck and back. The motive was the grudge Vijayakumar held against Fahad’s father over a case charged against him. The case related to a hoax call made regarding a bomb threat to a train. Though the accused argued that he was under treatment for a mental disease, the court refused to postpone the judgement. The court, however, allowed the accused to go for an appeal. Meanwhile, the prosecutor argued that the case fell in the rarest of the rare category and that the accused would pose a danger to society on his release. The prosecutor said that the accused deserved death. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/06/18/kasaragod-neighbour-class-3-death.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/06/18/kasaragod-neighbour-class-3-death.html Mon, 18 Jun 2018 16:53:09 GMT Quacks make a killing in rural Kasaragod Mulleria, Kasaragod: Imagine somebody with the title ‘pilot’ attached to their name flying an airplane! The scenario in Kasaragod’s health sector, especially in some of the remote villages in the district, is similar. There are several ‘doctors’ with degrees of alternative medicine like ayurveda or homeopathy who prescribe antibiotics and other allopathic drugs. Often, patients are given higher doses, imperiling their lives. It is not an easy task to identify a quack from a genuine doctor, especially in rural areas where the literacy level is low and patients seek instant cure. Due to lax rules and laid-back attitude of the regulators including the health department, unqualified ‘doctors’ are taking vulnerable and ignorant patients for a ride. According to unofficial figures, there are about hundred quacks and self-styled traditional healers in the two taluks of Kasaragod and Manjeswaram. Neither para-medics nor quacks are allowed to use the prefix ‘Doctor’, but boards put up outside their clinics carry their name along with an initial of a doctor. Like qualified practitioners, they would check the blood pressure and monitor heartbeat using a stethoscope. Without doing any kind of diagnostic tests, they would ‘prescribe’ medicines based only on signs and symptoms. They would dispense medicines without prescriptions so as to avoid the burden of proof. Rules stipulate that many commonly used medicines cannot be supplied without a prescription, but the authorities concerned are making no efforts to create awareness among general public or initiate action against unqualified medical practitioners who dupe gullible people. In most of these clinics, medicines are not stored properly or at the recommended temperature, which reduces their potency. They prescribe and supply almost all the commonly used drugs, from paracetamol to costly antibiotics. There are many who perform wound closure and illegal abortion. They also administer injections in an unscientific manner. Outbreak of fever in the pre-monsoon period has always led to a windfall for the quacks. Rural folks are forced to seek medical help from these unqualified persons due to the absence of government hospitals in their areas. Easy access also makes them popular among patients hailing from remote villages. If a patient with a common fever visits them, quacks would tell them that they are having dengue fever. They would prescribe antibiotics and a fee ranging between Rs 300-400 would be charged. The patient’s condition would get worse in no time. Playing with lives for money In the recent times, many instances of quacks putting patients’ lives at risk have been reported in Kasaragod. There is an Ayurveda doctor couple residing in a village located on the Karnataka border who ‘practices’ modern medicine. A month ago, a woman approached them complaining of fever. They gave her medicines for three days. She visited them again after the drugs failed to bring the temperature down. Once again she was given medicines for another three days. In two weeks, she visited the hospital four times. Each time, she was made to pay a fee of Rs 300. By the time health workers attached to the local primary health centre (PHC) visited her, she had swelling all over the body and bloodshot eyes. They rushed her to the general hospital in Kasaragod and the doctors there confirmed that she was suffering from leptospirosis (rat fever). However, both her kidneys had already been damaged due to the delay in availing proper treatment. Though her life was saved following advanced treatment at the Pariyaram Medical College Hospital, she is on dialysis at present. In another border village, an Ayurveda doctor administered an injection to a female patient who was suffering from severe back pain. The patient died after a few hours. Though there were complaints of medical negligence, the authorities did not bother to conduct an investigation into the incident. Recently, a doctor who runs a naturopathy clinic on the outskirts of Kasaragod town approached the health officials with an application seeking renewal of his license. The officials were stunned when they went through his certificates. He had no medical degree or certificate — in fact, he has not studied beyond Class X. The only valid document he possessed was a ‘traditional healer’ certificate. Ironically, he used to examine patients with a stethoscope. There is another ‘doctor’ who practices in one of the endosulfan-affected panchayats in the district. Once a child suffering from stomach ache was taken to him. He prescribed some medicines and sent the patient back. The kid started writhing in pain in the night and was rushed to a private hospital in Kasaragod, but he was declared brought dead by the doctors there. The child was suffering from appendicitis, but the medicines given by the doctor were those commonly used for treating stomach pain. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/06/04/quacks-make-a-killing-in-rural-kasaragod.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/06/04/quacks-make-a-killing-in-rural-kasaragod.html Mon, 04 Jun 2018 13:37:57 GMT Moral policing gang which chased bike-borne couple held Periya (Kasaragod): The Hosdurg judicial first class magistrate court on Saturday remanded a man, his son and six others to two weeks in judicial custody in a moral policing case. The police said the gang of morality goons detained and insulted a youth and a college student who were riding a bike. Those in custody were Radhakrishnan, 43; son Ajay Jishnu, 19; Syamraj, 21; Sivaprasad, 19; Akhil, 21; Sreerag, 20; Sujit, 29; and Subit, 24; all residents of Moyolam in Periya. Subit was in the army and Sujit is his brother. The accused gang detained the youth and the student near Moonamkadav road Thursday afternoon. The girl in her complaint said the gang chased them and assaulted them, besides trying to grab her and shoot her pictures. The gang had to rush the girl to a hospital after she attempted to cut her vein with a blade in her bag. They then informed the police too and showed them the video shots on their mobile phone. The cops pretended to agree with their 'moral stand' and suggested that they visit the police station. The accused, who reached the station in excitement, were taken into custody and presented before the magistrate by yesterday afternoon. The magistrate refused bail as the assistant public prosecutor was on leave. Sources said the arrested were members of prominent political parties and the police were under pressure to close the case. Some of the accused were members of a club in the locality. Read more Kerala news https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/06/02/moral-policing-gang-which-chased-bike-borne-couple-held.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/06/02/moral-policing-gang-which-chased-bike-borne-couple-held.html Sat, 02 Jun 2018 10:38:29 GMT 15 injured after serial crash on NH at Kasaragod Periya, Kasaragod: A serial crash of three vehicles, near Periya bus stop, on the national highway injured 15 people. A tanker lorry, which tried to evade a car coming from the opposite direction, slipped off the road, took a wrong turn and smashed into a bus that was halting at the bus stop to pick up passengers. At the same time, the car rammed into the lorry. Among the injured are the tanker driver, five women passengers, and a 12-year-old girl on the bus. They were attended to at a private hospital in Mavunkal. The tanker was on its way from Kozhikode to Managluru. The bus, coming from Kasargod, was proceeding to the Kanhangad side. The accident affected traffic flow on the national highway. The tanker was removed from the site using a crane. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/05/26/serial-crash-nh-kasaragod.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/05/26/serial-crash-nh-kasaragod.html Sat, 26 May 2018 10:59:49 GMT Four of a family found dead in Kasaragod Kasaragod: Four of a family, including two children, were found dead at their home in Adhur here on Thursday. The deceased were identified as Radhakrishnan, 40; Praseetha, 30; Kasinath, 5; and Sabarinath, 3. Adhur police have registered a case and probe is on. Read more Kerala news https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/05/04/four-of-a-family-found-dead-in-kasaragod.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/05/04/four-of-a-family-found-dead-in-kasaragod.html Fri, 04 May 2018 03:53:06 GMT Rebirth for 12 fishermen adrift in high seas for six days Kanhangad: Twelve fishermen had a miraculous escape after being stranded in the high seas for six days off the coast here. The fishermen, whose boat had developed a snag, were finally saved by the rescue boat of the coastal police and the fisheries department. The fishermen, belonging to Kerala, Karnataka and Assam, reached Azhithala boat jetty by 4 am on Wednesday. They had started their fishing trip on the boat ‘Al Ameen’ from Malpe in Karnataka on April 25. The propeller of the boat soon broke and was lost in the waters. With no way to steer the boat, the fishing workers were stranded in the vast sea about 160 nautical miles off the coast. Workers of other fishing boats in the area noticed the boat adrift and realised that an accident had occurred. They informed the coast guard of the incident. A coast guard boat soon rushed to the scene and attempted to rescue the fishermen. But the fishermen refused to abandon their boat, insisting on tugging it to the shore. Following which, coast guard officers contacted district collector K Jeevan Babu. On the directive of the collector, the rescue boat operated by the coast guard and fisheries department was deployed. The stranded boat was tugged to 45 nautical miles off the coast by ‘Priya’, a boat from Mangaluru, from where the rescue boat took over. The fishermen who landed at Azhithala jetty are, Muthappan (30), Jan Edison (31), Albert (64), Jayapal (21) and Sunil (37) of Kanyakumari; Suresh (21) and Bepson (37), of Vizhinjam; Baby John (37) of Poonthura; Bellarmin belonging to Thiruvananthapuram; Johnson (48) and Joby (32) of Thoppumpady; and Assam native Sijindas (19). The personnel of the rescue boat included Manu, Dhaneesh, Narayanan, K Kannan and CPO Unnirajan. ‘Al Ameen’ belongs to an Ernakulam native. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/05/02/rebirth-for-12-fishermen-adrift-in-high-seas-for-six-days-.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/05/02/rebirth-for-12-fishermen-adrift-in-high-seas-for-six-days-.html Wed, 02 May 2018 13:29:02 GMT Dad gifts toy home for daughter on birthday A loving father gifted his daughter with a beautiful toy home for her birthday. Muhammad Shafi's gift for Mihda Fatima on her sixth birthday has fascinated many people, who have expressed interest in a similar house. Shafi took two-and-a half months to build the toy home in front of his wife's house Buhaisa Manzil on Mavila beach in Kasaragod. Shafi, fond of travelling, was inspired by such small structures seen in front of houses as he travelled. He planned to outsource the construction, but as the estimate ran into a lakh, he decided to build the house himself. Working from 6 am to 10 am, he built it, adding on beautification ideas as he proceeded. The tiled, two-storeyed house has a staircase inside. The kitchen and reading room are in the same space, with utensils stored and provision made for a mini fridge. Despite being a toy house, it is large enough for adults to sleep. Shafi has also provided CCTV. The house, which has cost him Rs 2 lakh, was handed over to the daughter on her sixth birthday on April 16. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/05/01/dad-gifts-toy-home-for-daughter-on-birthday.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/05/01/dad-gifts-toy-home-for-daughter-on-birthday.html Tue, 01 May 2018 12:48:30 GMT Stick to traffic rules, win a litre of petrol as prize Kasaragod: In these times of shooting up petrol prices, it was an apt reward. Motorists who obeyed all rules under the Motor Vehicles Act were gifted with a litre of petrol each as part of the launch of the Road Safety Week here. Officials said that the unique gift was meant to ensure all motorists followed vehicle rules and promote safety on roads. The winners were selected during checks conducted at various spots in the town under the aegis of the Motor Vehicles Department and KL 14 Riders' Club. Around 40 vehicles were checked in total at Kasargod Chandragiri bridge road, near the School for Visually Challenged at Vidyanagar and Old Press Club Junction. Free petrol was presented to 20 motorists, including two lady car drivers. In fact, majority of the winners were women. Six cars, two auto-rickshaws, one pick-up van and 11 two-wheelers took home a litre of petrol each free of cost. Meanwhile, several other vehicles fled on seeing the vehicle check ahead of them. But the winners were elated as well as surprised on receiving the timely reward. The vehicle checks were conducted by officials led by RTO Babu John, motor vehicle inspector A K Rajeevan, assistant motor vehicle inspector Jishore and rider Moosa Shereef. Checks for gifting petrol will continue, according to the motor vehicles department authorities. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/04/26/kasaragode-traffic-rules-gift-petrol.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/04/26/kasaragode-traffic-rules-gift-petrol.html Thu, 26 Apr 2018 14:06:58 GMT Elderly man, once millionaire, found living on Kozhikode streets Kanhangad: Mohammed Shafi once lived a luxurious life, but now he has nowhere else to turn but shelters and the streets. Shafi, a native of Balla, a fishing hamlet near Kanhangad in Kasaragod district, had been living in and around the Kozhikode railway station for more than seven years before volunteers of the 'Theruvinte Makkal Charity Kerala', an NGO that works for the rehabilitation of the homeless, extended a helping hand to him. The charity workers initiated efforts to locate his family after he was spotted roaming around the railway station begging for alms. They provided him with food and medical care and collected the necessary details about his native place before passing the information to their unit in Kasaragod district. The office-bearers of the Kasaragod unit reached Kozhikode and took him to his relatives in Kanhangad, but they were not ready to accept him. He stayed with the members of the NGO for two days before being produced before Kanhangad RDO C Biju on Monday. As per the direction of the RDO, Shafi was taken to the Government Old Age Home, Paravanadukkam, but as he refused to stay there, he was allowed to go with the charity workers. Shafi informed the RDO that his identity cards and other important documents were with his wife and an autorickshaw driver living in Parappally. The RDO contacted the Pullur village officer and instructed him to track down the auto driver. Since there is no proof to determine his age, efforts will be made to secure documents to prove his identity, and based on that, strict action will be taken against his relatives for abandoning him, the RDO said. Shafi told the RDO that his wife was a teacher. He has two children - a daughter, who is in the medical field, and a son, a student of a school in Kanhangad. He worked in the Gulf for some years before the sponsor cancelled his visa and sent him back to India without returning the documents and certificates submitted at the time of appointment. His ancestral home is at Balamthodu near the Kerala-Karnataka border. Both his parents are not alive. Shafi said that he had sold his share of the ancestral property and an amount of Rs 25 lakh was deposited in his wife's bank account. Seven years ago, his children took him to Kozhikode for treatment, but they abandoned him there. Ever since, he was living on the streets begging, Shafi told the RDO. He was produced before the RDO by Charity Kerala district chairman T C Aslam, state co-ordinator T C Khaleefa, general secretary Abdul Vajib, executive members C H Subaida, P Siddiq, Rahmath Vellappu and V P Shuhaib. Read more Kerala news https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/04/24/elderly-man-once-millionaire-found-living-on-kozhikode-streets.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/04/24/elderly-man-once-millionaire-found-living-on-kozhikode-streets.html Tue, 24 Apr 2018 10:37:05 GMT The orange that made Pinarayi smile Kasaragod: The man in the wrinkled shirt and dirty mundu was not ready for the limelight. He was just another face in the crowd waiting for chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan visiting Kasaragod. Muhammed from Vidyanagar attracted no eyeballs amid the crowd formed around the block office at Kadarukka. He seemed like a common man who wanted to draw the chief minister’s attention to some personal problem. He waited patiently as the police escorted the chief minister to the dais. After Pinarayi inaugurated the block office, delivered a short speech and left the dais, Muhammed stepped forward. He took something out of a cloth bag he was carrying. It was an orange! He handed out the orange to the chief minister. Pinarayi smiled at Muhammed and passed on the gift to his escort. Muhammed was happy, Pinarayi was happy and the security personnel was happy. Muhammed also gifted an orange to revenue minister E Chandreasekharan, who was accompanying Pinarayi. He later said that it was his way of expressing his affection to the leaders and he had gifted oranges to many other leaders. He left as unassumingly as he came. Read more: Latest Kasaragod news https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/04/12/orange-made-kerala-cm-pinarayi-smile.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/04/12/orange-made-kerala-cm-pinarayi-smile.html Thu, 12 Apr 2018 12:46:46 GMT Elephant herd abandons weak calf, forest officers rescue it Sullia (Karnataka): An elephant calf abandoned by its herd was rescued by a team of vets and forest officers near the border town of Sullia in Karnataka. The calf belonged to a herd of eight wild elephants that had been frolicking in the Payaswini River until Saturday evening. The herd had three calves but one of them was too weak to keep up with the rest of the beasts. The other elephants tried to nudge the calf along to the forest but had to leave it to its fate. The calf had collapsed by the river when the forest officers rushed to the spot to rescue it. The calf seemed about six months old. It was back in its elements after being fed nine bottles of glucose liquids and some medicines. Dr Venkatachalapathy led the medical rescue in telephonic consultations with elephant experts in Nagarahole and Shivamoga. The calf stood on its feet and drank some milk offered by the vets. The officers also tried to feed the calf some fruits but it declined. The calf was running around by the evening. The forest officers are waiting for the herd to come back and claim the calf. The department will have to find a place to take care of the calf if the herd does not come back, Sullia range forest officer N Manjunath said. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/04/09/elephant-herd-abandons-weak-calf-forest-officers-rescue.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/04/09/elephant-herd-abandons-weak-calf-forest-officers-rescue.html Mon, 09 Apr 2018 14:29:59 GMT Sundaran seeks shower of kindness this Vishu, a year after unfathomable loss Kanjangad: Golden shower trees (konna) are blooming all over, heralding the arrival of Vishu and bringing joy to everyone. However, the sight makes Sundaran sad, as memories of a tragedy that befell his family during last Vishu rush to his mind. Sundaran breaks down, holding his four-year-old daughter Aadika close to him, remembering his wife and younger son who faced a tragic death that day. It was a KSRTC bus that played the role of a villain in their lives. Sundaran’s wife Rajani and 11-month-old infant Rigved fell on the road from a KSRTC bus while trying to board it. The bus ran over the two, killing them on the spot. They were returning from the house of Rajani’s maternal aunt where they had gone to celebrate Vishu. The mishap took place on April 16 last year, but the lives of Sundaran and Aadika are still in disarray. Loneliness and poverty haunt the father and daughter. Neither the KSRTC nor the government has given them even a single paisa as compensation or aid. This is even after ministers and top officials had visited Rajani’s house at Kanathoor and made several promises. Minister E Chandrasekharan, opposition Leader Ramesh Chennithala and K Kunhiraman MLA were among those who had said that their promises would be fulfilled within days. However, even a year later, Sundaran and daughter are leading a life of misery. The national human rights commission had suo motu registered a case regarding the incident, following which the KSRTC authorities suspended the driver and conductor of the bus from service. Shockingly, official action over the tragedy was limited to this mild punishment. Sundaran has met everyone concerned, including the minister, MP and MLA, seeking help, all in vain. A wood worker, Sundaran has not gone to work since the tragedy. Aadika too has not been admitted to school as her father has no money. Sundaran has now sought legal help to benefit from some insurance claim. When another Vishu is approaching, Sundaran and Aadika hope that they will get to experience some kindness from good-hearted souls to overcome the unfathomable loss of Rajani and Rigved. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/04/06/sundaran-vishu-tragedy.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/04/06/sundaran-vishu-tragedy.html Fri, 06 Apr 2018 12:18:31 GMT Rahul hopes to turn his life around after Santosh Trophy triumph Cheemeni (Kasaragod): Victories often change the destiny of sportspersons. K P Rahul, a member of the Kerala football team which won the Santosh Trophy for the state after 14 years, expects his life will change for the better soon. "You need not toil anymore, father. All our hardship will end," Rahul had told his father Ramesan. The family still lives in a one-room house at Munda, Cheemeni village, in Kasaragod, the northernmost district in the state. The house was built on a small plot allotted by the government. The family, comprising Ramesan, his wife Thankamani, and daughter Rasna, has been dreaming of a good house as well as a bright future for the young members for long. Rahul had shown talent for football even while very young and his father encouraged him copiously. A daily wage labourer, Ramesan did all he could to help his son pursue his love for the game. As a child, Rahul started to kick around the ball on the panchayat ground, Kalikadavu, near his birthplace at Peelicode. Rahul, the footballer, came to the limelight when he played in the Subroto Cup Under-17 championship held in Delhi when he was in the sixth standard. There has been no looking back since then. Shining as a defender in the midfield, Rahul's style of grabbing the ball from the opponents and making a dash to their goalpost is exceptional. Sticking to this style, Rahul won many matches for local sides. During this time, the family had to leave their ancestral house where they had been living and moved to a small house they built on land allotted by the state government at Munda. The house was built with money borrowed from many people and Ramesan found it hard to make both ends meet. Meanwhile, he was diagnosed with a heart disease, which made things more difficult. However, even amidst all the problems they faced, Rahul's father continued to encourage him. Thankamni also saw a bright future for their son. When Rahul was selected for the Kerala Santosh trophy team, their joy knew no bounds. They were proud that their son had reached the top level. The family's happiness multiplied when Kerala won the 2017-18 edition of the Santosh Trophy, Many came to their house to congratulate the family. Some burst firecrackers. All those who loved Rahul celebrated. However, causing bitterness among Rahul's family members, nobody representing the government has visited them so far. Even the panchayat members failed to turn up, they said. Meanwhile, the local residents of Peelicode have decided to give the champion a grand reception when he reaches his native place. Read more Kerala news https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/04/04/rahul-hopes-to-turn-his-life-around-after-santosh-trophy-triumph.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/04/04/rahul-hopes-to-turn-his-life-around-after-santosh-trophy-triumph.html Wed, 04 Apr 2018 09:48:57 GMT Students give farewell to retiring principal with 'obit', crackers Nileshwaram, Kasaragod: In a shocking incident, a group of SFI students at the Nehru Arts and Science College, Padannakad, near here, allegedly prepared an ‘obituary’ for their principal on the day of her retirement, apparently to insult her. The handwritten notice, which was found pasted on the wall of the college’s open auditorium where a farewell function for principal Dr P V Pushpaja was organised, said: “Paying homage to the principal who had died long back in students’ minds. A disaster is leaving, liberating the campus. Finally, the curse on Nehru (referring to the name of the college) is removed.” Dr Pushpaja said that many of the teaching staff were present when SFI activists publicly owned up the notice without any remorse. Asserting that SFI students were behind the incident, she said that she would decide on taking legal action after holding discussions with the management. However, SFI Kasaragod district secretary K Mahesh denied the organisation’s involvement. “The SFI did not have any role in the incident. We won’t support such acts,” he said. Reportedly, the students also burst crackers on the campus during the farewell function. Dr Pushpaja, who is the Kasaragod district president and a state working committee member of the pro-Congress All Kerala Private College Teachers Association, took charge at the Nehru Arts and Science College in 2016. Though her last day at the college is on May 31, the farewell function was advanced in view of examinations. It was learned that the principal had been at loggerheads with SFI activists over academic matters, and as a result, she had been gheraoed by them on several occasions. Recently, she was held hostage in her chamber by the students over an attendance row. In a similar incident two years ago, a symbolic grave was set up on the premises of the Government Victoria College in Palakkad for principal N Sarasu, on the day of her retirement, allegedly by SFI students. Read more: Latest Kerala news https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/03/30/students-farewell-retiring-principal-obit.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/03/30/students-farewell-retiring-principal-obit.html Fri, 30 Mar 2018 10:37:09 GMT How a farm worker's red shawl averted a train tragedy Kanhangad: The red shawl of a woman working in a field beside the railway track helped prevent a major train accident near Kanhangad railway station on Monday. The incident took place around 6.45 am at Manikkoth. Daily wager Kunhiraman, while heading to work, saw a big crack on the railway track at a joint. There was a gap of about 12 cm between rails and Kunhiraman immediately alerted Pramod and Razak, who lived nearby. Though they called up Kanhangad railway station, nobody picked up the phone. Meanwhile, the Jamnagar – Tirunelveli Hapa Express was approaching the cracked portion of the track. Sensing the danger, and realising that the situation demanded urgent action, the men requested Shyamala, a native of Manikkoth who was watering plants in the vegetable field beside the railway track, to hand over the red shawl she was wearing. By that time, a crowd had assembled at the spot where the crack was detected and they desperately waved the red shawl at the loco pilot at the fast-approaching train to signal to him that there was danger ahead. The loco pilot, seeing the red shawl and the crowd near the railway track, felt that something was not right and applied the brakes. The train gradually slowed down and stopped after four coaches had passed the cracked rail. Officials of the railway PWD engineering wing soon arrived and fixed the crack temporarily. The Hapa Express left the spot after one hour. All other trains along the route were delayed till afternoon. Mangaluru – Chennai Egmore Express was held up at Kasargod railway station and Mangaluru – Thiruvananthapuram Ernad Express at Kumbla station for an hour. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/03/22/how-farm-workers-red-shawl-averted-train-tragedy.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/03/22/how-farm-workers-red-shawl-averted-train-tragedy.html Thu, 22 Mar 2018 11:16:59 GMT Negligence killed her daughter, broken promises her spirit Jayanthi always wanted a daughter. She cherished Prajitha like the apple of her eye. She nurtured the child through the physical hardships left behind by the indiscriminate aerial spraying of a toxic pesticide over their village. Yet she lost the child to medical negligence. When the mother’s grief threatened to create a political storm, the government woke up to do some firefighting. A minister flew down from Thiruvananthapuram to Jayanthi’s house in Kasaragod. Hollow words of solace poured in. So did promises of solatium. The family was offered Rs 2 lakh as compensation for the negligence on the part of government doctors. Jayanthi and her husband knew that nothing would lift them out of their sorrow. Yet they desperately needed the money to look after their other children. A victim of endosulfan like her deceased daughter, Jayanthi herself needed constant medical care. The money promised by the minister never came through, even after seven years. The couple followed it up through government offices from Kasaragod to Thiruvananthapuram but the files never moved. Ministers and top bureaucrats turned a blind eye towards their plight. Jayanthi’s ordeal is a classic example of the futility of politicians’ promises, unless backed by official orders. At 40 years, Jayanthi’s eyesight is rapidly failing, thanks to the effects of the pesticide exposure. Criminal negligence Jayanthi yearned for a daughter after the birth of two sons. She never complained when her daughter came with multiple illnesses. Her world came crashing down when the child was admitted to the Kasaragod general hospital after a bout of epilepsy. The doctors and other staff denied the child treatment even though they knew she was a victim of endosulfan. The hosptial authorities said that the doctor was on leave and he could treat the child in his private clinic. The doctor returned the child back to the hospital. Back in the hospital, no one attended to the child. The family took her to a private hospital but precious time was lost. Prajitha died. The tragic death of the child shook the previous Left Democratic Front (LDF) government. Health minister P K Sreemathi personally went to console Jayanthi and husband Sasidhara. The health department took to task the accused doctor and promised financial aid to the family. Jayanthi and Sasidhara has been knocking at all doors for the money promised to them. Even after seven years, the bureaucrats keep stonewalling their requests. The minister had never bothered to formalise her offer with an order. Sasidhara, a daily-wage labourer, is struggling to look after his family. A large part of his earnings go towards buying Jayanthi’s medicines. The successive governments were of no help either. As a last resort, Sasidhara has written to revenue minister E Chandrasekharan. He was expecting the minister from Kasaragod to be sympathetic to his cause. The minister wrote back, urging Sasidhara to contact the district collector for follow-up action. Sasidhara said he had been told this several times. And he knows that he is not any closer to the money promised by the government. Evidently, this family deserves much more than routine replies. Read more news from Kasaragod https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/03/17/negligence-killed-her-daughter-broekn-promises-her-spirit.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/03/17/negligence-killed-her-daughter-broekn-promises-her-spirit.html Sat, 17 Mar 2018 19:39:05 GMT Water supply projects in Kasaragod still on paper as taps go dry Nileswaram: As summer intensifies, water scarcity is becoming more acute by the day, but two major water supply projects planned for Kasaragod district are still on paper. Both projects would draw water from the Karyamcode river. While one project would benefit Nileswaram and Kanjangad municipalities and Kinalur-Karinthalam panchayat, the other would solve the drinking water issues of Kayyur-Cheemeni, Cheruvathur, Pilicode, Valiyaparamba, Padanna and Thrikaripur panchayats. The Kerala Water Authority (KWA) has already prepared the project report for the latter. It was also made part of the budget proposals following the intervention of M Rajagopalan MLA. However, no follow-up has taken place owing to the lackadaisical attitude of the authorities. Measures to prepare the project report for supplying adequate drinking water to Nileswaram and Kanjangad municipalities and Kinalur-Karinthalam panchayat, where the water shortage is more severe, are yet to be taken up. In addition to these projects, if the Palayi shutter-cum-bridge is built, almost the entire district would be spared of water shortage. At present, some areas in Neeleswaram and Kanjangad municipalities and the coastal panchayats depend solely on saline water. People in these areas have been demanding safe drinking water supply for years. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/03/12/water-supply-projects-in-kasargod-still-on-paper-as-taps-go-dry.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/03/12/water-supply-projects-in-kasargod-still-on-paper-as-taps-go-dry.html Tue, 13 Mar 2018 02:01:48 GMT From Thogamalai to Kasaragod: a harrowing tale of two toxic hubs Kasaragod: Until Karuppaiyah came face to face with the horrors of endosulfan poisoning in Kasaragod, little did he know that his daughter too was a victim of the unscientific and indiscriminate spraying of hazardous pesticides in his village in Tamil Nadu. Karuppaiyah, since he was a 12-year-old boy, has engaged in spraying deadly insecticides such as endolusfan and endrin in the lush green orchards and fields at his native village of Varunthapatti near Thogamalai in Karur district, unaware of their ill-effects. It was destiny that brought him to Kasaragod, where hundreds of lives have been ruined by the alleged use of endosulfan. His four-year-old daughter Lokapriya is a living testimony to the harmful effects of highly toxic organochlorine pesticides due to their indiscriminate use in Tamil Nadu’s farmlands. In and around Varuthapatti, there are about 40 children, including Lokapriya who suffer from serious handicaps and severe deformities. Karuppaiyah was in for a shock after witnessing the havoc unleashed by the deadly chemical on several families in Kasaragod. “'People back home are ignorant about the threats posed by these toxic pesticides. Only after meeting hundreds of children in Kasaragod who live in utter misery, I realised how hazardous these pesticides are to our health and environment,” he says. According to him, the situation in Thogamalai is more or less similar to that of the endosulfan-affected areas in Kasaragod. “In our village, there are many children who are born with congenital abnormalities, neurological disorders and other diseases. There is a special school to impart education to these children. A doctor would visit the village once in a fortnight and provide medicines. Most of the families of the affected children are unaware of the hazards of the excessive use of pesticides or the looming danger. Most of them believe that their misery is because of their fate and that they can do nothing about it,” he says. Karuppaiyah arrived in Kasaragod in search of a job after he was forced to sell of his agriculture land to meet the treatment expenses of his daughter. He is currently engaged in road-digging works for laying pipelines under the Jalanidhi rural water supply scheme at Belur, one of the villages that bore the brunt of the endosulfan tragedy. Twice a month, Lokapriya’s grandmother would take her to the doctor at Thogamalai. “My daughter did not have any issues in the first few days after the birth. But after that, she started suffering from epileptic fits and muscular weakness. Now she has cerebral palsy. Most of the children I met in Kasaragod had similar symptoms before being diagnosed with congenital abnormalities,” Karuppaiyah says. Lokapriya’s plight is a haunting reminder of the tragedy of people falling prey to the noxious snares of pesticides and of human greed and corruption. Read more: Kasaragod news https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/03/08/thogamalai-kasaragod-endosulfan-affected-children.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/03/08/thogamalai-kasaragod-endosulfan-affected-children.html Thu, 08 Mar 2018 18:01:38 GMT Coconut prices surge, but farmers fail to reap benefits Mulleria, Kasaragod: Prices of raw coconut and other value-added products have soared to record heights in recent times, yet the plight of farmers remains unchanged. Sharp fall in production coupled with crop losses inflicted by wild animals has put coconut growers in a fix, especially those residing in villages on the fringes of forest areas. As a result, the upward trend in raw coconut and copra prices, that have been rising sharply on a daily basis, has failed to bring any cheer to the farming community. From an average price of Rs 20 per kilogram, the rates of raw coconut have gone beyond Rs 45 in recent times, while copra prices are hovering at Rs 130 a kilo in the local market. Market indicators suggest firm prices and strong demand for coconut products in the coming days. The shortage has also pushed up the price of the other value-added products including coconut oil. Raw coconut, which traded around Rs 10 two years ago, has recorded a four-fold increase in the past couple of months. The prices of copra or dry coconut, which hovered around Rs 50 two years ago, too surged further in recent times. However, farmers could not reap the benefits from the present price boom as the yield declined considerably owing to various reasons. Many growers complained that they were not even getting enough coconuts from their plantation for household uses. The officials of the district agriculture department have attributed the fall in production to the unprecedented heat and drought experienced by the region last year. "The decreasing rainfall and the last season's heatwave and drought have badly affected the coconut growers. The output has gone down by at least 60 per cent this season. The whitefly menace in coconut plantations in the region is another reason for the production fall. There are clear indications that this summer season would also witness extreme weather events. The inclement climate expected to have a severe impact on coconut production," an official said. Apart from climate change, wild animal menace too has become a perennial headache for farmers living on forest fringes. Monkeys and elephants frequently target coconut trees and cause extensive damage to the groves. Due to these factors, coconut cultivation is turning out to be non-profitable in the area. Read more Kerala news https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/02/19/coconut-prices-surge-but-farmers-fail-to-reap-benefits.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/02/19/coconut-prices-surge-but-farmers-fail-to-reap-benefits.html Mon, 19 Feb 2018 08:49:33 GMT Alert man rescues co-worker who passed out on rail track Trikaripur, Kasaragod: He is visibly proud of his selfless act to save his coworker from the path of an oncoming train, but, even while standing amid a flood of praise and appreciation for his valiant effort, the recollection of that incident leaves a cold chill down Rajesh’s spine. Rajesh, 42, of Padinjarekkara, a gangman with Railways, deserves all praises for acting swiftly to save his co-worker Nikesh, a native of Wayanad, who fainted and collapsed on the track while being at work. The incident took place in Udinoor recently. Rajesh and Nikesh were engaged in rail lubrication works on the stretch between Olavara and Thadiyan Kovval bordering Kannur. Nikesh was walking along the track ahead of Rajesh applying grease to the line. When Rajesh’s attention briefly shifted from work, he saw Nikesh lying on the track. At the same time, he noticed the Thiruvananthapuram-Mangaluru Express rushing towards them. Even as the other men engaged in similar works in the area screamed helplessly, Rajesh, showing great presence of mind, sprinted towards Nikesh and pushed him off the track. Within a second or two, the train passed at full speed within a few feet of them. “Both of us would have been killed. I had only some seconds to save him, but somehow I managed to pull him up to safety,” Rajesh says, heaving a huge sigh of relief. Nikesh, who went to his native place after the incident, is currently under treatment. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/02/17/alert-man-rescues-coworker-who-passed-out-on-rail-track-kasaragod.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/02/17/alert-man-rescues-coworker-who-passed-out-on-rail-track-kasaragod.html Sat, 17 Feb 2018 13:29:37 GMT Endosulfan victim's parents continue 7-year wait for compensation Kasaragod: Seven years after losing their daughter to the tragic consequences of endosulfan, a laborer and his partially blind wife are knocking on every door to claim the solatium promised to them. The treatment meted out to the parents of Prajitha is a classic example of bureaucratic apathy in the face of personal tragedies. Prajitha, a victim of the mindless aerial spraying of the deadly pesticide in a government-owned cashew plantation, died in May 2011 after a severe bout of epilepsy. The doctors at the Kasaragod general hospital refused to treat her. She died on the way to a private hospital. The then health minister P K Sreemathi visited the family in their house at Bellur and offered the mourning family a solatium of Rs 2 lakh. The duty doctor at the general hospital was suspended after a department-level inquiry. Prajitha's parents, Sasidhara and Jayanthi, who herself is among the hundreds of people affected by endosulfan, are yet to see the money. Burdened with existence, including the eye surgery of Jayanthi and the educational expenses of their two other children, the couple have been running from pillar to post for their due. They went from government office to government office with a newspaper clipping about the minister's offer, until Manorama reported their plight. The media attention momentarily shook the officials from their slumber. Sasidhara received an official letter informing him that the money has been released and requiring him to produce legal certificates proving his daughter's death and his status as her legal heir. The laborer forsook his daily wages for days to obtain the certificates and submitted them to the authorities. The officials have now come up with some other explanation for denying the family their due. They told him point-blank that they could not pay him the money. Read: Kasaragod News | Kerala News https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/02/07/endosulfan-victims-parents-compensation-kasaragod.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/02/07/endosulfan-victims-parents-compensation-kasaragod.html Wed, 07 Feb 2018 12:39:39 GMT Wild animals easy prey for poachers in town areas Mulleria: Poachers, who were earlier seen only in forests, are increasingly making their presence felt in the town areas too, hunting wild boar and hedgehogs which come to feed on mounting heaps of garbage. Gangs concentrate on areas in the town where wild animals come down from the forest to feed and shoot them dead. Wild boars are often killed with firecrackers also. Recently, Forest officials had nabbed a gang of poachers from Kundamkuzhi which had shot a hedgehog at Paduvadukka in Vidyanagar. Officials said the gang had killed wild animals at the same place several times earlier. Forest authorities have received information that a number of such gangs are based in the villages in the hilly areas of Kasaragod district. Most of these gangs use unlicensed country-made guns. They reach the town areas in vehicles during night hours. After making the kill, the gangs leave in the same vehicles, which have hidden compartments to store the animal carcass. With garbage piling up in towns, things have become easier for poachers. Officials are alert in forest areas having wildlife, making entry with guns difficult. However, in town, Forest department does not carry out checking. These days, wild boar roam around garbage dumps even in broad daylight. Apart from wild boar and hedgehog, wild rabbits are easy prey to hunters. With no complaints received so far regarding the poaching, authorities believe that the gangs are getting support from local residents. Forest officials said they would obtain more information on the hunting operations after interrogating the gang now in custody. However, it is alleged that the poachers are receiving covert support from some Forest officials also. Read: Kasaragod News | Kerala News https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/02/02/wild-animals-easy-prey-for-poachers-in-town-areas.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/02/02/wild-animals-easy-prey-for-poachers-in-town-areas.html Fri, 02 Feb 2018 10:02:14 GMT Wild animals easy prey for poachers in town areas of Kasaragod Mulleria: Poachers, who were earlier seen only in forests, are increasingly making their presence felt in the town areas too, hunting wild boar and hedgehogs which come to feed on mounting heaps of garbage. Gangs concentrate on areas in the town where wild animals come down from the forest to feed and shoot them dead. Wild boars are often killed with firecrackers also. Recently, forest officials had nabbed a gang of poachers from Kundamkuzhi which had shot a hedgehog at Paduvadukka in Vidyanagar. Officials said the gang had killed wild animals at the same place several times earlier. Forest authorities have received information that a number of such gangs are based in the villages in the hilly areas of Kasaragod district. Most of these gangs use unlicensed country-made guns. They reach the town areas in vehicles during night hours. After killing the animals, the gangs leave in the same vehicles, which have hidden compartments to store the animal carcass. With garbage piling up in towns, things have become easier for poachers. Officials are alert in forest areas having wildlife, making entry with guns difficult. However, in town, forest department does not carry out checking. These days, wild boar roam around garbage dumps even in broad daylight. Apart from wild boar and hedgehog, wild rabbits are easy prey to hunters. With no complaints received so far regarding the poaching, authorities believe that the gangs are getting support from local residents. Forest officials said they would obtain more information on the hunting operations after interrogating the gang now in custody. However, it is alleged that the poachers are receiving covert support from some forest officials also. Read more: Latest Kerala news https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/01/31/wild-animals-easy-prey-for-poachers-in-town-areas-of-kasaragod.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/01/31/wild-animals-easy-prey-for-poachers-in-town-areas-of-kasaragod.html Wed, 31 Jan 2018 11:08:35 GMT Wild elephants make life difficult for residents of Kanathur village Kanathur: A small village close to the border between Kasaragod district and Karnataka is reeling under the threat of wild elephant attacks. In Kanathur, a herd of wild elephants entered Moodayamveedu V Raghavan's coconut grove and destroyed the water pipe lines in his estate. The elephants continued their destructive spree in the estates of V Narayanan and Bhaskaran. The attack was in the early morning hours. The elephants initially retreated into the forest when the residents woke up but they returned soon after to wreak more havoc. The forest guards and local residents remained under high alert as the elephants did not retreat into the forest and continued to roam close to the border. They tried to scare the animals with fire and noise but the amateur attempts without proper equipment or preparation was not enough to scare the elephants. The local residents are angry that the elected representatives are turning a blind eye to their plight. Earlier, an action council was formed to draw attention to the issue. Though it had met the forest minister under UDF government, once the new ministry under the LDF government took over, the issue has been pushed to the fringes. Read more: Latest Kerala news | https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/01/25/wild-elephants-make-life-difficult-for-residents-of-kanathur-village.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/01/25/wild-elephants-make-life-difficult-for-residents-of-kanathur-village.html Thu, 25 Jan 2018 10:55:57 GMT Bedadukka panchayat officials bring treatment to Sasi's doorstep Kundamkuzhi: In a heart-warming initiative, officials in Bedadukka panchayat in Kasaragod came to the aid of a bed-ridden person, ensuring appropriate care was given and basic needs taken care of. Panchayat president C Ramachandran and his co-workers reached the house of ailing Kairalipara native Sasi, bringing a medical team with them to check out his condition. Sasi was lying down on a tarpaulin sheet just outside his house when this team came calling. On realising that he had no bed at his house, the officials quickly bought a new cot, pillow and mattress for Sasi, whose wife is deaf and has a limp in one leg. The doctor's investigation found that the blood flow to one of Sasi's legs has stopped, which is currently unresponsive. The decision was quickly taken to bring Sasi to the district hospital for specialized treatment. The team also directed an Asha worker and promoter to procure the papers necessary for Sasi to receive pension benefits. They also ensured that a car was arranged to take Sasi to the hospital. This initiative by the officials came as a part of the preparations for the National Caregivers Day, which is marked for the third Friday of every February. Along with Ramachandran, Panchayat member K Ramani, health committee head Payam Sukumaran, a palliative care nurse and an Asha worker were also among those who visited Sasi. Students of Kundumkuzhi Higher Secondary School under the NSS scheme as well as the school's NSS co-ordinator Ratheesh were also present. Read: Kasaragod News | Kerala News https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/01/17/panchayat-officials-bring-sasi-doorstep-kasaragod.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/01/17/panchayat-officials-bring-sasi-doorstep-kasaragod.html Wed, 17 Jan 2018 11:09:04 GMT This young farmer turned his courtyard into a paddy field Kanhangad: Paddy seedlings will sprout even on your house premises, K. Radhakrishnan has proved. The young farmer, living near Kanhangad Nityananda Ashram, prepared a paddy field on his house compound using coconut pith where he sowed the seeds, which have now turned into carpets of green. The main advantage of Radhakrishnan’s experiment is that watering the seedlings has become easy. Another benefit is that the planting machine can be utilized more efficiently. Apart from farming, Radhakrishnan is also actively involved in dairying. His yet another activity is working as a tractor driver at the farmer center of Panayal Service Cooperative Bank. Inspired by the success of Radhakrishnan’s experiment, activists of the task force under the Kanhangad municipality’s Krishi Bhavan have decided to replicate the process in all the abandoned paddy fields in the locality. The water resources department has already initiated measures to ensure adequate water to carry out the agricultural activities. Radhakrishnan is ably supported by agricultural officer T P Dinesan and task force activists K Nishanth and M Manoj in his efforts. Radhakrishnan can be contacted on: 9072374434. Read more: Kasaragod https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/01/07/farmer-grows-paddy-seedlings-house-kanhangad.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/01/07/farmer-grows-paddy-seedlings-house-kanhangad.html Sun, 07 Jan 2018 13:17:54 GMT Puducherry short cut drives 85 vehicles up against the wall Kasaragod: At least 85 vehicles in Kasaragod are under the scanner of authorities for evading tax in Kerala. These high-end vehicles were registered in Puducherry to take advantage of the low tax rate in the Union territory. The Kerala motor vehicles department, which has launched a crackdown on fraudulently registered vehicles, have passed on a list of 70 vehicles to the regional transport officer at Kasaragod to check whether their owners had a valid address in Puducherry. The department later identified 15 more Puducherry-registered vehicles on the district roads. The transport department had earlier identified 1,187 Puducherry-registered vehicles across Kerala. It has passed on the list to each regional transport officer to verify the addresses of the owners. Many of those who have come under the transport department’s radar in Kasaragod are contractors who drive cars that cost anywhere between Rs 30 lakh and Rs 1 crore. Vehicles with a price tag of more than Rs 20 lakh attract huge tax rates in Kerala, while Puducherry offers a lower slab. A car which is liable to pay Rs 15 lakh as tax in Kerala, would attract only Rs 75,000 in Puducherry. The Kerala government has lost Rs 5 crore in tax in recent years from Kasaragod alone due to the practice. Any Indian citizen can register a vehicle anywhere in India, provided he is a resident of the state he wants to get it registered. If a vehicle registered elsewhere is to be driven in Kerala on a long-term basis, the owner has to obtain a permit from the motor vehicles department. People opting for short cuts have been relying on agents who help them find a fake Puducherry address when they bought a vehicle from Kerala and later register the vehicle in the Union territory for a fraction of the cost in the home state. The Kerala transport department plans to go for strict measures including the cancellation of registration of vehicles based on fake addresses. Owners of such vehicles may be given a deadline to change the registration to their genuine address in Kerala. They will have to pay the entire tax amount in Kerala. They will get a discount of 7 percent if the vehicle is one year old. The department has already asked the owners of the Puducherry-registered vehicles to produce the documents for perusal. The officials are stepping up their checks through vehicle service centers. Read more: Kasaragod news https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/01/06/puducherry-tax-evasion-vehicles-kasaragod.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2018/01/06/puducherry-tax-evasion-vehicles-kasaragod.html Sat, 06 Jan 2018 18:18:09 GMT Malabar's biggest freshwater lake awaits rebirth Nileshwaram: The Theerthankara lake here, the biggest freshwater lake in Malabar, is dying a slow death, despite the intervention of agriculture minister V S Sunil Kumar. During a visit to the Agriculture College, Padannakkad in March, the minister had informed Kanhangad municipal chairman V V Ramesan that an amount of Rs 1 crore would be sanctioned for the renovation of the lake. The minister made the announcement when the pathetic state of the water body was brought to his attention. The lake which was under the control of the ancient Kadinjathur Vishnu temple is now under the control of the Agriculture College. However, a year since the announcement, the promises have hardly been kept. A web of water hyacinth has engulfed the lake which, if rejuvenated, could be a major source of potable water. The lake was taken over by the government when the temple authorities defaulted on payment of land tax. Allocation was made for renovation and beautification of the lake based on the Prabhakaran panel recommendations. However, the plan failed to take off. The lake was earlier a clean water body which was also a favorite swimming arena. With its bed covered in slush, the pond recharges the nearby farmlands and waterbodies including wells. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2017/12/27/malabars-biggest-freshwater-lake-awaits-rebirth.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2017/12/27/malabars-biggest-freshwater-lake-awaits-rebirth.html Wed, 27 Dec 2017 17:38:15 GMT Thieves on the prowl at Kasaragod railway station Kasaragod: After a short interval, thieves are having a roaring time on the premises of the railway station here again. Though thefts had subsided in the area after police and railway authorities took stringent action, regular complaints are being reported over the last two months. Vehicle thefts, picking pockets and stealing of petrol from parked vehicles are the most common incidents that bother passengers. Though authorities believe pickpockets are very active at the railway station, they say only a few passengers register a formal complaint in this regard. People take the matter to the authorities only when they lose important documents or big amounts. Another curious aspect regarding picking of pockets is that the incidents mostly take place in broad daylight. Vehicle thefts The latest incident of bike theft from the railway station was reported on Saturday. The rider had parked the vehicle in the morning and when he returned by afternoon, his bike was gone. With two-wheelers most at risk of being stolen, vehicle owners regularly traveling by train are a worried lot. It does not help matters that among the several vehicle thefts reported so far, was an incident in which a policeman who was on duty at the railway station lost his bike. Vanishing spareparts Apart from vehicles, thieves target spare parts like indicators. Helmets kept in parked two-wheelers are also not spared. However, few complaints are registered in this regard. Petrol that ‘vaporises’ While there is no safety for vehicles parked on the railway station premises, those left inside the station are thankfully not stolen, but their fuel levels witness a dip. Petrol in vehicles of not only common folk, but also railway and police officials is regularly stolen. Recently, a passenger had kept his bike behind the police aid post and boarded a train to Kannur. When he returned to take the two-wheeler at 8 pm the same day, all the petrol worth Rs 500 that he had filled had been stolen. In fact, only the vehicles parked in the pay and park area are safe. Auto woes Another problem facing passengers arriving at Kasaragod railway station after 10 pm is conveyance to nearby places. Though there would be several autorickshaws waiting for passengers, they refuse short trips, forcing passengers to walk. Read more: Latest Kerala news | https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2017/12/25/thieves-on-the-prowl-at-kasaragod-railway-station.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2017/12/25/thieves-on-the-prowl-at-kasaragod-railway-station.html Tue, 26 Dec 2017 02:43:44 GMT Nurse turns a real angel for Sahadevan Kanhangad: A nurse traveling in the Parasuram Express proved to be an angel, bringing a co-passenger who suffered a heart attack back to life. It was Rosamma, a staff nurse at the District Hospital here, who turned savior for Sahadevan and a role model for others. Sahadevan was traveling from Kannur to Kozhikode. On reaching Vadakara, there was a commotion in the train. Though Rosamma paid no heed to it initially, she realized the situation was serious when someone shouted whether there was any doctor in the train. Professional instinct led Rosamma to rush to the area in the compartment where a crowd had gathered. She saw Sahadevan immobile and realized he had a heart attack. Checking his pulse, she found that it was very weak and immediately started CPR. Slowly, Sahadevan opened his eyes and his pulse picked up. Some passengers informed the railway authorities at Kozhikode of the incident and when the train reached the station, a wheel-chair and other arrangements were ready for Sahadevan. Two police personnel were there to take him to hospital. Rosamma too accompanied them to a leading private hospital in the city. That Rosamma took on the role of a good Samaritan while rushing to Kozhikode after being informed about an emergency surgery on her brother-in-law made her rescue effort an exemplary act. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2017/12/24/nurse-turns-real-angel-sahadevan-kanhangad.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2017/12/24/nurse-turns-real-angel-sahadevan-kanhangad.html Mon, 25 Dec 2017 04:19:57 GMT These fish vendors just loved Cyclone Ockhi. Wonder why? Mangaluru: Cyclone Ockhi that devastated the coast of Kerala forced the fisherfolk out of work for at least two weeks. The boats that were already at sea could not come back, while the others stayed away from the furious sea. Yet fish stayed on in the Kerala menu, albeit pricier. Where did all the fish come while fishermen were kept off by a punishing sea? The fish you relished came from Mangaluru. Even in the Karnataka harbor, fishing had come to a halt. Though smaller boats ventured to the sea and returned with modest catch of mackerels and sardines, the bigger boats were nowhere to be seen. The fish came from huge warehouses in the border areas. They are never bereft of fish be it rain or shine or cyclone. Cyclone Ockhi could not have come at a better time for the stockists based at Ullal and surroundings. They had stockpiled huge amounts of fish to sell them at a premium in times of shortage such as the monsoon months. They buy the fish when it is plenty and douse the loads in chemical preservatives until the trawling ban makes them precious commodity. The shortage induced by Cyclone Ockhi gave them a chance to sell their hoard sooner and stock up again for the next famine. Such warehouses operate even this side of Kerala. They use powerful and toxic preservative to store fish for up to one year. This poisoning is over and above the usual preservatives used by fishermen and small vendors to keep fish intact while they are transported from the sea and into the markets. Fishermen regularly use ice and chemicals such as ammonia and formalin to last them through their voyages that could last at least 10 days. The large-scale poisoning of fish has prompted the government agencies to sit up and take note. The Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute in Kochi is working on a litmus paper test to check if the fish you eat is poison-laden. The white strip of paper changes color when it touches a fish doused in chemicals. The color deepens according to the contamination levels. The test kit may be brought out this month. Read More Kerala News https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2017/12/19/cyclone-ockhi-kerala-fish-vendors-storage.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kasaragod/2017/12/19/cyclone-ockhi-kerala-fish-vendors-storage.html Tue, 19 Dec 2017 10:56:54 GMT