CCTV watch helps to curb petty crimes in Mattannur

CCTV watch helps to curb petty crimes in Mattannur
Newly installed CCTV surveillance screens at Mattannur Police Station.

Mattannur: It is well known that closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras go a long way in curbing crimes. The facility, which has been keeping a close tab on activities in the airport area of Mattannur and nearby areas of Kannur district, has helped in catching lawbreakers of all sorts.

Within just six months of installing the CCTV cameras, more than 2,700 cases have already been registered in and around Mattannur where the Kannur International Airport Limited (KIAL) is located.

During the initial two months since the CCTV cameras were installed, an average of 20–25 cases were registered per day. But by June, there was a significant decrease in the number of cases.

At least 15 petty crimes are getting registered every day, courtesy CCTV cameras. They have also been helpful in tracking the objects stolen from the bus stand and surrounding areas.

A total of 29 CCTV cameras have been installed at difference centres in the city under the initiative of the Municipality and the police. The control room functions in a special section within the police station.

Cases such as driving without helmet, masking the number plate and triple riding on two-wheeler are frequently getting caught on the CCTV cameras. Those who break the traffic laws at the entrance gate of the airport are also being nabbed by the police regularly.

Those who violate the traffic rules are usually summoned to the police station. The helmetless riders and triple riders will be charged with a fine of Rs. 100 initially. A repetition of the crime results in a Rs. 1,000 fine. In case of continuing offences like triple riding and violation of traffic signals, the police will give a recommendation for the driving licence of the offender to be suspended.

No panic button?

Though it was said a panic button would be installed in the Mattannur bus stand as part of ensuring women’s safety, no steps have been taken in this regard so far.

It is an alarm system that will help anyone to get in touch with the police station in case of any necessity. Though the project was inaugurated formally, it has not yet been implemented.