Kannur https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur.rss Read latest news updates from Kannur District Kerala in English. Watch Videos and Photos of Exclusive Breaking News. Onmanorama en Tue, 25 Jun 2019 05:57:51 GMT https://www.manoramaonline.com/privacy.html Firemen rescue Thunderbolt commandos trapped in forest Ambayathode: The Thunderbolt team was constituted to protect people from Maoists. But who will save Thunderbolt commandos when they face threats from unlikely quarters like the vagaries of nature? The Fire and Rescue Service personnel of course. Such a situation was witnessed when a 12-member group of Thunderbolt commandos went in search of Maoists in the Kottiyoor wildlife sanctuary on Sunday morning. By the time the commandos completed their combing in the forest and started the return trek, the Kudakan river inside the forest and Bavali river on its fringes had swelled, making crossings dangerous. Moreover, heavy rains and landslides trapped the commandos in the deep forest. The situation in which the commandos were in was known to the authorities only late in the evening. Thunderbolt commandos waited for the rain to ease and the water level in the rivers to fall. However, as this did not happen even by 7 pm, the help of Fire and Rescue Services and the police was sought. A team of Fire and Rescue personnel from Peravoor comprising C Sasi, E Sudheer, V V Francis, C K Rarish, K P Niroop, Anesh Mathew, K M Vinu, A P Ashik, K Anuroop, E K Balakrishnan, P V Anog and Benny Xavier finally saved the Thunderbolt commandos. The rescuers crossed the Bavali river and reached near the Kudakan river in adverse weather for the mission. Local police personnel from Kelakom and Peravoor also reached the spot. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2019/07/22/firemen-rescue-thunderbolt-commandos-trapped-forest.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2019/07/22/firemen-rescue-thunderbolt-commandos-trapped-forest.html Tue, 23 Jul 2019 00:54:40 GMT Elephant calf trapped in well rescued in Kerala Sreekandapuram, Kannur: An elephant calf, which fell into an open well at Payyavoor panchayat in Kerala's Kannur district, was rescued on Wednesday night. A backhoe loader was used for excavating a way to the well. When the machine stopped working mid way, local people joined the mission. According to forest department officials, the calf belonged to a herd of elephants that had strayed into the area on Tuesday night. The well is located on Pulikkathadathil Chandran's house plot. The herd had caused widespread damage in the farmland of the villagers. The forest department officials and the police reached the spot on Wednesday morning after being informed about the incident. But they were stopped by the people alleging that the authorities were taking no steps to stop elephants entering their farmland. Local body members, including the Payyavoor panchayat president, were also stopped by people from reaching the well where the baby elephant was trapped. The officials were allowed to proceed only after Kannur DFO M V V Kannan agreed to hold a meeting with the farmers at Mavunthod town on Thursday. A week ago a herd of nine elephants had caused widespread crop damage in the area. Villagers said the authorities should provide a solution to the problem and provide compensation for the damages caused. A meeting will be held in the presence of minister for forest K Raju on July 6 at Sreekandapuram to discuss the rising issue of wildlife menace in Chandanakkampara and Kanjirakoli regions. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2019/06/27/wild-elephant-falls-in-well.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2019/06/27/wild-elephant-falls-in-well.html Thu, 27 Jun 2019 06:28:44 GMT Spotlight on Anthoor civic body over one suicide and another bid Kannur: Even as the officials of the Anthoor municipality here are trying to fend off allegations that their apathy led to the suicide of a builder, a person who slammed the civic body in a WhatsApp group tried to take his own life. Vijesh of Poothapara in Bakkalam was admitted to the intensive care unit of the Kannur Government Medical College Hospital late on June 17 after a suicide bid. It is said Vijesh, who used the name Biju Bakkalam, had sent multiple voice messages to the WhatsApp group, criticising the municipality for not resolving the water scarcity in Poothapara area. Vijesh was asked to withdraw his comments from the WhatsApp group -- named ‘Vallarunu Anthoor’-- that has municipal chairperson P K Shyamala, vice-chairperson K Shaju and other CPM leaders as admins. As he did not comply, he was then removed from the group after which he tried to commit suicide by hanging himself using a saree. His wife who saw this, cut the saree and took him to the hospital with the help of neighbours. Vijesh had alleged that the municipality had not taken any step to resolve the water crisis and did not even provide drinking water using tankers, citing narrow roads. While stating the CPM denied water to the people, Vijesh further said that he regretted voting for the councillor, who do not look into the issues of the area. Vijesh also said that if the statements made by him were incorrect, they may respond to him. However, denying Vijesh's allegations, municipal councillor T Suresh Babu had given a detailed explanation in the WhatsApp group. "There is no drinking water shortage issue in Poothapra. The accusations are being made by a person who does not take part in ward meetings or get involved in social activities. As a municipal councillor, I had recently visited the area four times and this person was not there then,” Suresh Babhu alleged. Bakkalam is a CPM bastion in Kerala's Kannur district. Incidentally, Sajan Parayil -- the builder who killed himself on Tuesday -- was upset over the delay in getting the from this civic body the ownership certificate for a convention centre his construction company had built at this locality. The 49-year-old had made several attempts to secure the property documents from the Anthoor municipality failed to yield any results. Sajan had reportedly told his relatives and friends that his file was being delayed over lame reasons. The civic body is ruled by CPM and its writ runs unchallenged as the municipal council has no members from the opposition ranks. Municipal chairperson P K Shyamala, however, denied the allegations over Sajan's death. Shyamala had told Sajan that he will not receive the certificate as long as she remains in her seat, Sajan's relatives allege. Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan promised strict action over the incident while terming Sajan's suicide 'unfortunate'. “The incident is unfortunate,” the CM said in the Kerala Assembly on Wednesday. Minister of Local Self-Government A C Moideen too said strict action will be taken against those responsible in case of foul play. Meanwhile, the Leader of Opposition Ramesh Chennithala stated Sajan took the extreme step unable to bear the torment of CPM. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2019/06/19/another-suicide-attempt-in-anthoor-municipality.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2019/06/19/another-suicide-attempt-in-anthoor-municipality.html Wed, 19 Jun 2019 08:56:38 GMT 6 CPM workers get 10 years RI for murder bid on RSS leader Sumesh Thalassery: Six CPM workers, including Pottyan Santhosh, have been sentenced to 10 years' rigorous imprisonment for attempting to murder RSS leader M P Sumesh to death more than 10 years ago. Those found guilty and sentenced are accused, number one to five, Ponnyam Kunduchira Krishnalayathil V P Santhosh; aka Pottyan Santhosh (32); Erinjoly Kudakkalam Kakkadan K Diresh; aka Dhiru (34), his younger brother K Dijesh (33); Thacholy Shiji (33) and Kunjipparambath Jinesh (33) as well as the seventh accused Ponnyam Konduchira Valyakath Sanjir (33). They were also fined Rs 30,000 each by the principal assistant sessions judge while acquitting Kodi Suni and three others in the case. Pottyan Santhosh is wanted by the police for a murder attempt on CPM rebel COT Nasir in Vadakara recently. Though the first, third and seventh accused have got additional two years and five months in jail, and the fourth and fifth accused five extra months’ prison term, they can serve their sentences concurrently. The amount collected as fine should be handed over to Sumesh. Sumesh was attacked when he was coming out of a hotel after having food on March 5, 2008, at Narangappuram at Thalasserry in Kerala's Kannur district. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2019/06/18/6-cpm-workers-sentenced-in-sumesh-case.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2019/06/18/6-cpm-workers-sentenced-in-sumesh-case.html Tue, 18 Jun 2019 08:15:55 GMT CCTV watch helps to curb petty crimes in Mattannur Mattannur: It is well known that closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras go a long way in curbing crimes. The facility, which has been keeping a close tab on activities in the airport area of Mattannur and nearby areas of Kannur district, has helped in catching lawbreakers of all sorts. Within just six months of installing the CCTV cameras, more than 2,700 cases have already been registered in and around Mattannur where the Kannur International Airport Limited (KIAL) is located. During the initial two months since the CCTV cameras were installed, an average of 20–25 cases were registered per day. But by June, there was a significant decrease in the number of cases. At least 15 petty crimes are getting registered every day, courtesy CCTV cameras. They have also been helpful in tracking the objects stolen from the bus stand and surrounding areas. A total of 29 CCTV cameras have been installed at difference centres in the city under the initiative of the Municipality and the police. The control room functions in a special section within the police station. Cases such as driving without helmet, masking the number plate and triple riding on two-wheeler are frequently getting caught on the CCTV cameras. Those who break the traffic laws at the entrance gate of the airport are also being nabbed by the police regularly. Those who violate the traffic rules are usually summoned to the police station. The helmetless riders and triple riders will be charged with a fine of Rs. 100 initially. A repetition of the crime results in a Rs. 1,000 fine. In case of continuing offences like triple riding and violation of traffic signals, the police will give a recommendation for the driving licence of the offender to be suspended. No panic button? Though it was said a panic button would be installed in the Mattannur bus stand as part of ensuring women’s safety, no steps have been taken in this regard so far. It is an alarm system that will help anyone to get in touch with the police station in case of any necessity. Though the project was inaugurated formally, it has not yet been implemented. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2019/06/14/cctv-watch-helps-to-curb-petty-crimes-in-mattannur.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2019/06/14/cctv-watch-helps-to-curb-petty-crimes-in-mattannur.html Sat, 15 Jun 2019 00:35:45 GMT Information officers penalised for delaying RTI replies Kannur: The Kerala Information Commissioner has ordered action against information officers attached with the Kannur district collectorate and district medical office for the delay in responding to RTI queries. The order is to slap a fine of Rs 250 per day for the delayed period to a maximum total amount of Rs 25,000. The State Information Commission also directed that the fine should be levied on the information officer of the Thalassery Cooperative Engineering College. The commission also asked the department officials concerned to expedite the process, which had been delayed citing many reason, of providing information to the RTI (Right to Information) applicants. Orders were issued to the deputy collector of the Kannur collectorate, who gave information to an RTI applicant over phone, to provide the relevant data in writing to the applicant. ' The commission redressed 19 out of 20 complaints that were lodged from the district. State Information Commissioner Dr K L Vivekanandan said that officials were not serious about many provisions of the RTI Act. The officials delay in responding to RTI queries due to lack of proper knowledge about relevant provisions and frivolous attitude. The commission has decided to take strict action against erring officials. Efforts are on to clear backlog of cases. Every member of the commission would look into 200 cases per month, Vivekanandan said. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2019/06/01/information-officers-penalised-for-delaying-rti-replies.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2019/06/01/information-officers-penalised-for-delaying-rti-replies.html Sun, 02 Jun 2019 00:53:29 GMT Police kalamela returns with trolling competition Kannur: Who is the best troll in Kerala Police? Come June 1, we will know. Trolling is one of the competitive items in Kerala Police Kalamela to be held from May 30 to June 1. Though sports meet has been going on unhindered every year, arts festival is making a comeback after 23 years. A letter sent by the DGP to district chiefs said the festival is intended to release work pressure of the force and encourage artistic talents. The event will see 24 items of competition including, classical music, Kadhakali, Mohiniyattam, Mappilapattu, Ottanthullal, light music, Aksharashlokam, Margamkali, Oppana and mimicry. District-level winners will compete in state event. A government nod is yet to be obtained. But district chiefs have been ordered to prepare for events. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2019/05/24/police-kalamela-returns-trolling-competition.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2019/05/24/police-kalamela-returns-trolling-competition.html Sat, 25 May 2019 00:59:00 GMT Thief stays long enough to enjoy an ice-cream, fruit drink after loot Kannur: A thief who broke into the office of Jail Employees Welfare Cooperative Society at Kannur looted Rs 52,000 but stayed long enough to enjoy an ice-cream and a beverage. The incident occurred on the night of April 30, after the Society secretary left for home leaving Rs 51,000 from the day's sales locked away in his drawer. The money remained in the office the next day as it was a bank holiday. The thief who broke the lock on the office door opened the secretary's drawer using its keys mistakenly left behind at the office. After taking the money from the table drawer, the thief rummaged the storeroom where he found Rs 500, ice-cream and a fruit drink. All the food materials for the Central Prison, including stuff for the chapati-making unit, are purchased through the Society, which also sells stationary for both the inmates as well as to the public. The police suspect from the nature of the theft that the thief must be someone familiar with the neighbourhood. Rain and thunder during the night of the theft must have also aided the thief to remain unnoticed. A case was registered at the Town Police Station and the statements of Society office-bearers and staff were recorded. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2019/05/07/thief-stays-long-enough-to-enjoy-ice-cream-fruit-drink-after-loot.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2019/05/07/thief-stays-long-enough-to-enjoy-ice-cream-fruit-drink-after-loot.html Wed, 08 May 2019 01:33:17 GMT Nisha hopes the authorities to see her unfortunate plight Kannur: Nine years ago, Nisha’s life took an unfortunate turn of events, when she was admitted to a private hospital, for the surgical removal of a growth in her uterus. The day she was discharged from the hospital, Nisha’s husband K Raju went out saying that he would return with the money to pay the bills. However, Raju did not return. After waiting in the hospital for a week, Nisha was granted a discharge by the kind hearted doctors. She took her children and returned to the rented house in Ottathengu. It was only then that she realized that her husband had fled with the entire household things, valuable documents, certificates and even the ration card. Nisha cannot hold her tears back as she talks about the disappearance of her husband, leaving her helpless, with her two kids. Today, Nisha, along with the two children lives in a small rented house at Puzhati, Edacherry. Though she filed a complaint with the Valapattanam police station along with Raju’s photograph, no action has been taken so far. Leaders of various political parties assured her assistance, but they forget to return to the family as they leave the premises. Since she is physically unwell to do any vigorous jobs, the family survives on the meagre income that Nisha earns by working as a casual labourer. Nisha suffers extreme fatigue and nausea while working under the blazing summer sun. Besides this, she also suffers from a condition where her bones wear away. She often ignores her swollen limbs as she works hard to feed her children. Since she does not have a ration card, the family is unable to avail its facilities. The future is very bleak for Nisha and her children, Amuda and Adarsh. Her hard work and struggles goes into making both ends meet. This mother and her two children hope that the authorities would see their plight and do the needful. Nisha hopes for a miracles that would help her keep the roof over her head and help her with the children's education. Nisha wants to know the whereabouts of her husband and dreams of a home that will be safe for her family. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2019/05/03/nisha-hopes-authorities-see-her-unfortunate-plight.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2019/05/03/nisha-hopes-authorities-see-her-unfortunate-plight.html Sat, 04 May 2019 00:45:39 GMT How three Kannur prisoners plotted their escape bid and failed Kannur: A serious security lapse at the Kannur district jail has come to light after three prisoners reportedly mixed sleeping pills in the tea for officers before attempting a jailbreak though in vain. The incident that happened on April 24 was exposed after the video records of a CCTV camera for the jail kitchen was examined. Three remand prisoners - Rafeeq, Asharaf Shamseer and Arun - have been identified as the ones who attempted to escape. This is the first such reported instance in Kerala when prisoners gave sleeping pills to officers to break free. First attempt fails The first attempt was made by the prisoners on Vishu (April 15). Rafeeq, Ashraf and Arun, who were routinely put on kitchen duty, were also kept in the same cell. The plot to escape was hatched in the cell. They planned to give sleeping pills to officers in the morning and escape. However, their plan was foiled as the officers on duty on Vishu did not drink tea from the kitchen. In the next bid on April 24, the trio made tea for seven using one litre of milk so as the taste of pills would not be detected. All the officers on duty that day took tea from the jail kitchen. Three prisoners on duty in the kitchen were also served the same tea. Later in the night, deputy prison officer Sukumaran, assistant prison officers Yakub and Babu as well as temporary warden Pavithran were on duty. They slept off after consuming tea. Meanwhile, the trio reached the main gate after getting hold of the key. However, assistant prison officer Sajith, who was resting in a room near the gate after his duty, spotted the trio and questioned them. They replied that they had come to inspect as there was no water in the pipe. The cop, however, did not suspect anything amiss then. Health scare Soon, officers Sukumaran and Pavithran fainted and jail doctor, who examined them, said it was a suspected case of food poisoning. The officers’ blood pressure also shot up and they were admitted to the district hospital. Health officials also examined samples from the jail kitchen. The doctor's initial assessment that food poisoning could have caused the dizziness prompted the trio to plot for another escape bid the very next day. However, jail superintendent Ashokan Arippa was not convinced with the food poisoning theory. Food poisoning was also most likely to cause vomiting or loose motion. But in this case, the officers had fainted. The senior cop concluded that this happens when some drug enters the body and ordered for the CCTV checks. The image showed Rafeeq mixing something in the tea and also that these three did not drink tea that day. The cops then called the trio for questioning and they confessed to the crime. If the senior cop hadn't cracked the dizziness mystery, the three most likely would not have been identified. The jail authorities said that the trio had confiscated the sleeping pills prescribed to mentally-ill prisoners. The police have filed case against the three and shifted them to a special cell in the jail. Rafeeq is an accused in a pickpocketing case, Ashraf in a drug case and Arun in a murder case. Age-old practice under scanner The prisoners are picked for kitchen duty at central jails after assessing their background and behaviour. However, it is not practical to implement the same in district jails that house several remand prisoners. The prisoners are in jail only till they are granted bail. Therefore no one can be employed in the kitchen for long. It was believed that prisoners were less likely to tamper with the food as even they will be eating the same. The Kannur incident may make the authorities circumspect over such duties for prisoners. Food for prisoners is given only after the jail superintendent tastes it. The same procedure is not carried out when the officers are given tea or snacks. More than 250 remand prisoners are there in the district jail and all of them have food from the kitchen. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2019/05/01/how-kannur-prisoners-plotted-escape-and-failed.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2019/05/01/how-kannur-prisoners-plotted-escape-and-failed.html Thu, 02 May 2019 00:26:14 GMT Probe on into jailbreak bid at Kannur district prison Kannur: The police and prisons department have started a probe into the jailbreak bid made by some inmates of the district jail here after sedating the jail officials. The investigating officer from the prisons department, M V Rajendran, who is the special officer at the Kozhikode DIG office, visited the jail on Saturday. He took the statements of jail officials and inmates who tried to escape and other prisoners. As part of the police investigation, a police team headed by DySP K V Venugopal also visited the jail and recorded the statements. The prisoners – Rafeeq, Ashraf Shamseer and Arun -- allegedly mixed tea with sleeping pills and served the brew to jail officials on duty on April 24. But their attempt to escape failed as the jail authorities who were taking rest after work noticed that something was amiss. After having the laced tea, the jail officials experienced dizziness and underwent treatment at a nearby hospital. The initial diagnosis was that of food poisoning. Later, the CCTV at the prison’s kitchen showed images of prisoners mixing tea with sleeping pills. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2019/04/30/probe-into-jailbreak-at-kannur-prison.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2019/04/30/probe-into-jailbreak-at-kannur-prison.html Tue, 30 Apr 2019 11:31:50 GMT Two, including woman, held in honey trap case Koothuparamaba: Two persons, including a 34-year-old woman, were arrested for allegedly honey trapping youths and well-heeled people and extorting lakhs of money from them here in Kannur district. Thalassery-native S Shahanaz (34) and M Raneesh (28) from Dharmadam were held following a complaint by a youth. Another woman, K P Azbeera (28) also from Thalassery and who is the kingpin of the honey trap racket, is absconding. The culprits were nabbed following a probe into the youth’s complaint lodged with CI B Rajendran. The first accused Shahanaz befriended the youth at Thalassery on April 22. Following the instructions of Shahanaz, the youth bought liquor and reached a house at Moonampeedika in Nilmalagiri where he was locked up and physically assaulted by the first accused and Azbeera. The duo also allegedly demanded Rs 1 lakh from the youth. Later, Raneesh recorded a video of the youth along with Shahanaz on his mobile phone and threatened that it would be uploaded on WhatsApp and Facebook to defame him. The youth had mentioned in the complaint that the accused took away a gold ring, Rs 4,800 in cash, and his wallet containing 2 ATM cards, voter ID card and driving licence. They also robbed him of his two-wheeler. After demanding money from the youth, he was dropped here in a car, and the police zeroed in on the culprits after the youth contacted the police. SI Rafeeq, who made the arrests, said that the car used by the accused and the articles taken away were confiscated. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2019/04/30/two-arrested-in-honey-trap-case.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2019/04/30/two-arrested-in-honey-trap-case.html Tue, 30 Apr 2019 10:13:00 GMT Sniffer dog Thara buried with police honours Kannur: ‘Smiling dog’ Thara, attached to the dog squad of the district police here, died due to old age-related issues. The ten-and-a-half year old Labrador joined the dog squad in March 2009 and the canine was known for sniffing out explosives during various operations. Thara, which was the pride of the dog squad, was buried with police honours. The dog was on duty during the just concluded Kerala phase of the Lok Sabha elections. Thara was a vital cog in thousands of raids and had sniffed out hundreds of explosive materials, including bombs. When bombs were found at Panoor in Kannur district three years ago, ADGP Shankar Reddy gave a reward to Thara for its exemplary contribution in detecting the explosives. Moreover, the service of Thara is inevitable for the police if any VVIP is visiting Kerala and the dog would be on duty days before the arrival of President or Prime Minister to the state. Thara got silver medals in 2012 and 2013 editions of the police duty meet. Thara got the sobriquet ‘smiling dog’ as the canine could sport a smile when asked for one by the instructors. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2019/04/30/sniffer-dog-buried-with-police-honours.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2019/04/30/sniffer-dog-buried-with-police-honours.html Tue, 30 Apr 2019 09:04:32 GMT Traffic cops, here’s a pretty cool way to cap the blistering heat! Iritty: In what could be perceived as a pretty cool invention, a group of youngsters here could effectively cap the intense heat strain of traffic policemen and home guards who are always on outdoor duty exposed to the sun at the busy junctions. The trade secret lies in the cap worn by the officials. The children of Thanthode-Mukkatty were moved by the plight of officials standing under the blistering sun to man the traffic at either ends of the Iritty bridge and came up with a smart remedy to cool down their heads. The children who have been actively involved in afforestation projects and various environmental activities under the label of ‘Thanal Mukkatty’ decided to give a serious thought to help the officials who are sweating it out for the public. Thus they came up with an affordable and eco-friendly solution - to make wet caps out of arecanut palm leaf sheath found in abundance in the Kerala fields. But the children feared replacing the official caps of traffic cops with customised arecanut leaf caps would be in violation of law. Finally, they came up with the idea to cut out circular leaf sheaths in the size of the police caps so that they could be worn inside the police cap. The protective layer is then soaked in water before it is placed inside the cap. The children approached the home guards and traffic police at Iritty bridge to try out their invention. Though with initial reluctance, the traffic personnel tried out the areca leaf sheath experiment and the result was startling. The magical protective layer inside the cap did help to bring down the heat on their heads. More and more traffic policemen and home guards from Iritty and outside have started approaching the children to try out their innovation. With the huge success of the product the youngsters of Thanal Mukkatty have their hands full this summer vacation scouting for dried areacanut leaves in fields and courtyards and customising them to the protective layer for caps. The customized sheaths are also effective to be worn by two-wheeler riders inside helmets or those involved in construction industry, say the children. Pranav Prakash, Suryanarayanan, Albin Babu, Anagha Padmanabhan, Aditya Rajesh, Aswathy Padmanabhan, P P Sreerag, K S Yadu Nanda, P P Anugag, S P Anunanda, K T Trishna, K T Tejas, K T Tanusha, Karthik Sasi, Deepak Jayaram and P P Mrudul are part of ‘Thanal Mukkatty’ group. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2019/04/25/traffic-cops-here-pretty-cool-way-cap-blistering-heat.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2019/04/25/traffic-cops-here-pretty-cool-way-cap-blistering-heat.html Fri, 26 Apr 2019 01:01:00 GMT Kannur collector swims 2 kms in sea to raise voter awareness Kannur: In a bid to inspire youths to cast their vote, District Collector Mir Mohammed Ali swam two kilometres in the sea here. Planned as part of the district election wing’s voter awareness programme, the swim was organised along with the district tourism promotion council (DTPC) and Charleson swimming training centre. The event started when the Collector, along with a 15-member team, set out on a boat from the shore around 4.40 pm. They travelled 2 km from the beach and began swimming back to the Payyambalam beach. By then, noted singer Sayonora Philip and band had launched a musical evening on the beach. Students from Vivekananda College, Puthur in Karnataka who had arrived at the beach on a tour danced to the tunes, creating a festive atmosphere. By 5.40 pm, the Collector and his team reached the shore. The Collector reminded youngsters about the last date to enroll themselves in the voters list for the upcoming Lok Sabha polls. He also held aloft a plastic carry bag that he had picked up from the sea while swimming to remind everyone present on the beach the importance of keeping the water bodies clean. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2019/03/26/kannur-collector-swims-2kms-sea-raise-voter-awareness.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2019/03/26/kannur-collector-swims-2kms-sea-raise-voter-awareness.html Wed, 27 Mar 2019 00:46:32 GMT 2 children injured as crude bomb goes off at RSS worker's house Kannur: A crude bomb went off at a RSS worker's house near here Saturday, injuring two children. The incident happened at the house premises of RSS worker Shibu. Shibu' son Gokul, a class 2 student, and neighbour Shivakumar's son Kajil, a class 7 student. were injured. The incident occurred when the children, aged 7 and 12, apparently pulled some objects out of a shed in the house while playing, the police said. Police arrived at the scene and a search of the house yielded seven swords, an axe and a steel rod. A case under Explosive Substances Act and Arms Act has been registered in this connection, police sources told PTI. Meanwhile, the children with injuries in their arms and legs were taken to hospital. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2019/03/24/crude-bomb-rss-worker-house-children-injured-kannur.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2019/03/24/crude-bomb-rss-worker-house-children-injured-kannur.html Sun, 24 Mar 2019 09:12:13 GMT Maoist poster terms Thunderbolts a ‘bloodthirsty terror group’ Kannur: Days after the Maoist attack at a resort in Lakkidi on Kozhikode-Bengaluru national highway in Wayanad district, a poster has appeared expressing support to the Maoists. The poster, put up at Ambayathode in Kottiyoor, was noticed by passersby on Thursday evening. It labels the ‘Thunderbolt’ commandos engaged in fighting the Maoists as a ‘bloodthirsty terror organisation’ and that it should be disbanded. Another demand raised by the poster is the arrest of those responsible for the murder of Maoist Jaleel in Wayanad. The police have launched a probe into the person who put up the poster under the banner of ‘Progressive youth organization.’ Search also continues for the Maoists involved in the Vythiri shooting. Police are aided by CCTV visuals captured at the resort. An elaborate combing operation has been launched with the help of the dog squad in Sugandhagiri forest area. According to the police, Chandru, Jaleel's comrade, would land in their net soon. Jaleel's relatives have alleged a conspiracy behind the encounter. In a previous attack in November 2016 at Nilambur, when Maoists Kuppu Devaraj and Ajitha were gunned down, human rights activists had also alleged foul play by the police. Police insists that they had to fire as a defensive measure. According to them, the Lakkidi attack was a protest against the setting up of a new police outpost in Sugandhagiri. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2019/03/15/maoist-jaleel-wayanad-thunderbolts-kottiyoor-poster.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2019/03/15/maoist-jaleel-wayanad-thunderbolts-kottiyoor-poster.html Fri, 15 Mar 2019 07:27:57 GMT Ban on public entry at Kannur airport again Mattannur: Public entry to the visitors' gallery of the Kannur International Airport has been restricted by the authorities again. Restrictions were clamped two weeks ago, following several recent airplane hijack warnings globally. Though the airside gallery was reopened last week, the authority decided to shut it down again. The entry to the airside deck, departure lounge gallery and arrival viewers' gallery has been temporarily restricted. The present step has been taken as part of increasing the security measures. As part of the augmented security measures, secondary check-in has been introduced for domestic and international passengers and their luggage. The CCTV monitoring from the control room which functions 24 x 7 has been made more efficient. The authorities of the Kannur International Airport Ltd informed that the restriction for public would continue until further notification. School children arriving here in several larger batches are forced to return, disappointed about not being able to see around the airport. Often visitors were seen clicking selfies and group photos in the backdrop of aesthetically designed interiors of the airport, which was commissioned on December 9. The hand-painted pictures which depict various art forms, festivals and traditional vocations here are an ode to the rich past of North Malabar. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2019/03/11/ban-on-public-entry-at-kannur-airport-again.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2019/03/11/ban-on-public-entry-at-kannur-airport-again.html Tue, 12 Mar 2019 01:41:32 GMT Government listens to Niya's plight, new hearing aid soon Kannur: Young Niya will soon hear her father and mother's voice again. The state government has promised to get her a new hearing aid after the one she used to wear was stolen. Niya is at her mother’s place, running a temperature after all the crying from losing the gadget received after much effort. Health Minister KK Shailaja personally delivered the news to family by handing over a temporary speech processor. Shailaja said a new processor would be given in two weeks. Niyasree’s speech processor was stolen last week. After the news was published in Manorama on February 5, Social Security Mission’s Executive Director Dr Muhammed Asheel was analysing the scope of providing her a new one. But he had to wait for a couple days since the money could be used for another child in case someone returned the gadget. Many others too came forward with an offer to buy it for Niya. But when that did not look imminent, the government swiftly took a call. Niyashree was born deaf at Chorakkalam, near Peralasseri, Kannur. She underwent a cochlear implant surgery at Calicut Medical College under the government’s Sruthi Tharangam project and gained the sense of listening four months back. She had started learning the basic words when someone stole her hearing aid. Niya had started calling out to her parents after a few sessions of speech therapy at the medical college. She was travelling in the women’s compartment of Egmore Express with mother after a therapy session when the gadget was lost. It was kept in her mother’s bag in a box, which someone might have mistaken for a jewellery box, the parents believe. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2019/02/09/government-listens-to-niya-pligh-new-hearing-aid-soon.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2019/02/09/government-listens-to-niya-pligh-new-hearing-aid-soon.html Sat, 09 Feb 2019 02:23:57 GMT Where's that hearing aid, little Niya is all ears Kannur: Two-year-old Niya sounded worried, depressed and confused, and is not talking to anyone. She seemed as though something had shut her ears from hearing the sounds. Born deaf, Niya was introduced to the world of sounds only four months ago. After undergoing a cochlear implant surgery at Kozhikode Government Medical College Hospital, Niya had started recognising different sounds and learnt to talk. Thrice a week, her parents used to take her to the Medical College Hospital for speech therapy. During one of those journeys last Saturday someone snatched away the speech processor of cochlear implant while on the lady's coach of Chennai-Egmore train. Now, little Niya is not able to hear without the expensive device worth a whopping Rs 4 lakhs. She can't afford to buy a new one either, as her parents, who are daily wage labourers, had already spent everything they had to treat their daughter. The thieves must have mistook the device for some precious metal. So chances are high that they discard the device as soon as they realize it would be of no use to them. So Niya and her paents are keeping their fingers crossed with the firm belief that they would somehow get back the hearing aid. Niya's father K P Rajesh can be contacte at 9847746711 https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2019/02/07/hearing-aid-niya.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2019/02/07/hearing-aid-niya.html Fri, 08 Feb 2019 01:49:29 GMT Beware! The tea you sip may be adulterated Kuthuparamba: Some eateries here have been found using banned artificial colours and dangerous chemicals to add flavour to tea. This came to light after raids by the municipality's health department that was tipped off of possible use of such substances at tea stalls and eateries in and around Kannur town. Substances such as carmoisine, sunset yellow and tartrazine were found in tea powder samples tested at the Regional Analytical Food Laboratory, Office of the Commissioner of Food Safety, Kozhikode. These substances are disallowed as per food safety standards. (Carmoisine is a synthetic food dye that lends red colour to food products. Tartrazine is a dye with an orange-yellow colour used in fabrics, foods and cosmetics.) Low-quality tea and used tea leaves are processed with artificial coluring agents, including coal tar dye, at secret facilities outside the state and reintroduced in Kerala. When genuine products make 400 cups of tea per kilogram, the adulterated ones can make 800 or 1,000 cups. Their addictive taste makes people want to drink them again and again, said municipal health inspector V P Babu. Food adulteration invites one-year jail term and fines of up to Rs 3 lakh. Licence cancellation of violators and frequent checks are planned to stop it. Junior Health Inspectors K Anish, P Babu and M Hanif were part of the raid team. Read more Kannur News https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2019/02/03/adulterated-tea-stalls-eateries-beware.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2019/02/03/adulterated-tea-stalls-eateries-beware.html Mon, 04 Feb 2019 01:55:01 GMT Fisherman, MBBS student marry braving great odds Kannur: B K Muhammed Ashkar, a fisherman and Sahala, an MBBS student, were married at Jummath Mosque at Kakkad here, with the support of the police and judiciary, thus overcoming the attempts by the girl’s family to thwart the relationship. The wedding was not attended by the girl’s family. The couple, who were in love, for the past three years, had faced fierce opposition from the girl's relatives. But, as the couple were determined to continue the relationship, the families had agreed to conduct the wedding after the girl completing her studies. Askar’s house and bike were torched some days back and it was alleged that the girl’s relatives were behind the attack. However, there were further tension between the families, after Askar alleged that the girl’s uncle and brother had attacked him. It was also alleged that the girl’s relatives were trying to establish that the girl was undergoing treatment for psychiatric conditions. Askar even had to take the girl to the Women’s Cell of the local police following these developments. The Judicial First-Class Magistrate Court of Kannur allowed the girl to leave with Askar as per her free will. Askar had informed the court that the wedding will be performed at the nearest possible date. Askar said that he will ensure that the Sahala would complete her MBBS course. As Askar’s house was torched, the couple are now living in a relative’s house. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2019/01/29/fisherman-mbbs-student-marry-braving-giant-odds.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2019/01/29/fisherman-mbbs-student-marry-braving-giant-odds.html Tue, 29 Jan 2019 11:58:43 GMT Life Mission houses handed over without windows, doors Kannur: Some of the houses handed over by Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan at the LDF family union programme do not have window or door frames. Keys to 11 houses as part of Life Mission were distributed in Pinarayi the other day. One of the houses in ward No. 8, Panunda, is only half built. None of the 11 houses has been granted the final installment of the fund. Twelve houses in the panchayat were included in the scheme. One house was excluded from the LDF event because it was not complete, said the panchayat. But that was not the only house. A house for Rajeswari, a widow in Panunda, did not even have window or door frames installed. Rajeswari has a blind son and two school-going daughters. The house being built is of 400 square feet. Realising this won’t be big enough for a family of four, a committee formed by the locals had decided to add on another 200 square foot to the building once it was completed and handed over to Rajeswari with a house number. The committee wasn’t even told about the LDF event. The house is not supposed to be sold or handed over to someone else for 12 years. The panchayat said the final installment of the fund was not given since confusion prevailed over this clause. The house was supposed to be complete by January this year. The government is being criticised for handing over the keys to create the impression of completing the project under the Life Mission when it was not. Pinarayi Panchayat president PK Geethamma said the keys were handed over in the party event because it was a programme attended by the chief minister. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2019/01/26/life-mission-houses-handed-over-with-no-windows-doors.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2019/01/26/life-mission-houses-handed-over-with-no-windows-doors.html Sun, 27 Jan 2019 06:31:14 GMT The never-say-die attitude of Latheef His life was always a constant fight against all odds. He overcame the hardest of hard times with resilience, and never shied away from a challenge. Latheef, a native of Bevincha in Kasaragod district, is a Class II dropout, but his life teaches many lessons. Many of the filmi tales would definitely pale before the grinding life story of Latheef. 50 liters of tea in 12 hours Latheef left his home for Mumbai (then Bombay) at a young age and started to work in hotels there, He had to painstakingly work hard to make ends meet that he used to daily make 50 liters of tea in a 12-hour work schedule. After two years of stay in Mumbai, he finally decided to return to his home town. Aaziya came into his life when Latheef was a daily wager, and later he became a lorry cleaner to support his young family. Latheef dreamed big about his life but fate had something dreadful in store for him. The bad fall It was drizzling on that fateful day. When Latheef tried to jump into a moving lorry laden with stones, he slipped and fell, and the rear wheels of the truck ran over his left leg. Latheef was in a state of coma for one month at the Kozhikode Medical College. Nothing can beat him Aaziya was pregnant when the accident happened, and Latheef’s son was born while he was in the hospital. Latheef had to spend many months at the Kozhikode Medical College for treatment, and his newly-born son was his only bundle of joy in the midst of pain and agony. Later, Latheef was shifted to a specialty hospital in Mengaluru. As part of the treatment, the doctors amputated his left leg putting Latheef in great mental distress. That was when he cried for the first time in his life. But on that day he also made up his mind to face life head on and move forward with great resolve and determination. ‘Nothing can beat me’ was his credo of life. Mind is everything One again Latheef started to take baby steps his life with one leg and two walking sticks. He tried everything to start a new life – from opening a wayside shop to selling fish. But nothing turned out be income generating ventures. And finally he opened a hotel in the space rented out by the mosque in Bevincha. With his earlier experience working at hotels in Mumbai, Latheef started serving tasty biriyanis and ghee rice at his hotel, which he runs without any help. Though the income is quite minimal, Latheef is happy that he is doing something worthwhile rather than spending his life in a bed. Now, his mind is fully focused on his daughter’s marriage, which is four months away. Latheef is a perfect example of how one can come up trumps against all odds. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2019/01/24/never-say-die-attitude-latheef.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2019/01/24/never-say-die-attitude-latheef.html Fri, 25 Jan 2019 01:46:33 GMT Shop without a shopkeeper Kannur: Ever heard of a shop without a shopkeeper? A shop where you can just pick up what you need, check the price by yourself and leave the money in the box? The Self-Help Shop run by the Janashakti Charitable Trust at Azheekode in Kannur district offers not just this space to help yourselves to quality products, but also a chance to extend a supporting hand to the differently abled community. The shop, opened on the New Year's Day, is drawing an increasing number of customers every day. The Trust came up with the idea of a Self-Help Shop realizing the fact that the differently abled persons were finding it difficult to buyers for the products they were making. The shop offers products including soap, soap powder, phenol, toilet cleaner, hand washing solution, candles and cloth bags made by differently abled persons including the Special School students. LED bulbs and baskets will be added to the list shortly. Instead of the shop keeper, the shop displays a board – This shop has no shop keeper or sales persons. You can pick up what you want, check the price tags and deposit the money in the cash box. However, the absence of a shop keeper has not affected the sales in the shop located conveniently near the bus stop and the high school. There is an average revenue of Rs 1000 minimum per day. The products are purchased outright from the manufacturers to ensure financial support to them. The most heartening fact behind this shop's success story is the support given by the neighbouring shop keepers. They open the shop and close it in the morning. The neighbouring shop keepers have also put up CCTV cameras so as to keep an eye upon the shop. The Trust members are elated over the success that surpassed their expectations. They also have plans to open a new branch in Kannur if the Corporation would provide the space. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2019/01/21/shop-without-a-shopkeeper.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2019/01/21/shop-without-a-shopkeeper.html Tue, 22 Jan 2019 01:47:05 GMT Like mother, like son in sports Sports run in his blood. Mohammed Shahad plunged into the world of soccer as an 8-year-old when his mother A Haseena, an athlete, used to kick football with him at a ground near their home. Shahad, goalie of Gokulam Football Club, started his club football journey with the Palayad Kickers Club in Kannur district. Later, he donned the jerseys of Pune FC, Bengaluru FC and United Punjab before joining the ranks of Kozhikode-based Gokulam FC. He was also fortunate to represent India in the Dubai International Super Cup as part of the Sports & Education Promotion Trust (SEPT), which was established to promote sports in India with special focus on football. Haseena, who is working at the State’s Groundwater Department in Kannur, finished with a record time in 5,000m walk in the Kerala State Masters Meet. Haseena returned to the track after a long gap after hanging her boots after school education. While studying at Palayad high school, Haseena used to participate in running and long jump competitions at the district level. She was also a state-level Kabbadi player. Haseena got married to Majeed, who was a member of the Wayanad district volleyball team, after completing Class XII and had to shelve her dreams of becoming an athlete. Second coming Haseena took part in an athletics championship organized by her office after much cajoling by her colleagues, and later participated in a district-level service meet in which she came first in three events. But the state championship was nixed due to the floods last year. Though she competed only in the 5,000m walk in the State Masters Meet, she can run in 200m and 400m in the national meet, to be held in Jaipur in Rajasthan this year, as she excelled in those events in the district-level championships. Haseena is gearing up for the national championship with the help of Shahad who is currently training for the Kerala Football Association (KFA) league. Her other children are BDS student Majidha and 8-year-old Ijlal. Always sportive Haseena initiated Shahad to the world of sports at the age of eight and her drill involved kicking football to her son. From the humble ground near to their home, Shahad grew into one of the best promising goalkeepers in the state and cemented his place in the state junior football team. Later, he featured in many prominent soccer clubs of the country. Meeting Diego Maradona, one of the legends of football, in Dubai, was something special for Shahad. Though Shahad was selected for the under-17 India team camp for the World Cup, he couldn’t attend due to knee injury. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2019/01/20/mother-son-sports-duo.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2019/01/20/mother-son-sports-duo.html Mon, 21 Jan 2019 01:46:21 GMT How a hospital turned patients to budding artists Thalassery: A mural of Lord Ganesha, done by cancer survivors at the Malabar Cancer Centre in Thalassery, will be unveiled at the Centre on Tuesday, the World Palliative Care Day. It was Pallur native K E Sulochana who offered to teach painting to patients who could find relief from the creation. The Centre’s director, Dr Sateeshan Balasubramaniam, took the initiative and the training was launched in July last year. Sulochana provided the brush, canvas and paint. The training was scheduled for three hours on Saturday and Sunday. Those who have completed six months of training in mural painting have emerged as excellent artists, Sulochana says. Several projects are on to support cancer survivors at Malabar Cancer Centre. The making of paper bag was one of them. Money raised from the sale of the bags was provided to poor patients at the Centre. The painting sessions were the second stage of such projects which are led by Palliative Medicine chief Dr M S Biji. Read more Kannur News https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2019/01/15/how-hospital-turned-patients-budding-artists.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2019/01/15/how-hospital-turned-patients-budding-artists.html Wed, 16 Jan 2019 02:06:26 GMT General strike: Migrant labourers provide food to poor Panur: In an act of altruism, some migrant labourers here in Kannur district distributed food packets and water to homeless people sleeping on shop verandahs on Tuesday, the first day of the two-day general strike called by trade unions. Thirteen labourers, who are from Siliguri in West Bengal, distributed biriyani and water bottles to indigent people in Panur town on Tuesday night. These construction workers, including Irfan, Hameed, Navdeep and Babun, stay at P K Quarters. They didn’t go for work due to the strike and used the spare time to cook biriyani ond share it with homeless people. About 30 people who regularly sleep on shop verandahs in the town didn’t get any food as the hotels were closed. The labourers distributed food on Wednesday too. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2019/01/10/strike-migrant-labourers-food.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2019/01/10/strike-migrant-labourers-food.html Fri, 11 Jan 2019 03:19:46 GMT Missing Kannur girl found in Maharashtra ashram after scientific probe Kannur: A girl who went missing from Kannur was traced by the police with the aid of psychological analysis in addition to other scientific investigation. The unique probe led the police to a tribal village in Maharashtra where the youngster had reached to engage in social work. The girl told the police that she was fed up with life in Kerala and wanted to work for the upliftment of tribal people and women. However, the police took her from the Maharashtra village as her father had filed a missing complaint and handed her over to her family. The probe was carried out by a team led by Town SI Ratna Kumar. Immediately after the complaint was received, the police got into action. Officials spoke to the missing girl’s classmates and friends but realised that she was not involved in any love affair. This negated the possibility of an elopement. Meanwhile, the police noticed that the girl had deleted her Facebook and WhatsApp accounts before vanishing. Checks of the visuals obtained from the CCTV cameras at airports and railway stations did not yield any results. The police soon resorted to psychological methods to trace the girl. The Facebook posts of the youngster were recovered with the help of cyber-experts and examined. Police found that she was interested in social issues and intervention. A detailed analysis revealed that the girl was most likely in Maharashtra. The help of the Maharashtra police was sought and they traced her to an ashram in the interior part of the state. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2019/01/01/missiing-kannur-girl-traced-with-help-of-cyber-experts.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2019/01/01/missiing-kannur-girl-traced-with-help-of-cyber-experts.html Tue, 01 Jan 2019 09:36:22 GMT Maiden gold haul at new Kannur airport Kannur: The first smuggling attempt at the Kannur International Airport Limited (KIAL) has been foiled as the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence seized 2 kg gold from a passenger who flew in from Abu Dhabi on an Air India Express flight. The value of the seized gold runs into millions of rupees. The man in custody has been identified as Muhammad Shan, who hails from Pinarayi in the district. He is being interrogated. People waiting in a car at the airport to take delivery of the consignment were also taken into custody. The gold was concealed in an electric pan that is used to make Kerala's delicious unniyappams. It was hidden in its heating coil and plate. The airport was inaugurated by Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan Union minister Suresh Prabhu jointly on December 9. The Kannur airport is the fourth international airport in the state, the others being in Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi and Kozhikode. Kerala has always been a preferred destination for gold smugglers who put to use its porous airports. Several cases of gold smuggling were reported from the Kochi and Kozhikode airports in the recent times. Read more: Latest Kerala news https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2018/12/26/kannur-airport-maiden-gold-smuggling.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2018/12/26/kannur-airport-maiden-gold-smuggling.html Wed, 26 Dec 2018 06:54:09 GMT Kerala's first transgender public toilet opened at Kannur Cantonment Kannur: The Kannur Cantonment Board, an autonomous body under the Ministry of Defence providing municipal services to the entire Cantonment, opened the first transgender public toilet in the state here at the Cantonment Board Public Park on Tuesday. Board Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Vinod Vikneswaran said that the gesture was a mark of welfare to the transgender community. “Since Kerala is the first state in India to formulate policy for the transgenders it encouraged the board to implement the decision. This initiative will bring the necessary recognition and self confidence to the transgender community residing in and around Kannur,” the CEO said. The board has also decided to train transgenders in the field of sanitation and induct them as contractual employees. Orientation programmes have already been conducted among them with the help of Suraksha Health Line Project, an NGO working for the welfare of transgender community. The men-transgender-women toilet complex was inaugurated by Cantonment Board president Col. Ajai Sharma. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2018/12/19/first-transgender-public-toilet.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2018/12/19/first-transgender-public-toilet.html Wed, 19 Dec 2018 13:00:37 GMT Backdoor postings at Kannur airport kick up a row Thiruvananthapuram: Recruitments to the Kannur International Airport Limited (KIAL) company have triggered a controversy as it was alleged that a large number of appointments were made through the backdoor by violating norms. The skewed pattern of recruitment brought to light glaring irregularities in the procedure. Applications had been invited for appointment to the post of Chief Operating Officer (COO), but the job title was changed to Chief Operations Officer after publishing the rank-list. The abbreviation was retained as COO so that the difference cannot be pointed out at a glance, it was alleged. As compared to the Chief Operating Officer, the Chief Operations Officer has only a limited role to play in terms of administrative duties and tasks. The latter will only be responsible for overseeing the daily operations of the company. There are allegations that the move was intended to keep the COO away from dealing with key responsibilities such as business development and terminal operations. Nepotism and favouritism were feared by the aspirants as instead of letting the Kerala Industrial and Technical Consultancy Organisation Limited (KITCO) handle the recruitment process, efforts are on to make fresh appointments through the backdoor. The KIAL issued the notification for filling up as many as 45 posts including that of the chief operating officer, through KITCO on July 25. Subsequently, the rank-list for a majority of posts was published on November 27. The interview for the candidates applied for the position of chief operating officer was held in Thiruvananthapuram on October 5, but the applicants were not apprised of the change in the job title. The rank-list prepared for appointment to the COO post was published separately after the inauguration of the airport on December 9. Utpal Baruah from Assam, who topped the rank-list, was selected for the post. He will take charge on Tuesday, it was learnt. Applications had also been invited for some other posts such as senior manager (Fire and Safety), GM/DGM (airport operations), but no appointments were made citing absence of eligible candidates. Though KITCO had issued a notification to fill the vacancy of Chief Operating Officer in May 2017, no further action was initiated. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2018/12/18/backdoor-postings-at-kannur-airport-kick-up-a-row.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2018/12/18/backdoor-postings-at-kannur-airport-kick-up-a-row.html Wed, 19 Dec 2018 01:44:47 GMT Fire near Kannur airport; foul play alleged Mattannur: A major fire destroyed several acres of forest land near Kannur International Airport Ltd. (KIAL) on Sunday evening. Local people suspected foul play behind the incident which took place in an area set apart for rehabilitation of people during airport development. They alleged that the fire was started by some miscreants in a cashew plantation. Luckily, no casualties were reported. The fire started around 6.45 pm on a plot of land which is owned by a private party. It could be extinguished only by 11 pm after strenuous efforts. Fire and Rescue Services personnel from Mattannur and Iritty fire stations had reached the spot as soon as they were alerted but failed to control the inferno. Finally, when the fire began spreading and threatened to reach the airport area, KIAL authorities were alerted. Soon, a fire engine from the airport rushed to the place and joined the fire-fighting operation. The area where the fire raged is accessible only through a narrow road and the fire engines faced great difficulty in reaching there, delaying the operation. The fire was finally controlled following the efforts of all the fire engines. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2018/12/17/fire-kannur-airport.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2018/12/17/fire-kannur-airport.html Mon, 17 Dec 2018 12:43:24 GMT Mammoth mural painting adorns Kannur airport Kalady: The fine arts consortium of the Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit can be proud of this piece of art at the Kannur International Airport, which was commissioned on Sunday. The work on the mammoth mural painting (height of 60ft and width 80ft) depicting the Vishnumoorthy theyyam, which will welcome the passengers at the greenfield airport, is over. The varsity has informed that this art work at the airport is the world’s largest mural painting of theyyam. University vice-chancellor Dr Dharmaraj Adat said that efforts were on to include the painting in the Guinness Book of World Records. A team led by Saju Thuruthil, head of the varsity’s department of painting, completed the painting in four months’ time at a cost of Rs 20 lakh. Former students of the university Diljith, Vishnu, Sujith and Sreenoj were part of the team. The vishnumoorthy theyyam is a true reflection of the cultural heritage of Kannur, and the travellers could see the beauty of the mural painting once they enter the terminal after disembarking from the aircraft. The giant painting is made of cement with bronze and aluminium coated jewellery and has a generous dab of acrylic colours. Saju said that talks were on with the officials to have more art works at the airport that depict the rich cultural tradition of Kannur. The fine arts consortium intends to provide work to students who had completed their studies in their area of interest. The consortium is undertaking many such projects. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2018/12/09/mammoth-mural-painting-adorns-kannur-airport.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2018/12/09/mammoth-mural-painting-adorns-kannur-airport.html Sun, 09 Dec 2018 10:52:17 GMT Faulty railway escalator fixed as furious MP works the phones Thalassery: An escalator at the Thalassery railway station, which ceased working on the day of its inauguration itself, is back in action again after five days, thanks to the prompt intervention by the local Member of Parliament. Mullapally Ramachandran, the Congress state unit chief, had allotted Rs 1.30 crore for the escalator from the funds under the Members of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme. He inaugurated it on December 1, but it stopped working the very same day because some part was faulty. No one bothered to get a replacement of the part from Kochi and the facility remained just a showpiece for the past five days. The MP came to know about it on Thursday and called up top officials, who then swung into action. Mullapally had unleashed his fury against the inertia of railway officials at the inaugural ceremony. He was angry because work on the escalator dragged on for two years though it could have been completed within six months. The Divisional Engineer was also present at the function. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2018/12/08/faulty-railway-escalator-fixed-furious.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2018/12/08/faulty-railway-escalator-fixed-furious.html Sun, 09 Dec 2018 01:47:08 GMT Murals on cultural themes ready at new airport Mattannur: Mural paintings depicting the heritage of Malabar region and Indian dance forms are ready at the passenger terminal of the Kannur International Airport which will be inaugurated in a few days. The paintings are arranged behind the checking area on the first floor. The artwork was created by 10 artists in three months and highlights the traditions of Malabar. The paintings depict cricket, cuisine and circus of Thalassery along with the forts built by the British in the region. The Arakkal Palace, Samoothiri Kovilakam, Vadakkan Pattu, sacred groves and temples are other topics. In addition, dance forms of other regions of India are also painted on the walls of the airport. They include North Indian group dance and traditional dance forms of North East states. Another interesting painting is that of Yakshagana near the escalator. Great care has been taken to depict the costumes and other paraphernalia in elaborate detail. Eco-friendly opening The publicity campaigns for the inauguration of the airport will be a plastic-free affair, said KIAL (Kannur International Airport Limited) authorities. No flex boards or plastic material will be used for the campaigns, they stressed. The green protocol will be followed during the inaugural function in which at least one lakh people are expected to attend. At the venue, instead of flex boards, cloth banners will be displayed. Though the eco-friendly cloth will be expensive, KIAL has decided to use it in order to highlight its commitment to the environment. Another decision taken by KIAL is to utilise solar energy for all functions of the airport in future. Preparations in full swing With barely days to go for the inaugural function, activities are in full swing for launching flight operations. Advanced machinery and equipment have started arriving. The equipment for loading and unloading cargo from aircraft reached the airport recently. Imported from France, the equipment was brought to Chennai by ship and transported to Kannur on six trucks. This is for use by Air India Express. Four more trucks will reach Kannur in the coming days. The seats to be installed in the passenger terminal will also be brought soon. Work to fix the seats has already begun. Meanwhile, the tent to host the inaugural function is coming up on the airport premises near the ATC building. The inauguration is on December 9. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2018/12/04/kannur-airport-inauguration.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2018/12/04/kannur-airport-inauguration.html Wed, 05 Dec 2018 01:49:47 GMT Blindfold walk helps to realise problems faced by the blind Kannur: It was a walk led by people who were visually impaired but had ‘insight’. Those who followed them were totally in the dark as they had blindfolded themselves. This unique event, named ‘Blind Walk’, was organised by the Nayanar Academy as part of the state conference of ophthalmologists held here. The walk, in which visually impaired people guided those with normal vision, was arranged not only to make others realise the problems faced by the visually challenged but also to highlight the special abilities they develop. The chief organiser of the walk was the KSOS (Kerala Society of Ophthalmic Surgeons). During the event, all people with vision were blindfolded with a black cloth and they walked behind visually challenged persons. Normal people kept an arm on the shoulders of those leading them to find the way forward. Noted singer Sayanora, who inaugurated the event, also joined the walk by blindfolding herself. Others who took part in the walk in a similar manner included Sports Council president O K Vineesh, badminton player Deepak Amarnath, KSOS office-bearers Dr Sreeni Edakhlon, Dr S Sasikumar, Dr Gopal S Pillai and Dr Jain V Chimmen. The district sports council and Nayanar Academy Walkers’ Club were the other joint organisers of the walk. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2018/11/28/blind-fold-walk-kannur.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2018/11/28/blind-fold-walk-kannur.html Wed, 28 Nov 2018 10:35:12 GMT With no sales, Payyannur Khadi units facing closure Payyannur: The Payyannur Khadi Centre is facing a crisis with unsold goods worth Rs 25 crore piling up in its godowns. Meanwhile, 13 of the 73 spinning units have been closed down. The workers have not yet received the salary for October. The spinning units were shut as sliver was not available. In the coming days, more units may have to be shut. An amount of Rs 6.50 crore is due to be paid for Ettakudukka cotton processing centre which supplies the sliver. This has led to crisis at the Ettakudukka centre too. Normally, workers receive their salary before the tenth of every month. But the amount of Rs 40 lakh needed for the purpose has not been received from sales. Matters were made worse as a deficit of Rs 5 crore was witnessed in Onam sales. The income from the rebate sales held last month was also lesser than last time. That the state government did not purchase khadi material was another setback. The government had issued a directive asking schools to insist on khadi uniforms on one day a week to promote khadi and handloom. However, Payyannur Khadi did not receive even a single school uniform order. This has led to piling up of school uniforms in the inventory. Khadi bedsheets are used in hospitals and government institutions, but the authorities have stopped purchase now. Around 3000 workers are employed at 73 spinning units and 64 weaving units. As sufficient yarn is available, weaving units do not face the threat of closure. The state government had, in August, issued an order to increase the wages of the workers. A similar order was issued by the Khadi Commission also. But with even their jobs at stake, the workers are in no position to demand a wage hike. Read more from Kannur https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2018/11/22/with-no-sales-payyannur-khadi-units-facing-closure.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2018/11/22/with-no-sales-payyannur-khadi-units-facing-closure.html Fri, 23 Nov 2018 01:57:59 GMT Percussionist Mattannoor to enliven Kannur airport opening Kannur: Efforts are under way to make the opening ceremony of the Kannur International Airport (KIAL) on December 9 a grand celebration. On the inaugural day, cultural programmes will begin from 8 am at the main stage. At 9 am, percussionist Mattannoor Sankarankutty Marar and his team will present 'kelikottu'. The opening ceremony is scheduled to be held from 10 am. Passengers who are flying by the inaugural flight will be brought from Vayathodu junction in a special vehicle. They will be asked to reach Vayathodu by 6.30 am. At the terminal building, the first passengers will be given a grand welcome. Check-in will begin from 7 am, said KIAL MD V Thulasidas. Hoardings will be set up in all towns and district borders by KIAL. A procession will be organised on December 7 at Mattannoor, it was decided during a meeting of KIAL. Sixty buses will be arranged to bring people who are coming to participate in the opening ceremony. Restrictions have been imposed on private vehicles on December 9 to avoid any traffic problems. Private vehicles coming from Kannur and Thalassery sides will have to be parked at Panayathamparamb and those from Iritti side will have to halt at Mattannoor high school and polytechnic. From these spots and Mattannoor bus stand, people will be taken to the airport on the special buses. Around 40 KSRTC buses and 20 private buses have been arranged for this purpose. Forty buses will be in service from Vayathod and 10 each from the other two places. Buses will ply every five minutes and passengers won't be charged. The bus service will be available from 7 am till 10 am when the inaugural ceremony gets over. Only private vehicles that have KIAL entry passes will only be allowed inside the airport. The meeting also decided to provide drinking water for those turning up for the ceremony. Ministers E P Jayarajan, K K Shailaja, A K Saseendran, Ramachandran Kadannappally, mayor E P Latha, MPs P K Sreemathi, K K Ragesh, district panchayat president K V Sumesh, collector Mir Muhammad Ali, Mattannoor municipal chairperson Anitha Venu, vice-chairman P Purushothaman, KIAL executive director K P Jose, Keezhallur panchayat president K Rajan, and other officialss took part in the meeting. Read more Districts Newsts News https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2018/11/21/percussionist-mattannoor-to-enliven-kannur-airport-opening.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2018/11/21/percussionist-mattannoor-to-enliven-kannur-airport-opening.html Thu, 22 Nov 2018 01:38:19 GMT Yusuff Ali’s jet to be first private craft to land at Kannur airport Kannur: A Gulfstream G550 owned by overseas Malayali business tycoon M A Yusuff Ali will be the first private jet to land at Kannur international airport. Ali will be arriving in the jet on December 9 to take part in the inaugural function of the airport scheduled the next day. The jet was purchased by Ali two years ago at a cost of around Rs 360 crore. Ali, the richest Malayali in the world, also owns another jet – an Embraer Legacy 650 costing around Rs 150 crore which can carry 13 passengers. He is the Chairman and Managing Director of LuLu Group International. Gulfstream jets are manufactured by General Dynamics, a company based in Virginia, US. Gulfstream 550 can carry 14-19 passengers and has a range of up to 12,501 km. Its maximum speed is 488 knots (around 900 kmph). According to the manufacturers, the aircraft can fly up to 12 hours non-stop. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2018/11/19/kannur-airport-first-private-plane-yusuff-alis-jet.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2018/11/19/kannur-airport-first-private-plane-yusuff-alis-jet.html Tue, 20 Nov 2018 01:42:09 GMT CPM workers booked for pouring red paint on woman Thalassery: A number of CPM activists have been charged with pouring red paint on a housewife as the party's confrontation with the BJP took a nasty turn at Eranjoli here. The ruling party members are accused of having intruded into the house of BJP worker Sharath of Shemitha Nivas, Kachimbramthazhe, Eranjoli, and poured the paint on his mother Rajitha. The BJP leadership alleged that the accused gang, which carried swords, also snatched a 2-sovereign gold chain that Rajitha was wearing. Tension had been mounting between the two parties in Eranjoli Palam area after a flag post was wrecked. Navaneeth, 22, nephew of BJP MP: V. Muraleedharan, was beaten up in Kolassery and a man identified as Sojit was booked by the police. The police have intensified vigil in the area, with ASP Chaitra Teresa John, Circle Inspector M P Azad and Sub Inspector M Anil leading a police team. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2018/11/18/cpm-workers-booked-for-pouring-red-paint-on-woman.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2018/11/18/cpm-workers-booked-for-pouring-red-paint-on-woman.html Sun, 18 Nov 2018 03:56:29 GMT Kannur airport set for grand opening, preparations on Mattanur: A impressive inaugural function of the latest airport in Kerala is on the cards as Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan will dedicate the Kannur International Airport to the nation on December 9. Union Minister of Civil Aviation Suresh Prabhu will be the chief guest, and close to one lakh people are expected to attend the opening ceremony. Arrangements The venue of inaugural function will be near the terminal building. Boarding passes for the passengers of the first flight from the airport will be issued during the inaugural function. Private vehicles will be barred from entering the vicinity of the airport on the inauguration day. Traffic regulations will be enforced on the day of inauguration in Mattanur. Private vehicles should be parked at Panayatham Parambu, Mattanur HSS and Polytechnic College. The visitors will be ferried from these parking spaces to the venue in buses. Special passes will be issued for vehicles of passengers and VIPs, and these vehicles can be parked on the airport premises. Kudumbashree stalls will dispense drinking water. The visitors should follow green protocol. The commercial buildings in Mattanur and nearby places will be decked in colourful lights, and a high level of cleanliness will be maintained in the town. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2018/11/13/kannur-airport-set-for-opening-preparations.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2018/11/13/kannur-airport-set-for-opening-preparations.html Wed, 14 Nov 2018 03:18:44 GMT 60 cops injured as building collapses in Kannur Kannur: At least 60 police personnel were injured after a building collapsed at a resort in Thottada in the district on Monday. The condition of five of the injured is said to be critical. A police training camp organised by the district police association was being held at the building. Minister Ramachandran Kadannappally visited the accident spot. It was not known what caused the accident. Details awaited. Read more: latest Kerala news https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2018/11/12/cops-injured-building-collapses-kannur.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2018/11/12/cops-injured-building-collapses-kannur.html Mon, 12 Nov 2018 11:42:52 GMT 12 years in the making, work on large mural in last stages Mahe: Northern Kerala is set to get its biggest mural as a 12m x 3.5m acrylic work is reaching the final stages of its making on a wall of a renowned arts and cultural centre in Malabar. Sharp lines, bright colours and intense expressions define the character of the fresco that will be ready in a couple of months at the quarter-century-old Malayala Kalagramam. A total of 16 students across age groups have been working for 12 years on the mural profiling the famed Hindu mythological event Palazhimathanam in which several divine beings join to churn out the elixir called 'amrit' from the cosmic Ocean of Milk (Palazhi). The artwork typifies the Kerala genre of frescoes known for their bold strokes and definite hues that add to the heavily ornate characters with stylised looks overall. The painting, which is set for completion in January, has a specialty: it portrays almost all the gods and goddesses engaged in the Herculean act in which the Mandara Mountain is used as the churning rod and serpent king Vasuki as the rope. It is also unique as the work features the great seven sages called Saptarishis and the eminent gurus mentioned in the Puranas. The artwork, which also figures the fish and wild animals mentioned in the ancient tomes, will also be a textbook for contemporary and future students interested in Kerala murals, according to Nabin Raj, who heads the mural department of the 1994-founded Kalagramam in Kannur district. The artists involved in the work include K Rahul, K Jayasree, K B Reena, P Salna, A K Devapriya, Dhanya Ajay, Manoj, Sheeja, Sudeep, Krishnan, Priya, Gangadharan, Shani and Bijitha. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2018/11/11/12-years-making-work-large-mural-stages.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2018/11/11/12-years-making-work-large-mural-stages.html Mon, 12 Nov 2018 04:09:47 GMT 2,000 line up for 25 houskeeping jobs at new airport! Mattannur (Kannur): As many as 2000 people lined up at a hotel here. They were not heading to attend a party but to face an interview as part of the recruitment drive to appoint cleaning staff for the soon-to-be-commissioned Kannur International Airport. But interestingly, only 25 posts were up for grab. A private agency entrusted to man the ground handling activities of the airport is recruiting the workers on a contract basis. Curiously, even applicants in their 50s queued up outside the venue since morning though the age limit was capped at 35 years. Another interesting fact is that the authorities did not place any advertisement calling applications for the post. However, representatives of various political parties were aware of the interview well in advance which explains how party workers from within and outside the district gathered with their resume. The 25 persons who were selected in the initial phase are supposed to join duty at the terminal station on November 15. As many as 70 cleaning staff will be posted on contract basis by the time flight services start operations next month. However, some candidates allege that trade unions are overseeing the contractual recruitments and hence a lion's share in the appointments is set aside for members of different political parties. In September, a whopping 4,000 candidates had appeared for the interview held for 200 posts. All the candidates selected so far have undergone a training programme at Cochin International airport and are ready to join duty once the airport is operational. Measures are also under way to recruit one member from the families evicted for the setting up of the airport. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2018/11/09/kannur-airport-job-crowd.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2018/11/09/kannur-airport-job-crowd.html Sat, 10 Nov 2018 01:54:49 GMT Unique initiative by cops – a palliative care centre Kannur: Palliative care centres are increasingly becoming a part of the healthcare facilities as the cases of critical illnesses have spurted. Institutions and healthcare entrepreneurs have come forward to open palliative care centres at several places in Kerala so that specialised medical and nursing care could be provided to gravely or terminally ill patients at an institutional set-up. Interestingly, the Kerala Armed Police (KAP) is also running such an institution here at Mangattuparamba and it is a unique initiative by a security force. Mythri Pain and Palliative Care Society of the KAP Battalion IV has now attended to more than 1,300 terminally ill patients since its inception a decade ago. It could be the only palliative care under any police force in the world. KAP4 sub-inspector Radhakrishnan Kavumbayi, who has been managing the the society that runs the palliative care centre for a decade believes that running such facilities, which provide much-needed care to seriously ill or incapacitated patients, helps to improve the overall personality of people associated with them. Radhakrishnan is also involved in training the new recruits to the healthcare facility. “The society, which is run by a board of 13 police officers and 12 people from the nearby areas, has attended to more than 1,300 terminally ill patients,” Radhakrishnan revealed. “By attending to the patients, we are not only helping them, but spreading a positive feeling in their family as well as the society. Here, we ensure that a volunteer is able to spend 20 to 30 minutes with a patient at his/her house within a period of at least two weeks. Apart from the palliative care centre, we also run a de-addiction centre, trauma care unit, traffic awareness unit and (an environmental initiative) Mythri Dalam Four Nature,” Radhakrishnan added. When the Kerala government implemented a palliative care policy for the first time in 2008 during the tenure of the LDF government, this unit was formed under the Janamaithri police (hence the name Mythri) by B Sandhya, who was the nodal officer. T M Aboobacker, who was the commandant of KAP4, is the chairman of the society. The commandant continues to hold the position of chairman, the official informed. Thirty trained police personnel from the camp are available as volunteers for Mythri. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2018/10/26/kannur-police-palliative-care.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2018/10/26/kannur-police-palliative-care.html Fri, 26 Oct 2018 07:31:33 GMT Malabar heritage comes alive at Kannur Airport It’s indeed going to be a visual treat for anyone stepping into the swanky Kannur International Airport as its interiors are a true reflection of the culture and history of North Malabar. The travellers arriving at the airport, to be commissioned on December 9, can get a slice of the cherished moments in history through exquisite murals and paintings at the facility. The hand-painted pictures which depict various art forms, festivals and traditional vocations are an ode to the rich past of North Malabar. The Kannur International Airport Limited authorities were particular to go with the uniqueness of the region’s topography while aesthetically designing the greenfield airport located at Moorkanparambu near Kannur. The garden that stretches from the entrance gate to the passenger terminal is captivating. Tenor of Kalari The walls of the baggage section of the airport are adorned with paintings illustrating the 18 techniques followed in the ancient martial art form of Kalaripayattu. These not only create an interest among domestic and international travellers but only speak volumes about the glorious cultural heritage of the region. The selfie spot The 35x55 ft mural that captures the essence and ethos of the popular Vishnumurthy theyyam, occupying the back of the passenger terminal, is a cynosure of all eyes. The art work was completed to perfection by a team of artists from the Sree Sankaracharya Unveristy of Sanskrit, Kalady. The giant mural, made in cement along with paints and metal, was a favourite selfie spot among the visitors when the airport was opened for a week for public visit. Culture of North Malabar The paintings on the subsequent walls portray the traditional art and dance forms, and festivals. They are a microcosm of the pre-eminent past of North Malabar. The art works on popular ritual forms of worship such as Bhagavathy theyyam and Gulikkan theyyam as well as on temples and scared groves (kavu) ooze with reality. Kalamezhuthu, chenda melam, Kavu adiullsavam, Payyannur pavitra mothiram, Laksham vilakku and even Onam pookalam are detailed in the drawings. Another attraction is a painting that gives a glimpse of the life in a typical Malabar village in the pre-Independence days. This art work by Hareendran Chalad shows bullock carts, hand-drawn carts, kalapura (granary), thatched houses, ponds and a bustling market place of an earlier time. The painting was completed in a month. Laterite bricks, used extensively for building construction in the Malabar, too finds place in the airport, built in an area of 2,300 acres. These bricks were used for the construction of flyover, pillars, main entrance and culverts at the airport site. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2018/10/22/malabar-heritage-comes-alive-at-kannur-airport.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2018/10/22/malabar-heritage-comes-alive-at-kannur-airport.html Tue, 23 Oct 2018 01:43:09 GMT Flood-wrecked Kannur river awaits massive restoration Kottiyur: Civic authorities, residents and ecologists of a rural belt in north Kerala are in the throes of retrieving their small local river that has changed character after the August floods and landslides in the region. The Bavalipuzha, which is now a trickle as it reaches the valley, is today full of rubble and logwood it had received two months ago when heavy rains triggered deluge and landslips upstream. The river has changed course along certain stretches of semi-hilly Kottiyur and Kelakam panchayats of Kannur district. The largely slender river has broadened itself after the calamity. In some parts, it has encroached into farmlands. In others, such as on one side of Kottiyur, the river has lost all its water and dried out in complete contrast to the picture it presented two months ago when the Bavalipuzha was eating up its own banks and damaging agricultural plots. Officials are yet to estimate the exact loss of property and finance in the calamity. At least 10 km of the river’s course require massive embankment (both concrete work and afforestation) besides facilitating the river to regain its pre-flood course. Authorities say the rubble and timber accumulated down the plains of the river require immediate removal, lest the Bavalapuzha would eat up the highway not very far in another round of downpours. The two panchayats are poised to inviting tender for mining the river’s sand with approval from the geology and revenue departments. Enviromentalists have cautioned against the routine activity this time, given the precarious situation that calls for a rebuild of the locality as priority. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2018/10/21/flood-wrecked-kannur-river-awaits-restoration.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2018/10/21/flood-wrecked-kannur-river-awaits-restoration.html Sun, 21 Oct 2018 04:47:18 GMT 600 CISF commandos take over security of Kannur airport New Delhi: The CISF Wednesday took over the security of theyet-to-be operationalKannurInternational Airport (KIAL), the largest civil air facility inKerala, with the deployment of over 600 armed commandos, a senior official said. This is the 61st civil airport in the country that has come under the cover of the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) after the Union Home Ministry accorded manpower sanction for the purpose. The CISF unit will be headed by a Commandant rank officer and the airport, spread over 2,330 acres with a runway length of 3,050 metres, will be operational from the first week of December. KIAL is about 20-km from the popular tourist town of Kannur and will have common departure and visitor gates for international and domestic passengers and also a common check-in-area. Kerala has three other major airports at Kochi, Kozhikode and Thiruvananthapuram. "KIAL would be the first airport in India which would dispense with stamping of hand baggage from day one of its operations due to the surveillance systems in place," CISF spokesperson Assistant Inspector General (AIG) Hemendra Singh said. The CISF is a federal security force which guards strategic installations including airports in the country. It has a special aviation security group for rendering this task. The security at the airport would be similar to what is seen at 60 other civil airports, the CISF said, adding that quick reaction commando teams and other personnel would be deployed at KIAL to thwart incidents of terror and sabotage. "In the light of the increased threat perception to the aviation sector across the country, security of KIAL is of utmost importance as thousands of tourists including foreigners will visit Kerala through this airport," Singh said. KIAL will be open to public on December 9. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2018/10/18/cisf-commandos-security-kannur-airport.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2018/10/18/cisf-commandos-security-kannur-airport.html Thu, 18 Oct 2018 05:12:26 GMT Vintage church clock ticks thanks to this mechanic Mahe: It’s indeed a marvel. The clock in the 76-feet tall tower of the St. Teresa’s Shrine here has been chiming for the past 133 years, and its bongs, with no doubts whatsoever, not only resonate history but also the culture of this region. Mechanic A E Balakrishnan, 71, is doing his bit to make the clock tick without fail and keep the legacy going. The clock was gifted to the church by the French marines in 1885. The engravings on the clock suggest t was made by The Pethisham 47 Borel Company in Paris, France. The clock has a diameter of 4 feet and is 26 years younger than the famous Big Ben in London, UK. The first tier in the tower accommodates the whole clock machinery, and related equipment and bell is located on the second tier. S T Chandu, Balakrishnan's father, was preserving the clock for the past 40 years, and after his death the responsibility fell on the able shoulders of Balakrishnan, a goldsmith. He had worked abroad for the past 20 years and took the mantle of maintaining the clock after returning home. Balakrishnan has been winding the clock, which has to be done once in a week, for the past nine years with due alacrity and precision. The clock relies on gravity to trigger the hourly chimes and the worn-out parts of the clock are periodically replaced, he noted. He is an expert in re-engineering and modifying old motor bikes even though he doesn’t have any formal training in mechanics. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2018/10/10/church-clock-mahe-mechanic-french-marines-gift.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2018/10/10/church-clock-mahe-mechanic-french-marines-gift.html Wed, 10 Oct 2018 05:02:04 GMT Kannur airport draws visitors in droves Mattanur: For the third day running, visitors continued to throng the newly built Kannur International Airport here, which has been thrown open to the public till October 12 to see up close the facilities. Tens of thousands of people from various parts of the district and from neighbouring districts such as Kozhikode, Kasaragod and Wayanad, and from Karnataka were flowing to the airport. Visitors were seen making a beeline to enter the Rs 2,292 crore airport, which is open for visitors from 10 am to 4 m. The parking lots of the terminal were full to the brim by 9 in the morning, and the visitors were forced to park their vehicles on nearby roads. The security personnel were stationed at various points of the terminal to guide the visitors. The visitors were seen clicking selfies and group photos in the backdrop of aesthetically designed interiors of the airport, which would be commissioned on December 9. With people coming to visit the airport in droves, the security officers were forced to restrict the entry of visitors for a while. Minor scare A car parked in the parking lot caught fire, creating a scare among the visitors on Saturday. Short-circuit was the cause of fire, officials said. The fire, which broke out at 12.30 pm, was first sighted by gardeners working in the garden. The fire was doused under the supervision of Mattanur Fire and Rescue Station Assistant Station Officer K Purushothaman. Even before the fire tenders, which were stuck in traffic logjam, came to the spot, the airport authorities took the initiative to put out the fire. Timely intervention averted a major disaster as many cars were parked and scores of people were waiting in the vicinity. The CISF, which is entrusted with the responsibility of airport’s security, closed the main entrance during the fire incident. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2018/10/08/kannur-airport-visitors-droves.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2018/10/08/kannur-airport-visitors-droves.html Mon, 08 Oct 2018 09:50:59 GMT Student undergoes surgery after 'caning' Thalassery: A primary school student had to undergo surgery after the vein on his hand was cut as a teacher hit him with a metal scale. The teacher has been suspended by the school authorities while the police and the Child Rights Commission have filed separate cases. The accused has been identified as K Dhanusha, who teaches at the English Medium School at Mambaram in Kannur district. She is accused of having hit the child, a Class-2 student, as punishment for not preparing for a class exam. The alleged incident happened on Friday. Blood gushed out of the boy's hand vein as it got ruptured when the teacher struck him hard with the steel scale. The student underwent a surgery that lasted a few hours at the Thalasserry Co-operative Hospital. Initially, he was taken to a private hospital at Mambaram itself. The Child Rights Commission has sought detailed reports from the district police chief, district child protection officer, deputy director of education and the headmaster of the school. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2018/10/07/surgery-for-student-injured-after-beating-by-teacher.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2018/10/07/surgery-for-student-injured-after-beating-by-teacher.html Mon, 08 Oct 2018 01:59:50 GMT Kannur district admin to launch career awareness drive Kannur: The district administration will be hold an interactive career awareness programme, named Take-off, for youth here on four consecutive Sundays, starting October 7. The four sessions, to be moderated by collector Mir Mohammed Ali, would cover entrepreneurship, defence, civil services and politics. The events are open to parents, teachers, students, working men and women, the collector added on his Facebook page. “As part of the programme, we will be bringing you experts from four different fields on four Sundays this October. The options are - Entrepreneurship (October 7), Defence (14), Civil Services (21) and Politics (28). After attending this programme, you will be much more familiar with the challenges associated with each field, how to get started, what are qualities required to succeed in each sector and any other questions you may have. All your questions will be answered by those who have spent significant amount of time in these fields, so that you have greater clarity and fewer misconceptions about your future,” he wrote. The entry for the events would be restricted through free online registration. The registration form gives the participant an option to send any questions she/he has in advance so that the organisers can put them to the speakers directly. The link to register for the first session is TakeOff The first event would be organised at district panchayat hall, from 10.30 am to 1 pm. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2018/10/06/kannur-district-administration-launches-take-off-career-aspirants.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2018/10/06/kannur-district-administration-launches-take-off-career-aspirants.html Sat, 06 Oct 2018 09:32:08 GMT Booklovers! Proceed to Iritty police station to pick the bestseller Iritty: Bookworms in Iritty who couldn’t locate S Hareesh’s ‘Meesa’ or Binoy Thomas’s ‘Karikkottakkari’ at the local book store or library can now head to the police station instead. Similarly, classics including M Mukundan’s ‘Mayyazhipuzhayude theerangalil’, M T Vasudevan Nair’s ‘Randamoozham’, O V Vijayan’s ‘Kadaltheeram’, M P Narayan Pillai’s ‘Parinamam’, Kakkanadan’s ‘Ushnamekhala’ and Jeyamohan’s ‘Ezham Lokam’ are among the books available at a new library opened at Iritty police station. The idea for setting up a library at the police station was suggested by Circle Inspector Rajeevan Valiyavalappil. The library materialised when Sub Inspector P M Sunil Kumar and other officers at the station took the necessary steps. The temporary charge of the library has been given to ASI Reji Scaria. There are around 500 books in the library and they have been contributed by police personnel who are also avid readers. Other noted volumes in the library include spiritual literature by Nityachaitanya Yati and Sukumar Azhikode as well as police diaries like Siby Mathew’s ‘Nirbhayam’ and ‘Sravukalkoppam Neendam’ by Jacob Thomas. Other prominent works include ‘Aadujeevitham’ by Benyamin and ‘Araachar’ by K R Meera also. The selection has been carefully made by discerning readers among the cops. No attempt has been made to fill the shelves with school textbooks. However, people having the habit of lifting books from libraries beware! They should remember that this library is in a police station and the room next to it is the lock-up. The library was inaugurated by DySP Prajeesh Thottathil, while the first reader was Unmesham Payam. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2018/10/05/iritty-police-station-library.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2018/10/05/iritty-police-station-library.html Fri, 05 Oct 2018 05:25:56 GMT Tiny park at police station is a hit with public Koothuparamba: Kerala cops are leaving no stone unturned to make the police stations welcoming to public. Visitors at the Mini Civil Station at this Kannur town take some rest at the nearby police station as they run from office to office. A mini park under the shade of a fig tree on the police station premises is drawing people who often arrive to visit government offices in the vicinity. It is aptly named ‘Thanal’ (shade) and public could be seen preparing applications for myriad government services while sitting comfortably in the cool environs. Some come here to read the newspapers. The premises, which were earlier overgrown with wild greenery, have been laid with interlocking tiles. Garden pots were placed and a compound wall was built. Seats are arranged at several spots in the park. Paintings depicting various art forms and scenery can be viewed on the wall. A lawn spreads on the police station premises adjacent to the wall. Decorative plants adorn the roadside too. The green police station was made possible thanks to the efforts of 40 police personnel under the circle inspector V Rajendran. Apart from the physical effort, the cops chipped in with their monetary contributions to make the garden a reality. The CI said that the garden was set up after a directive issued by IG Balram Kumar Upadhyaya to keep police stations clean. “We wanted to do something more to clean the area than simply painting the police station. Old vehicles were earlier abandoned under a fig tree on the police station premises. They were shifted from the place and the park was set up. The paintings are the creations of artist Gopalakrishnan,” he said. Swings and other similar playing equipment for kids would be installed in the next phase. Apart from the green park, the police have launched an organic farm on the station premises. The plantain crop at the farm is now ready for harvesting. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2018/10/04/park-in-police-station.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2018/10/04/park-in-police-station.html Thu, 04 Oct 2018 04:00:51 GMT Paediatrician's services are now available at police station Kannur: In a unique initiative aimed at increasing access to healthcare facilities, a paediatric clinic has been launched at the Kannur Town Police Station. This is the first such facility in Kerala. As many as 1,174 kids have already sought treatment at the clinic after its launch on January 14 this year. The clinic functions on Sundays and other holidays. Fifteen doctors take turns in offering free consultation at the clinic, which was opened with the support of Indian Academy of Paediatrics. The holiday clinic also provides a solution to the shortage of doctors’ services on holidays. Newborns to kids aged 15 years can consult doctors at the police station clinic from 10 am to 12 noon on Sundays and holidays. The doctors’ team is headed by Dr M K Nandakumar. Arrangements are also made for kids who need counselling or awareness classes. Books are also gifted to the patients. When a large number of patients turn up, token system is in force. Women police personnel will also be present to assist the visitors. Town Station House Officer T K Ratnakumar is in charge of the project. Special programmes are planned at the clinic on November 14, Children’s Day. The doctors offering services at the clinic will be also be honoured. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2018/10/03/paediatrician-s-services-are-now-available-at-police-station.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2018/10/03/paediatrician-s-services-are-now-available-at-police-station.html Thu, 04 Oct 2018 01:44:17 GMT Cops shame vehicle owners for illegal parking Kannur: The traffic police has resorted to shame vehicle owners who totally ignore warnings and penalties and park wherever they like. The name and full address of the owner is being pasted on the violating vehicle. The plan is being implemented with the support of the Motor Vehicles Department (MVD). The police first paste the regular penalty sticker, and soon pass on the number to the MVD. The MVD then makes available the full address of the vehicle owner, which the police will affix on the vehicle. The address is written in large letters on a white paper so that others know who the culprit is. On Sunday, the police did the same on many vehicles which were parked in defiance of rules at the eastern gate of the railway station. Traffic sub-inspector K V Umeshan said it is easy to monitor a repeat offence since the MVD is also notified on the traffic violation. The city's traffic chaos is due to parking in violation of rules, he said, adding that the idea of shaming was prompted by an effort to address the issue. Vehicles causing traffic chaos by wrong parking are lifted to the station using recovery vehicles and are fined. Apart from the fine, the accused also has to pay the rent for the recovery vehicle. The police said checking has been intensified on the national highway from Monday. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2018/10/02/cops-shame-vehicle-owners-illegal-parking.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2018/10/02/cops-shame-vehicle-owners-illegal-parking.html Wed, 03 Oct 2018 01:40:15 GMT Murals to adorn Kannur airport Mattannoor: Huge murals will welcome passengers arriving at the Kannur airport. With the airport set to start commercial operations in November, wall paintings are being done to wow passengers. The culture and history of north Malabar will be depicted on the walls of the facility. The initiative is spearheaded by artist Hareendran Chalad and former students of Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit, Kalady. The paintings across 400 sq m of space will depict folk themes based on kathakali, theyyam, panchavadyam, thidambu nritham, thiruvathirakali, mohiniyattam, vallamkalli, dufmuttu, margamkali, and festivals. The paintings will be completed by October second week, said Hareendran. Apart from these paintings, a huge mural of Lord Vishnu is being prepared by artists from Ernakulam district. Traditions, rituals and customs of theyyam -- a popular ritual form of worship -- are recreated by a team of 15 artists led by Kalady Sanskrit University alumnus Diljit M Das. The 35x55 foot mural is being prepared in cement along with paints and metal. The art displays at New Delhi's Indira Gandhi International Airport have been lauded by the public and artists and it seems Kannur too is taking a leaf out of this model. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2018/09/26/murals-to-adorn-kannur-airport.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2018/09/26/murals-to-adorn-kannur-airport.html Wed, 26 Sep 2018 11:53:38 GMT Israeli cops keep a watch on this Kannur factory Kannur: What on earth are Israeli cops doing in Kannur? Policemen from the West Asian country have been visiting a township near Koothuparamba for three years and they do not come with a casebook. The navy blue shirts donned by the cops in Israel are stitched at an apparel manufacturing unit at Valiyavelicham, 8 km off Koothuparamba. The company exports about 50,000 shirts to Israel every year. The shirts are stitched with material imported from the United States. “We also supply uniforms to the jail warders in Israel. The clothes are spun in our own factory in Mumbai. We have a yearly order of about 30,000 shirts,” factory manager T V Sanish said. “We expect to wrest the orders for the trousers from a Chinese factory by next year,” accounts manager Sijin Kumar told Onmanorama. The apparel factory also gets orders from Kuwait. “We sent a consignment of 50,000 uniforms to the fire force in Kuwait just three weeks ago. We are about to start manufacturing uniforms for the Kuwaiti National Guard and the Philippines army,” Sanish said. Mariyam Apparel, working out of the industrial park at Valiyavelicham in 2008, specialises in the production of school uniforms, doctors' coats and patient gowns. The firm has been supplying to various organisations in Kenya, Germany, Britain and West Asia for several years. The King Faisal Specialist Hospital in Riyadh is one of the company's customers. The company managers said that cotton is out of favour as far as uniforms are concerned. Polyester clothes are in demand across the globe. The firefighters in Kuwait have asked for their uniforms to be stitched in poly-wool, a mix of polyester and wool. The company sticks to high standards. A team from the Israeli police visits the company to inspect the factory every month. They spend about a week in the factory and evaluate the standards. The Israeli police have also appointed sub-contractors for regular quality checks at the factory. The company is supposed to supply the Israeli police uniforms as a final product, complete with the stitched-on insignia. Mariyam Apparels was founded by Thomas Olikkal in Thiruvananthapuram in 2006. The production was shifted to Kannur as per the direction of CPM leader Pinarayi Vijayan, the current chief minister, to offset the slump caused by a decline in the fortunes of the Dinesh Beedi Cooperative. The company could employ about 1,000 local people when it set shop in Kannur, Sijin said. The company now has about 850 people on its payroll. Almost 90 percent of the workforce are women. The unit has a capacity to employ about 2,000 people. The company is struggling with attrition of skilled seamstresses and a lack of manpower to recruit from, Sijin said. The company's management takes pride in the fact that the employees did not have to resort to a strike in the last 10 years. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2018/09/25/israeli-cops-keep-a-watch-on-this-kannur-factory.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2018/09/25/israeli-cops-keep-a-watch-on-this-kannur-factory.html Tue, 25 Sep 2018 12:58:20 GMT Archaeology dept goes for a 'treasure hunt' on private plot Peringome, Kannur: Dreams of finding a treasure never subside. In the latest incident, officials of the archaeology department inspected a plot belonging to a private party at Kannankai, Aravanchal. Local people had noticed strangers digging up the empty plot and conducting rituals related to black magic at midnight. A complaint was filed by them in this regard and the news about a treasure spread like wildfire in the area. Subsequently, the village officer of Perinthatta and the panchayat president visited the spot. Poonthodan Ramsean, a social activist of Aravanchal, soon informed the Thrissur circle of archaeology department of the development, following which assistant archaeologist B Vinuraj and conservation assistant P Rishikesh reached the plot. They took photos of a dolmen there and conducted a thorough check. A report will be submitted to the revenue department and panchayat officials, they said. According to the archaeology department officers, similar dolmens have been discovered at several places in the area from Malappuram to Kasaragod districts. However, no treasure or valuable materials have been recovered from them. The latest find is at least 2,000 years old and the owner of the private property and government departments concerned should demand a detailed examination into the matter, said the archaeology department officials. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2018/09/25/archaeology-department-does-a-treasure-hunt-on-a-private-plot.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2018/09/25/archaeology-department-does-a-treasure-hunt-on-a-private-plot.html Tue, 25 Sep 2018 04:29:11 GMT CPM-linked body will certify your yoga credentials Kannur: The CPM is leaving no stone unturned in its bid to match up to the challenge posed by the right-wing forces that have been promoting traditional Indian practices like yoga. The party which is heading the government in Kerala has been organising such activities for the last few years. Interestingly, in the latest turn of events, yoga practitioners who seek employment as trainers in local bodies need to have undergone a relevant course conducted by the Yoga Association of India which is controlled by the leftist party. This appointment criterion is, however, in violation of government norms. The Yoga Association of India has conducted a diploma course only once. The association itself admitted in a response under the Right to Information Act that the course is not recognised by any university and no basic qualification has been set for admission. The mandatory qualification for trainers is a Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yoga Science (BNYS) degree from a recognised university or a course approved by the Yoga Association and Sports Council. No university in Kerala offers a BNYS course. Hence the strange criterion has been set to appoint trainers who have attended the association's diploma course. The Indian Martial Arts Academy and Yoga Study Centre was launched under the aegis of CPM in 2016. The Yoga Association of Kerala was floated soon, with the same office-bearers of the academy acting as its state-level officials. A training course was conducted in three districts with the support of the state Sports Council. The government then issued orders sanctioning this course as the qualification for trainers in local bodies. Such yoga trainers are appointed on a salary of Rs 12,000 per month. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2018/09/22/cpm-linked-body-certify-yoga-credentials.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2018/09/22/cpm-linked-body-certify-yoga-credentials.html Sat, 22 Sep 2018 04:57:26 GMT Kerala minister Balan owes his life to this old friend Kannur: Kerala is infamous for political violence. Budding politicos either survived bids on life or perished as rivals pursued them on streets, alleys and even college campuses. It was only recently a fiery student activist perished as opponents knifed him. Kerala Minister A K Balan is a lucky survivor; strangely he was saved by an activist belonging to his rival group and that scary incident happened one day in the early 1970s. Balan was an SFI activist during his student days. He was saved by one Edakkad Lakshmanan, a KSU member at that time. They have been close friends since that fateful day. The other day Balan called on his old friend and saviour as he is not keeping well. Balan kissed Lakshmanan on his forehead and said, “If not for you, I would have lost my life on the campus that day.” Both men shed tears of joy. Though belonging to opposing political groups, Balan and Lakshman share a lifelong bond. The Minister, while visiting his old collegemate at his house in Thazhe Chovva in Kannur, recalled how the friendship was formed. “In 1973-74, I was the SFI chairman at Brennen College, Thalassery. Regular skirmishes occurred between SFI and KSU activists in the college during those days. However, no weapons were used during the fights,” said Balan. However, everything changed one day. Some people came to the campus with a knife and stabbed Ashraf, an SFI activist. The next target of the assailants was Balan. They charged at him, but Lakshmanan intervened. Along with some friends, Lakshmanan formed a protective wall around Balan, saving his life. “If Lakshmanan had not stopped the assailants, I could have been an easy target. Ashraf, who was admitted to hospital, succumbed to his injuries a few days later,” remembered the Minister. Hearing Balan, Lakshmanan wept again. Balan held him close and kissed him on the forehead again. Lakshmanan, who worked as a journalist and teacher, continued his friendship with Balan even after their college days. Balan had earlier visited his saviour when he was admitted to hospital recently. Read more: Latest Kannur news https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2018/09/18/minister-balan-owes-life-ksu-friend.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2018/09/18/minister-balan-owes-life-ksu-friend.html Tue, 18 Sep 2018 10:15:39 GMT Successful handloom revival project set for expansion Koothuparamba: A novel project to revive the handloom sector here has become popular in a short span, encouraging authorities to promote it in other districts of the state. ‘A loom in every household’ project, which is being implemented by Mangattidam panchayat with the support of Kudumbashree, has achieved success, prompting the Kerala State Handloom Development Corporation to expand it newer markets. A proposal in this regard has been finalised by its chairman K P Sahadevan and managing director K Sudheer after studying the Mangattidam project. Weaving was a thriving traditional vocation in many villages of Kannur in the past. However, this low-income sector later collapsed, forcing traditional weavers to seek other jobs. Weaving was subsequently restricted to cooperative societies and single-loom ventures carried out with the support of Hanveev, as the Handloom Development Corporation is popularly known after its brand name. Mangattidam panchayat prepared a project with the support of Kudumbashree to provide a means of self-employment for women in the handloom sector. It envisaged providing training in weaving for 200 women. As many as 186 women have already completed the training and another batch is now undergoing the course. Looms have been delivered by Hanveev to 120 women who successfully completed the coaching with the backing of Mangattidam panchayat and Koothuparamba block panchayat. Two women who received training from a subcentre opened by Hanveev at Kuttippuram, Mangattidam, are now distributing yarn spools, collecting cloth and paying wages for the work done. With the project becoming successful within a year of its launch, members of Kudumbashree units from other panchayats are reaching Mangattidam to learn more about the initiative, said panchayat president K Praseetha. Hanveev hopes to replicate the Mangattidam initiative in other districts along with finding new markets for the handloom products. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2018/09/15/successful-handloom-revival-project-set-for-expansion.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2018/09/15/successful-handloom-revival-project-set-for-expansion.html Sun, 16 Sep 2018 01:56:31 GMT Hubby's stored semen helps widow deliver twins Kannur: A banker woman weathered societal resistance and went ahead with her wish to conceive from her late husband, giving birth to twin babies after artificial insemination making use of his semen stored at a cryobank. The mother and the two baby girls are fine. The bitter-sweet story came 15 months after writer-lecturer K V Sudharakaran died in a road accident, widowing Shilna, an employee with a bank in Kannur. The tragedy happened on August 15 last year when Sudhakaran, 38, was set to travel to Kozhikode after a teachers’ camp at Nilambur in Malappuram district. He was crossing the road, when a tipper lorry hit him. Sudhakaran, an orator-activist and journalist, had married Shilna following a love affair. The couple have been undergoing fertility treatment since 2014. In 2016 and a year later, Shilna had conceived through IVF, but the pregnancies didn’t last for long. Then, on that Independence Day came the death news of Sudhakaran, a Malayalam lecturer with Government Brennen College at Thalassery. Once she recovered from the emotional shock, Shilna expressed her desire to try once more to become a mother of Sudhakaran’s child. Not many close to her felt fine with the idea, but Shilna did get the support from her family. An expert team, led by Dr Shaijas Nair, led the treatment, as Shilna’s husband’s sperm, which was stored at the ARMC clinic at Kozhikode was deposited in her womb. As the pregnancy matured, she was admitted to the Koyili hospital at Kannur. On Thursday, Dr Amar Ramachandran of the hospital carried out the surgery. The twins are healthy: one weighs 2.3 kg and the other 2.5 kg. Sudhakaran, who was the Kasaragod correspondent for a Malayalam daily, had participated in the agitations against the harmful spraying of endosulphan pesticide in the hills of that district. Read more in Kannur https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2018/09/14/husband-stored-semen-helps-widow-deliver-twins.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2018/09/14/husband-stored-semen-helps-widow-deliver-twins.html Sat, 15 Sep 2018 03:51:44 GMT Cyclothon to drive fundraising for Kerala flood relief Kannur: Kannur collector Mir Mohammed Ali and 75 others rode their cycles from Karivellur to New Mahe, covering 70 km on Sunday. They had one mission – to create awareness about donating one month's salary to the chief minister's disaster relief fund (CMDRF). They were joined by three ministers and two MPs, said the collector. In the coming week, two ministers will camp in the district and lead the fundraising and awareness drive. The district had already promoted the campaign to donate a month's salary to the CMDRF, by posting pictures of the government officials and elected representatives on social media, as an inspiration to the public. The district collector, district police chief, ADM, divisional forest officer, sub collector, assistant collector, deputy collectors, district panchayat members, gram panchayat presidents, and 50 others had come forward to contribute their one month's earning. “From Monday, ministers, EP Jayarajan and K K Shylaja will be camping in the district to raise funds from various parts, for one week. The Cyclothon was organised to create awareness for the fundraising programme,” said the collector who is famous for spreading environment awareness in the district, by cycling to his office. Members from Kannur cycling club, North Malabar Riders and defence service corps (DSC) also joined the cyclothon. Kasargod district police chief A Srinivas, Thalassery ASP Chaitra Teresa John and assistant collector Arjun Pandya joined in. Revenue minister E Chandrasekharan flagged off the cyclothon. Later, ports minister Ramachandran Kadannappally and KK Shylaja also joined. PK Sreemathy, MP, followed the cyclothon in her vehicle. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2018/09/10/cyclothon-drive-fundraising-kerala-flood-relief.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2018/09/10/cyclothon-drive-fundraising-kerala-flood-relief.html Mon, 10 Sep 2018 10:06:20 GMT Night travellers in Kannur face attacks, cops remain clueless Kannur: Serious crimes being reported regularly from various parts of the district of Kannur has triggered a panic button among the people here. The mobility hubs- railway stations and bus stands are the centres of most crimes being reported from the city. This has raised concern as these spots are frequented by a large number of people round the clock. Despite the stringent security arrangements at bus stands and the railway stations and CCTV cameras, the premises surrounding the stations continue to remain unsafe. Safe inside, unsafe outside Very few crimes like thefts have been reported from inside the bus stands and railway stations in Kannur district. The cases registered at Kannur, Payyannur, Thalasserry and Mahe railway stations during the last three months were few and mostly related to crimes which were committed in running trains. Measures like regular inspections in trains and on the platforms, checks by the dog squad in night trains passing through the stations and surprise checking have all prevented crimes to a great extend. The situation is similar at bus stands too. Police officers conduct checks often at Payyannur, Iritty and Thalasserry bus stands as part of night patrolling. Habitual offenders and drunkards are rounded up by these forces but barely ever are any criminals nabbed. A police patrol vehicle is always stationed at Kannur Old Bus Stand while five other vehicles cover other areas of the city. Police officers are on duty round the clock at all major KSRTC bus stands in the district also. Danger lurks outside Authorities have put in place tight security at the railway stations and bus stands, but several crimes are taking place in the surroundings. Some time ago, a youth walking home from the railway station in the city was waylaid and his gold chain stolen. The culprits, a gang which travelled in a van to commit robberies, were nabbed only recently. In another incident, a labourer belonging to another state was hacked on his neck a couple of days ago near the Kannur railway station. Also, at Payyannur, a jewellery was robbed after smashing the CCTV cameras in the shop a few days ago. According to the police, most of these gangs travel in vehicles and take the narrow byroads, making it difficult to nab them. In addition, the police have seized ganja, banned tobacco products and smuggled liquor which were brought from Mangaluru and Salem. But such items are often found abandoned on trains and at bus stands. As a result, tracing the culprits is not an easy task, admit the police. Recently, the police had destroyed some ganja plants which were growing behind the Iritty bus stand. The police have advised people to avoid unnecessary night travels but everyone is wondering when safe journey during the night would be a reality in Kannur. https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2018/09/10/night-travellers-in-kannur-face-attacks-cops-remain-clueless.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2018/09/10/night-travellers-in-kannur-face-attacks-cops-remain-clueless.html Mon, 10 Sep 2018 07:08:47 GMT Bangladeshi' burglars likely behind Kannur heist Kannur: The police suspect that burglars, with origins in Bangladesh, have arrived in Kerala. The police suspect that these raiders who likely crossed the Bangladesh border had obtained new identity proof from Delhi and travelled down to Kerala. The men, usually arrive in a gang of four or five, travel on the pretext of searching for jobs and commit burglary. Since there is no official identity proof to show they hail from Bangladesh, the police say they might have tricked the authorities in Delhi's Sitapuri to get Aadhaar cards. Considering their modus operandi, the police doubt the incident at Kannur was the latest and second executed by the gang in Kerala. The recent loot at the house of a journalist here was reportedly carried out by a gang who spoke Hindi. Kannur DySP Sadanandan PP, who is investigating the case, said that a similar case was reported from Ernakulam, almost a year ago. “We could identify the culprits and their route to Kerala even before knowing about the case registered in Ernakulam district a year ago. There are no official identity cards to prove that they are Bangladeshi natives. It seems they have availed the Aadhaar card by faking the address in Sitapuri or surrounding areas near New Delhi. More information regarding the culprits cannot be revealed at present, since the investigation is still on,” said the DySP. In the case registered in Ernakulam last year, six people are in jail and their identity cards show an address in Sitapuri. More investigation is needed to confirm if there is an unofficial channel that eases the path for refugees and helps them take Aadhaar cards within India. Another confusing element is that these people often shift their bases and move around, though have an official address in Delhi. Mathrubhumi News Editor Vinod Chandran and his wife were attacked by the burglars in their house at Thazhe Chovva in Kannur on Thursday. The burglars also took away 25 sovereigns of gold ornaments and cash, the police said. Only four people were involved in the burglary here, according to police. Read more: Latest Kannur news https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2018/09/09/bangladeshi-burglars-behind-kannur-robbery.html https://english.manoramaonline.com/districts/kannur/2018/09/09/bangladeshi-burglars-behind-kannur-robbery.html Sun, 09 Sep 2018 11:21:00 GMT